Law No. 139 Of 27 February 1940 On Rechizitiilor *)

Original Language Title:  LEGE nr. 139 din 27 februarie 1940 asupra rechizitiilor*)

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Law No. 139 of 27 February 1940 on rechizitiilor *) published in PARLIAMENT ISSUING the OFFICIAL GAZETTE nr. 48 of 27 February 1940 Note *) Text amended according to the rectifying from official Gazette No. 52 of 2 March 1940.

Chapter 1 rigid conditions for exercising the right to make requisitions article 1 in the case of mergers, manoeuvres, training voyages, partial or general mobilization, as well as in any other circumstances in which the preparation of the army, general interests of national defense and safety of peace times State advertisement, you can make any kind of requisitions and in whatever form. In such cases, the Ministry of national defense, the Navy, the Air Ministry and the Ministry of Inzestrarii Army, and other departments at national defence contribuesc have the right to require individuals, institutions which from requisitions and undertakings referred to in article 21. 3. Rechizitiile aim at satisfying the needs of the self-subsisting, fodder, fuel, materials of every kind, hand work and cartiruire, of the army forces of the civilian staff accompanying them, prisoners of R2, officials of the State, and responds to, to shelter refugees of the population touched by the consequences of the war.
They are intended to ensure the proper functioning and operation of the railways, of communications on land, on water and in the air, and the industrial facilities of all categories of agricultural exploitations.

Article 2 right to make requisitions shall be granted by means of a log of the Council of Ministers, which secures both the areas in which they are made, and the date of commencement and termination of their execution. In case of partial or general mobilization that right flows from the day he decided to mobilise and apply throughout the country, incetand the day was decidedly demobilisation, unless otherwise is established not by the decrees in question.

Article 3 of the law of obligations Are subject to the front of all inhabitants of the country, Romanian or foreign, be definitively be provisionally in Romania, as well as all legal pensoanele in the country. It exempts only foreigners or foreign companies, which are exempt from this obligation by treaties or international convenţiuni, or on a reciprocal basis.

Article 4 Rechizitiile of fodder and fuel make every effort, what I am asking residents, municipalities, communes or urban residence, neresedinta of rural communes, should not surpass the resources located on their respective territories, leaving food for the people, animals and food required until the next harvest.

Article 5 no one shall be compelled to give an object if at the time of the request does not possess it.

Article 6 Rechizitiile are made in times of peace in the form of lease or final form. Temporal Rechizitiile in times of peace will make immediate payment or with a service. Rechizitiile final form will be made against a requisition. Rechizitiile in R2, are generally in the form of final. You can make requisitions and rental form, turning later in the final, if the interests of the requisitions of the army and the nation would ask this. Buildings cannot be rechizitiona than in use.

Article 7 Rechizitiile and personal services rendered on the basis of the law before the eligible compensation equal to the value of prestatiunilor, as are laid down by the annual rate of requisitions, and unexpected objects in the rate after assessment made by comisiuni, as specified in the chapter "Disposal".

In the cases referred to in article 8 of this law, the owners or holders of real estate in any title you are forced to put their buildings at the disposal of the military authorities and departments that will be laid down in the Council of Ministers, at their request. Temporary Rechizitiile in the form of rental, entitle the owner to pay rents, according to tariffs and to compensation for the damage done entailed. Rechizitiile, entitle the owner to pay their fixed valoarei as it looks in the face of the law. Not be granted compensation for wear and tear arising from normal use of the asset rechizitionat. Cartiruirea troops, civilian authorities evacuated, of populatiunii refugees, as well as housing materials of all kinds, not give entitlement to payment of any rent in case of mobilization, imposed during defensive concentrations or internal borders of the State of safety, whatever their duration. In all other cases, entitlement to pay cartiruirea a rent determined by the rigid conditions of the present law, only after 30 days of use,. Cartiruirea involve the enlightened nineteenth and directed from, if the owner has the wherewithal. The damage done caused farmland eligible for compensation only in times of peace.

