On Amending The Law Of The Russian Federation "about Surtax From Physical Persons"

Original Language Title: О внесении изменений в Закон Российской Федерации "О подоходном налоге с физических лиц"

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Overtaken by Federal Law 05.08.2000 N 118-FZ (from 1 January 2001) > RUSSIAN FEDERATION FEDERAL LAW On Amendments to the Law of the Russian Federation "On Income Tax from Natural Persons" Adopted by the State Duma on 25 December 1996 Approved by the Federation Council on 26 December 1996 Article 1. OF THE PRESIDENT OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION of the Russian Federation, 1992, 591; N 34, sect. 1976; 1993, 118; N 14, est. 486; Legislative Assembly of the Russian Federation, 1994, No. 27, art. 2823; N 29, st. 3010; N 35, sect. 3654; 1995, N 5, sect. 346; N 26, st. 2403; 1996, N 1, sect. 4; N 11, est. 1015; N 26, est. 3035), the following changes: 1. Part two of article 2 should read as follows: " In taxation, account is taken of total income received in both monetary terms (in the currency of the Russian Federation or foreign currency) and in kind, including in kind Material benefit under subparagraphs (e), "f" and "I" of paragraph 1 of article 3 of this Law. ". 2. In article 3: 1), in paragraph 1: subparagraphs (c), (d), (e), (e), (e), (c) delete; (d) All types of Russian legislation established in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation OF THE PRESIDENT OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION responsibilities; journeys to another location; reimbursement of travel expenses; compensation for damage caused by damage to health; free provision of accommodation and utilities; Rations and amounts to replace this allowance; firing workers; military personnel deaths; other expenses. The provisions of this subparagraph do not apply to the amount of compensation for unused vacation leave. When paying employees for short-term travel both within and outside the country, the taxable income does not include subsistence allowance, within the limits set by law, and actually produced and Documable cost of travel to and from the destination, airport fees, insurance and commission charges, airstrip or railway station or station in the areas of departure, destination or transfer (with the exception of (a), (c), (c), (c) and (c). foreign passport and visa, residence permit registration, and exchange of checks in the bank for foreign currency in cash; "; " (n) "should read: " (v) interest and winnings on state treasury bills ". obligations, bonds and other government securities of the former USSR, the Russian Federation and constituent entities of the Russian Federation, as well as on bonds and securities issued by local governments; OF THE PRESIDENT OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION Open: in roubles-if the interest is paid within the amount calculated on the basis of the refinancing rate established by the Bank of Russia during the period of existence of the deposit; in foreign currency-if Interest is paid within 15 per cent of annual contributions. The amount of material benefit in excess of the above is subject to the separation of the source of the benefit from other income; "; f) the sum of the insurance proceeds: payments to individuals: on compulsory insurance; under contracts of voluntary long-term (not less than five years) life insurance (including voluntary pension insurance); under contracts of voluntary property and liability insurance in the The connection with the occurrence of an insurance event; Reparation for the damage to life, health and medical expenses of insured persons or insured persons. In other cases, if the amount of the insurance premiums under the voluntary insurance contracts is greater than the sum paid by the individuals in the form of insurance premiums increased by the insurers to the amount calculated on the basis of the rate The refinancing set by the Bank of Russia at the time of the conclusion of the insurance contract, the material benefit in the form of the difference between these amounts is taxing from the source of the payment separately from other types of income. In all cases, the amount of the premium shall be taxed as part of the aggregate annual income if they are paid to individuals from the facilities, institutions, organizations or other employers, except in the case of When the insurance of its employees is compulsory by employers under the law and voluntary health insurance contracts in the absence of payments to insured persons; "; supplement Paragraph "13", to read: "13" Material benefit in the form of savings of interest on the receipt of borrowed funds from enterprises, institutions, organizations and individuals registered as entrepreneurs, if: percentage for the use of such funds in At least two thirds of the Bank of Russia's refinancing rate is not less than 10 percent per annum. Material benefit in the form of a positive difference between the amount calculated on the basis of two thirds of the refinancing rate set by the Bank of Russia, based on funds received in rubles, or on the basis of 10 per cent per annum on funds, received in foreign currency and the amount actually paid on interest earned on the borrowed money is subject to the taxation of the total annual income of individuals. The amount of material gain, calculated at the beginning of the reporting year, is to be derived from the portion of the borrowed funds remaining unreturned at the time of payment of interest for the use of these funds. No income tax is levied on borrowed funds received by individuals on preferential terms for the construction (purchase) of a dwelling or an apartment in accordance with Russian legislation, legislation OF THE PRESIDENT OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION their written statements submitted by designated persons to the accounts department enterprises, establishments or organizations at the place of main work, or in a tax authority at the place of permanent residence, on a new construction or acquisition of a dwelling house or apartment, or a house or garden house in the territory of the Russian Federation, within a five-year limit of the statutory minimum wage to be taken into account over a three-year period, as well as the amounts to be paid in respect of loans and interest earned by individuals in banks and others credit organizations for this purpose. These amounts may not exceed the total income of individuals over a period of time. This provision does not apply in cases where the payment of these expenses for natural persons is made by enterprises, institutions and organizations at the expense of their means. Recreation of this deduction is not permitted to individuals. Information on the provision of such deduction is reported by enterprises, institutions, organizations and other employers until 1 March following reporting to the tax authority at their location. ". 3. Article 6 add a new part of the following content: " From the sum of material benefit to the interest on deposits in banks in the cases referred to in paragraph 1 of article 3, paragraph 1, of this Law, and the sums of money The material benefit of an insurance claim under paragraph 1 of article 3, paragraph 1, of this Law, the tax is calculated and deducted from the source of the actual payment to their natural person of the other income at the rate 15 percent. ". Article 2. This federal law comes into force from the day its official publication. This Federal Law applies to relations arising from transactions occurring after the entry into force of this Federal Law. This Federal Act does not apply to legal relations that have arisen prior to the entry into force of this Federal Act, including the rights and obligations which arise after the entry into force of this Federal Law. " To invite the President of the Russian Federation and instruct the Government of the Russian Federation to bring its legal acts into conformity with this Federal Law. President of the Russian Federation B. Yeltsin Moscow, Kremlin 10 January 1997 N 11-FZ