Law No. 102 From 9 February 1945 For The Cleaning Of The Press

Original Language Title:  LEGE nr. 102 din 9 februarie 1945 pentru epurarea presei

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Law No. 102 from 9 February 1945 for ISSUING press purge KING Published in MONITORUL OFICIAL nr. 34 of 12 February 1945 By Michael grace of God and the will of the King of Romania's national team, all from the face and future, on the report of the Minister of health, our Secretary of State at the Department of Foreign Affairs No. 3,593 of 6 February 1945, Seeing and official with the Council of Ministers No. 235 of 1945, on the basis of dispoziţiunilor of the high Royal Decree No. 1,626 of 31 August 1944 published in Official Gazette No. 202 from Septemvrie 1944, I decreed and decretam: Article 1 Will be punished with the penalties provided for in article 10. 2, journalists, publiciştii and Associates, which, prior to August 23, 1944, through writings or their action in the press, have been guilty of one or more of the following facts: a) were put in the service of hitlerismului or of fascism, serving foreign interests such as those of the Romanian nation;

b) were stipendiati by the axis powers for their propaganda in favor of the policy;

c) have prepared public opinion for entry into the axis and have called for war against the unjust United Nations;

d) Have campaigned for ideas contrary to democratic principles, the times, influenced by anti-democratic concept, have called for acts of terror, rebellions, murders and tortures or participated in them.

Article 2 penalties for the acts referred to in article 1. 1 are the following: 1. Admonestarea.
2. the suspension of activity from 6 months to 5 years.
3. the definitive Ban.
The suspension and prohibition relating to the exercise of the right to write in print and publish any work with a political character.
The penalties provided for in this article shall apply particularly severe penalties on other laws they would provide.

Article 3 the penalty for suspending activity of from 6 months to 5 years, can be aggravated up to a maximum of two times the period prescribed for those who during the suspension, will be written in the press or published any work policy.
Will withdraw approval of from 7 days to 1 year of publications which, with proper science, will print the material compiled by those suspended or to which they have been banned permanently to write in the press.
For proper printing with the science of political work, published by an author who enters the provisions of this law shall apply to owners of publishers or printers, punishment and forfeiture work fine from 1,000,000 to 50,000 lei.

Article 4 upon completion of the work of the Commission under article 9. 5, aggravation of the penalty of suspension, as well as the confiscation and fines will be handed down by the tribunal, the procedure of referral to professional organizations of journalists.

Article 5 a comisiune composed of a Chairman and four members, all professional journalists, called the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, shall, within three months, the research and compilation of lists of persons falling within the provisions of this Act.
She'll rule admonestarea for irregularities and, by a reasoned decision, the Council of Ministers, will propose the suspension or ban for serious misbehaviour.
Three-month period may be extended by decision of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on not more than three months.
Comisiunea will be able to appoint a Secretary of the professional journalists.
The decisions of the Commission shall be taken by a majority of the members appointed in comisiune.
The decision of suspension or prohibition will be given through a log of the Council of Ministers.

Article 6 Comisiunea will inform you on any way and is not obligated to show the means by which he arrived at his finding. She will quote by registered mail one researched, if he has his domicile real and known in the country, and the party involved will be able to defend ourselves by all means, personally or through an agent through the memoir.
Those with unknown domicile will be invited by citatiune published in the Official Gazette, at least 10 days off before.

Article 7 All dispoziţiunile contrary to this decree-law are and remain repealed.
Minister of Foreign Affairs, MIHAI Const. Report of Mr. Dao and Foreign Minister by m. s. King.
Sire, Of areas where a wastewater treatment plant and the press has a role of mentor of public opinion.
Epuratia is more necessary in this field, as it is unacceptable that people who have campaigned through the press and political works against the democratic principles or have put at the service of foreign interests from those of the Romanian nation or have prepared the war alongside the United Nations and against the axis in favor of the hitlerismului and fascism can continue to play a leading role of public opinion in the current democratic regime.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs which, by abolishing the Ministry of Propaganda, took atribuţiunile to regulate the press and information, and on the other hand, through its natural atribuţiunile has to maintain good veghia over relatiuni with United Nations, counts need to intervene because the removal of the press who have worked against the United Nations, to be made more promptly.
Taking into account the proposed changes to the laws of purification presented so far, the present draft decree-law had introduced appropriate sanctions, promoting me to the severity of acts committed.
The decision to ban or suspension of the exercise of the right of the press to write the rule through the journal, since the Council of Ministers, the Minister of a Department cannot from a decade as people who are not part of the Administration dependent on him.
Being authorized by the Council of Ministers, respectful of Your submissive Maiestatii, subject to the approval and signing of the draft decree-law.
Am with the deepest respect, Sire, al Maiestatii, too left and too submissive servant, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Const. Dao-----

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