Article 9 no requisition cannot only make in return for a receipt of requisition, when property has been handed over to military authorities directly, or a receipt with the seal and provisional registration number when the property has been handed over to the communal authority or police. During the period covered by the rules of that law, communal authorities or the police are obliged to change the provisional final receipts vouchers.

Chapter 2 the authorities can make requisitions article 10 right to make requisitions belong to military authorities, as well as those departments that will be laid down in the Council of Ministers, which means that rechizitiile. The right of these departments to make requisitions shall be limited only to the materials referred to in the works of mobilization. For other materials it takes special approval, through the journal of the Council of Ministers.

Article 11 the military authorities have the right, within the limits that are set by the rules of that law, to order military commanders, requisitions by starting a secret group of band chiefs of services and commanders of commands from the rock units, working in isolation. They are responsible for orderly and rechizitiile shall have the right, in the cases determined by regulation, to give delegates the execution of the rechizitiilor only elected officers and of their liability. In exceptional cases, the Ministry of national defense, the Ministry of the Navy and Army, Ministry of Inzestrarii can give the delegates the execution of rechizitiilor, some civil servants who do not belong to the army and cadres who could, through competinţa may be of use to those operations.

Article 12 when walking in certain regions would be hindered economic life because both were executed too many requisitions or for other reasons, the administrative authority may fill gaps with requisitions from other regions, noticing and asking for this purpose by the competent administrative authority approval. Also you can run requisitions and urgent needs of the civilian population after the Interior Ministry dispoziţiunile. Rechizitiilor execution referred to in the above paragraphs shall be made by the Joint Committee referred to in article 1. 49. Rechizitiile nature also will pay either in cash, at the time of rechiziţionării, whether the rules set out in regulation-with gift certificates and on the requisition will make the endorsement for the township or the County.

Article 13 no person may claim requisitions unless written authority delegaţiune in law ordered them and if not, that person has with the requisition orders. Applications for requisition are formulated in writing and shall be addressed to the administrative authorities (police in cities), only in law and obliged them to meet. When the owner or licensee, under any title, of an object image is rechizitioneaza, there is the face of rechizitionarea, will be performed in the presence of the police authorities from cities or administrative authorities in the rural communes, which will trial protocol adaptations. While R2, any officer or commander of a squad Chief band operand, perhaps, even when it would not have any special authorization and licence allocation, to make the necessary rechizitiile, but only by the administrative authorities, giving proof of delivery signed by him and contrasemnata for replacement or to order.

Article 14 When executing rechizitiilor materials, fodder, fuel, make every effort, equipment, cartiruire and means of transport is delayed from negligence or bad will of the administrative authorities or the police, the military, noting that by Protocol, will proceed only under his own responsibility and under the direct execution of the necessary rechizitiilor, and continued acts of misbehavior.

Chapter 3 the goods and services that can be rechizitiona in the cases provided for in Article 15 of this law any asset of any category and in any form, in any hand holder, will be able to rechizitiona as you will be able to ask any prestaţiune service, both for the interests of the army, and other departments, when the general interests of the country would ask for it. For the same purpose, you can ask any prestaţiune service and you can call and use, both for the benefit of the army, and other departments of the country, any person, man or woman, who has not reached the age of 70 years, ordinary workers or artisans be either professionals or specialists, either retired, or State of any instituţiuni or public enterprises private times.

Article 16 the use in service of people rechiziţionate it will do as much as possible in relation to vocational training and skills and in localities where they are domiciled.

Article 17

The remuneration of persons rechiziţionate will be done in accordance with the tariff rechizitiilor, or according to the dispoziţiunilor in force at that age.

Article 18 in the time of mobilization or R2, persons who accompany army and depend on a service or administraţiunea, as well as personnel transport, any organization or a vessel that supplements the herd rechizitionat or an industrial establishment, factories, railways, etc., are subject to any deviations, deriving directly from the services which they are entrusted, discipline and military jurisdicţiunii. Civilian personnel engaged in prestaţiune service in the rigid conditions of art. 15, is also subdued, for misconduct arising directly from services are entrusted to them, discipline and military jurisdicţiunii.

