Law No. 493 Of 21 February 1928 Regarding Civil Status Acts

Original Language Title:  LEGE nr. 493 din 21 februarie 1928 privind actele stării civile

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Law No. 493 of 21 February 1928 regarding ISSUING civil status acts PARLIAMENT Published in MONITORUL OFICIAL nr. 44 of 25 February 1928 By grace of God and the will of the King of Romania's national team, all from the face and future health: Legislative Assemblies have voted and adopted, and we sanctionam what follows: the law relating to civil status Acts Dispoziţiuni article 1 General marital laws are proven by the records kept by the civil status officer.

Article 2 of the civil status Acts of members of the Ruling Family is drawn up according to special laws.

Article 3 of the civil status officer is Competinţa. The civil status officer will receive declaraţiuni of birth and death, and we will write in the registers of civil status; will receive the testimony of marriage, will proceed to the creation of publicatiunilor and celebrating marriages, joining them in their respective registers.
He won't be able to in the instruments tool storage who would figure as a party, witness or person making the Declaration.

Article 4 registers of births, căsătoriti and the dead will be held annually, in duplicate, and will be numbered, şnuruite, initialled and sealed by the President of the Tribunal; bulletins and books of publicaţiunile marriages will be kept in a single copy.

Article 5 Records will be made immediately in both copies of the workbook, in particular the headings and intended.
The boxes were not in who did some recording will be filled through the lines.
Erasures shall, răsăturile, abbreviated entries, writings over rows or sections are switched off.
Indreptarile what would have to be made before the signing of the Act will pass into the box.
Subsequent entries will be made in the box specifically intended.

Article 6 Entries in registers will be in Romanian language and should be read infatisatorilor, and if you don't know it will explain in language that I know.

Article 7 of the civil status Acts will be signed by the civil status officer and persons to appear. The cause which has prevented the infatisatori to sign will be noted.

Article 8 of the civil status Acts who are not registered on the basis of a verbal declaraţiuni, will look to the Act under which it was done signing up.

Article 9 of the civil status Officer will pass the documents drawn up only what needs to be said.

Article 10 Any endorsement made on a civil status act, previously entered will be dated and signed by the civil status officer and shall indicate on the basis of which the Act was done.

Article 11 Any change in marital status, founded on an act of marital status, on a court decision or another act of the Bill, it will pass the Act of birth of the persons to which the change relates.
Mention of the death of one of the spouses will be made and the Act of birth of the surviving spouse.

Article 12 of the civil status Officer, whenever the person is not born in circumscriptiunea, will send a certified true copy of the civil status officer where you can find registered the birth, in order to make the entries provided for in the preceding article.

Article 13 any rectification of civil status act shall mention on the grinding.

Article 14 Clerks of courts are obliged, within 15 days from the presence of a decision definitively backwardness that brings about change in marital or rectify civil status act, to send a copy of the civil status officer who keeps records in which the Act of birth of the person to which the change relates, or where the Act is rectified.
In the event of dissolution of marriage, will make civil officer who celebrated his marriage.

Article 15 of the civil status Officer will send you, within 30 days, the authority shall retain the second copy of the records, copies of the entries made on the copy stored in posterior marital status in order to make mention of the same.

Article 16 civil status documents Folders will be şnuruite and sealed by the civil status officer and will conserve the archive Office.

Article 17 Registers will conclude civil status officer at the end of each year At the same time, the civil status officer will be drawn up in duplicate alphabetic lists of births, deaths and căsătoriti. One of the copies will be sent to the registry of the Court toward storage.

Article 18 of the civil status Act, the records of another year than that in which the fact took place, will be passed and the corresponding alphabetic lists annual year when was to be entered.

Article 19 In the municipalities whose territory is divided between several officers of civil status, they will send the central office, at the beginning of each month, covering data from the register of marriages and death, having newborn recorded in the previous month.

Article 20 the public Ministry and the judge or court where judges are more of that indicated by the President of the Tribunal, will control the civil status registers.
The same task in the rural communes and praetors.

Article 21 one of the copies of the registers of civil status will be sent to the Tribunal no later than by the end of January and another Moon copy will be kept in the archive.

Article 22 of the civil status Acts passed in registers are believed until enrolling in the bogus, for all that the civil status officer instructs that took place in his presence.

Article 23 registration with, or rectification of civil status acts, pursuant to a judgement, it will be relied on as against third parties, and they are, however, entitled to furnish proof to the contrary.

Article 24 of the civil status Acts entered into by a person who exercises the function of officer of civil status, but whose quality could be subsequently viciata are valid.

