Amending The Penal Code Of The Rsfsr And The Corrective Labour Code Of The Rsfsr

Original Language Title: О внесении изменений в Уголовный кодекс РСФСР и Исправительно-трудовой кодекс РСФСР

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Real-forces changes and additions to Corrective Labour Code RSFSR-Federal Law of 08/01/97 N 2-FZ Uspent force changes to the Criminal Code of the RSFSR -Federal Law dated 13.06.96 N 64-FZ A to the Russian Federation On Amendments to Criminal Code of the RSFSR and Corrective Labour Code of the RSFSR Article 1. Article 24 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (RSFSR), 1960, N 40, art. 591; 1977, N 12, article 50, N 19, The Congress of People's Deputies of the RSFSR and the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR, 1991, OF THE PRESIDENT OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION 894; 1993, N 1, sect. 9, N 21, stop. 749, N 22, 100. 789) The following changes: from part three, delete the word "enhanced,"; , in paragraph 4 of the fourth paragraph, delete "not serious,", paragraph 5, should be deleted. Article 2. Amend the Correctional Labour Code of the RSFSR, 1970, N 51, Art. 1220; 1973, N 22, Text 491; 1977, N 12, est. 258, N 38, 907; 1983, N 10, est. 319, N 40, 100. 1429; 1985, N 39, sect. , 1353; 1987, N43, Art. 1501; 1989, N 22, sect. Russian Federation's Congress of People's Deputies of the Russian Federation 1687; 1993, N 10, sect. 360) the following changes: 1. In article 18, paragraph 2, delete the words "for the first time convicted of crimes other than serious crimes, from first-time offenders for serious crimes;". 2. In the first part of article 26, paragraph 1, article 46, paragraph 4 of article 51, paragraph 4 of article 51, paragraph 8 of article 53, part two, article 54, paragraph 4, and article 66, paragraph 1, of article 66, the word "reinforced" should be deleted. 3. In article 26, paragraph 5, delete the words "and reinforced". 4. In paragraphs 5 and 7 of article 38, delete the figure "63,". 5. In article 61, delete "reinforced mode,". 6. In the first part of article 62, delete the words "for non-grave crimes". 7. Article 63 shall be deleted. 8. In the first part of article 72, delete the words "or reinforced". 9. In article 77: of Part One, delete the words "or reinforced" and the words "depending on the degree of public danger of the crime committed, the number of convictions, the person and the conduct of the convicted person"; part two shall be deleted; Part three is considered part two. President of the Russian Federation B. YELTSIN Moscow, House of the Russian Federation 6 July 1993 N 5329-I