Chapter 4 Article 19 exemption requisitions are exempt from requisitions to cartiruirea troops in peacetime: the Royal family) all buildings intended for housing, m. s. King or a member of the Royal Family, as well as those of the Domains of the Crown;

(b) Buildings intended for housing) as legatiunilor and consulates and foreign organisations;

c) parts of the buildings intended for State services, the achievements, the County and the municipalities of their officials, which are strictly necessary;

d) Churches or houses of worship of any cult recognized by the State;

e) buildings or public statement only parts strictly necessary administrative officers;

f) Hospitals, for uses that would change their destination;

g) institutions of culture and education of poor orphans and ospiciile, intended for museums and public libraries;

h) Prisons and houses of corectiune;

I) Monasteries of nuns;

j) Monasteries of monks converted only necessary for the performance of the cult and dwelling monks;

It required industrial enterprises) many of their officials.

Article 20 The time of mobilization can be used even for cartiruire premises that in times of peace they enjoy dispensation, except those referred to in paragraphs a, b, c, d, h and i.

Article 21 are exempt from service benefits: a) civil Persons who age older than 70 years;

b) pregnant women and mothers in the apparent status with children under 12 years of age;

c) R2 invalids and those neapti because of an infirmity or a neurological;

d) officials and employees of the State, counties and municipalities the achievements, as well as industrial and agricultural undertakings, which are intended for the mobilization and dispensaţi in the interest of the service to remain at their stations;

e) members of the clergy of any cult, recognized by the State, are exempt from prestaţiuni, apart from religious services;

f) Royal Advisers, Cabinet members, former Prime Ministers, members of the Legislative Bodies during their officials;

g) Individuals under a dispensation Treaty or international convenţiuni, or on the basis of reciprocity.

Article 22 does not pass in the ranking tables and is not rechizitioneaza: a) Horses, all categories of vehicles, vessels and aircraft navigation, belonging to m. s. King or a member of the Royal family; b) horses and vehicles of every description, belonging to the diplomatic agents;

c) horses and vehicles of every description, using the pursuit of dignity what consular agents and consuls in charge of his career;

d) horses and vehicles of every description, belonging to aliens exempt from the requisition on the basis of international treaties or convenţiuni on a reciprocal basis;

e) horses and vehicles of every description, of the fire service and postelor administration and SOC. of phones, as well as horses and vehicles on which these two instituţiuni they use their services through private contracts, as well as those belonging to the officials and soldiers, forced by law to them have their entry into service;

f) horses and animal traction vehicles, two horses and a wagon, belonging to the R2 invalids and widows;

g) breed mares and Stallions of the State, growth firms, encouraging society to improve the race routes in Romania (Jockey Club), Romanian companies and horse agents, use for breeding, recognized as such by means of a certificate from the Ministry of works for the livestock and farming Areas;

h) horses and mares that do not have the age of 4 years;

I) recognized as good Bulls for breeding, cows up to 8 years old, boars and sows up to 4 years, sheep and Rams up to 5 years;

j) selected Seeds, belonging to the resort of selectiune pending Research Institute and agricultural farms which deals with selected seed multiplication, recognized by the State.

Article 23 shall be entered in the tables without being able to finish rechizitiona: Horses belonging to active officers) and reserve the right to have the service, how are personal use and within the limits established by law for the service and their degree;

b) Mares with manji neintarcati, if at the time of execution of the requisition manjii have less than 6 months of breastfeeding, and the mares are pointed.

Article 24 shall be included in the ranking tables and cannot be rechizitiona than horses for cavalry and artillery rank, instead giving small horses: a) horses and vehicles essential for strict transport service insurance public administrations, including the veterinary and agricultural services, forestry;

b) horses and vehicles of any kind using the Mayor's urban communes for communal enterprises, whether public, save for transport companies, hospitals and monasteries for their supplies, as well as scientific institutions of culture.

Article 25 in order to ensure agricultural labors for R2, will be given relief requisitions in the very top that will be fixed in the regulation, in agreement with the Ministry of agriculture and areas.

Chapter 5 preparatory work in order to execute the rechizitiilor article 26 the Ministry of national defence, in order to know the situation of all the resources that can be rechizitiona in the case of an eventual mobilization, may require, by ministerial decision published in the Official Gazette, the Census of all goods you need, as well as inspection and their ranking.