Article 25 of the civil status Registers are public. Anyone will be able to ask for certified extracts from the registers or Recalling the non-inclusion of the document requested.
The extract will contain word for Word the text of the Act passed in register of all later entries made in the letters, will bear the date of release and will be certified by the civil status officer.
Extracts make it the same as the very proof records.

Article 26 Extracts cannot be freedom than the civil status officer.
However, if a document kept by it is lost or cannot be read, then to rebuild his authority in the second copy, will extract from the register of his movement.

Article 27 the civil status documents shall be drawn up on the basis of declaratiunii made within those designated by law.
The civil status officer will be able to notify those obliged to do declaraţiuni, to portray within him to fulfill the legal duty and will put them at the same time in view of the sanctions law.
When stakeholders are not obliged to be depicting the person, they will be able to be represented by attorneys with special power of attorney.

Article 28 immediately after the entry of an births, marriages or deaths, the civil status officer will deliver the declarant's request, without other parties or a newsletter from the register.

Article 29 of the civil status Officer may ascertain the truth of the fact stated.

Article 30 If the birth is declared after legal death, or after the funeral, or if these events were not declared at all, they will not be entered in the registers except by virtue of a judgement.
In such cases, the civil status officer or delegate or will conclude a Protocol, and will submit to the public Ministry, who made research will send his works together with the concluziunile of the Court.

Article 31 If after the date when the Act had to be enrolled and the drawing up of the minutes of the previous article did not last more than six months, the Tribunal will rule without summoning the parties, through Presidential Ordinance.
Past this deadline, the Tribunal will investigate the cause of the emergency room of the Council, with the attendance of relatives and closest directly concerned of the neînscris, those required by law to make the statement and before the civil status officer, and the public Ministry.
Summonses will issue ex officio.
The decision will indicate the necessary data entry.

Article 32 within 15 days of delivery, copy from the presence on the device is displayed through the Office of the Registrar at care usa on civil status and on the door of the Court.
In the case of the preceding paragraph, article by taking care of the Registrar, the device will be published without payment in "Communal" or "Monitor County" and in the absence of the Official Gazette.

Article 33 anyone interest will declare the appeal tribunal. The time limit for appeal against the judgement orders or Presidential Tribunal will be 15 days reckoned dela last hits times publication.

The call will judge rushed into the room of the Council, with the attendance of the callers, the nearest relatives and directly concerned of the neînscris, those required by law to make the statement and before the civil status officer, and the public Ministry. The appeal, in the case of the first paragraph of article 31, shall judge of the Tribunal Panel, and in the case of the second paragraph of the same article, the Court of appeal.

Article 34 the appeal is declared, the Court ruled the appeal within five days and be judge Dale pronouncement following the same procedure as with the call.
The time limit for appeal suspend the execution.

Article 35 the Registrar of the Court before which the enrollment decision remained final, will be sent within 30 days after a copy of the decision of the civil status officer where enrolment is to be made.

Article 36 of the civil status Officer who refuses to enter into any act that working in his atribuţiunile, he would motivate the refusal in writing and at the request of the Party shall submit without delay the work of the Court, which will decide on emergency by order with right of appeal within 5 days from the rock's pronouncement.
Final decision of the Court, registry of the remaining will receive a refund as soon as the officer works on civil status, joining and copy of the judgement.

Article 37 Dispoziţiunile on the civil status laws are territorial.
Civil Status Act has the power of the evidence that is recognized by the law under which it was done.

Article 38 of the civil status Acts relating to stubs, concluded abroad opt in and in the country in the civil status registers; the birth, civil status Office of the last domicile of the father and in the absence of the mother; the marriage, the civil status Office of the last residence of the spouse; the death, at the civil status of the last home in the land of the deceased. If these residences are unknown, or abroad, the entry is made at the civil status officer of the first sector of the capital.
Diplomatic agents or consular officers on civil status, will send the civil status offices above shown extracts from the Act signed up.

Article 39 All time limits laid down in the law of the face will be counted on days off.
Rectification of civil status acts Article 40 rectification or completion of civil status acts, if as a result the change of civil status, will be able to be claimed by anyone who has the interest, and the public Ministry when public order is concerned.

