Law No. 119 Of 11 June 1948 For The Nationalization Of The Industrial Enterprises, Banking, Insurance, Mining And Transport)

Original Language Title:  LEGE nr. 119 din 11 iunie 1948 pentru naţionalizarea întreprinderilor industriale, bancare, de asigurări, miniere şi de transporturi*)

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Law No 119 of 11 June 1948 for the nationalization of the industrial enterprises, banking, insurance, mining, and transport) MINISTRY OF JUSTICE ISSUING published in MONITORUL OFICIAL NR. 133 bis of 11 June 1948 Note *) Text corrected according to rectificarilor published in Official Gazette No. 135 and 143 of 14 and 24 June 1948.

Chapter 1 article 1 shall be Subject naţionalizarii naţionalizeaza all the riches of the subsoil that there were State-owned at the date of entry into force of the Constitution of the Romanian people's Republic, as well as individual enterprises, societies of any kind and private banking asociaţiunile industrial, insurance, mining, transport and telecommunications, listed below, using the criteria specified for each category: 1. steel, non-ferrous metallurgy Enterprises non-ferrous, and moulding, listed in annex I.
2. All enterprises in metallurgical engineering with over 100 employees.
3. metal processing Enterprises, shipyards, firms producing precision tools and electrics, garages and car repair workshops, as listed in annex II.
4. All enterprises producing, transporting or distributing electricity, with the exception of plants belonging to the local administration bodies and those which belong to the nenationalizate enterprises and serve for the most part these plants ' own needs.
5. All enterprises of mining and processing of ores of iron, gold, silver and other non-ferrous metals.
6. Enterprises in the coal industry, as well as the careers listed in annex III.
7. Businesses in the oil industry and natural gas, as listed in annex IV.
8. All firms producing cement.
9. Enterprises producing construction materials namely: chalk, ceramic materials, rough and fine building stones, stone products, cement products, materials for thermal insulations, paperboard, in accordance with annex V list of no. 10. All enterprises producing refractory materials.
11. All enterprises producing.
12. undertakings producing glass, mirror crystals according to the list of Annex No. VI.
13. Construction Enterprises listed in annex VII.
14. All timber-producing enterprises, with at least one sawmill, having a force of at least 50 HP. 15. All enterprises producing art and carpentry, wood carving, carpentry tools, with a driving force of at least 50 HP, equipped with at least five machine tools, such as: bandseg, abricht, circular, frezmasina, thick chains, machine, lathe, grinder, nut and feather, or importance.
16. All enterprises producing plywood, panels, veneer, parquet and frieze, with a driving force at least 20 HP. 17. All companies producing accessories for textile industry, shoe lasts and wooden pegs, with a driving force of at least 100 HP. 18. All enterprises producing pencils, school supplies, wood wood with a driving force of at least 30 HP. 19. All undertakings producing pipes and drums, with a driving force at least 20 HP. 20. All enterprises producing timber, strollers, toys, brushes and paint brushes, roller blinds and shutters, coolers and other items, as listed in annex VIII.
21. All enterprises producing pulp, paper, cardboard and paperboard.
22. All graphic arts companies, confectiuni, cartonaje, paper and graphic arts sections and cartonaje, belonging to other undertakings, given at least a rotating machine or a driving force of at least 30 HP 23. All enterprises producing corrugated pipes necessary for textile industry, paper-producing undertakings sticlata (Emery) or other articles of paper, as listed in annex IX.
24. All the spinning of cotton.
25. All cotton tesatoriile with at least 30 wars.
26. cotton processing Enterprises, namely: tesatoriile, knitwear, ata-producing undertakings, undertakings producing wool, and cotton ginning undertakings, as listed in annex X. All the spinning of silk.
28. All silk tesatoriile having at least 20 wars.
29. the processing of silk Enterprises namely: knitwear, armourers, braids, ribbons, stockings, as listed in annex XI.
30. Vopsitoriile, apreturile and confectiuni-owned enterprises as listed in annex XII.
31. All wool spinning and tesatoriile having at least 150 of fuse or at least 4 wars.
32. undertakings producing wool and knitwear, namely: wool felt hats, tailoring, and technical articles, as listed in annex XIII.
33. the producing undertakings, hemp and jute, as listed in annex XIV.
34. All textile enterprises with diverse production having but at least 30 wars.
35. All businesses integrated and semiintegrate, in the field of leather industry, a driving force of at least 30 HP. 36. All only a driving force for at least 20 HP. 37. All footwear enterprises having a driving force of at least 10 HP. 38. Fur trade processing businesses, producing gloves and other articles made of leather, as listed in annex XV.
39. Enterprises in the chemical industry, in accordance with annex XVI list.
40. Enterprises producing rubber, with a driving force of at least 80 HP. 41. Undertakings producing and processing of plastics with a driving force at least 20 HP. 42. All processing of fatty materials enterprises: SOAP, candles, and monohydrate acidum citricum oxalic, a driving force of at least 50 HP. and all factories that produce glycerine.
43. All enterprises producing varnishes and paints, colors, metallic oxides, colouring, Ultramarine, a driving force of at least 40 HP. 44. Undertakings producing ribbons for typewriters, carbon paper, indigo, pasta and inks for sapirograf inks and generally having a driving force of at least 10 HP. 45. Undertakings producing carbon black, charcoal and animal, according to the list of Annex No. XVII.
46. Enterprises producing chemicals for textile and tannery industries, having a driving force of at least 10 HP. 47. Oxygen-producing undertakings with a driving force of at least 50 HP. 48. Firms producing various chemicals, listed in annex XVIII.
49. undertakings producing articles of perfumery and cosmetics, solvents, oils and essences, and pharmaceutical laboratories listed in annex XIX.
50. All windmills having at least one systemic camshafts for wheat or corn and theoretical capacity (suction) of not less than 1/24 hours of vague platforms or corn.
51. All factories with a production capacity of at least 1,000,000 litres per year. 52. All undertakings producing alcohol, with a production capacity of at least 100 tons/yr. 53. Enterprises producing spirits listed in annex XX.
54. undertakings producing glucose, dextrin, starch, compressed yeast, as listed in annex XXI.
55. oil producing Enterprises, listed in Annex XXII.
56. All mechanical presses oil belonging to the owners of the mills that were nationalized by the effect of this law, those who work together with a naţionalizata mill, regardless of owner, as well as those whose production capacity is at least 500 kg of oil in 24 hours.
57. All enterprises producing artificial and all deposits gajardo refrigerators.
58. All sugar-producing undertakings.
59. All enterprises producing sugary foods (candy, chocolate, halva, jam, etc.), with a production capacity of at least 1/8 hours to.
60. All enterprises producing canned food of any kind, which possess installations for the manufacture of preserved in cans or glass jars Board hermetically sealed, all enterprises producing broth or jam, with a capacity of at least 1 to 2 hours, or 8 and all establishments producing meat preparations or smoked products, with a production capacity of at least 500 tonnes/year. 61. Dry fruit enterprises listed in annex XXIII.
62. All undertakings of husked rice cereal (rice, Pearl barley, oatmeal), with a production capacity of at least 1.5 to/8 hours.
63. All enterprises producing pasta.
64. All brutariile you posses mechanical installations for kneading dough.
65. All enterprises producing butter, cheese and pasteurized milk, with a daily processing capacity of at least 2,000 litres milk.
66. All enterprises producing broth or jam, with a production capacity of at least 1/8 hours to.
67. All private slaughterhouses with a daily capacity of cutting at least 100 or 150.
68. The railways as listed in Annex XXIV.
69. All private companies operating trains, if they have not been nationalized with industrial enterprises.
70. the exploitative Enterprises wagon-cisterns, as listed in Annex XXV.

71. All pipes for the transport of liquid and gaseous products, which are not attributed to the effect of this law nationalized, together with industrial companies concerned.
72. The companies, listed in annex XXVI.
73. All the riverboats and maritime, as listed in Annex XXVII and all Romanian flagged vessels sunk in Romanian or foreign territorial waters.
74. Insurance companies, listed in annex XXVIII.
75. the Theron Romanian Society of cell phones.
76. Romanian Society of Radio Broadcasting.
77. National Industrial Credit Company.
The enterprises established by a special convenţiune by a foreign State with the Roman State, everything is naţionalizeaza does not belong to those two States.
Lists the annexes form an integral part of this law.
An enterprise is considered delving into the law of the face if the criteria laid down rigid conditions indicated for each category were in a certain moment during the period between 1 January 1938 and the date of publication of this law.
Undertakings referred to in the annex shall be considered, even if nationalised name or address are indicated in those lists or inaccurate; also if you have changed the name of the times.
In addition, enterprises are considered to be nationalized if indicated with the name of the natural or legal person which they held under any title (lease, etc.)
On the date of publication of the present law, State-owned as property of the people, administered by the Ministry of finance, free of any tasks, actions, and shares of companies and asociaţiunilor falling within the provisions of this article.
Assets nationalized by operation of this law will be administered by ministries whose area of concern enter subject enterprises nationalized.
Brutariile, slaughterhouses, mills, mechanical presses, which fulfil the criteria of the law, art. 1, will be taken over and administered by the local mayoralties, except those to which they were appointed or shall appoint directors of the ministries. Within ten days after the emergence of the present law, town halls will communicate to the Council of Ministers, through the County of Comisiunea as well as Nationalization that the Ministry of Interior, the list of these industrial units in order to give their decision to transition into the Mayor's administration.
Boards of nationalized enterprises is dissolved on the date of publication of the face.

Article 2 with the following main businesses are naţionalizeaza all attachments.
Naţionalizeaza instalatiuni is also serving in a permanent business of nationalised enterprises, even if these instalatiuni belong to another owner than that of nationalized enterprise.