Article 27 all goods, such as Census and housing located in the territory of the country, will make rural or urban, at what ages will be fixed through comisiuni composed thus: In the urban municipalities) of a delegate of the circle, a delegate of the local mayor and a municipal councillor delegate of the inhabitants. In the big cities will be able to work more comisiuni;

(b) The rural communes): Mayor of agricultural agent, a municipal councillor as a delegate of the inhabitants, the head of the garrison as a delegate of the military authority and notary as delegate of the administrative authority. The convening of these comisiuni will be made by the Interior Ministry.

Article 28 to carry out such operations, in any title holders, of goods whose census is done are obliged to declare comisiunilor. 27, under the penalties laid down in chapter XI.

Article 29 In certain periods fixed by ministerial decision, it will make inspection and ranking animals, animal traction vehicles, harnasamentului, agricultural inventory and bicycles. Inspection and ranking will be done by the mixed comisiuni composed of a delegate of the Ministry of national defence, a delegate of the Ministry of finance, a delegate of the Ministry of the Interior (given the title of officer of the judicial police), a nurse delegate of the Board of agriculture and a veterinarian.

Article 30 inspection and ranking will be done in some branches, where they will be made to the rechizitiile of several municipalities, chosen so that the distance to go is not too high. Residents will be notified with at least 8 days in advance, of the date and place where you will be presented with rechizitiile for ranking. Town councils and notaries will present all goods destined for the ranking, on their own responsibility.

Article 31 Inspecting and ranking of all rechizitiilor will be made after the rules that will give every year by the Ministry of national defense. The horses will be ranked for artillery, Cavalry, infantry, or column. Along with it will be done and their evaluation, in accordance with the tariff rechizitiilor.

Article 32 Census, motor-vehicle inspection and will make ranking at the same age, by special comisiuni, the residence of the prefectures of the county or police chesturilor: material floating on the sea, and imbarcatiunile on the rivers from within the country, by the Air Ministry and the Navy, through the capitaniile, during the month of January and February. The census, the agricultural inspection and inventory will be classified do in municipalities in which they are found. Assessment will be made after the EC rules will be established by regulation of the front and the annual tariff.

Article 33

On the basis of the outcome of the inspection and grading, territorial headquarters, taking into account the needs of units, numerical distribution will be made, taking into account that one and the same unit is to receive from the same commune of requisitions and only at neajungere from neighbouring communes. For each unit will assign a reserve of 15-20%. The distribution of rechizitiilor will be made by the municipal authority or police, in consultation with a senior officer from the unit, at the front of the place. Principal, rechizitiile will be assigned to the unit where it counts in the mobilization of the owner. With the allocation units will enroll in a special register horses ' hoofs, and rechizitionabili's legs in front and below the Ridge will be the initials of establishments and the Matricule n °; also opt in carts and harnesses. The units concerned will issue orders to requisition residents according to the orders of people calling. Changes in rechizitiilor situation shall forthwith be communicated by the town councils and the police, the respective units. Units will inspect 2-3 times a year rechizitiilor, in each situation, applying again the Matricule n °, when threatening to disappear.

Chapter 6 rechizitiilor Article 34 When Executing rechizitia, was ordered, the holders of goods classified for the needs of the army will be announced by town halls, in connection with the heads of the garrison and the police, to bring within the time ordered, the police, the police station, all rechizitiile listed in tables and for possessing the requisition order. Communes and politiile teaching rechizitiile referred to in all tables directly in cazarmei units, when the carriage is performed on rechizitiilor and at the rise of boarding, when the carriage is performed with rail, through the conclusion of the Protocol. Town halls will take care of that animal owners to bring fodder and grains she would put on 6 days, receiving for this requisition orders issued by comisiunile.