Article 41 request for correction or addition shall address the President of the Court of the place where the Act is found in the past and will be accompanied by the extract of the Act to be correct.
If the request is not made public by the Ministry, it will have to be communicated.
The request for rectification shall be given in the Council Chamber, emergency, with obedience to the party requiring correction, to the nearest relatives and directly concerned, the civil status officer, front and the public Ministry.
Copy of the order served during the period of 10 days at the door of the Tribunal and the Office of civil status respectively.
The appeal will be declared by anyone who has interest to court within 15 days from the rock and it will display the last judge rushed into the boardroom, with the call parties what were at first instance.
The appeal shall be declared within five days after Dale's pronouncement.
Restoring civil status register Article 42 If one of the copies of the workbook has been lost or destroyed entirely, or can no longer be used after the request of the public prosecutor is replaced by a copy of the other copy, certified according to the original President of the Tribunal.

Article 43 If both copies of the workbook have been lost or have gotten neintrebuintat, will reconstitute in their essential elements, following the request of the public prosecutor, by a comisiune, consisting of two members of the residents of the commune, under the chairmanship of a judge, appointed by the Ministry of Justice.
One of the impiegatii courts in Vienna Court, appointed by the President of the Tribunal, will perform the function of Secretary of the Commission.

Article 44 the public Ministry will publish in the Official Gazette and the newspapers which appear in the records of the County, reconstiuit list, with inviting as any authority or private will find, hold or receive, any basis with legalized extract or livret family, for an act to be reconstituted, and forced him to submit, within six months from the way published in the Gazette, or in one month of the date when the Act from the rock got in his hands or at the town hall or at the registry of the Court of Justice or the Court of his residence, and abroad at the State Chancellery or Consulate legatiunilor.

Article 45 This submission will be made instead of a copy certified as being the date on the paper, which will serve as proof of delivery and will have the same power as a supporting Act.
The abovementioned authorities, or where the acts were the extracts submitted, are obliged to send them to the Commission for restoring records by registered mail.

Article 46 Municipalities the municipalities whose records are to be reconstructed, shall prepare and send to the Commission the list of persons who lived in the era for which is to reconstruct records and who would have been in situaţiune to determine the conclusion of the civil status act, showing their current residence and.

Article 47 the list will be published by the Commission Chairman's care in the manner prescribed by art. 44, with invitatiunea persons entered in a list to be provided within a period of one year, the Mayor's Office, which from the place of their residence, and abroad at the Chancellor's Office legatiunilor or consulates, and to show what knowledge they have regarding their civil status or their family members.
The one who makes the statement will bring any supporting documents and records will indicate what might allow control of those accusations.
The statement will be sent together with the documents for a supporting, by registered letter, Commission for replenishment.

Article 48 the reconstitution will be based on certified extracts of the civil status acts, records kept on representatives of various religions and on any documents and records that might contain the substance of the acts of civil status, on the statements of the parties concerned, as well as third-party testimonials, both supported the alleged acts.

Article 49 Comisiunea will rule through collective decisions will show up within 3 days from the date of the State Office of dela.
In the case of neinscrierii in the registers, the interested party or the Public Ministry will address the Tribunal that will judge according to paragraph II of article dispoziţiunilor. 31 and following.

Article 50 the whole procedure for reconstructing, as well as before the courts, in the case of the preceding article is exempted from stamp and is made ex officio.

Article 51 the way of drawing up nouilor registers, based on data gathered by comisiune, will be determined by a special regulation.

Article 52 Acts have reconstituted the law recognizes the strength of the evidence on civil status acts.
The corrections will be made according to art. 41. Article 53 When there will be no books or they will be lost or destroyed everything times in the hand, when records are not regularly maintained or alleged act has been omitted, the interested party showing first, by any means, as in these circumstances finds himself unable to produce copy of what invoaca, you could then determine the acts of civil status by means of the common law.

Article 54 where provided for in the preceding article, the Tribunal, following the request of the person concerned or the Prosecutor, will ascertain the civil status and will require an entry in the registers after the dates laid down.
The request will be the judgment of the emergency citing relatives and closest directly concerned and to the civil status officer, front and the Public Ministry.
Dispoziţiunile art. 32, and the following shall apply in this case.

Article 55 application will judge of the Tribunal in circumscriptiunea which lies on civil status Office where the record was to have been made.
About birth acts Article 56 Statement by the birth of a child shall be made orally to the civil status officer of within 3 days from the presence of the woman's relief.
Declarant or verification certificate will depicting the birth of the fetters, godmother or agent, or will present two witnesses who confirm the accuracy of the fact stated.

Article 57 Am held to declare the birth of his father, and in case of foreclosure of its godmother, doctor, anyone who has been the face of the person in whose house the birth took place, and mother, will be possible.

Article 58 the Act of birth will include: the date, year, month, day and hour of birth, sex of the child, the surname will be given and confession which will belongs to; surname, name, age, occupation and place of residence of the parents; place of birth of the child when it is particularly the House by their parents; the entry and verification of birth.

