On Introducing Changes And Additions Into The Law Of The Russian Federation "on State Secrets"

Original Language Title: О внесении изменений и дополнений в Закон Российской Федерации "О государственной тайне"

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RUSSIAN FEDERATION FEDERAL LAW On introducing amendments and additions to the Russian Federation's Official Secrets Act Approved by the Federation Council on 24 September 1997 Article 1. Amend the Russian Federation Law "On State Secrets" (Russian newspaper, 1993, 21 September) the following amendments and additions: 1. In the text of the Law, the words "Ministry of Security of the Russian Federation" should be replaced by the words "Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation" in the appropriate paedages. 2. In the preamble to the Act, after the word "their", add the words "classified or". 3. In article 1, replace the word "representative" with the word "legislative". 4. Article 2 add the following paragraph to the ninth paragraph: " List of information constituting a state secret, a set of categories of information according to which information shall be classified as a state secret and classified on the established by federal law. ". 5. In article 4: in paragraph 1: in the first paragraph of the first word "Supreme Council of the Russian Federation" to replace the words "the House of the Federal Assembly"; , in the second paragraph, the word "shall" be replaced by the word "shall". "Protection" should be deleted; in the third word "Approves" should be replaced by "consider", the words "the national budget of the Russian Federation" should be replaced with the words "the federal budget"; paragraph 4, delete; paragraph 5 should be redrafted to read: " define The powers of the officials in the Chambers of the Federal Assembly's Chambers to ensure the protection of State secrets in the Houses of the Federal Assembly; "; , paragraph 6, delete; in paragraph 2: in paragraph 6 "The apparatus" should be replaced by the word "Administration"; paragraph 7 should read as follows: " within the limits of its authority, decides other matters arising from the attribution of information to State secrets, their obfuscation or to declassification and protect them. "; paragraph 3 add The eleventh preambular paragraph: "shall, within its powers, deal with other matters arising from the classification of information to the State secret, their obfuscation or declassification and their protection."; , in paragraph 4: In the paragraph, the first word "republics in the Russian Federation, autonomous regions, autonomous prefects, regions, regions, cities of Moscow and Saint Petersburg" shall be replaced by the words "State authorities of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation"; In the sixth paragraph, replace the word "competent" with the word "authoritative". 6. The title of section II should read: " Section II. A list of information that makes up the state mystery. " 7. Article 5, paragraph 5, should read: " C t I am 5. The list of information that constitutes State secret is: 1) information in the military field: on the content of strategic and operational plans, documents of combat management OF THE PRESIDENT OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION mobilization readiness, on the establishment and use of of mobilization resources; on plans for the construction of the armed forces of the Russian Federation, other Russian Federation troops, on the development of weapons and military equipment, on the content and results of the targeted programmes, research and development work on the development and modernization of weapons and military equipment; on development, technology, production, volume of production, storage, disposal of nuclear weapons, and their disposal of nuclear material used in nuclear ammunition, technical equipment and (or) methods for the protection of nuclear weapons against unauthorized use, as well as on nuclear energy and special physical installations of the defence value; the characteristics and capabilities of the combat use of samples of armaments and military equipment, the properties, receptions or technologies for the production of new types of rocket fuel or military explosives; the degree of readiness, security of sensitive and sensitive facilities, Design, construction and operation, as well as the withdrawal of lands, subsoil and water areas for these sites; deployment, valid names, organizational structure, armament, number of troops and their combat condition the military and political and (or) operational environment; (2) information in the field of economics, science and technology: on the content of plans for the training of the Russian Federation and its individual regions for possible military Capacity-building for the manufacturing and repair industries weapons and military equipment, production volumes, supplies, stocks of strategic raw materials and materials, as well as the location, actual size and use of State material reserves; on the use of OF THE PRESIDENT OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION the security of the population, the functioning of transport and the in the Russian Federation for the purpose of ensuring the security of the State; on the volumes, plans (assignments) of the State defence order, the issuance and supply (in cash or in kind) of arms, military equipment and other of defense production, the availability and capacity building of their output, the links of enterprises in cooperation, the developers or manufacturers of these weapons, military