Article 35 the goods will be handed over to the rechiziţionate comisiunilor rechizitiilor receipt, which will work in every unit and every boarding station. Each comisiune will consist of an officer with the rank of Lieutenant at least, a vet or active military reserve, a delegate of the Prefecture concerned, a delegate of the Board of agriculture and a delegate of the respective financial Administration. Comisiunea will carry out a new review of rechizitiilor on the spot to their personal computer. For rechizitiile, it will certify the minutes completed primary or will issue vouchers for requisition, whose form is determined by the rules of law. The Mayor of the circle of recruiting for submitting minutes in gift certificates for each requisition.

Article 36 Rechizitionarea all categories of motor vehicles and motorcycles will be made following the same rules as referred to in art. 34 and 35, preferably at the County prefecture where the owner is domiciled. Upon receipt of the vehicles or motorcycles, comisiunile will conclude a Protocol, detailed in two copies, one of which will be given to the owner, the flow-condition in which it was received, hotarindu-if not to reduce the price set under the given rank wear produced imtre time.

Article 37 in all cases provided for by art. 1 may rechizitiona for the army's needs and only in the form of rent, normal and narrow lines, funicular railways, decauville, teledinamice, etc., belonging to the agents, and all instalatiunile, the track, rolling stock and vehicles of all kinds in warehouses or in operation, as staff belonging to those lines. Applications for the requisitions will address in writing directly to representatives of the company. Rechizitionat material and personnel will be able to use elsewhere, both in the inner area, and in the area of operations. Handing over and receiving is done through the report, addressed in duplicate, in the presence of the owners or their representatives. What remains at the discretion of the body require the execution of rechizitiilor change requisition goods from use within the property. The owner will be entitled to the payment of a indemnităţi for the lack of service and compensation for the objects that will be degraded or will be missed on the occasion of the refund after the findings made by a particular comisiune formed.

Article 38 in the event of mobilization, all captains, bastimentelor, patrons and imbarcatiunilor of every kind, are obliged to teach them in ports where they were listed in time of peace and for possessing the requisition order. If they are going to find it in another port, will be handed over to the master of that port, which will instiita the port captain of the residence. In case you are found in the races in foreign waters shall instiita, port of entry and residence will rush into the country's waters.
With the rechizitionarea of the vessel or any categories of imbarcatiuni, will rechizitiona and all existing material referred to in the inventory, as well as all or part of the staff.
Rechizitionarea will be made in the form of lease, and for small imbarcatiunile can be made and final form. Handing over and receiving dish or imbarcatiunilor will be done through a report, possibly accompanied by an inventory will show you the status of the vessel and of the material learned, between the captain of the port in which it is done teaching, and Navy air Ministry delegate and the owner or the captain of the vessel.
In the case of rechizitionare, the price of the dish will be decided by a special comisiune called by the Ministry of the Navy. In the case of rechizitionare in the form of the lease will pay the owner the rent calculated annual rate in force. Not be granted compensation of any kind for damage done coming from normal use of the vessel. The same applies to dispoziţiuni and rechizitionat when the object is an aircraft.

Article 39 in the case of a general or partial mobilization or if the concentrations required by safety internal borders or military authority order may rechizitiona for her needs, in whole or in part, power stations, telephone lines, as well as any material belonging to the limited-liability company, phone company called being required to ensure proper operation. Payment will be made in accordance with the use conventiunii concluded by the company neraspunzand, the military authority State of damage done and the damage caused from the use of, or conduct operations.

Article 40 military Authority in the cases referred to in article 1. 1 of the Act, may apply for the military, roads, highways, bridges and viaducts, belonging to the agents, giving entitlement to compensation only for wear. It will also employ, without being misplaced and without hindering movement, Telegraphs, railways, telephones and Telegraphs, telephones, and private radiofoanele with their accessories, other than that without compensation for the damage done.

Article 41 In the event of a partial or general mobilization can be terminated in whole or in part, for military reasons, without compensation, transportation and communications lines, lines, roads, etc. decauville, belonging to the State or to private on certain territories or in general.