Article 59 cannot be used as a first name, last name, and the words who would constitute a policy.

Article 60 twins will make Registration for each child in order of birth.

Article 61

Babies born dead will be declared within 24 hours. On the Act of childbirth will be doing "stillborn".

Article 62 the father's Name of an illegitimate child will be entered in the register of births only if the statement was made by the father or representative or attorney with special and authentic.
The mother's name will always be declared and recorded in the registers.

Article 63 the person who finds a newborn child is obliged to submit it as soon as the police authorities with local vestmintele and the effects of what would be found upon him and to show the circumstances of time and place in which it was found.
The police will conclude the report that confirms the circumstances above referred to and will make mention of everything that can help establish the identity of the person making or institutiunea which the child has been entrusted.
Within two days, the report will be sent to the civil status officer, who will give the name and surname of the child, enrolling him in the registers, and an extract from the Act of childbirth will be sent, within three days, institutiunii or the person to whom the child has been entrusted.
If it is determined that the child's birth was previously found, the second enrollment will be cancelled by order, presidential.

Article 64 When the birth will take place in a hospital, home health, prison, asylum or other similar instituţiuni, directors or administrators will incunostinta in writing to the civil status officer, indicating the necessary data entry.
The basis of this communication will make the inclusion of birth records.

Article 65 in the case of birth during a trip, Act of birth will end in 24 hours, the woman's relief from the presence of the vessels, and military commander on the other ship, Captain, or even just meet this function.
If the birth occurs during shutdown in ports and landing is impossible, or the port being alien, not a diplomatic agent, consular Act times will be concluded in the same order, making mention of the circumstances above referred to.
The Act will be included at the end of the list.

Article 66 In the first port where the vessel is stopped, if the port is in the country, the officer who is obliged to submit instrumented two copies of the master port authority act or which replaces, and if the port is abroad, the submission is made to the Romanian Consulate nearest port.
One of the copies of the document will be filed in the archives of those authorities, and the second will be sent to the registration officer of civil status of the last home in the land of the father, the mother or the father is not known when; and in the absence of their residence at the civil status of the first sector of the capital.

Article 67 If the birth occurs on a vessel, aircraft or train, the statement of birth must be made by persons referred to in article 2 57 at the civil status officer of the place of landing.
About acts of recognition of natural children Article 68 the Act of recognition of a natural child shall mention the civil status officer, under the heading of annotations, the Act of birth entered in the register.

Article 69 in the case provided for in article 4. 66, the statement of recognition of a child will be able to be received by the officers at this instrumentari show article and forms there.
Filing and transmittal of the children will perform according to the provisions of article 3. 66, as sending will be done on civil status officer of the place where the Act of birth of the recognized.
About marriage laws, Article 70 of the marriage Statement will be made by the future spouses in person or by notarial act legalised prior times the civil status officer of the domicile or the residence of one of them.

Article 71 the statement of marriage of the future spouses shall contain: name, surname, age, occupation, residence, domicile and confession; nationality, place of birth, status of unmarried, widowed or divorced; the degree of good kinship; name, forename, occupation and place of residence of the parents and of the persons called upon to give consent.
If future spouses have children who through marriage would become legitimate, the statement will include the name and surname, place and date of their birth, when a Romanian marries a foreigner and its statement if it retains the nationality of origin.

Article 72 of the civil status Officer received the application, shall order the making of publicatiunilor in the village, if future spouses living there for at least three months, otherwise, publicaţiunile will make the place where they had their last home.
If one of the future spouses is unable, publicaţiunea will be done and called home to give consent.

Article 73 the Act of publicaţiunea marriage will contain the date display, the data referred to in the Declaration and indicating that the justified, that knowledge of the absence from the very top of a marriage to make opposition within 10 days from the presence of the display date.
The Act of publicaţiune is displayed and will remain displayed on the door of the communal house for 8 days.

Article 74 May make opposition to marriage: the father or the mother), good or good, brothers or sisters, where are the major, in the order shown, based on non-fulfilment of the time which from the very top of the marriage;

b protection of authorities) incapabililor, only for reasons of incapacity;

c) person bound by marriage with one of the future spouses, but only for this reason;

d) the public Ministry, who in all cases in public policy is concerned.

Opoziţiunea article 75 shall be made in quadruplicate and presented personally or through authorized civil officer who has performed publicaţiunea; will show the quality of the opponent, the reasons for which it is based, and the choice of residence at the seat of the Court to judge the competinte opposition.