Article 3 any firms that possess several units, it is entirely naţionalizeaza, if any of the units fall under the provisions of the law of the face.

Article 4 Starting from the date of publication of this law, no enterprise will not be able to alienate nor in total nor partly, or move the equipment or its instalatiunile, than with the prior authorization of the Ministry, even though it does not fall under the provisions of this law.
Disposal, made without complying with the dispoziţiunilor above are null and void, the nullity of being public order and can be invoked by anyone.
Owners or their legal representatives, Trustees times enterprises under construction or those who, for whatever reason, have not yet been put into service, as well as those which have ceased or paused activity, are obliged as within 15 days after the publication of his Works, face forward control Economic, General and County Services in the province of Economic Control a statement drawn up in accordance with the form being annex XXIX to this law.

Article 5 does not fall within the provisions of the law and does not face naţionalizeaza businesses or part of their capital, it is a State property forming part of the United Nations, which has these goods as a result of the peace treaty, or through payment of indemnification bonds, stems from the war.

Chapter 2 the effects attributed to the effect of article 6 naţionalizarii naţionalizarii, State-owned enterprises pass with goodwill and with all obligations contracted for the purpose of their exploitation; businesses in the form of partnership or asociaţiuni retains its heritage, as it will appear in the balance sheet in order to surrender to the new leadership to be designated by the State as a result of naţionalizarii; the assets and liabilities of enterprises of all kinds, nationalized, delving: a) To all active real estate and movable, tangible and intangible, such as land, buildings, instalatiuni, patents, licenses, contracts, permits, stamps, securities, bills of Exchange, deposit, cash, amounts owed to the company, accessories, raw materials, semi-finished or finished goods, and the like;

b) liabilities liabilities in totality.

The effect of this Act nationalised enterprises replaces all rights and obligations of the old enterprises.

Article 7 the new leadership of the company will be able to ask, nationalized within six months from publication of this law, to declare void the bonds or that undertaking tranzactiunile completed before nationalisation, which were concluded with the obvious purpose of the undertaking, on behalf of păgubi staff of the agreement or of a natural or legal person.
For judging such applications will be set up to advise the Court, a Commission composed of three judges appointed by the Ministry of Justice. Comisiunea will judge at the first term, based on a memoir by filed by interested parties by 15 days before the deadline.
Managerial decision the Commission is not subject to any appeal or ordinary horses.

Chapter 3 naţionalizarii article 8 Procedure following the entry into force of the present law, ministries will name the executives who will take over leadership of the nationalized enterprises on the basis of the summary of situaţiuni to the owners or representatives of their relative times.
The new directors will exercise all atribuţiunile old bodies.
In case of absence of the owners, their representatives or proxies, the enterprise will be handed over in the presence of police authorities in urban municipalities, or municipal authorities in rural municipalities.

Article 9 until the takeover by new management enterprises, according to the inventory and the balance sheet which undertakings are obliged to conclude for this purpose, the old leadership of the new stand at disposal for any explanations, being responsible for shortages found out shortages and damages arising from acts of the new leadership.

Article 10 the undertaking will conclude a Protocol, in triplicate, on which they will join the kids on the inventory and the balance sheet. A copy of the report will be handed to the old owner, another one will be kept by the undertaking, and will forward it to the Ministry.

Chapter 4 Article 11 Damages the State will pay compensation to the owners and shareholders of the nationalized enterprises.
To this end it establishes "Nationalized Industry Fund", a legal entity under public law, autonomous, with headquarters in Bucharest.
For amounts due, will be Nationalized Industry Fund bonds, they will redeem the enterprise's net profits nationalized.

Article 12 the Organization and functioning of Nationalised Industry Fund, established by a year, the Council of Ministers.
The Fund-Management Industry Nationalized is inspected by the Ministry of finance.

Article 13 Compensation due to owners will be established under the auspices of Squeak comisiuni courts, consisting of three magistrates appointed by the Ministry of Justice.
Against these deciziunilor comisiuni there's no remedy.

Article 14 of the rights of compensation will decrease debts of enterprises in their liabilities, contingencies and those springing from tax evasion or other operations which are contrary to the law, as well as losses arising from bad directors of these companies before nationalisation.

Article 15 compensation shall not be granted: (a) those who, being) in the service of the State, counties or municipalities, have been enriched in time were in attendance, through illicit acts found judecătoreşte;

b) who, having left the country illegally and fraudulently times, those who are not returning to the country after the expiry of the validity of travel documents issued by the Romanian authorities.

Chapter 5, setting up of new businesses and concessions to article 16 In the branches in which businesses were nationalized, the right to create new enterprises belong to the State.

Notwithstanding article 17, the State will be able to grant authorisation for the establishment of new businesses to individuals or legal entities, through the journal of the Council of Ministers, on a proposal from the relevant Ministry.

Chapter 6 article 18 Sanctions

Shall be punished by 5 to 10 years of forced labour and the confiscation of the entire fortunes with those who, no matter by what means, with intentiune, or will they try to frustrate zadarniceasca nationalization under this law, shall heritage covering enterprises or will harm them, destroy it, alienate, move, export or out, by any means, goods or instalatiuni subject to naţionalizarii.
The same penalty shall be sanctiona and those who purposely will present State bodies are inaccurate or incomplete data thereon.

Article 19 shall be punished with imprisonment from four correctional facility-10 years and fine of 50,000-500,000 lei, public officers or persons authorized under this Act, who will not run or will frustrate the carrying out of their tasks in compliance with them.

Article 20 the provisions of this Law Offences are found, shall be pursued and be judge, according to law No. 351 of 3 May 1945, for the Suppression of illicit speculation and sabotage economic and law no 252 of 15 July 1947 for organizing economic control.

Chapter 7 final provisions article 21 Dispoziţiuni with naţionalizarii and with the resolution of problems and disputes stems from its application, it shall instruct the Council of Ministers. The Council of Ministers will be able to delegate a comisiune collapsed from breast or stock transactions will result in external organs, in each County, a County of Comisiune Nationalism.

Article 22 Enterprises nationalized property can be given in simple use or in local administratiunilor, on the basis of the decision of the Council of Ministers.

Article 23 in the case of nationalised Enterprise dissolution, net assets remaining after the liquidation move in State ownership.

Article 24 creditor Accounts of nationalized enterprises, the owners of these enterprises, whether those accounts were opened in the name of or on behalf of interpusi, after a judicial finding is considered consideration from the undertaking, unless a claim against the company.

Article 25 the members of the cooperative societies in existence at the date of industrial entry into force of this Act, upon leaving the company, will be able to withdraw from their social maximum 50,000 lei cash, with the rest taking advantage company.
Dispoziţiunile the preceding paragraph shall not apply to undertakings and cooperatives that will know after the entry into force of the present law.

Article 26 period of three months after the nationalization, the administrative staff of the Chief of section, as well as technical personnel (engineers, builders, draftsmen, vîlcea, foremen, etc.) of the nationalized enterprises, will not be able to leave the enterprise and you will not be able to be licensed, without the approval of the Ministry.

Article 27 enterprises nationalized Shelves due within one month from the day of naţionalizarii, not protestate may be giving them an extension of 30 days from the due date.

Article 28 Delegations of new directors give them valid signature law even before the fulfilment of statutory forms of publication in the Official Gazette.

Article 29 nenationalizate Enterprises will continue their work in the framework of the laws in force.

Article 30 of the Law before the coming into force on its publication in the Official Gazette.

Article 31 of this law Any dispoziţiuni to the contrary, shall be repealed.
The law passed by the National Assembly's meeting on 11 June 1948.
Annexes to the law naţionalizarii industrial enterprises, banking, insurance, mining and transport Undertakings Annex 1 LIST of non-ferrous metallurgy, iron and steel and laminated company name address 1.
Malaxa, s. a. r. Station.


2. Titan, Eddie, Calan, s. a. r. Bucharest, Criseni, Calan.


3. The wire Industry, s. a. r. Bucharest, Etown.


4. the U.D.R., Steelworkers-Resita.


5. the U.D.R., rolling mills, forges-Resita.


6. T.N.C. PCs-Ferdinand, Severin.


7. I.M.D. Braila.


8. Titan, Eddie, Calan. S. a. r. PCs-9 April, Severin.
Wire industry s. a. r. Bailey.


10. T.N.C. (Titan) Galati.


11. Los Angeles, iron Plants-Los Angeles Odorhei.


12. the Metallurgical plants at Triumf (factory carts).


13. Metinav (India)-Bucharest-Braila 14 mill.
The Iron Industry.


15. Sonafer (Factory built) Bucharest-Copsa Mica 16.
S.A.R. Laromet Bucharest, 17.
Metrom S.A.R., Brasov.


18. Farola, S.A.R. Brasov.


19. Sonemin (zinc)-Copsa Mica.


20. Metalbloc (rafinaj metals).

Annex 2 LIST of metal processing Enterprises, naval establishments producing precision tools and electrics, garages and workshops to repair auto company name address 1.
Chain (tool factory).


