Law No. 28 Of 19 December 1969 On The Activity Of Scientific Research In The Socialist Republic Of Romania

Original Language Title:  LEGE nr. 28 din 19 decembrie 1969 privind organizarea activităţii de cercetare ştiinţifică în Republica Socialistă România

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Law No. 28 of 19 December 1969 on the activity of scientific research in the Socialist Republic of Romania ISSUING NATIONAL ASSEMBLY and published in Official Gazette No. 148 of 19 December 1969, Article 1 of the multilateral development program Realization of our socialist society, increase the role of science, the decisive factor of economic and social progress. In all branches of science, basic research and applied must develop in the direction of a purpose-General needs of society. Scientific research, both the fundamental and the applicative, you should end up with a high social efficiency, to contribute to the development of the material basis of socialism, the raising of the people.

Article 2 In the Socialist Republic of Romania, the scientific research is carried out on the basis of the directives of the Communist Party under the leadership of Roman direct State bodies. Scientific research is organized in relation to the requirements of economic and social development, in units of ministries, economic plants, plants, enterprises of the Socialist Republic of Romania, Academy of science academies, in units of higher education, as well as other State institutions.

Article 3 the scientific research units Network consists of institutes and research centers, laboratories, power roads with research, experimental, Resorts as well as research units, compartments with another activity. In higher education, research is being conducted by the departments, research centers and resorts.
Establishments in the network of scientific research shall be established by decisions of the Council of Ministers, on a proposal from the central organs concerned.

Article 4 Research Units are designed to organize and carry out scientific activity, corresponding to actual needs and perspective of the development of the national economy and the country's socio-cultural.
Institutes and research centers in the field of material goods production carried out research related to the development and modernization of production in the branches for which they operate. These units perform research experiments and scientific and technical assistance grant units, for the application in practice of the results obtained through research.
Power roads laboratories, as well as experimental resorts mainly performs works for the application of research results and to improve manufacturing processes in the economic entities.
Institutes and centres of social and cultural sector, departments and establishments of higher education research conducts scientific research aimed at contributing to the development of the national economy productive branches, to the advancement of science and culture.

Article 5 Research Units operate on the basis of tasks determined by economic ministries, power plants, factories, enterprises and institutions to which they belong, in accordance with the programs of development of the respective sectors, approved by superior organs of the party and State.

Article 6 scientific research is carried out on the basis of the plan.
Each plan shall be developed by the research units and the Scientific Council is debating and shall be approved by the respective governing body protected. In establishing the themes of research, scientific councils will start from the annual plans and perspective on the development of the branch concerned. To this end, they will tackle priority themes and works directly related to resolving the major production, development of new products and technologies, raising technical and qualitative products, enhance the effectiveness of the work carried out in the areas to which they belong.
The orientation of scientific research will ensure a more pronounced development of investigations relating to those branches or fields in which our economy has natural resources, as well as research, according to the trends of contemporary art, opened the perspective value of new minerals and new raw materials existing in our country.
The tasks of scientific research and valorisation of the research results will be registered in the State of all these tasks, they will nominate the topics of particular importance for presenting the work of the economic, social, cultural and scientific. The annual plan of activity of establishments which are part of the network of research may be introduced and works intended for satisfaction of needs of own scientific. These works will affect up to 10% of the annual fund.

Article 7 issues of particular importance for economic and social development, as well as those whose resolution requires the concentration of forces from various branches and fields of science and technology, are part of the priority research programs, which shall be drawn up by the National Council of scientific research, of ministries and other central organs and shall be approved by the Council of Ministers. Research tasks contained in the priority programs in the plan is the State nominates.

Article 8 scientific research Units operates economically.
Institutes and research centres are organised-as appropriate-on the principle of economic or management of domestic economic management.
The tasks included in the activity plans of the research units is achieved through the conclusion of contracts with State and cooperative organizations, popular councils, ministries and other central organs of State. Research is considered completed only after applying them in production and the expected results.