Article 76 upon expiry of the deadline imposed for the creation of opoziţiilor, civil officers who have made impressions will send civil status officer, who ordered them, the record that confirms the display together with any and all oppositions concerning acts.

Article 77 of the civil status Officer who ordered publicaţiunile will remove the oppositions made over that period, or no quality.
In other cases, civil status officer, keeping one of the copies will be sent as soon as an exemplary District Court and each of the future spouses.

Article 78 Court citing parties will be decided in the Council room, with right of appeal to the tribunal within 3 days from the rock's pronouncement.
The appeal will judge, in particular within 5 days.
Summonses will issue ex officio, exempt from any charges or being stamps.
The remaining final decision device will be sent without delay by the Registrar of the Court, the civil status officer who ordered publication.

Article 79 of the civil status Officer will conclude a protocol publicaţiuni ledger which will comprise, in addition to the data referred to in the Declaration, the date and the place where the publicaţiunile were made, the finding that the legal time limits were respected and maintained by opoziţiunile, for the removal, withdrawal or rejection.

Article 80 of the civil status Officer to whom he made the Declaration of marriage or at competinte, according to art. 70, will receive proceeds from the testimony, will its celebration, after expiry of the time prescribed for making opoziţiilor,-if there are oppositions, or whether those made were removed, withdrawn or rejected.
Won't be celebrated marriage within one year after the date laid down in the declaratiunii from the rock art. 70 statement and all other acts remain without effect.

Article 81 For serious reasons, the Prosecutor of the Court of the place where the future spouses may grant dispensations for publicaţiuni or any period.
Abroad, these exemptions will be granted diplomatic or consular agent to celebrate the marriage.
Waiver shall be valid for 15 days.

Article 82 the novel will be able to marry abroad, either before the diplomatic or consular agents, and in this case the form of marriage will be subject to Romanian laws; be at the civil status officer of the place, according to the forms prescribed by law.

Article 83 Marriages celebrated abroad before the diplomatic or consular agents will be preceded by publicaţiuni made in accordance with art. 72-73 and display will be done at usa Embassy or Consulate.
Oppositions shall be judged by the Court of the domicile of the husband to whom it makes no indication to the marriage, and if his place of residence is abroad, court 1.

Article 84 Marriages celebrated abroad ahead of the competinte authorities will not need publicaţiuni other than those provided for by the law.
The novel, however, will have to meet the rigid conditions of marriage laid down by national law.

Article 85

Before the civil status officer which celebrates marriage, the future spouses must present birth and acts will be obtained, its demise of ascendants, the dissolution of the marriage by death proof or judgment, or abolishing the previous marriage, matrimonial agreements, as well as any acts provided for by special laws.
When the acts referred to above can be found recorded in the civil status officer to celebrate the marriage, they will be attached to the Office of marriage.

Article 86 Foreigners who married in Romania, before the country's authorities, shall be subject to all the Romanian law in relation to the very top of the form of the marriage He will present a certificate of civil status officer convicted of legatiunea or dispoziţiunile, which contains the Consulate or its national law with regard to the very top of the marriage.
This certificate will be issued and the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Article 87 one of the prospective spouses proves unable to procure extracts, will be able to prove the date and place of birth or death of the ascendants, by statement on oath of two witnesses, before a court or made to the civil status officer.
The minutes noting these declaraţiuni will be signed by witnesses or will look for that they have signed and will bear an indication that it will serve only to marriage.

Article 88 of the civil status Officer, prior to which the future spouses want to get married, will refuse to celebration of marriage will find that if you are not satisfied or generally in the form of marriage.
In this case it will follow according to art. 36. Article 89 the consent of persons called to give authorization to the marriage can be verbal or in writing. In the latter case it will be given in authentic form or through an declaraţiune made before the civil status officer who ordered the publication, or the domicile or residence of the person permit.
It will include the surname, forename, occupation and place of residence of the prospective spouses, which gives consent, as well as their quality.
Given consent can no longer be withdrawn.

Article 90 Marriage will celebrate in public at the communal house, the front being the future spouses together and in person and in the presence of two adult witnesses.
When one of the future spouses is prevented due to a serious illness, to carry the communal house, the civil status officer, on the basis of a medical certificate, you will be able to officiate and into another House, but leaving the public freedom of assisting.

Article 91 of the civil status Officer examining and finding that legal forms are fulfilled, you will get declaraţiuni establish condiţiunilor for witnesses who are not established by laws, will get the consent of the persons called upon to autorize the marriage, if he was not given by the act; then it will ask prospective husbands if row on voesc to get married to each other and to their answer in the affirmative, will pronounce the name of their Union by marriage law.