2. Lachapelle, (mob.).


3. Ilbra (turning).


4. Comatin, (the factory bolts).


5. Voja (mob.).


6. Feld Padilla (rolled).


7. Mahesh (Tools).


8. T.N.C. (machine Cooker).


9. Manotehnica (heating system).


10. R. Schmidt (pile factory).


11. Technical Industry (armatures).


12. Richard Grapel (mas. agric.)


13. Progress.


14. Ing. Sahu.


15. Forge Poldi.


16. Orion (housekeeping).


17. Prasad, (rebars) Cluj 18.
Iron plants (tucerie).


19. Kannan Babu Jekely (car factory).


20. The brothers Fabricius (heating system).


21. O. Mustad sons (caiele) Galati.


22. Energy (foundry) p. Neamt.


23. Zoltan Ambrus co., (car factory).


24. Iron Industry, (roller mills).


25. Amature, S.A.R. (arm.).


26. Tricorache Gh (factory carts).


27. IMAT, (heating system, plumbing) Bucharest-Otopeni.


28. Tubal, ing. V. Palmer (boilers).


29. Roman Plants (Rep. coaches).


30. Ing. SABHARWAL (workshop rep.)


31. August 23, Metallurgy (iron).


32. Ing. Stoica (branch).


33. Prifaro (saw blades factory).


34. Orange Schiel (machine factory).


35. Ing. K. Schediwetz (mas. die).


36. Santo Sayles, (rolls stoves).


37. Gruenwald Brothers (rolls and amb server.met.)


38. The factory of steel cables.


39. Weigel Carol (const.).


40. Gh. H. Stuart (heavy casting).


41. Haritopol Das, s.-Suns (the factory pegs) Bailey.


42. Bailey (buttons et.)


43. Excelsior (factory. bench grinders).


44. Uneltext, (p. textile IND.).


45. Emeritus (grinder stones factory).


46. Metalfin (jumping for joy).


47. Ostmetall (jumping for joy).


48. Hetman Anton.


49. Bianchi, (thes. met.)


50. I. Haug. (build.)


51., Flexodo (for factory ferodo brakes).


52. Amepa, (precision tool factory).


53. Jonn Edmund (the factory gears).


54. Quick, Steel (precision tool factory).


55. Dabreo West (textile factory mas.) Sighisoara.


56. Georgescu d. e. Vaidyanathan (factory lathes).


57. Sarogaz, (factory of masks).


58. At Olympus. HA (the factory gears).


59. Ind. Sudurei.


60. Tessar (rulm. mas. precision).


61. Charles Buenger (InStr. surgical and orthopedic.)


62. S.N.G. (shipyard) Galati.


63. Dynamics, (shipyard) Bailey.


64. The future (shipyard) Bailey.


65. Ing. E. Cerchez, (sant. shipyard) Bailey.


66. I.R.N. (shipyard) Bailey.


67. S.A.R.T.A.T., (shipyard).
Glen Burnie.


68. Danubiul, Construction of the country, at the Hammersmith Apollo (shipyard) Bailey.


69. Metinav (India), (sant. shipyard) Bailey.


70. Neptun (shipyard) Galati.


71. Romania (shipyard) Bailey.


72. The Romanian Optics Industry (construction site) Bucharest 73.
Aeronautical technique (AP. eight.)


74. Prerom (InStr. mas and electromot.)


75. Acta (AP. photographic).


76. Hess, S.A.R., (scales).


77. The swingarm, S.A.R., (scales).


78. Florenz, (music factory).


79. Amerom, (reflective).


80. Victoria (dish).


81. Semat, I.A.R., (Rep. mot.).


82. I.M.A.T.A.K. (centr. Sett.)


83. Zaher Issa, Britain, (electr. mot.)


84. Standard (factory phones).


85. I.E.R. (mot and ap).


86. Eternal (bulbs).


87. Use. S.A.R., Timisoara.


88. Tudor, (batteries).


89. Philipps, S.A.R. Bucharest.


90. Hydro aloria, (tube. Bergman).


91., Ratec (transfer. AP..).


92. Rova (batteries).


93. Electric Motors Industries Group).


94., Lumen (light bulbs).


95. Carey Brothers (batteries).


96. Use. S.A.R., Bucharest.


97. Elnor (tube. Bergman).


98. Galvani, S.A.R. Timisoara.


99. The Aco (batteries).


100. Use. Darste, (factory wiring) Darste.


101. Pornorache (batteries).


102. Tungsram, S.A.R. Bucharest.


103. Radiosar (insulated cable factory).


104. Ford, S.A.R. Bucharest.


105. Rieber, (garage).


106. Diaf producers Baneasa.


107. Imasa, (auto parts).


108. Ladybird, S.A.R. Garages.


109. Garages Mag Bucharest 110.
D.m. Alizante Galati.


111. Chimosar.


112. J.


113. The Union of Galati.


114. Klub Saha.


115. Schlumberger Bucharest-Campina.

Annex 3 LIST of coal Enterprises and quarries company name address 1.
Hobart, S.A.R.-V..


2. Coal Loan, S.A. Bucuresti-Comanesti Cozla.


3. The Lonea, S.A.R., coal-mines v. Jiu 4.
Concordia, coal mine Bucharest-London-Victoria.


5. Cleveland-Si Si-Cleveland.


6. New Philadelphia-Doicesti Dambovita.


7. Sorecani Bucharest-Cluj reg. Aghires.


8. Small-Tebea-Tebea.


9. Lignite mines from Salaj anti cargo 10.
Concordia-Sherwood Park-Volcano.


11. Turcoaia-granite, S.A.R. Bucharest-Braila-Turcoaia.


12. Sticloval, Expl. sand, quartz-Brainerd 13.
Caolina, Expl. caolina and Aghires sand.


14. S.E.T., Expl. the stone quarries of Timisoara-Salovita.


15. Mines of Feldspar and quartz-Severin Teregova.


16. Basalt mines Bucharest-Racosul-Tarnava Mare River in Romania.


17. Bihoreana Industry Beius and Uche Bihar.


18. the Exploitation of Small Garland, jud. V.


19. I. Bibel, S.A.R. PCs, Rusca Montana Ruschita marble.


20. Bucharest-Mineralia.


21. Rudaria-Bucharest in Bucharest.


22. Chiezd Mines Salaj.


23. Mina Schela c. Bratescu-Gorj.


24. graphite mine Baia de Fier-Damascene.


25. Ranchi.


26. Mining Targoviste.

Annex 4 LIST of Enterprise oil and natural gas company name address 1.
National Society of methane gas.

2. "Astra", SOC. petrolifera Bucharest.

3. "Romano-Americana", etc.

4. "Concordia", S.A.R. Bucharest.

5. "Star", etc.

6. "the Union", S.A. Bucharest.

7. "Colombia", SOC. franco-rom oil.

8. "Mining Credit," S.A.R. Bucharest.

9. "Prahova" S.A.R. Bucharest.

10. I. R. D. P..

11. "Drilling-Lemoine".

12. "Moldonaphta", S.A.R. Bucharest.

13. "Dacia-Romanian", Petroleum Syndicate.

14. "Sospiro", etc.

15. "Neo oil", S.A., Bucharest Romanian mining.

16. "Romano-Belgian" oil.

17. "Oil-block", S.A.R. Bucharest.

18. "e. p. s." the drilling and enterprises. Gandhi Targoviste.

19. "Vacuum Oil Company" JSC Romania Bucuresti.

20. "Astramina," S.A.R. Bucharest.

21. "Desbenzinarea," S.A.R. Bucharest.

22. "Distribution," S.A.R., for Distr. prod. oil.

23. "Cooker", S.A. Bucharest.

24. "Nafta-Romana".

25. "Royalty".

26. "Sondrum".

27. Standaphta.

28. Soc. Doicesti Bucharest.

29. Soc. Xenia.

30. Soc. Noris.

31. Soc. Petrolina.

32. Schlumberger.

33. A. p. Capell, c. a. Rosetti No. 14.

34. Poliminiera, c. a. Rosetti, 24.
Sioux Falls, SD *).

35. The Romanian Oil.

Annex 5 LIST of Undertakings producing building materials: lime, rough and fine ceramic materials, construction stones, stone products, cement products, thermal insulations materials and paperboard company name address 1.
"Fama", Turda Bucharest, S.A.R., Bihor-Alesd.


2. Lime Industry asphalt-Cavaran Timisoara-Cavaran.


3. "Barzava" lime factory, S.A.-Barzava, Arad.


4. Bertume Comarnic, Prahova county.


5. lime Factory from Herculane Herculane-Pecineasca.


6. Mine stone and lime factory around Alesdului-Bihor Was Georgia.


7. Plants Calcite, S.A. Cluj-Cluj-Aghires 8.
Laculetele, S.A.R. Doicesti, Bucharest-Constanta.


9. Gypsum Board factory and Chemical Plants, Aghires.


10. The first Factory of tiles and Bricks "Bohn" S.A. Jimbolia-Brasov-Romania.


11. I. comp. Muschong, tile and brick factory, Jsc Lugoj.


12. "Newton Abbot", Tiles factory, Jsc, East Kilbride.


13. Ghiries Aries clay Industry, S.A., tiles, bricks-Etown 14.
Tiglaria, S.A., Timisoara-Carpinis Carpinis. -Torontál.


15. "Hercules", Jsc, tiles and bricks-Little Nerang Tr. Sighisoara-Tr. High 16.
Bricks and roof tiles factory from Bucharest-Urziceni, Manasia, Ialomita.


17. the clay Industry and stone, the Cluj S.A. Cluj-Carney, Cluj.


18. brick and tile industry S.A. Cluj.


19. Ferdinand Koska Comp..


20. The factory of bricks and tiles from Peter Obafemi, S.A. Peter Obafemi-Mures.


21. Intrepr. Ing. Eftatopol t. Bucharest-Sibiu. Sura Mare, Tarlungeni Brasov.


22. "Brotherhood", s. i. c. Ploiesti.


23. The brick "Norza" S.A.R. Ploiesti.


24. The factory of bricks and clay from Soňa West, S.A., Soňa of Mures.


25. Schmidt, S.A.R., "fall River"-San Antonio 26.
"DUNS Tew," S.A.R.-DUNS Tew-Stephanie.


27. Braniski ceramic factory Simileasca-Buzau.


28. Ceramic Industries, S.A., ex p. Abel Sons-Mofleni, Dolj.


29. "Delta" Medgidia-Constanta.