Chapter 7 Requisitions in the occupied territories over the borders of the country Article 42 while R2 when dealing a military authority, student can execute rechizitiile imposed by army operations or necessary for movement and maintenance, Army civilian personnel accompanying the army and prisoners, keeping the forms and rules prescribed in this law, for rechizitiile made in his own country. All those requisitions will be paid after the tariffs in force, requisitions currency which will decide, or will be given to the owner of the commune or bon the requisition looks precisely the amount received and the value of their rechizitiilor. For rechizitiile unpaid, the method of payment shall be fixed at the conclusion of peace treaties or conventiunilor relating to requisitions made by the student.

Chapter 8 Requisitions during maneuvers, mergers and Article 43 training trips

In the event of mergers and maneuvers, training log, based on the Council of Ministers, can make requisitions of animals, animal traction vehicles, harness, bicycles, cars, motorcycles and ceramics materials. Military authorities shall determine the manner and amount of requisitions and addresses for direct satisfaction County prefectures. The prefectures of the County, taking the basic census tables with the outcome, will make the distribution of rechizitiilor on common, providing at the same time, and a reserve of 15 per cent. This distribution will be communicated to each joint to give requisitions, as well as authorities who made the request. Based on these communications, army units draw up applications for requisition that you made directly to the respective mayoralties and politiilor, indicating the amount and sorts rechizitiilor, place and date of their teaching. Town halls and politiile, taking the basic communications applications that prefectures and make the distribution of rechizitiilor, and to date, town councils or police organs, together with the owners or their representatives, shall be submitted to the units for teaching rechizitiilor. Receiving rechizitiilor from army units will be done by a mixed comisiune composed an active officer, a delegate of the Prefecture, a vet and a delegation of financial administration.

Article 44 all such requisitions shall be made in the form of lease, and the owners are entitled to the payment of rent and to compensation in the event of the disappearance or deterioration of the object rechizitionat, according to the annual tariffs in force.

Article 45 Rechizitionare of motor vehicles shall be subject to the same rules provided for in articles 43 and 44, the military authority paying fuel and freedom after days of service performed, according to tariffs.

Dispoziţiuni Chapter 9 relating to the determination of charges Article 46 each year, mixed comisiunile. 49, paragraph A, of this law, taking base of market prices within the County concerned, shall draw up proposals for the prices or price limits for prestaţiunile and objects that will be rechiziţionate. On the basis of these proposals, the Central Committee of requisitions, informaţiuni dela asociaţiuni different ministries, large commercial and trade houses, prepares annual general rates of rechizitiilor.
The tariffs will be published in the Official Gazette and shall become binding for both the military and authority for the inhabitants of the country, from the date of publication. If the annual rates were not published at the time, the old ones are still in force, until the day when they will publish in the Gazette the new tariffs.

Article 47 the Council of Ministers, by reasoned and published in the Journal Gazette, will be able, through Central, comisiunea, to shrink or requisitions to increase prices fixed by annual charges.

Article 48 Prestaţiunile and rechiziţionate objects whose price was not fixed in annual tariffs will cherish i.e. comisiuni whose composition will be made after rigid conditions to be set by regulation. The same comisiuni will fix the amount of compensation for damage and.

Chapter 10 Liquidation disputes arising from the execution of the rechizitiilor Article 49 for the insuring of requisitions operations unified training measures and their implementation, as well as to facilitate the liquidation and determine the various pretenţiuni rechizitiilor, deriving from the execution of the work: a. an comisiune joint requisitions under the auspices of each circle, composed of: a) the prefect of the County as Chairman;

b) recruiting Commander Circle;

c) Chief recruitment requisitions dela Circle;

d) head of the mobilization and organization of the nation and territory dela Prefecture;

e financial Administrator);

f) Agricultural Chamber Director. This is the comisiune preparation and execution in respect of requisitions for the respective County and conducts any time the need arises.

