On Amendments And Additions To The Federal Law "on Acts Of Civil Status"

Original Language Title: О внесении изменений и дополнений в Федеральный закон "Об актах гражданского состояния"

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RUSSIAN FEDERATION FEDERAL LAW on amendments and additions to the Federal law "on acts of civil status" adopted by the State Duma April 17, 2002 year approved by the Federation Council of the year April 24, 2002 Article 1. To amend the Federal law dated November 15, 1997 N 143-FZ "on acts of civil status" (collection of laws of the Russian Federation, 1997, no. 47, art. 5340) the following amendments and supplements: 1. paragraph 1 of article 9 to supplement paragraph read as follows: "If the first instance of the civil status act is not preserved, the certificate on the State registration of civil status act is issued by the Executive authority of the Russian Federation, containing the second instance of the civil status act".
2. paragraph 2 of article 15 paragraph be supplemented as follows: "If the parents (or one parent) live in rural settlement, if they so wish, instead of the actual place of birth of the child may be specified place of residence of the parents (or one parent).
3. the second paragraph of article 22, paragraph 1 shall be supplemented with the words "born stillborn."
4. in paragraph 1 of article 35: the first paragraph, after the words "and statements by former spouses" add the words "(one)";
supplemented by a paragraph reading as follows: "if one of the former spouses registered the dissolution of marriage in the civil registry authority and the other former spouse is drawn in the same civil registry later, information about the former spouse made in the previously generated record Divorce Act.".
5. paragraph 4 of article 58 shall be amended as follows: "4. Change the name of a person under the age of fourteen years, and changing the names assigned to it in the name of the other parent is made on the basis of the decision of the Department of custody and guardianship in accordance with the provisions of article 59 the family code of the Russian Federation."
6. In article 72, paragraph 2, the words "in the body of the civil registry office at the place of its storage" were replaced by the words "as well as copies of other records to substantiate the existence of grounds for making corrections or modifications in the body of the civil registry office at the place of storage."
7. paragraph 1 of article 74 paragraph be supplemented as follows: "in case the lost record of civil status act has been drawn up outside the territory of the Russian Federation, the restoration of the civil status act can be carried out at the place of judgment, entered into force.
8. In article 77, the words "seventy-five years" were replaced by the words "one hundred years".
Article 2. This federal law shall enter into force on the day of its official publication.
The President of the Russian Federation v. Putin Kremlin, Moscow April 29, 2002 N 44-FZ

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