equipment and other defence products; on scientific and technological developments, research, development, and project activities of work and technologies that have an important defence or economic significance affecting the security of the State. on the reserves, production, transfer and consumption of platinum, platinum group metals, natural diamonds and other strategic mineral resources of the Russian Federation (listed by the Government) OF THE PRESIDENT OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION States; on financial policy in relation to Foreign States (except for the aggregate external debt indicators), as well as financial or monetary activities whose premature dissemination could be detrimental to the security of the State; 4) Intelligence, counter-intelligence and operational intelligence: on forces, means, sources, methods, plans and results of intelligence, counter-intelligence and intelligence activities, and data on the financing of these activities, if any disclose the details; on persons who cooperate or cooperate on a confidential basis with the intelligence, counter-intelligence and search operations; on the organization, on the strength, means and methods of ensuring the security of State security facilities, as well as data on the financing of these activities, if this data is disclosed; on the presidential, governmental system, Encrypted and encrypted communications, including ciphers, Developing, producing and maintaining ciphers, methods and means of analysis of cryptographic and special protection tools, information and analysis systems for special purpose; on methods and means of protection Protection of the State border of the Russian Federation, exclusive economic zone and continental shelf of the Russian Federation; of the federal budget for the defence, security of the State and law enforcement activities in the Russian Federation; , on the training provided for the security of the State. ". 8. The title of section III should read as follows: " Section III. Classifying information about state secrets and their silence. 9. In article 6: the title of the article should read: " C t I am 6. The principles of attribution of information to the state secret and secreting of this information "; in the text of the word" obfuscation of information and their media "," obfuscation of information "replaced by" allocating information to State secrets and their obfuscation " in the appropriate paedages. 10. In article 7: the title of the article should read: " C t I am 7. Information not to be classified as State secrets and obfuscation "; in the first part of the first part of the first word" Not to be classified "should be replaced by" shall not be classified as State secrets and Classifying information. " 11. In article 9: Part 1 is supplemented with the words ", as well as in accordance with this Law"; first sentence of Part Three, as follows: "Introduction to State Secrets" is carried out in accordance with the List of State secrets defined by this Law, the heads of State authorities, in accordance with the List of Officials vested with the authority to assign information to OF THE PRESIDENT OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION Part Four, after the word "forms", should be supplemented with the words "on the proposals of the public authorities and in accordance with the List of State secrets,"; Part 5, after the word "secret," should be supplemented with the words "according to the Inventory of State Secrets,". 12. Supplement the Law with Article 21-1 as follows: " C t I am 21-1. Special procedure for access to State secret Members of the Federation Council, State Duma deputies, judges for the period of the exercise of their powers, as well as lawyers participating in criminal proceedings In cases involving State secrets, proceedings in cases involving State secrets are permitted to be classified as State secrets without the carrying out of the verification activities provided for in article 21 of this Law. These persons are warned of the secrecy of State secrets that have become known to them in connection with the exercise of their authority and to be held accountable in the event of its disclosure, which they are selected to disclose. The receipt. The persistence of State secrets in such cases is guaranteed by the establishment of the responsibility of the persons referred to by the federal law. ". 13. In the second part of article 22, paragraph 2, the words "particularly dangerous" should be deleted. 14. In article 26: add a new part of the second content: " Relevant public authorities and their officials shall be based on the established expert opinions on attribution of the illegally disseminated information to the State secret. "; part two is considered part three. 15. Article 30 should read as follows: " C t I am 30. The President of the Russian Federation, the Government of the Russian Federation, within the limits of the powers defined in the State Secrets Act, are responsible for monitoring the protection of State secrets. The Constitution of the Russian Federation, federal constitutional laws and federal laws. " Part three of article 31 should read as follows: "Supervision of the protection of State secrets in the Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation, in Chambers of the Federal Assembly, the Government of the Russian Federation" shall be organized by their leaders. " Article 2. This Federal Law shall enter into force on the date of its official publication. President of the Russian Federation B. Yeltsin Moscow, Kremlin October 1997 N 131-FZ