On Amendments And Additions To The Federal Law "on Public Associations"

Original Language Title: О внесении изменений и дополнений в Федеральный закон "Об общественных объединениях"

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RUSSIAN FEDERATION FEDERAL LAW on amendments and additions to the Federal law "on public associations" adopted by the State Duma on July 2, 1998 the year approved by the Federation Council July 9, 1998 year Article 1. To amend the Federal law "on public associations" (collection of laws of the Russian Federation, 1995, N 21, art. 1930; 1997, no. 20, item 2231) the following amendments and supplements: 1. In the second part of article 4, the words "political parties" should be replaced by the words "political public associations (political organizations, including political parties and political movements).
2. Article 7 supplemented by part of the second reading: "organizational-legal forms of political public associations are public organization (for political organizations, including political parties) and the social movement (political movement).".
3. To complement federal law article 12-1 as follows: "article 12-1. Political associations Political public association is a public association, the Charter of which the main objectives should be secured participation in the political life of society by means of influence on the political will of the citizens, participation in elections to bodies of State power and bodies of local self-government through the nomination of candidates and their electioneering, participation in the Organization and functioning of these bodies.
Political association cannot be recognized: Association registered in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation as a Trade Union, religious, charity, national-cultural autonomy, as well as a public facility, a public institution, a body of public initiative;
Association, whose Charter allows membership or affiliation to it in some form of foreign nationals, foreign or international organizations;
Association, whose Charter provides for membership or affiliation thereto nationals only on professional, national, ethnic, racial or religious grounds (featured);
Association, whose Charter provides for membership or affiliation thereto to persons not having the right to be members of political public associations or belong to associations of data;
Association aimed at profit through entrepreneurial activities and the distribution of profits (of property) among its members and (or) the founders;
an Association for amateur and other implementation non-political interests;
merge, non-political character which specifically stipulated in the Federal Act. ".
4. In article 20 supplemented by a new part two: reading: "public association of political Affiliation to public associations should be spelled out in its Charter."
parts two and three, respectively, considered the third and fourth parts.
5. Article 21: complement of the new paragraph 2 as follows: "Political Association is subject to state registration compulsory. Registration of political public associations is carried out in accordance with the conditions established in article 12-1 of the present Federal law. ";
part the ninth supplement the words ", as well as publish lists of political public associations in the media, with an indication of the date of registration of each political public association annually as at 1 January, as well as upon request of the corresponding election commissions represent them within ten days from the date of receipt of the request lists of political public associations, as of the day of receipt of the request.";
second part-the twelfth count respectively parts of the third to thirteenth.
6. In article 23: complement of the new part of the second reading of: "a public association cannot be registered as a political association, if it does not comply with the conditions laid down in article 7, paragraph 2, article 12-1, part 2 of article 20 of this federal law, as well as on other grounds established by this federal law.";
part four shall be reworded as follows: "a refusal of State registration of a public association, including a political public association, as well as the avoidance of such registration may be appealed in the Court.";
part of the second-quarter take respectively parts of the third-fifth.
7. In the first part of article 27: the ninth paragraph should read: "participation in election campaigns in accordance with federal laws and laws of constituent entities of the Russian Federation on elections";
complement tenth paragraph to read as follows:

"candidates (candidates) for the elections to bodies of State power and local self-government bodies (in the case of State registration of a public association as a political public associations).
8. The second part of article 31 shall be amended as follows: "Political associations may not receive financial and other material assistance for activities related to their participation in the elections, from foreign Governments, organizations and citizens."
Article 2. This federal law shall enter into force on the day of its official publication.
The President of the Russian Federation, b. Yeltsin, Kremlin, Moscow, N July 19, 1998 112-FZ

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