30. bricks and tiles factory "Star"-Bihor Oradea Mare.


31. Are having, S.A.R. (Bazilescu) India-us.


32. The factory of bricks and tiles, Braun s. Aug. i. b. c..


33. The first factory of bricks and roof tiles.


34. Ceramic Plants, S.A.R. Bucharest-Ploiesti.


35. Manufacture of Porcelain Turda Turda.


36. Joint-stock company p. c.-S.A.R., Expl. Zsolnay porcelain factory Bucharest-Cluj.


37. The factory of stoves and ceramic products-JSC "Bistrita-Nasaud" Bistrita-Nasaud.


38. Pucher Timis Torontal Francis Sydney.


39. Charles Becker Deva, Hunedoara.


40. S.A. mines granite from Poeni Bucharest Cluj-Poeni,. Racosul, t. sea.


41. John Vignali and Bucharest.


42. Nadal Casha, concrete tubes.


43. "Ode", art. cement.


44. "hardwearing synthetic" Rosenbergs, i., Bihor Oradea Mare.


45. Jsc Concrete Asphalt, b. a., t. 1938.


46. Wurm S.A.R. Brethren (Matt. isolated.)


47. Tehnomarina, S.A.R. (cardboard and chemical prod.).


48. Prometheus, S.A., (paperboard).


49. The chemical plants at Campina (paperboard) Bucharest-Campina. Prahova.


50. Sicio (paperboard and chemical prod.).


51. "Ideal", Armand Gabai (cart. asf.)


52. Grand Island, S.A.R. (cellulosic asphalt and cardboard) 53, the Teleajen River.
Unique-Ing. Dam (cart. asf and cement Prod.) Ploestiori, Prahova county.


54. Bitumen (asf and asphalt cart.), Oprisani, 55.
Microcarbon, (cardboard asf.)


56. Valter (cardboard asf.)

Annex 6 LIST of establishments producing bottles for crystals and mirrors company name address 1.
Glass factory "Turda-Turda.


2.-Bucharest-Romanian Olando Medias.


3. "Simalex" Bucharest-Azuga, Prahova county.


4. Glass Factory from Hyderabad Oradea Mare-Black Forest, Bihar.


5. "Electrostar" Bucharest-Fieni, Dambovita County.


6. "I.R.C.O.", Sec. ROM. crystals and mirrors.


7. The first mirrors factory Romania, a. Zwoelfer Bucharest.


8. "N.I.C.O.", the new Industry of crystals and mirrors, S.A.R. Bucharest.


9. "the Crystal"-Bihor Oradea Mare.

Annex 7 LIST building business company name address 1.
Ing. Emil Prager Bucharest


2. General technical Enterprises, Ing. T. Edkins Bucharest 3.
Ing Enterprises. A. Kathryn Bucharest 4.
Ing Enterprises. E. G Bucharest 5.
"Edilitatea" S.A. Bucharest 6.
Modern roads, S.A. Bucharest 7.
Ing. Carter Nicolau Bucharest 8.
"The Union," S.A.R. construction Bucharest 9.
Group construction of Roman roads of the State, through the participants: Ing. Gheorghe Stoica Ing. A. Ionescu Ing. M J Ing. I. Panteli Ing. Gheorghe R Pcs., e. Quinet, 7 Pcs., Tokyo, 10 PCs., e. Quinet 7pcs., London 31 PCs, Uranus, 14 10.
Soc. Communal housing cheap Bucharest 11.
"Sonaco" S.A. Bucharest 12.
Sehrish Saeed Das Bairagi Bucharest 13.
"Steven" 14.
General Pocket Pc, Bucharest 15.
Goldenberg Nacht Bucharest 16.
"A I.N.G.E.C.", Enterprises Bucharest general studies 17.
"Cyrus," S.A.R. Bucharest 18.
Society of Italian-Romanian Bucharest roads 19.
Ing. Edgar Russu Bucharest 20 Brothers.
Intrepr. Danube Bucharest building Annex 8 LIST of firms producing lumber, carts, mops and brushes, roller blinds and shutters, coolers and other moulded products company name address 1.
Victor Woinarovschi 2.
DAC, S.A.R. Satu Mare 3.
Brushes and art factory. Sighet-Maramures wooden 4.
Saidu H, Oradea-Bihor County 5 rolls.
David Greller Bucharest 6.
Ing. Gh. Coman Patiala-Gorj 7.
David Greller Sibiu 8.
Dumitru Negoita Bucharest 9.
Gheorghe Popovici Bucharest 10.
Ionescu Mircea D. Bucharest 11.
Vasile Ganea Bucharest 12.
A. m. l., S.A. Bucuresti 13.
"Carmen", Ing. Cornesch Bucharest 14.
Julius Bailey Barnovschi 15.
Joseph Taiwo Tg. Mures.
Eager John Tg. Mures.
Siebald Philip Timisoara 18.
"Lemco" S.A. Bucharest 19.
"Crooked Valley".
"Foresta Danubiana" 21.
"Talajul Picker" Bucharest 22.
Ivanhoe-Ivanhoe Field Arad 23.
Naf Vipin Peaks-Arad, 24.
Gad Ghika-Arges P. 25.
George Castro, 26.
Jane Carey Siriu Buzau 27.
Joseph Goldenberg Bacau 28.
Nicholas Ciotloc Palanca, 29.
Moldova, s. i. c. Mitra, 30.
"Forex", Jsc, Tusnad-sat Canto 31.
Gottlieb Be Romania, Canto 32.
Tomesti, Cantor Bar Martin 33.
"Christmas Tree," Lefkovitz Abbey, Ciuc Romania 34.
Szoeke Joseph Plaesii upper Ciuc 35.
Divers Gh., s. i. c. Tulghes, Ciuc, 36.
Paul Liftenstein, Ciuc Sansimion 37.
Comp. ROM. Beautiful wood, Ciuc 38.
Ladislaus V, 39 Orthodox Church Cantor.
Stern, 40, Cantor Henry Sanmartin.
U. d. r. 41-Baraga.
Fields Of Resita-Anina Caras 42.
Dobiner Daub Ash, C. 43 Long.
Meier Kissman C. Long Long, C. 44.
Marie Marie C. Forest 45 Long.
Vatra Moldovita Roll Ion C. 46 Long.
Targoviste, Dambovita Babacan Gagnon 47.
Jade Nag Abu Dhabi, Gorj 48.
Komorovschy Borascu, Gorj County 49 Aurelian.
Successors Of G. John Scobalcaru, 50.
Gaara and Karla Bujnia top, Muscel 51.
John Catalano Agapia Monastery Neamt 52.
Viisoara Factory Fords, Neamt 53.
Bicaz, Neamt Beard Gai 54.
Ms Clara Solomon, Neamt 55.
Stan Darrow Poiana Rachitei, Neamt 56.
Ibanez A. Ibanez Hunters, Neamt 57.
Jade Elisabeth Col. T. Nagaraju P. Neamt 58.
Dainichi Beral P. Neamt 59.
Bologa Elisabeth Prundul Mare Hotel Fredericksburg, 60.
Valea Prundul Mare Hotel Hotel Fredericksburg, 61.
Campina, Prahova Wood Industry 62.
Danton V. Abner Darmanesti, 63.
G. Tabas, Putna Ciuslea 64.
The sawmill "Uroaia" new measures, Putna 65.
Mendel Uscher Edge, Radauti 66.
Darius The Great, Careii Saha Salaj 67.
Ion Ionescu Gh. Madie Philadelphia Severin 68.
Reisner Eugen Jdioara, Severin 69.
Vasile Bartkosa Satu Mare.
Mahajan Gheorghe, Sibiu 71.
King James Vi and Partestii de Sus, Suceava, 72.
Gh Iuliu Ojdula 73 Seats Three.
Saroiu Daniel Bretcu, Three Seats 74.
Babadag, Tulcea Eagles Cuculas 75.
The sawmill, "Silvana" Sagei Turda 76.
ForestA Banat Timisoara 9 Annex LIST of establishments producing cardboard tubing for the textile industry and enterprises producing paper sticlata (Emery) or other articles of paper company name address 1.
"Amit" S.A.R. Bucharest 2.
"Central Park," S.A.R. Bucharest 3.
"I. r. t.," S.A.R. Bucharest 4.
"Palas", Lithograph, Seidman Sonenfeld Oradea 5.
"Tramepa", Edmund Iaulus co. Lugoj 6.
"Deropa" S.A. Sibiu 7.
"Graziosa", S.A. Sibiu 8.
"Globus", Naderi Francis Sibiu 9.
Emeritus-Volta Timisoara annex 10 cotton processing Enterprises LIST: armourers, knitwear, ata-producing undertakings, undertakings producing wool and cotton ginning undertakings company name address 1.
Decoration (Herzog) 2 Timisoara.
Liegner Albert Sighisoara 3.
Tesatoria Schul Cluj 4.
National Bucuresti 5 Spinning.
Matador, S.A. Ploiesti 6.
Textile Industry Bucharest Reunion 7.
Textile, Tearing Large Rupea 8.
Thess. Kammgarn Bucharest 9.
Edmond Hoffer Lugoj, Severin 10.
Aida Bucharest 11.
Arly Bucharest 12.
Doppieri Bucharest 13.
Knitwear Factory Bucharest 14.
Ideal Bucharest 15.
Minerva Bucharest 16.
Sarfil Bucharest 17.
Anchor Ploiesti 18.
Campina, Prahova Serbanescu M 19.
Madam, S.A. Bucuresti-p. Neamt 20.
Moldova Iasi 21.
Areka Sibiu 22.
Lily Sibiu.
With helva Sibiu 24.
Textilia Cisnadie, 25.
Rehner Agnita, 26.
Arad Was Reismann, 27.
Fita Arad 28.
IRCA Arad 29.
Florida Timisoara 30.
Wool industry, S.A. Bucharest-Timisoara 31.
Standard, S.A. Timisoara 32.
Terrot, S.A. Bucharest 33.
Dobay Timisoara 34.
All 35 Romanian Bucharest.
Knitwear and Textile IND. Brasov 36.
I. Satu Mare Hajtaer 37.
Sitex Arad 38.
Your Buisness Your Buisness, Muscel 39.
Romanofir Bucharest, Sibiu, Arad, T-40.
Albion Bucharest 41.
Cantiga Bucharest 42.
Helvetia Bucharest 43.
Progress of Timisoara 44.
Rasucitoria Bucharest 45 mechanics.
Spinning Industry Bucharest 46.
Cotton Peasant Galati 47.
Fertex, S.A. Arad 48.
Fertex, S.A. Bucharest 49.
Cogimex, S.A. Bucharest-Buzau.
Rock Wool Industry Ploiesti 51.
Stirbey Wool factory Buftea, Ilfov, 52.
The Cotton National Bucharest-Oltenita 53.
Dambovita Spantov, Ilfov, 54.
Dambovita, Teleorman Poroschia 55.
P. Pan Peppers, P 56.
Glen Burnie-Ilfov Danube 57.
Gh. Glen Burnie-Ilfov 58 Cashman.
Chiutescu Monastery, Ilfov, 59.
Al. Ciocanesti Goslin, Ialomita 60.
Old Thomas, Los Angeles 61.
Old Los Angeles Dalene Modelu, 62.
Thomas Old Rosetti-Branesti, Ilfov, 63.
Vinus Marculesti Station, Los Angeles 64.
A. St. Ignatius Ostrov-Bailey, C annex 11 LIST of silk processing Enterprises: knitwear, armourers, braids, ata and hosiery company name address 1.
Benartex Bucharest 2.
Transylvania, Otopeni, Ilfov Jak 3 Friedmann.
Haltex Bucharest 4.
Globus Bucharest 5.
Tesatoria Future Bucharest 6.
I. g. t. Bucharest 7.
HEDIT Sibiu 8.
Sylvia Bucharest 9.
Tricofirul Bucharest 10.
P. H Bucharest 11.
Patent Bucharest 12.
Greg Bucharest 13.
Texo Bucharest 14.
AA Cluj 15.
Romania Bucharest 16.
Aaron Simion Arad 17.
Pelisor Bucharest 18.
Chic Oradea 19.
Gelutext Bucharest.
Heda Timisoara 21.
Bucharest 22.
Samary, ing. Paganini Bucharest 23.
Gloria, Leon Grad Bacau 24.
Fadepa Timisoara 25.