Article 92 Marriage Act will draw up immediately and will include: the place, the year, month, and day of marriage; surname, name, age, profession, domicile confession, nouilor căsătoriti, and the place of their birth; name and surname of parents, name, surname and domicile of witnesses; testimony of căsătoritilor; their consent to the marriage, as well as of persons called upon to autorize the marriage, as the finding that civil status officer said in the name of their Union by marriage law.

Article 93 The workbook publicaţiuni will make mention of celebration of marriage.
When the marriage is celebrated by another officer of civil status than the ordered publicaţiunile, an extract from the Marriage Act will be sent within 5 days of the civil status officer where publicaţiunea is put towards making the indication prescribed above.

Article 94 religious Blessings will not take place until after the appearance of the document that confirms the marriage Commission.

Article 95 of the civil status Officer will free at the request of a spouse, family, book in to score the marriage performed. In this book will be made at the request of her husband's mention of any change in marital status of persons who make up his family.
About acts of death Article 96 termination of life will declare the minutes of the civil status officer within 24 hours from the presence of death.

Article 97 Am indebted to declare death alike, family members, those who were before the cessation of life and neighbors.
Dispoziţiunile art. 64 are applicable in this case.

Article 98 person find a corpse it's obliged to notify immediately the police authority, police authority will end the record, covering as much as possible the necessary registration with indicatiunile and you will be sent to the competent civil status officer within 24 hours; When the corpse's identity cannot be established, the minutes will be made in the same period, the civil status officer to record the death of the body and semnalmentele markings indicating the most minute details which have been provided by the authorities.

Article 99 death certificate completed by your doctor, or the officer responsible for verification, the civil status officer upon declaration of death. In cases when in the village would not find any of these officials, the civil status officer will ensure personal truth of the fact stated.

Article Act of dying 100 will feature-date of registration, the date (year, month, day and hour), first name, last name, age, profession, confession, birthplace and place of residence of the deceased; first and last name of the deceased, as well as of her husband, with the statement if it lives, died or divorced; statement of verification of death.

Article 101 in case of death during voyages and in the circumstances provided for in art. 65, the Act shall be prepared 24 hours of instrumentari officers appointed in that article and after forms there.
Submission of children shall be made according to art. 66. The Act will pass the civil registry of the last domicile of the deceased; and if this home is unknown or abroad, the civil status Office of the first sector of the capital.

Article 102 If death occurs on a vessel, an aircraft or a train transported, dying statement will be made to the civil status officer of the place where the corpse will be deposited.

Article 103 the burial or cremation will be able to do only with the authorization of the civil status officer and 36 hours after the termination of the life of dela.
When death was caused by an infectious disease, it will be able to give authorisation before expiry of that period, after dispoziţiunea, or opinion of the sanitary service.
When am banueli on the causes of death, burial or cremation autorizaţiunea won't be able to give prior approval only for prosecution.
About civil status acts issued in the event of mobilization of civil status Acts Article 104 concerning the soldiers, sailors, and others following the army, will be completed in time according to the prescribed mobilization of these rules above, with excepţiunile from the following articles.

Article 105 of the civil-military State Officers, competent to investigate the case of the preceding article shall be determined by Royal Decree.

Article 106 Through the mediation of the Ministry of education, Rabari will have each mobilized registers for passing acts of birth, marriage and death. The register will be kept in a single copy and shall be numbered, snuruit, sealed and initialled by the master or his unit deployed along with the times that the organization works on civil status officer.

Article 107 in addition to the particulars prescribed by art. 58, 92 and 100 civil status documents relating to the military will never make mention of the quota, the number and the unit which belongs to the matricul father new born birth acts, acts of the marriage of the spouse, the deadly acts.

Article 108 Statement of birth shall be made within ten days from the presence of the woman's relief.

Article 109 in case of marriage, the civil status officer of the unit which belongs to the future husband is competinte to receive the Declaration which is going to bring to the attention of the order of the day under the civil status officer works.
The marriage may be celebrated only after 25 days of the order, which from the day.
Waiver provided by art. 81 shall be that on the master unit immediately above that under the civil status officer works.

Article 110 in the event of death in a hospital decided, ambulance or other military health formation, an administrator or head of the Organization will end the record noting the death; and in case of death during combat, or before it was handed over to a party, the Commander of the nearest unity, noting the death, will conclude the report. In both cases, the minutes shall contain all the particulars necessary for registration.
On the basis of the reports referred to above, the civil military officer will make the switch in the registry.

Article 111

Every five days, civil military officer will send by mail a copy of all documents recorded: a) those from other parties than those sedentary, party;

b) those from health, sedentary party formations of the body in which the new-born father, husband or deceased.

