Law No. The April 11, 1927 1,394 On Organisation And Operation Of Pescariilor

Original Language Title:  LEGE nr. 1.394 din 11 aprilie 1927 privind organizarea şi exploatarea pescariilor

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Law No. the April 11, 1927 1,394 on organisation and operation of pescariilor published in PARLIAMENT ISSUING the OFFICIAL GAZETTE nr. 104 of 14 may 1927, FERDINAND I, through the grace of God and the will of the King of Romania's national team, all from the face and future Legislative Assemblies, health: voted and adopted, and we sanctionam what follows in chapter I General article 1 Dispoziţiuni Roman State administered its waters pescariile and regulates the operation of fishing in the waters.
For this purpose shall be established under the Ministry of agriculture and Areas, and under the authority of the Ministry, an autonomous institution under the name of the General Administration of pescariilor. This institution is a legal entity and has its headquarters in the capital of the country.
Her organs are: the Board of Directors);

b) Steering Committee;

c) Superintendent.

Chapter 2 the Board of Directors and the duties of his Article 2 Board of Directors leads the Administration pescariilor; It is composed of 11 members appointed for 5 years, by Royal Decree, following a proposal by the Minister; of them, four are specialists. Are part of the Council, and the following members of law: general manager of the cooperatives of production and consumption; the Director-general of the Department of reclamation; the Director-general of the Directorate-General for water; general manager of pescariilor.
Members whose term has expired may be appointed for another period of five years.

Article 3 Council members cannot be cancel only by Royal Decree, following a reasoned report of the Council, presented the Minister by the President.

Article 4 the Council elect a Chairman appointed from members and a vice President. The President represents the justice administration and against third parties.
The Minister may take any time sitting, part prezidand.
The Council shall meet whenever it is convened by the Minister or the Chairperson and at least once a month.

Article 5 the Council Deciziunile are valid if they are present at a sitting of at least 6 members, from who one specialist, one of the Steering Committee and general manager. Deciziunile shall be taken by majority vote. In the event of parity, the vote of the Chairman decides.
Council decisions are enforceable, except those that require the approval of the Minister.

Article 6 Council members and meetings the Committee shall receive the allowances laid down who take part of the Ministry, as well as tantiemele. 58, para. e. in case of special tasks, which require expenses, receiving and reimbursement of expenses.

Article 7 Council members may not participate in undertakings, established on the basis of the law.

Article 8 Council has the following debt collection: i. Manages swamps, lakes, waters of the State, including its territorial sea, stufariile and State-owned land in the floodplain of the rivers and the rivers of the country, too, and all the vessels of the constructiunile fishing instalatiunile.
II. Indrumeaza and control technique of fishing in all waters of the country and apply the penalties provided for in the fisheries laws and regulations.
The fines provided for in the law and regulation of the above increase 40 times.
III. relations between the State Regulates fishermen hunters and leaseholders and the fishing baltilor water of the State; also cherhanagii of fishermen and hunters.
IV. Securing fishing regions who forms a natural unit, requiring the necessary measures for ensuring and improving fisheries for each region. Apply property owners and employers who don't comply with these dispoziţiuni, the penalties provided for in article 10. 30 below.
V. controls the distribution of fish in order to consumatiei and fixes over sold to auction listing required consumatiei trackside dwellers inhabitants.
Vi. in accordance with the provisions of law administered Fund to step up.
VII. To regulate the exploitation of fisheries waters across the country imposing the measures which may be necessary for improving the productiunii counts, securing fisheries prohibition eras, as well as sparing areas.
VIII. means of Investigating baltilor and waters, establishing offices for technical study of fishing in the sea, rivers and ponds.
IX. Prepares specifications and rigid conditions for renting, baltilor, floodplain.
X. swamps and Decides what lands will not be indigui, and arranging for those who remain inside of indiguite.
Reclamation service plans are executed with the assent of the Council.
XI. To approve all budgetary expenditure.
XII. Draws up the budget, which shall submit it for approval to the Minister.
XIII. Shall submit to the approval of the Minister: (a) proposals for increases) spending required increasing fishing effort, improvement of baltilor and ecaretelor pescariilor, the purchase of vessels for transporting fish or to the police;

b the purchase Proposals) and disposal of goods.

XIV. Proposes the appointment and revocation of advancement staff to be made by Royal Decree and ministerial decision.
XV. Examines and resolves changes relating to the proposals made in the course of operating expenses referred to different chapters within the limits of the total turnover in the last budget.
XVI. Oblige cooperatives to receive central specialists appointed by the managers of cooperatives of production and consumption.
XVII. Propose measures to be taken regarding the importation and exportation of fish and give its opinion on all matters on which it is consulted by the Minister.

Article 9 for the purposes of the current emergencies and study the various administrative and technical issues, the Council has delegated some of his powers to a Committee of direction. The Steering Committee consists of the Chairman, who shall preside over the general manager and 3 members elected by the Council from among the members appointed; It's one of them. The Committee manages and controls within the limits of empowerment date by the Council; prepare the work of the Council's submissive. Its Deciziunile are subject to ratification by the first meeting of the Council; executing the decisions of the Council.

Article 10 the Minister shall have the right to control and check the entire stride administratiuni and to impose measures of redress which he sees fit.