Timisoara 26.
Kermit Abf Bucharest 27.
Sirte Timisoara 28.
Carol N Timisoara 29.
Electra Oradea 30.
Firetul Bucharest 31.
E. K. Tomas Timisoara 32.
Thread, Emil Abramovich Bucharest 33.
Arsef Bucharest 34.
Kabe Bucharest 35.
Sapitex, S.A. Bucharest 36.
Silk Zwicky Bucharest Annex 12 Vopsitoriile LIST, apreturile and confectiuni enterprises company name address 1.
Valentine Bucharest 2.
Padilla Miller Timisoara 3.
Zwo Bucharest 4.
Russoflamos Carmelo Galati 5.
Abbas Talebi Iasi 6.
AWE Bucharest 7.
Cotton Colored Bucharest 8.
G. l. Schmidt co. Bucharest 9.
Falk S.A. Bucharest 10.
D. Aftalion Bucharest 11.
Teil Mikhail Sibiu 12.
LIST of Czech Enterprises to annex 13 Bucharest producing wool knitwear, lina: tailoring, Judy, hats and wool technical company name address 1.
HELIOS Cluj 2.
Sibiu knitwear industry 3.
All Romanian Bucharest 4.
Tricosa Bucharest 5.
Sibiu Tricorom 6.
All Timisoara 7 Muhammad.
Rasnov-Brasov Gisana 8.
Textilia Cisnadie, 9.
Sports-Roman Brasov Tourism 10.
Julius Mueller Sibiu 11.
Regina Ploiesti 12.
Progress Of Barlad, Tutova 13.
Degetarul Gallegos Tutova Barlad, 14.
Salvator Cisnadie, 15.
Fadeva Timisoara 16.
Union (hats) Jimbolia, t. 1938.
Decker co. Jimbolia, t. 1938.
Astra Sebes Alba 19.
Standard, S.A.R. Bucharest 20.
Hats factory Timisoara 21.
Excelsior Periam, Timis Torontal 22.
H Petrasovici Oradea 23.
Aurora Ploiesti 24.
Alpha Bucharest 25.
Particular Timisoara 26.
Gh. Balamat T., Mehedinti 27.
Hannah Borssay, 28.
Paslei Industry Bucharest 29.
Kaufmann Cluj.
Plants ROM. felt Bucharest 31.
V. Ignatova Ploiesti 32.
Policom Bucharest 33.
Heinrich P. Sturm 34, Dublin 4.
Carol Haffner Sibiu annex 14 of the LIST of processing Enterprises, hemp and jute company name address 1.
Crisana Arad 2.
Pannonia Com. Berveni Oskaloosa 3.
Hemp industry Banned com. Biled-Torontal Timis-4.
Ali b. Abu Dhabi, t. 1938 5.
Petra Stefan Carpinis, T. Torontal 6.
Feighel Ed. Brothers Schomlo Com. Denta, T. 1938 7.
The jute industry, S.A. Bucharest 8.
Textile, S.A. Iasi 9.
Dobrogea, S.A. Constanta 10.
Navodul, S.A. Galati 11.
Seceratoarea, S.A. Bucharest-Ilfov 12.
-Branesti Brothers Andre (Dambovita County), Alexandria.
Banatin, S.A. Timisoara 14.
Textile Plants Sft George.
Pbs George Three Seats 15.
Flax and Hemp industry Timisoara 16.
Eddy v. Anum and Aurel Bucharest 17.
Romfir Galati Annex 15 LIST processing Enterprises of furs, producing gloves and other articles made of leather company name address 1.
Leichner, SA Oradea 2.
The first factory-feast of gloves, S.A. Timisoara 3.
Ianovitz Abc Co., Sinc.
Brasov 4.
"Westend", See. Langer Timisoara 5.
Szekely Ion Orastie 6.
Ionaschik Joseph Timisoara 7.
Ionescu Nicolae Backman Ploiesti 8.
Rival Bucharest 9.
Carmela Bucharest 10.
Nader Maharaj Bucharest 11.
Simon Ice Co., Sinc.
Arad, Romania 12.
Kazanlean Dampil "Diko" Bucharest Annex 16 LIST businesses in basic chemical industry company name address 1.
Round Rock Round Rock Bacau 2.
Resita-Edge Edge, Severin, Resita, Caras, V. Minisului, 3.
Quezon City-Manila, Quezon City, Putna 4.
Marasti Bucharest 5.
Little Bucharest, Vero Beach, 6 Little Dusha.
Nitrogen Bucharest, Tarnava Mica 7 Vero Beach.
Nitramonia Fagaras Bucharest 8.
Phoenix Bucharest, Baia Mare, Satu Mare 9.
The first Society of explosives Bucharest, Fagaras 10.
Solvay Bucharest, Alba Iulia, Turda Footscray 11.
Steaua Bucharest-Romanian Campina, Prahova Annex 17 LIST of firms producing carbon black, charcoal and animal company name address 1.
National gas company Bucharest, Hyderabad, tr. Big Medias, tr. 2.
I. m. v. a. Bucharest 3.
Maurice Frenkel-Colentina annex 18 LIST firms producing various chemicals company name address 1.
Cooperative Gazind Cluj 2.
The Carter Constant Vasilache, 3.
Syntezia Bucharest, Fagaras 4.
Astra Orastie Hunedoara-Orastie, 5.
Fr. Goldenberg Bucharest 6.
Icarom Bucharest 7.
Ind. Chim. Bucharest Otopeni 8 Technical.
Pelops Bucharest 9.
Sapochim Bucharest 10.
Satex Bucharest 11.
Sulfochim Bucharest, Ilfov and Smoked 12.
Black Vase-Bucharest 13.
Metallo-Ploiesti 14 Chemical.
Aron Heiderscheid Prodex Goldenberg, 15.
Bernard Joseph Deta (Timis) 16.
Grozit Timisoara 17.
Timisoara, timis.
Chemical IND. Tileagd (Bihor) 19.
IRAs Bucharest 20.
Chemical Industry Fagaras Fagaras 21.
Dermata Cluj 22.
Boots Cream industry Cluj 23.
Eg. -Gyu did Bucharest 24.
Gladys Bucharest-Cluj annex 19 Enterprises producing articles LIST of perfumery and cosmetics, solvents, oils and essences, and pharmaceutical laboratories company name address 1.
Syn Fleur Arad 2.
Vernier Arad 3.
Aurora Oradea 4.
Oradea vest 5.
Napochemia Cluj 6.
Botot Bucharest 7.
Cooperative Ready Bucharest 8.
C. a. f. Bucharest 9.
Cacheta Bucharest 10.
Chemix Bucharest 11.
Central Cosmetics Bucharest 12.
Girom Bucharest 13.
Geranil Bucharest 14.
Infa Bucharest 15.
Lutetia Bucharest 16.
Lady Bucharest 17.
Mignot ....-Boucher Bucharest 18.
Nitranin Bucharest 19.
Nitrosa Bucharest.
Richter Bucharest 21.
Jacques Rouche Bucharest 22.
S. i. f. Bucharest 23.
SUBSTANTIA Bucharest 24.
Terpena Bucharest 25.
Wander Bucharest 26.
Zaharom Bucharest 27.
Gea-Krayer Timisoara 28.
Mala Bucharest 29.
Sorida Bucharest annex 20 a LIST of establishments producing spirits company name address 1.
"Flora" Arad 2.
Mahdi Babe Arad 3.
Zwack Arad 4.
Loren Carol Brasov 5.
"Mollie" Bucharest 6.
"Cointreau" Bucharest 7.
The Swiss Distillery Bucharest 8.
"Suzanne" Bucharest 9.
"Besco" Lugoj, Severin 10.
Wilhelm Moess Sibiu, 11.
Fronias Louis Sibiu 12.
Kimmel Co. I. Timisoara 13.
Meunier co. Bailey 14.
Mott Fils Bucharest 15.
Basilescu N. St. Marceaux Bucharest 16.
Rhein co. Azuga (Prahova), 17.
Royal-Chambery Bucharest 18.
"Excelsior" Danko (V) annex 21 LIST of establishments producing glucose, dextrin, starch and yeast compressed company name address 1.
"Rice" Bailey 2.
"Amilemn" Sansimion () 3.
"Valuna" Hantesti (Gold Coast) 4.
"Royal Oak" Bucharest 5.
"Zimca" Piatra Neamt 6.
Klein Leopold Seini (Satu Mare) 7.
"Armilon" Sibiu, Romania 8.
"Vita", f. Jikeli co. Sibiu 9.
Mahmud Ludus Turda annex 22 oil producing Enterprises LIST company name address 1.
Max Paul Bacau 2.
"Oil", Bacau, Romania 3.
Solomon Segal Bacau 4.
5. Office Interindustrial Oradea
Poxes Suharovici Botosani 6.
Adam Sezonov Bailey 7.
"Bison", Brothers Valente Bailey 8.