In the case when no body will know of the band of which the person is made, sending Ministry of Rabari, accompanied by all the indicatiunile who could lead to the establishment of the unit to which it belongs. The Ministry will send you the setting unit part of military logistics.
Mention of this reference shall be made on each act.

Article 112 within 3 days, the children receiving dela sedentary will fill in the remaining blanks in the data act, whistling by the spreadsheet will and will send the officer extracts on civil status of the place of residence of the father is unknown, this place of mother for birth acts, acts of the domicile of the husband for marriage of the deceased's last domicile for deadly acts.
When the place of residence is abroad, sending will be done by the Office on civil status of the first sector of the capital.
The civil status officer extracts will be receiving, the Act in its registers.

Article 113 of the civil status Officers referred to in article 2 105 are competent to investigate and the instruments where nemilitari people would be interested, but only if the operation of the communal authorities could no longer be assured due to circumstances arising from rabari. In this case, the passage of the civil status officer atributiunilor over civil military status and termination of such debt collection, it will make it through the year, the Ministry of Justice Ministerial, after calling upon the Ministry of Interior, and Ministry of Rabari's opinion.
Sedentary portion as soon as municipal authorities and resumed functions, will send extracts from civil status acts of civil status officer which the military removed him from Office, to be consistent the last paragraph of the preceding article.

Article 114 atributiunilor expiry date of civil military officers, will be fixed by ministerial year; When such a year, did not intervene, atribuţiunile law, cease the day passage on an army of peace.
On the day of termination, atributiunilor records will be concluded and after checking that they sent dispoziţiunilor extracts according to art. 111 shall submit to the Ministry of Rabari for safe-keeping.

Article 115 Deviations dispoziţiunile art dela. 3, para. III, 4-19, 21, 25, 26, 28, 30, 32, 35, 36, 45, 56, 58, 60, 62, 63, para. III, 64, 77, 91, 92, 93, 95, 106, officials there referred to, will be pursued before the Court and punished with a fine from 3,000 1,000 from the presence of civil law.

Article 116 of the civil status Officer who will free the certificate for performing publicatiunilor before opoziţiunilor, or rejection will celebrate without proof of publicatiunilor or opoziţiunilor or rejection without the consent of those called by law to authorize the marriage, or having knowledge of any foreclosure to marriage or the absence of any conditions for its validity, shall be punished after the request of the public prosecutor or the persons concerned with correctional prison 6 months to 2 generations from years and by a fine of 2000 to 5000 criminal dela Lei.

Article 117 any person required to make the testimony of art. 47, 57, 63, 64, 97 and 98, you will be omitted or done over the time limit, shall be punished with fine 500 to 1,500 criminal dela.

Article 118 When testimony relating to the civil status laws are made with good science that does not correspond to the truth, when the fact is not under a prosecution more difficult, shall be punished with a fine from 3,000 1,000 criminal dela.

Any individual article 119 with science that has incorporated an extract in the counter to those shown. 44 shall be punished by a fine from 1,000 to criminal 5,000 lei.

Article 120 Whoever conceals, destroys or steals, covering any act of civil status in art. 44 in order to change or suppress the marital status of a person, shall be punished by imprisonment of one year correctional dela at 3 years and criminal fines from 5,000 to 10,000 lei.
If the Act is concealed, hidden, stolen, or destroyed, without having to modify or suppress the marital status, therefore to change the order of the devolutiune sequence, the penalty will be imprisonment dela 2 months up to one year and a fine from 1,000 criminal dela 5,000 lei.
With the same rules and the same punishment, and will punish those who in order to modify or suppress the marital status of a person will be made out only declaraţiuni lying, if criminal law does not provide for a greater punishment.

Article 121 When following a criminal judgment, except that in regard to false, you will need to make a correction, or an entry in the registers of civil status, the Prosecutor of the Tribunal proceeds according to paragraphs 1 and 2 will dispoziţiunilor. (II) of article 1. 31 and the following art. 41, 58 and following, before the civil courts.

Article 122 the priest or any other person entitled to holding religious ceremonies, which will carry out the religious celebration of the Act without having presented the bulletin or civil status Office, which from the extract, shall be punished with fine which from 1,000 to 5,000 lei.