B. a Committee advising the requisition central general staff, called by decision of Ministry of national defence and composed as follows: a) A member appointed by the Government of current or former members of the High Court of Cassation and justice, as President;

b) two officials Ministry of national defence;

c) a delegate of the Ministry of the Interior;

d) a delegate of the Ministry of national economy;

e) a delegate of the Ministry of agriculture and Areas;

f) a farmer recommended by the Ministry of agriculture;

g) a delegate of the C.F.R. Autonomous public corporation;

h) a delegate of the Ministry of finance. This comisiune has debt collection: 1. An advisory body to the Ministry of national defence, as well as for other departments in respect of requisitions.
2. preparation and execution Organ rechizitiilor studying the annual charges when purchasing General and avizand, through requisitions, the aprovizionarilor of all sorts who are interested in the army or the population in case of R2.
3. the Court for prosecution appeals against judgements handed down by the comisiunile. Execution of decisions of the Central Commission of requisitions shall be made by the Ministry of national defense. Central Committee of requisitions shall be convened whenever there is need.

Article 50 All reclamatiunile owners rechiziţionate goods, relatively affordable, releasing of provisional receipts or vouchers, as well as the inclusion of the value of the vouchers and payment bonds, will address the Joint Commission of requisitions through circle of Recruitment respectively. Reclamatiunile relative prices will address within 30 days that will flow from the way the date of record prices, when the complainant was before the date of such communication, or dela administratively, when it was failing. Reclamatiunile for the issue of certificates shall be made within 90 days of the date when dela executed rechizitia. Reclamatiunile made over this period will not be kept in the account.

Article 51 Comisiunea mixed requisitions will rule after reading over their complaints, hotarind and featuring, when they are substantiated, the issue of the definitive bonds.

Article 52 decisions of mixed comisiunilor may be appealed before the appeal Central Commission of requisitions, within 30 days of their communication, for which from the breach of law, incompetence, manifest error and omission of an essential fact. In the event ranking, comisiunea Central statuand will judge the dispute requisitions in the background without reference. Central Committee of requisitions will judge in all cases in the absence of the parties will be able to but this memoir by. If daunatul is dissatisfied with the decision of the Central Committee of the date of requisitions, the dispute will be solved on the way to the right. Common law court will be sezizata within 2 months after notification of the decision of the Central Commission, which from of requisitions. In the case when the time limit of 2 months has passed, without the person concerned to be addressed to the common law courts, the decision of the Central Commission remains final and enforceable.

Article 53 for the cost incurred in the form of rechizitiilor, as well as for the amount of rent in the event of mobilization or sub-regional levels required by the safe borders or internal order shall be issued to the owners of the requisition by the Department which has executed the rechizitia. For rechizitiile performed in times of peace, in the form of the lease, payment is made in cash.
If the rental value of a good rechizitionat will far outstrip the price of the property, he can go right in the possession of the army, changing rechizitia from use in requisition final. In the cases referred to in article 1. 15 of this law, persons rechiziţionate renumerarea is made by payment in cash, by the Ministry of finance, on the basis of nominal States prepared by the respective authority, at the end of each month, or after the service, if it lasted less than a month.

Article 54 the liquidation of bonds of requisition will be made in the time and manner of payment established by the Ministry of finance. Duplicate receipts lost cannot requisition issue than as a result of the judgement given by the Central Committee of requisitions, for each case, and only after the cancellation of the order published in the Gazette lost. Failure to submit a PO requisition to liquidation, within 5 years of the date of payment, Dale, published in the Official Gazette, make them lose their entitlement to the payment. Claims incurred after this date will not be taken into account on any grounds whatsoever.

Article 55 of the National Defence Ministry, in agreement with the Ministry of finance, will regulate the issuance of bonds by the requisition, and the possibilities of a rapid and effective control of the accuracy of the figures recorded in the receipts submitted to liquidation.

Chapter 11 of the Penal Dispoziţiuni Article 56 Municipalities in rural communes and notaries, Quaestors police or police chiefs in cities and municipalities, as well as any other civil servant tasked with preparing and keeping abreast of the work of requisitions which do not run prescripţiunile before the law exactly, shall be punished with imprisonment for one month to correctional dela 4 months and fined 20,000-50,000 lei dela. While R2 punishment will be dela 3 years imprisonment and a fine correctional dela 50,000-100,000 lei. The same punishment will apply and all agents charged with the execution of the rechizitiilor of any kind for irregularities referred to in the law of obligations from the presence of the face. The above penalties shall also apply in the cases provided for by art. 9. Article 57

People generally rechiziţionate in art. 15 of this law, refuse or leave the service for which they are rechiziţionate, they shall be punished with imprisonment for one month to correctional dela 4 months and fined 2,000 lei dela 10,000.
While R2 punishment will be 1 year to 3 generations from prison and correctional fine 5,000-20,000 lei dela. Rechiziţionate property loss from leaving the service, because in the case when the fugitive is even their owner, and the loss of the right to compensation from the State.