Article 9 For some institutes and research centres from the branches of mathematical sciences, chemical and physical, social and human sciences, medical, biological, geographic, were established by decisions of the Council of Ministers, which can still work under budget, organs of central authorities will take measures as part of the research activity to be conducted on the basis of contracts.
Also in higher education will enhance the activity of scientific research-based contracts.

Article 10 the receiving Organizations conclude contracts with research units within the limits of funds provided for by the regulations in force. Beneficiary organisations may conclude and research contracts to be financed from the very economies to be achieved by the application of the results of such research.
Ministries, other central organs and popular councils may conclude contracts, as beneficiaries, for the execution of complex research and general research that form part of the priority programmes, within the limits of the funds made available through the plan and the State budget.

Article 11 counter value of scientific research work under contract shall be determined on the basis of the estimate, which includes a listing of benefit.
The benefit achieved by the scientific research units allocated for payments to the State budget, the development of the technical-material basis of own, gratificatii and other destinations were established by laws.

Article 12 in the contracts will provide for all obligations of the parties, regarding the research and the results obtained. To this end, the research units will provide directly or through cooperation: a) design and execution facilities, pilot prototyping and experimental models;

(b) the necessary documentation) recovery at industrial level (rules, data and technological designs, manufacturing recipes, instructions for designing industrial processes);

c) works for the design, execution and commissioning of the investment;

d scientific and technical assistance) for introduction into the production of research results;

e) other works specific to the field of research concerned.

Article 13 ministries, other central organs, popular councils, economic plants, and their subordinate units are the beneficiaries of the results of scientific research, have an obligation to create the conditions necessary for the proper conduct of the research process. For this purpose it will provide: a) the making available to the research units, and the necessary means for carrying out research, in accordance with the obligations arising out of contracts;

(b) close cooperation between staff) design and fabrication of recipient organizations and research establishments;

c) creating economic units, in terms of test-pilot-level or semiindustrial has research results.

Ministries, other central organs, popular councils, economic plants and their subordinate units carries the responsibility of salvaging more of research and introduction into practice of the obtained results immediately after approval.

Ministries and other central bodies responsible for generalization throughout the country of the implementation of the research concluded with positive results. These organs are responsible also for harnessing of scientific research results.

Article 14 research units from the Socialist Republic of Romania can enter into contracts to carry out research in the scientific and technical cooperation with research establishments or organizations in the socialist countries or in other countries. Also research units can provide Romanian research papers, technical and scientific assistance and any other specific to their areas of responsibility, for the partners in other countries while respecting the laws in force.

Article 15 depending on the results, the research activity is stimulated by material gratificatii annual meeting and awards. At the same time, the staff of the research shall be responsible for how the material performs the obligations entailed in the process of research and valorisation of the results obtained.

Article 16 the system of contracts, funding and use of funds, shares and their allocation, the amount and how to grant gratificatiilor and awards, as well as the amount of penalties for unfilled research tasks and use of the results obtained, shall be established by decision of the Council of Ministers.

Article 17 the selection and promotion of cadres, improvement of research shall be made according to the provisions of the staff regulations.

Article 18 ministries, other central organs of economic plants, mills and subordinate units shall be responsible for all usage of the material basis of the research units, as well as the efficient use of scientific.
To this end, will ensure that the focus of the research forces toward issues of particular importance for the social and productive activity, proper grouping of institutes and centres, their unification according to the profile, the improvement of their structure according to the needs of economic development and culture. All the research units will take measures for the proper management of investment funds achieved by fulfilling the contractual obligations, we aspire to hold attention material base path autodotarii.

The application of the provisions of article 19 of this law, the National Council of scientific research will aim at: (a) potential scientific orientation) towards solving problems of importance for economic and social activity;

b) rational use of materials, as well as more efficient use of scientific potential, improving the network of research units;

c) harnessing more rapid production of the obtained results and generalization of their introduction; shorten the design cycle research-valorization in production;

infaptuire mode d) provisions of this law and other normative provisions developed under it.

Article 20 this law shall enter into force on 1 March 1970.
On the same date shall repeal all provisions contrary to the provisions of this Act.

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