"Presol Cluj 9.
"The V.j." Constant 10.
"Argus" Constant 11.
"Fleming" Galati 12.
"Etna" Galati 13.
"Virginia" Motatei (Dolj) 14.
"Phenix" Bucharest 15.
"Hermes" Bucharest 16.
"Omega" Bucharest 17.
"Ulvis" Bucharest 18.
D. Abrahams Enterprises Bucharest 19.
Victor Ray S Fetesti (Ialomita) 20.
Hedvig mill Tg. Mures (Mures) 21.
"Solo" Piatra Neamt 22.
Gruenberg Brothers Novel.
C. I. Rohrlich Novel.
Smaty sangli Glueck (Calamba City) 25.
Reissues Carei (Calamba City) 26.
"Savoury" Satu Mare 27.
Emma malappuram (Teleorman) 28.
Unita Factory Timisoara 29.
"Olea" Timisoara 30.
"Proud" Barlad (Tutova County) 31.
"Susan Saari" 32 St Catherines (Tutova County).
"Olivia" Batangas 33.
L. p. Baboulene Vaslui Annex 23 dry fruit enterprises LIST company name address 1.
Das Ha, Lagos State Mic 2.
"Sarpa" Bayt Naballah, Buzau 3.
"Sarpa" Bucharest 4.
"Franck-Coffee" Bucharest 5.
"Ant Calaca" Tg. Mures, Mures 6.
"Fructus" Timisoara 7.
"Fructonil" Gallant, P 8.
"Hortus" Arad Annex 24 track LIST for one particular company name address 1.
Ploiesti Prahova, Ploiesti-Brainerd 2.
Arad-Arad, Arad Vineyard 3.
Pecica, Arad-Nadlac-Arad, Pecica 4.
Brasov-Satu Mare-Brasov, Brasov 5 Long.
Turnu Severin-Tismana Bucharest, Intrepr. (Rock Hill) 6.
Valley Peaks-Leuca Arad 7.
Ilva Mare-Bistrita Nasaud Ilva Mica, 8.
Jess-Jess Telcisor, Jurong West 9.
Sleeve-Ungureni-Drajna Society 10.
Cairo-Cairo-Buzias, Timis Torontal Baths Annex LIST of exploitative Enterprises of 25 rail tanker company name address 1.
"Auxiliary" 2.
Targoviste, Dambovita Brothers Nagy 3.
Alfred Ha Bucharest 4.
Gal Mahmood Bucharest 5.
Brothers Freund Satu Mare Annex 26 LIST navigation company name Company address 1.
"R. D."
"T. D."
Bucharest 3.
"Sinda Romanian Bucharest 4.
"Danubmar" Bucharest Annex 27 LIST of riverboats and maritime, and the Romanian flag, sunk in Romanian territorial waters or foreign company name address 1.
Ing. D.P.M. GH. Duca (pilotina) 2.
Amarilis (tug) 3.
Ing. Casimir D.P.M. (tug) 4.
Ing. Felt, D.P.M. (tug) 5.
Istria D.P.M. (tug) 6.
May 1, D.P.M. (tug) 7.
Fahad S D.P.M. (tug) 8.
Alice-Daru (tug) 9.
Ana-Brothers Daniel (tug) 10.
Angela-c. and g. Golden and p. Mirones (tug) 11.
Bessarabia d.-Das s. (tug) 12.
-Most. P. John (tug) 13.
Danubiul-Sant. Danubiul (tug) 14.
Nancy Most. I. T (tug) 15.
Brothers Daniel (tug) 16.
Joyce Brothers-Most. P. John (tug) 17.
Hamid Ed-Coop. F. Enescu (tug) 18.
Graci-p. and r. Grachev (tug) 19.
John i. Teodorescu (tug) 20.
Levendis-k. Moreno (tug) 21.
M. Most. S. Moreno and Ian (tug) 22.
M. Most. B. Calughera (tug) 23.
Phoenix 1. -E. Radacovici (tug) 24.
Phoenix 2. -E. Radacovici (tug) 25.
Phoenix 3. -E. Radacovici (tug) 26.
Phoenix 4. -E. Radacovici (tug) 27.
-E. Radacovici (tug) 28.
Rahova-t. Obed (tug) 29.
Aymond-SOC. Smarda (tug) 30.
Tammy b. (towboat) 31.
Romania-t. Toculescu (tug) 32.
-K. Moreno (tug) 33.
SFT-Nicholas t. Krizia Gheorghiu (tug) 34.
Socrates-SOC. Smarda (tug) 35.
Trixi-SOC. Sardex (tug) 36.
Benjamin r. 1. -Linda b. (towboat) 37.
Lord Byron-(CNR) (tug) 38.
Lt. Roberto-Minist. Health (tug) 39.
Spring-Dr. m. Varnah (tug) 40.
Midia D.P.M. (Dear) 41.
Winnipeg, D.P.M. (Dear) 42.
S. H. Gallant Union (elevator) 43.
Nicholas s. Das S. H. Gallant (Dear) 44.
Azis No.3. Giurgiu-Njideka Azis (Dear) 45.
Dear-Water Dept. Giurgiu (Dear) 46.
Daniel Brothers Daniel brothers-Giurgiu (Dear) 47.
George-Most. P. John Gallant (Dear) 48.
Los Angeles-Most. P. John Gallant (Dear) 49.
Louigi-Radha, m. n. Saha Ion and Gallant (Dear) 50.
Mures-Most. P. Joyce, Darus Giurgiu (Dear) 51.
Romania-Brothers Daniel (Darling) 52.
Louisa-k. Moreno (elevator) 53.
Nadia k. Moreno (elevator) 54.
No. 1,387-i. Rosenberg (elevator) 55.
Hope-l. Rosenberg (elevator) 56.
Kevork a. Palmer-l. Rosenberg (elevator) 56.
Boat fire d. p. m. (dinghy) 57.
Boat No. 4 d. p. m. (dinghy) 58.
Boat No. 2 d. p. m. (dinghy) 59.
Boat No. 3 d. p. m. (dinghy) 59.
of the 59 b)) J-j. Darus and Maria-BL. Maratos d. p. m. (dinghy) 60.
Port Blok No.1 d. p. m. (container barge) 61.
Blog No. 2 port, d. p. m. (container barge) 62.
Taps container barge No. 1 s. h. Gallant (clapeu) 63.
Container barge Taps No.1 d. p. m. (clapeu) 64.
Container barge Taps No. 2 s. h. Gallant (clapeu) 65.
Container barge Taps No. 2 d. p. m. (clapeu) 66.
G D Tipper No. 5 p. m. (clapeu) 67.
G D Tipper No. 6 p. m. (clapeu) 68.
Bell Diver d. p. m. (pontoon) 69.
Metal deck with biga for e ancor removed d. p. m. (pontoon) 70.
Central compressed air of the Bell diver d. p. m. (pontoon) 71.
Boat Diver No.1 d. p. m. (pontoon) 72.
Boat Diver No. 2.
D. p. m. (pontoon) 73.
Boat Diver No.3 d. p. m. (pontoon) 74.
Cardillo-Ing. 75. Antonio ponton
Lightning-76 V. Macedonschi, ponton.
S.N.S. No. 13-SOC. 77 Smarda pontoon.
Visco-Most. B. Calugheru Pier 78.
Alice-St. Secen barges for 79 engine.
Trent p. Cerealistilor-ro/ro 80 engine Bank.
Ivan-d. Radacovici barges for 81 engine.
V. Prodanoff barges for engine 82.
Daniel 2-Daniel Brothers barges for 83 engine.
Angela Miras-a. Miras (ro/ro) 84.
Anastasie F-Alexici-tii Alexici (ro/ro) 85.
Abel Tracadas (ro/ro) 86.
Antonia (ro/ro) 87.
Apolonia Clara-Clara and Caldwell Bonifa ci (ro/ro) 88.
Augusta (ro/ro) 89.
-A. Bernado, s. Viasopol, e. Car antino (ro/ro) 90.
Aristide-a. Luludis (ro/ro) 91.
Athanasios-Obed (ro/ro) 92.
Naghelici-Creiner, Sehberg, Cvici (ro/ro) 93.
Driveway-h. Rabinowitz (ro/ro) 94.
Amelie-a. Poszoni (ro/ro) 95.
Bailey a. Luludis (ro/ro) 96.
Bucris-a. Castro (ro/ro) 97.
Bucovina-c. Hiott (ro/ro) 98.
Banat-born Mendel (ro/ro) 99.
Nellore-k. Moreno (ro/ro) 100.
Betty-i. Pincas (ro/ro) 101.
Abdulkadir Bahrami Pincas (ro/ro) 102.
Edwin a.-a. Tzaacarisianos (ro/ro) 103.
Calomira s.-c. Obed (ro/ro) 104.
Canaris c.-Festine (ro/ro) 105.
Carnion. Papia (ro/ro) 106.
Carola-Levendis (ro/ro) 107.
Cambo Murgeni-d. Callaway (ro/ro) 108.
Steve c. Aase (ro/ro) 109.
Nico a. Luludis (ro/ro) 110.
Dimitrie Alexici-Alexici Brothers (ro/ro) 111.
Dimitrie p.-d. Papadatos (ro/ro) 112.
Dimitrios-d. Cavadia (ro/ro) 113.
SEB (ro/ro) 114.
Ditty-e. Statatos and a. Castro (ro/ro) 115.
Fishes 2-1. B. Halle (ro/ro) 116.
Daniel-Daniel 4 brothers (ro/ro) 117.
Daniel 6-Brothers Daniel (ro/ro) 118.
Daniel 8-Brothers Daniel (ro/ro) 119.
Daniel 9-Brothers Daniel (ro/ro) 120.
Daniel 10-Brothers Daniel (ro/ro) 121.
Daniel 11-Brothers Daniel (ro/ro) 122.
Elpida-g. Vaghela (ro/ro) 123.
Lisa c. Trilivas (ro/ro) 124.
Enricheta-Racevich Brothers (ro/ro) 125.
Ester s. Saigal (ro/ro) 126.
Soc. Sinda-Egeria (ro/ro) 127.
Elena-Fostini Andrei (ro/ro) 128.
Earl d.-Sp Dumitru (ro/ro) 129.
Earl t.-Vuccino (ro/ro) 130.
Evanthia-s. Leondopol, a. Vasilidis (ro/ro) 131.