Article 58 any person who, at the ages of the publications or in any other way will not declare, within a fixed time, comisiunilor or authorities established, rechizitionabile goods, shall be punished with imprisonment for one month to correctional dela 4 months and a fine of 15% to 25% of the maximum value of goods, provided for in the annual rate of rechizitiilor, and when the good is not provided for in the tariff the percentage will be applied to the amount referred to in the Act of purchase. While R2 punishment will be 3 to 6 months from the presence of prison correctional, and 20% fine from the presence of 30%. The same penalties apply to those who declaraţiunilor will be made posteriorly committed acts that impede goods declared rechizitionarea, or will not declare, within 30 days in the case of mutations of these goods.

Article 59 all owners of property rechizitionabile of any kind listed in tables of the census, which, being notified in writing or by means of written or oral advertising, by beating the drum, Bugle sounds, radio or any other means of încunoştiinţare, will not submit or send the goods in front of the comisiunilor inspection and grading, shall be punished with imprisonment for up to 2 months at the correctional facility, which from 6 months and 25% fine from the presence of 35% of the maximum value of goods provided for in the annual rate of rechizitiilor, and when the good is not provided for in the rate, the percentage will be applied to the amount referred to in the Act of purchase. When the failure is due to replacement property, damage or destruction, shall apply to the maximum penalty stipulated in the preceding paragraph. While R2 punishment will be dela 6 months to one year correctional imprisonment, and fined 30% dela 40% of the value of the property.

Article 60 Any property owner rechizitionabile being notified by any of the means referred to in article 1. previous administrative or military authorities, to surrender in whole or in part those goods or their use and where you submit or send to the place and the date fixed in the decreeing the requisition, whether or not they will make available for use, shall be punished by imprisonment from 6 months to 2 years ' dela at 1 year and fined 30% dela 40% of the value of the property comisiunea, attached to the inspection and grading, or laid down in the Act of purchase, unless the value was fixed by comisiune. When the failure is due to dosirei goods, destruction or displacement, the maximum penalty stipulated in the preceding paragraph. While R2 punishment will be 1 year to 3 generations from years in prison, and a fine correctional dela 40% to 60%. In all cases, rechizitiile will be run by force, without waiting for delivery of Justice.

Article 61 in the cases referred to in the preceding articles, if the goods are owned by rechizitionabile, a private undertaking or establishment, the penalty will be applied effectively, the driver or the person in charge of this service, or against both, if it is found that they are both guilty.

Article 62 any person, military or civilian who without any quality or to be authorized, it will require to make requisitions, or will it make requisitions, as well as those who, although they will commit abuses in carrying out rechizitiilor, with or without interest, or to refuse to give the receipt or certificate, rechiziţionate, goods will be punished by imprisonment from 6 months to 2 years ' dela 2 years and fined from 50,000 lei dela 10,000. In punishment for his loom and the fine will be bent.

Article 63 request for release to the judgment for the crimes provided for by law shall be drawn up by the front circle of recruiting or territorial command and the competence of military tribunals judging their belongs in times of peace, or under the State of siege and martial courts during wartime mobilization and R2, the judgment making it forever in particular.

Article 64 a finding of crime is made by any officer of the judicial police to civil or military. Finding documents shall submit recruiting circles or the respective territorial command, which will refer the matter to the military tribunal competinte.

Article 65 Anyone refuse back to rechizitionat loses the right to property and of any claims for damages or rent.

Chapter 12 final Dispoziţiuni Article 66 of regulation of public administration will face law desvolta prescripţiunile.

Dispoziţiunile article 67 of this law All opposites are and shall remain abrogated.
(Opinion of the Legislative Council, I, no. 81/940).

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