Law No. 284 Of 14 August 1947 For Disposal By The National Bank Of Romania To Gold, Currencies And Other Effective Means Of Foreign Payment

Original Language Title:  LEGE nr. 284 din 14 august 1947 pentru cedarea către Banca Naţionala a României a aurului, valutelor efective şi altor mijloace de plată străine

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Law No. 284 of 14 august 1947 for disposal by the National Bank of Romania to gold, currencies and other effective means of foreign payment ISSUER PARLIAMENT Published in MONITORUL OFICIAL nr. 186 of 15 august 1947, Michael I, by the grace of God and the will of the King of Romania's national team, all of the face and future health: the Assembly of Deputies voted and adopted, and we sanctionam what follows: Article 1 Persons established in the country, having in possession any title or property, the values specified below in article 17. 2, are obliged to cede them to the National Bank of Romania against payment in MDL at the official rate, within 15 days from the way of the publication of this law in the Official Gazette.
It is considered established in the country, in the spirit of the law face natural or legal persons whose domicile or habitual residence or settlement, the headquarters is located in Romania; branches of an enterprise abroad and foreigners-owned Romania establishments, whether they are independent or not, shall be treated as laid down in the country, even though their central headquarters ' would be abroad; also foreigners living in the country for more than six months.

Article 2 will yield: a) Gold in any form, and Jubilee medals issued under Decree-Law No. 656 of 1944, with the following excepţiuni: gold in the ways provided for in art. 6 of law No. 638 of 1946; salbele made of ducati and lower Austrian (both large and small coins), mahmudelele and icusarii, as well as Numismatic collections that will recognize as such by the National Bank of Romania, within the time limit for disposal is set by this law. These excepţiuni are limiting. Jewelry made of beaten gold coins after 1800 are not exempted;

b) actual Currencies.

Through actual currencies means monetele of metal or paper, as well as tickets for any Bank, beaten or issued abroad;

c) Cheques and money orders denominated in foreign moneta;

d) check the accounts and bad debts in foreign currency in the country and abroad.

Through a press release that will appear in the Official Gazette with this law, the National Bank of Romania will set the way estimates and laid down in points b, c and d, to be transferred.

Article 3 are obliged to cede the values specified in art. 2 and established by National Bank of Romania press release: a) individuals;

b) legal persons through their legal representatives;

c) persons incapable or put in prohibition, through their legal representatives;

d) individuals who, on the basis of an order of dispoziţiuni legal authority or by will possess subject values are handed over (the Syndic bankruptcy, trustee and executor, etc.).

e) associations of persons without legal personality, whether or not heritage, through their legal representatives;

f) State institutions and autonomous administrations.

The persons referred to above shall not be required to justify the origin of the values referred to in article 1. 2. Article 4 persons in accordance with dispoziţiunile of the present law shall surrender to the values specified in art. 2 and that its publication in the Official Gazette of the law face lies abroad are obliged to carry out a disposal operation within 15 days from the presence of their entry into the country.

Article 5 Persons, established in the country who will acquire on any basis, free of charge or for consideration, one of the values specified in art. 2 another way than on the basis of autorizatiuni after the entry into force of the present law are obliged to cede them to the National Bank of Romania, in person or through an authorised banks, within 15 days from the presence of their acquisition.

Article 6 persons who will acquire the status of a person established in the country, as defined in article 1. 1, para. 2, of this law, are obliged to transfer to Banca Naţională a României, in person or through an authorised banks, within 10 days after the date when this dela quality values are specified at art. 2. In article 7, as well as Individuals are defined by art. 1, having ownership or possession any basis values listed below are required to declare them to the National Bank of Romania, within 15 days from the way of the publication of this law in the Official Gazette without being obliged to justify the origin of values.

Article 8 will declare: the unforeseen and currencies) currencies of the communiqué of the National Bank of Romania, mentioned in the last paragraph of art. 2;

b) letters of credit, notes, bills of Exchange, any effects of foreign currency-denominated trade and all unforeseen advances in strainatatii Banca Naţională a României, the demostration mode;

c) securities issued abroad (foreign securities), as well as interest coupons and their dividends.

d) Participant from companies and corporations and in general participatiuni in whatever form, contained in foreign enterprises;

e) immovable property placed abroad and real estate rights (rights, inheritance rights, mining rights ownership of transport vessels, etc.).

Statement of values remains mandatory, regardless of the fact that they had to be declared, or in the past have been declared, in accordance with dispoziţiunile of other laws.

Article 9 If the values listed in art. 8 points a-c, was deposited at a Bank statement would be sent to the National Bank of Romania, via the respective Bank. Banks are obliged to declare the values deposited at those banks didn't do it until at the latest 1 day prior to expiry.

Article 10 the values under declaratiunii, it will not be able to order only with the prior approval of the National Bank of Romania.

Article 11 dispoziţiune Act made violation of the above shall be regarded as null.

Article 12 reporting obligations are subject to the values mentioned in article 2. 8, individuals and legal entities, as well as falling in asociaţiunile dispoziţiunile art. 3, 4, 5 and 6.

Article 13 Are exempted from the obligation to declare the demostration mode and diplomatic representatives and consular officials, who are Romanian citizens, together with officials and their subordinates, State representative subjects and, in addition to their service, do not exercise any profession, craft or any other gainful activity in Romania.

Article 14 of this law in breach of dispoziţiunile Who is punishable by confiscation of the values necedate or undeclared, with jail 5-25 years removed from him, and with a fine equal to incincitul values, without being able to grant the extenuating circumstances.
If the values necedate or undeclared, cannot be seized, no matter what the cause, offenders will be sentenced to pay on behalf of the State, an amount equal to five times the equivalent in lei of the offence; This amount is doubled in the event of an actual necedarea gold or currencies prescribed in the National Bank of Romania.
Infringements of this law is to establish and judge according to the law for the trading of currencies from 1 October 1932, with subsequent amendments.
The values for the benefit of the State, seized will be liquidated for the State.
National Bank of Romania will retain from the equivalent in lei of the confiscated value, 25% of its expenditure tracking, and 20% to be distributed as premiums, of which 10% denuntatorului and 10% constatatorului, unless the assessment agencies are servants of the National Bank of Romania, or members of the judiciary, in which case the first proper will retain their National Bank of Romania to cover expenses caused crime to law with pursuit of the face.

Article 15 obligations laid down in the law and the law on the movement and expense of precious metals (no 638/946), and remain in force.

Article 16 Dispoziţiunile law No. 656 of 1944, concerning the movement of gold commemorative medals are and shall remain abrogated, it also repealed dispoziţiunii art. 7, section b, of law No. 638 of 1946.

Article 17 the testimony of Cedarile and will be made at the headquarters of the National Bank of Romania in Bucharest and in the province.

Article 18 the National Bank of Romania shall be authorized to take the measures necessary for the implementation and enforcement of dispoziţiunilor of this law.
This law was voted by the Assembly of deputies at its meeting on August 14, 1947 from the rock and was approved unanimously by the two hundred six votes.
Vice President, D. Pal, Maideen Secretary (L.S.A.D.).
Promulgăm this law and categorise them as it is vested with the seal of State and published in the Official Gazette.
Date in Bucharest on August 14, 1947.
Industry and Trade Minister MIHAI, Gh. Gheorghiu-Dej Justice Minister John Bassam ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─