Elisa-Creimer, Seimberg, Cvici (ro/ro) 132.
Elim s.-Ida Speier (ro/ro) 133.
Ernaneth-Wexler, e. Leichter (ro/ro) 134.
ELSA-m. Pincas (ro/ro) 135.
Laura-Eve Scrabulous. G. Lobell (ro/ro) 136.
Falciu-s. Patrichios (ro/ro) 137.
Flavia b. Diego Babs (ro/ro) 138.
Fochion-e. Sideri (ro/ro) 139.
Hamid Ed-Coop. F. Enescu (ro/ro) 140.
Fred-a. Filipescu (ro/ro) 141.
Fica-Most. S. Pincas (ro/ro) 142.
Fotini-f. Tracadas (ro/ro) 143.
-S. Darosa (ro/ro) 144.
Gregory Cicei Cicei-Gr. 2 (ro/ro) 145.
Gregory Cicei 3-GR. Cicei (ro/ro) 146.
Gregory Cicei 5-gr. Cicei (ro/ro) 147.
The mouth of the Guadalupe-SOC. Path (ro/ro) 148.
Grupco 2-Grupper f. (ro/ro) 149.
Grupco 3-Grupper f. (ro/ro) 150.
Grupco 4-t. Babbar (ro/ro) 151.
San Francisco-i. Sasu, p. Castillo (ro/ro) 152.
Most. G. Fidelis — "Horia" (ro/ro) 153.
Ifigenia Cosmeto-Sisters (ro/ro) 154.
Ibrahim Alexici-Alexici Brothers (ro/ro) 155.
Reindeer-Most. A. Pincas (ro/ro) 156.
Joseph i. Glucksman (ro/ro) 157.
Jeanne d'Arc-e. Roscoff (ro/ro) 158.
Jaques-Most. M. Pincas (ro/ro) 159.
Jaqueline-Ian (ro/ro) 160.
Bosco-e. Frangopol (ro/ro) 161.
Chiriacula-A Vasilescu (ro/ro) 162.
View to litheos-Georgopoulos's message (ro/ro) 163.
Ebode-g. Stefaniti and p. Cutava (ro/ro) 164.
-Creimer, Seimberg, Cvici (ro/ro) 165.
Lotty-m. Heilpern (ro/ro) 166.
Mark-Most. A. Pincas (ro/ro) 167.
Maria-Elena Boiagi (ro/ro) 168.
M. l.-s. Dumitriu (ro/ro) 169.
M. s.-Svoromos a. (ro/ro) 170.
M. t.-Vuccino (ro/ro) 171.
Maria Alexici-Alexici Brothers (ro/ro) 172.
Maria L-m. Teodorescu (ro/ro) 173.
Marieta Golda-Kaufman, Pitaulic and Jaded enberg (ro/ro) 174.
Marines-i. and g. Vaghela (ro/ro) 175.
Mercedes C and e. Gughiano (ro/ro) 176.
Mikhail p.-Dean and Fastiropol (ro/ro) 177.
Mihai Bravu-z. and i. Vaghela (ro/ro) 178.
Moldova-a. Gheorghiu (ro/ro) 179.
M. b. 12-Admiral Lam (ro/ro) 180.
Matilda-Gluislamm, Bughedeinse, Rabino vici (ro/ro) 181.
Smets-M. Ian (ro/ro) 182.
Monzi-e. Wexler (ro/ro) 183.
Mizzi-e. Wexler (ro/ro) 184.
Mark e. Moreno (ro/ro) 185.
Nedor-t. and s. Levendis (ro/ro) 186.
Nadeem-i. a. Fostini (ro/ro) 187.
Joyce g. Contoguri (ro/ro) 188.
Nina Jamal Castro and Statatos (ro/ro) 189.
Clarence c. Bernstein (ro/ro) 190.
Netty-c. Berstein (ro/ro) 191.
No. 6-Most. C. Atanasuli (ro/ro) 192.
No. 038-i. Nagy, t. and i. Sara Ma ria (ro/ro) 193.
No. 45,010-Jewish origin, Ildefonso (ro/ro) 194.
Charlene-e. Brady (ro/ro) 195.
Olga Hiott. Hiott (ro/ro) 196.
OIT p.-g. Lazarisis (ro/ro) 197.
Oltenia-t. Mendel (ro/ro) 198.
Byron A. Wexler, E. Leichter.
199 (ro/ro).
Pelisor-Ian (ro/ro) 200.
Posesonia-k. Moreno (ro/ro) 201.
Panaghis-d. Cavadia (ro/ro) 202.
Paraskeva-Most. Tofik g. (ro/ro) 203.
Parnassos-SOC. Week (ro/ro) 204.
Peles-m. t. Mecsa (ro/ro) 205.
Predeal-a. Berzuca (ro/ro) 206.
Progress-Coop. Progress (ro/ro) 207.
RAF-1 and v. Borvizeanu (ro/ro) 208.
Fereo-Riga. Zanguropol (ro/ro) 209.
Rae m. i. Marinescu (ro/ro) 210.
Rita l.-a. Laubmuller (ro/ro) 211.
Ragunath a.-m. Rothman (ro/ro) 212.
Rufcu-Most. S. Pinchas (ro/ro) 213.
SFT-e. Pangopol (ro/ro) 214.
S. Anders-SOC. Sinda (ro/ro) 215.
Simote-Mihail Ion (ro/ro) 216.
Spyroula-s. Obed (ro/ro) 217.
Spyros-Obed (ro/ro) 218.
Sagar-Ionescu (ro/ro) 219.
Stela and SP. Sinda Caruso (ro/ro) 220.
Sigismundo-f. Gruper (ro/ro) 221.
Sadiq k. Moreno and Most. M. Ian (ro/ro) 222.
Stela F.-M. Deora, I. Feinstein.
(ro/ro) 223.
Hey-I and j. Heilpern (ro/ro) 224.
St. Spiridon-Zanguropol, Osea (ro/ro) 225.
(ro/ro) 226.
Teddy a. Poszony (ro/ro) 227.
Traky-Zanguropol, Osea (ro/ro) 228.
V g. Lazaris (ro/ro) 229.
Varatec-i. Reghie (ro/ro) 230.
Victoria-p. Castillo (ro/ro) 231.
See a. Filipescu (ro/ro) 232.
Purple-k. Moreno and Most. M. Ian (ro/ro) 233.
V. Hiott-c. Hiott (ro/ro) 234.
William-w. Ian (ro/ro) 235.
Willy-e. Moreno and most. M. Ian (ro/ro) 236.
Concordia-v. Macedonschi (passengers) 236.
a. Charles-a. Carlson (passengers) 237.
Alex. -A. Poszony (passengers) 238.
Abdul s.-p. and i. Speier (ro/ro) 239.
Athena-c. Abdulla (ro/ro) 240.
Agathi-Obed (ro/ro) 241.
Achilles-SOC. Dunarea (ro/ro) 242.
Consuela-Kulnberg Carman (ro/ro) 243.
Claudia-SOC. Sinda Romana (ro/ro) 244.
1-Piper Brothers Daniel (ro/ro) 245.
Gr. 4-Gr. Cicei Cicei (ro/ro) 246.
Janette s.-s. Simsinovici (ro/ro) 247.
Jenny-Klarsfeld, most. M. Ian (ro/ro) 248.
Majeed m. Pincas (ro/ro) 249.
Nastia-s. Leichter (ro/ro) 250.
No. 295-ADM. Deliveries (ro/ro) 251.
-S. Darus, Lilof.
(ro/ro) 252.
Gravel-f. Carlson (ro/ro) 253.
Sally-m. Heilpern (ro/ro) 254.
Spor-s. Bischof (ro/ro) 255.
SFT-Nicholas p. Castillo, m. Osman i (ro/ro) 256.
-C. Hiott (ro/ro) 257.
Water tank (tank) 258.
Stad the engine 1 (tank-engine) 259.
Engine 2 stall (tank-) 260.
Aneta-a. Luludis (tank) 261.
John-Veisler (tank) 262.
Concrete 1-f. Tsarevets Hill (tanker) 263.
Two Brothers-I. Rusef, S. Hasan.
(tanker) 264.
Patrick e. Veisman (tanker) 265.
Lightning-b. Gandhi (tanker) 266.
Lidasca-Domoncos, Fotiade (tank) 267.
M-Prodanof Brothers (tank) 268.
Moreni-Most. P. John (tank) 269.
Maher m. i. Marinescu (tanker) 270.
Lure-a. Groza (tanker) 271.
Pascin-i. Pincas (tanker) 272.
Progress Petrolifer-g. Georgescu (tanker) 273.
Spiridon-a. Preisler (tanker) 274.
SFT-Elaine a. Brothers (tank) 275.
Ta e. Grachev (tanker) 276.
Vera i. Gadre (tanker) 277.
Violetta-a. Luludis (tank) 278.
Daniel 5-Brothers Daniel (tanker) 279.
Alfredo p.-m. Klarsfeld (tanker) 280.
Roza a.-m. Oberman (tanker) 281.
Mary i. B.s. (bac) 282.
SFT Dumitru-g. J (bac) 283.
V i. B.s. (bac) 284.
Azis-Azis Ahmet (bac) 285.
Azis No.2-Azis Ahmet (bac) 286.
Baban-m. d. Baban (bac) 287.
Bailey-Jumilla-Daru (bac) 288.
Alex Edafe 4-Coop. F. Enescu (bac) 289.
Galati-SP. Dumitriu (bac) 290.
Galati 2-i. Gheorghiu (bac) 291.
Michael-Hammer, Baban (bac) 292.
No. 141. -St. Taft (bac) 293.
Nr. 149. -N. Dinescu (bac) 294.
No. 570. -D. I. V., Inc.
(bac) 295.
Joseph m. Pagao (bac) 296.
SFT Ilie-f. and i. 297 Bagadi (bac).
SFT.-d. Cavadia (bac) 298.
Sofia-Baban, Hammer (bac) 299.
Transit 1. -Soc. transit (bac) 300.
Transit 2. -Soc. transit (bac) 301.
Adrienne-Most. P. John (ceam) 302.
Adrienne-Weston, Cakan (ceam) 303.
Abbey t.-c. Babe23 (ceam) 304.
Abd Aziz z.-m. Popeea (ceam) 305.
Arges-SP. Darosa (ceam) 306.
Ashley-c. Lilof (ceam) 307.
Bailey-g. Thomas (ceam) 308.
C. Bailey-Papacanaris (ceam) 309.
Calarasi-Most. Christos (ceam) 310.
Rob g.-Most. P. John (ceam) 311.
Granite-Key. I. T (ceam) 312.
Carter o. Celentis (ceam) 313.
Dobrogea-Daru (ceam) 314.
Daru-Daru (ceam) 315.
Daniel 12. -Brothers Daniel (ceam) 316.
Daniel 13. -Brothers Daniel (ceam) 317.
Daniel 14. -Brothers Daniel (ceam) 318.
Daniel 17. -Brothers Daniel (ceam) 319.
18. Dabreo -Brothers Daniel (ceam) 320.
19. Dabreo -Brothers Daniel (ceam) 321.
Daniel 20. -Brothers Daniel (ceam) 322.
Daniel 21. -Brothers Daniel (ceam) 323.
Austin. P. John (ceam) 324.
S-H, Frank (ceam) 325.
Eugenia d.-s. Darosa (ceam) 326.
John I.-Most. P. John (ceam) 327.