Article 123 of the persons to whom the law left them face in keeping the registers of civil status acts previously concluded, shall be punished, if they will refuse to release these registers, extracts or make the entries provided for in art. 11, correctional jail from 2 months up to one year and fine 5,000 to 10,000, which from the criminal law.
Dispoziţiuni Article Is 124 repealed transitional art. 21-86 including, art. 151-161 including, regarding marital status, publicaţiunea, and opoziţiunile to the marriage celebration, of the civil code in force in the old Kingdom, and any dispoziţiuni to the contrary.
By way of derogation from the rock art. 14 of the present law, art. 276 and 246 of the civil code of the old Kingdom continue to apply judgments pronouncing the dissolution of marriage; transcriptiunea, however, provided by this article shall be replaced by the indication on the Marriage Act.
In Bessarabia, transcription of judgments of dissolution of marriage will do to marriages concluded prior to the entry into force of this Act, in accordance with the law of 12 dispoziţiunile Noemvrie 1919, for the posterior, in accordance with article concluded. 276 and 246 of the civil code applicable in the old Kingdom and para. precedent.

Article 125 shall be repealed laws since dispoziţiunile XXXIII 1894 out of art. 41 and XXXVI since 1904, concerning civil status acts; art. 28-37, 39, 40, 121-125 including the XXXI from 1894, the marriages are valid in Transylvania, Banat, Crisana and Maramures, and any laws, ordinances and contrary to the law of dispoziţiuni face.

Article 126 Shall repeal the dispoziţiunile art. 69-82 including, art. 86, 87, 88, 126-131 including the Austrian civil code, law on general on 25 May 1868 F. L. I. No. 47, concerning marriage of Catholics; law of 9 April 1870, f. l. i. No. 51, concerning civil status acts of persons who do not belong to a cult or churches recognized by law, Ordinance on 29 May 1876, f. l. i. No. 77, the Ministry of the Interior, religious affairs and justice, arising from the marriage, as well as any other patents, ordinances or dispoziţiuni in force, contrary to the law of the face with regard to civil status acts, publication and celebration of marriages.

Article 127 shall be repealed and article as well. 25-31, 33-36, 61, 65, 66, 67, 72, 73, 72 ^ 1, ^ 1, 74 74, 76, 78-83, 85, 87, 87 ^ 1, 90, 92, 93, 94, 97 and 98 of the civil code, rus (Russian laws collection, vol. XI, part I); dispoziţiunile relating to the birth and death contained in the Statute of the Orthodox spiritual consistory, those contained in the memorandum and articles of the Christian faith and necrestine relative to these acts, as well as art. 1455-1460 ^ ^ 49 61 including Russian civil procedure, regulating civil status of persons referred to in the Soviet of 17 April 1905; art. 24 a, 38-58 including ucaz high Octomvrie 17, 1906 (collection of laws article 21.1728); art. 24 37-51, 35, of including in part II of the same ucaz also dispoziţiuni in any other force, contrary to the law of the face.

Article 128 Shall repeal the dispoziţiunile contained in art. 22 of the law of 9 March 1880 and art. 78, para. last of the law for the Organization of Dobruja as of April 1, 1914.

Publicaţiunile article 129 of the marriage made under previous laws if they will remake the past 3 months last day of publicaţiunii dela.

Article 130 of the civil status Officers confessionalism, which under the law face having lost this quality, are authorized and required that the forms used and according to the laws in place to issue extracts from the registers of the confessional.
Civil status officers lay, who took the fall to investigate or to retain civil status acts according to the law prior to the cessation of atributiunilor will end the civil status registers and entrust them along with the entire archive of the communal authority of residence.

Article 131

Records kept prior to the implementation of this law, as well as extracts of these registers will wear and their evidentiary value for the future.

Article 132 Dispoziţiunile art. 60 of the Criminal Code of the old Kingdom are expanding throughout the country in respect of the offences set out in front of the law.

Article 133 rules of public administration will desvolta dispoziţiunile law, which all forms and acts of civil status registers, for extracts, etc., as well as to any other matter in connection with the proper law enforcement.

Article 134 of the Law face will come into effect on January 1, 1929.
This law was voted by the Assembly of Deputies sitting in dela Fevruarie 8 1928 and was adopted by a majority of one hundred seven votes, against one.
Vice President, Stephen c. (L. S. D.)
Secretary Macaskill, Bill Maher This voted Senate meeting dela Fevruarie 16 1928, and was adopted unanimously by the ninety-eight votes.
Vice President, d. Artareanu (L. S. S.)
Secretary, Abdalla Promulgăm Of this law. and categorise them as it is vested with the seal of State and published in the Official Gazette.
Given in Bucharest, Fevruarie 21, 1928.
On behalf of His Maiestatii King Michael I, Patriarch of Romania MIRON:.
GHEORGHE MACE (l. s. St.) Justice Minister, Stelian Popescu — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

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