Law No. 3 Of 30 December 1971 (Republished) Concerning The Establishment, Organization And Functioning Of The National Commission Of Demography

Original Language Title:  LEGE nr. 3 din 30 decembrie 1971 (*republicată*) privind înfiinţarea, organizarea şi funcţionarea Comisiei Naţionale de Demografie

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Law No. 3 of 30 December 1971 (republished) concerning the establishment, organization and functioning of the National Commission of ISSUING NATIONAL ASSEMBLY Demographics Published in OFFICIAL GAZETTE No. 1 of 2 January 1973 article 1 shall establish the National Demography Commission, a body of the State Council, which has the task of studying the demographic phenomena and to make proposals to the Council of State regarding issues of interest to the demographic policy of the party and the State.

Article 2 the Commission National Demography has the following main tasks: to draw up studies on evolution) phenomena and demographic processes in the context of economic and social development of the country, in which purpose:-analyse the changes in the economic and social structure and the influence of these changes on the evolution of demographic phenomena and processes;
-studying population dynamics in perspective and its implications on the development needs of education, full and rational use of the workforce, production of consumer goods, transportation, recreation and sports, as well as on other issues related to the standard of living of the population;
-studying the processes of systematizing and urbanization and demographic effects thereof;
-studying the effects of environmental pollution demographics;

b before the Council of State) proposals for measures of socio-economic, cultural, public health, and the like, in order to promote appropriate demographic policy development General country;

c) monitor the implementation of the measures set out in its field of activity, as well as their effectiveness, informing the State Council about the results;

d) nationally coordinates scientific research in the field of demography; to that end collaborates with academies of Sciences and other central organs concerned;

(e) give directions), according to the law, county commissions and of Bucharest of demography;

f) cooperates with the ministries and other central organs to the development of draft legal acts and the adoption of measures which are interested in the field or activity;

g) maintains the law, in the field or activity, relationships with similar organizations in other States and with international organizations to which the Socialist Republic of Romania is a party;

h any other duties) meets the prescribed by law.

Article 3 in the performance of its atributilor the Commission National Demography will ask ministries, other central executive bodies, committees, councils and organizations from their subordination, the works, the data and information that are required.

Article 4 National Demography Commission consists of Chairman and members appointed by Decree of the State Council.
In the National Demography will be appointed men of science, educators and other highly qualified cadre training whose activity is linked to the issues of demography, as well as representatives of the State Committee of Planning, Ministry of health, Ministry of labour, Ministry of finance, Ministry of education, Culture and Education Council and Socialist education, Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of national defense, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the State Committee for economy and local administration Central Statistics Directorate, Academy of social sciences and political Academy of medical sciences, Central Council of the General Union of trade unions, the National Council of Women, the Communist Youth Union and the National Union of agricultural cooperatives of production.
Also in the National Demography will be appointed Chairman of the demography of Bucharest and some Presidents of the county committees of demography.

Article 5 for carrying out studies, investigations of other works. Commission National Demography constitutes the collective work in which the component enters the members of the Commission, as well as specialists from various fields who comes closest with demographic issues, appointed by the Chairman in agreement with the ruler of the institution or organization in which they operate.
Studies, research and other work is debated in the plenary sitting of the National Commission of Demography, whose conclusions and proposals are subject to approval by the State Council.

Article 6 the Commission shall operate in the presence of at least two-thirds of its members and adopt decisions by a majority of users who compose it.
Commission meetings are held at least once every three months or whenever necessary and shall be convened by its Chairman in good time.

Article 7 The Commission may be invited to attend meetings of the delegates of the State organs and public organizations interested in the times examining problems subject to debate. Also in the meetings of the Commission may be invited and specialists of the State bodies and organizations, from research institutes and educational institutions.

Article 8 the Commission as a whole and every Member accountable to the Council of State for all activity of the Commission, each Member of the Commission shall be responsible in front of it and the President of the Commission for carrying out the tasks entrusted to them are.

Article 9 sessions of the Commission, President Between solve current problems of its activity and establishes the necessary measures to ensure the fulfilment of the Commission's decisions in the stock.

Article 10 the President of the Commission of any of the main issues dealt with during the meeting.

Article 11 National Commission President represents the Demography in relations with other organs and organizations of the country, as well as in international relations.

Article 12 Secretariat of the National Commission of Demographics ensure a narrow specialists of arrangement approved for your State Council.

Article 13 with the aim of creating the conditions necessary for analysing the organizational and implementation of uniform measures and of Bucharest of demography.
County commissions and of Bucharest of demography are subordinated to the executive committees of councils and National Commission of Demography.

Article 14 the County Commissions and of Bucharest of demography to exercise properly, locally, the powers of the National Commission of Demography.

Article 15 in the performance of their duties, commissions of demography will ask local organs of State administration, subordinated organisations, as well as other economic and social units in counties or Bucharest, the data and information which they are needed, while respecting the legal provisions.

Article 16 the County Commissions and of Bucharest of demographics are made up of the President and members. One of the Commission members and the Secretary is.
First Deputy Speaker of the Council's Executive Committee and Chairman of the popular is demographics. Component committees shall be approved by the Council, on a proposal from people's Executive Committee.
The Commission will be designated people, science teachers and other frames with high training, whose work is linked to the issues of demography, as well as representatives of the directorates, health statistics, labor issues and social ocrotiri, the School Inspectorate, ai committees of the Socialist culture and education, enforcement of Justice and militia, unions of agricultural production cooperative , women organizations, youth, local trade union organisations as well as members of the executive committees of the municipal councils, town folk, of Bucharest and communal sectors, where appropriate.

Article 17 the provisions of articles 5 to 10 shall be applied properly and county commissions and Bucharest of demography.

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