Isaccea-m. Tabari, Gh. Radha (ceam) 328.
Raja-m. and s. Strass (ceam) 329.
Macin-SOC. Path (ceam) 330.
-Most. P. John (ceam) 331.
Marion-Darsh, Lilof (ceam) 332.
Nestor-e. Carantino (ceam) 333.
Nr. 3. -M. Ghiculescu (ceam) 334.
Phoenix-m. c. Strass (ceam) 335.
Upper Prut. Hope (ceam) 336.
SFT-B G (ceam) 337.
SFT Spiridon d.-s. Darosa (ceam) 338.
Silistra-Daru (ceam) 339.
S.N.S. 195. -Soc. Smarda (ceam) 340.
S.N.S. 295. -Soc. Smarda (ceam) 341.
S.N.S. 390. -Soc. Smarda (ceam) 342.
S.N.S. 685. -Soc. Smarda (ceam) 343.
S.N.S. 4,135-SOC. Smarda (ceam) 344.
S.N.S. 5,135-SOC. Smarda (ceam) 345.
Sultana-s. Hasarian (ceam) 346.
Turnu Magurele-Daru (ceam) 347.
Troesmis-Ing. Baigalmaa (ceam) 348.
Topalu-Most. P. John (ceam) 349.
Traian d. SP. Darosa (ceam) 350.
Union-m. Murali (ceam) 351.
Zarnesti-Poppea (ceam) 352.
Isaccea-Rag (Brown) Annex LIST of 28 insurance companies company name address 1.
The Romanian Insurance 2.
Agricola Fonciera Bucharest 3.
Caledonian Romana Bucuresti 4.
Insurance company Bucharest 5.
Dacia Bucharest Romania 6.
Bucharest General 7.
National Bucharest 8.
The First Private Cluj 9.
The first burial Society Brasov 10.
Romania's Steaua Bucharest 11.
Adriatica (representation) Triest-Bucharest 12.
Metropolis Bucuresti 13.
Bucharest 14 standard.
Eagle Bucharest 15.
Minerva Cluj Annex 29 STATEMENT for businesses in construction, liquidation or cessation of activity 1. Company name 2. Object.
3. Legal form.
4. Registered at the Chamber of Commerce in the city and. ..
Since under no. ..
5. the Radiata at:.
6. Address:
Gmina County. ..
Main operation: str. Nr.

The commune of the registered office: County. ..
Str. No. ..
Phone: 7. Other exploits, sales centers, warehouses, etc., belonging to the same enterprise: name Address Object.

8. Enterprise Leadership: (owners, Board of Directors, Steering Committees and Censors).

Name Address Amount Monit. Official.

9. the Liquidators appointed Address name. ..
. ..
. ..

10. People who hire company: true.

11. Share Capital.. subscribed *).. * Name of spilt) address. ..
. ..
. ..

— — — — — — — — — — — *) will be used for legal and natural persons who own more than 10% of the share capital, as well as the participatiunile State or some other foreign States.

12. Termination of activity: data.
the reason for. ..
approval, or approaches for obtaining approval.
13. For enterprises under construction: commencement date of construction and mounting installations. ..
Terminating date (if not continue construction and installations).
Stage investments (it will appreciate in% of the projected *).
(It will specify the necessary investments for commissioning, through a brief description and an indication of the approximate amounts necessary) ... — — — — — — — — — — — *) if there will be projects annex in copy.

14. Enterprise: own sq. m. sq. m. surface. built. sq. m. with premises.
15. Means of transport: ...
16. Power installed in c. motric P.

The NAME of the MACHINE CONSTRUCTION Company Year PIECES c. p. electric motors with power from outside. . ..
. . ..
. . ..

Electric motors powered by energy produced by intrepr.:. . ..
. . ..
. . ..

17. power generators: construction Duration Names: Power Company Year features Pieces (flow). .. . ..
. .. . ..
. .. . ..

18. Equipment: the name of the car production capacity pieces per car in 8 hours. . .
.. . .
.. . .

19. Raw materials, accessories, waste, fuel and products in storage: Name: unit: Quantity: .
.. .
.. .

20. Goods, machinery, raw materials in the course of transport or customs clearance: ...

21. Production: the measurement unit product name *) maximum Production made in. ..
— — — — — — — — — — *) but the main products.

22. Staff in the production year: year Total Function of leadership. .. ..
Higher technical and. .. ..
Technically inferior and. .. ..
Ad-top hem. ..
The lower hem ad. .. ..
Skilled workers. ..
Industrial workers. ..
Of unskilled workers. ..
Apprentices. ..

23. The final balance sheet and profit and loss account (in Appendix).
24. the trial balance on last month (in Appendix).
25. the fiscal Situation (actual imposition, outstanding debt).
Locality. Applicant: date. .. ..
The address.
It has received the statement in triplicate, registered under no. ..
from t. .. today. .. a copy of which has been returned to the declarant.

Comisiunea County of Nationalization.