Article 11 the Council is obliged, at the end of each year, make a report of the work carried out or projected for the future, as well as all the measures of a general nature taken or who will be in the interest of improving fisheries.

Chapter 3 General Administration. Debt collection Article 12 The head of the Administration is an administrator-general, assisted by a directory and a subdirectory.
The general manager shall be appointed by the Minister by Royal Decree.
It may not be revoked in cases of misconduct or damage to laws which from the Administration and only on the basis of deciziuni of the Council passed by 2/3.

Article 13 general Manager is the referrer of the Council, take part in the meeting with deliberative vote and shall sign the minutes.
His Atribuţiunile are: Execute deciziunile Board of Directors and Steering Committee;
Prepare the work of the Steering Committee;
Conducts and supervises the entire staff of the pescariilor administration.

Chapter 4 external Administratiuni article 14 the General Administration is ment for her administrative tasks whose exterior, residences, limits and debt collection shall be fixed by the Council.
She is helped by a number of inspectors destined for control checks and investigations.

Article 15 In each head was a external administration administrator helped by one or more subadministratori and the necessary staff.

Article 16 directors, auditors, inspectors, subadministratorii, State control, are considered as agents of the judicial police and invested with the powers provided for by the code of criminal procedure and, in respect of offences and offences in laws and regulations for fisheries and the exploitation of the country's waters.

Chapter 5 article 17 Fishermen nobody can fish in the waters and swamps of the State, counties, municipalities and vestry clerk high school if you don't posses the Bolhrad a fishing permit.
Fishing authorisation is given by the administrations, with the approval of the respective regional Commission and with appeal to the Council, for every fisherman in hand, for a period of 5 years, with the brightness of the gear with who may feed.

Article 18 to get permission to fish, the fisherman must be subjected to the English, to know his job, to have fishing gear, or be a member of a cooperative associations recognized by the times pescariilor administration and who possess the necessary tools.
At sea, on a provisional basis, until the formation of the Romanian fishermen, and fishermen may employ foreigners.

Article 19 the number caught in the nets and equipment over snaps of administrations, with the approval of the Council for each pond or water.

Article 20 authorized Fishermen must abide by the law and the regulation of fisheries, as well as provisions and ordinances.
They due a snaps (1947), which by the Council after a proposal from the Commission, for a period of 5 years. (1947) in cash or in kind, after the election of the Council.
When the fishermen are organised in co-operatives (1947) is given only in nature.

In the money: the whole product is sold at auction fisheries public by official sellers; the auction is in fixed by the Council in the presence of the parties or their delegates; net price is split between the owner or arendaşul Balti or water between fishermen in the proportion dijmei.
The nature of the product as a whole: fishing is divided in the proportion between the owner or dijmei, arendasi and between fishermen. In this case, each of them are free to sell their share in the auction or to sell. Part of the State (1947) cannot sell until tender.

Article 21 For Great fishing on the high seas (1947) is not mandatory.

Article 22 Fish hunted in the Danube, in the pond or sea shore is the only vadurile points or fixed by the Council.

Article 23(3) Fishermen are obliged to enforce the Ordinances of the Council relating to fishing and the associated fisheries.
They are directly responsible for dark materials of buildings, puddles and edecurile what they were made available for catching fish, keeping the carriage.
They are responsible and proper state of prisons, leselor, fencing, traps and fishing gear were entrusted.

Article 24 Fishermen are obliged to notice date to execute with the utmost haste, in regions where fishing, prisons and facilities that ensure and guarantee production and transport them.
They are obliged to repair and replenish in time ghetariile, to fix, cherhanalele and maintain in perfect mood garlele power and baltilor.

Article 25 in addition to the penalties provided for in the criminal code, authorization of fishing anglers lose if: (a) the fisheries law and Rule) regulations relating to fishing;

(b) the Ordinances and provisions) Despise;

c) did not answer the call, or even baltii Administration if you responded, but due to neglect or to their wills were relei lost during closure, garlelor baltilor friendly and leselor and installation of traps;

d) of negligence or bad will of the destroyed, lost, corrupted or puddles of dark material did not give required care in the preparation of fish;

e) Have sold dosit or fish by stealth;

f) give evidence of repeated bad will, of negligence and nepricepere at the same time;

g) Neglects to maintain in good condition the channels of communications, garlele and balti;

h) Uneltesc v. State of safety.

Article 26 Offences are found outside administration through reports.

Article 27 withdrawal shall be made by the Council on the basis of reports on the final external administration.

Article 28 Termination of partial or collective work is considered a contract. In such a case the owner or arendaşul shall be entitled, with the approval of the Regional Commission, to call on fishing or to works necessary for operation times and other people. Provocatorii permanently lost the right to be fishermen and apply the penalties provided for in article 4. 27 and 28 of the law for the settlement of labour conflicts, published in Official Gazette No. 122 Septemvrie 5, 1920.
For cases of sabotage apply the penalties provided for in article 4. 33, 34 and 35 of the same law.

Article 29 Fishermen at work have the right to shelter and the daily tainul over fresh or salty. To feed the family they can get, with the authorization of the owner or lessees ', 15 kg. broadsheet (1947) his due.

Article 30 owners and leaseholders of balti and not complying with the law and regulations, and the Fisheries Council, deciziunilor data based on art. 8 of the law, are punished with fines from the rock up to 10,000 100,000 lei.
Contraventiunile pescariilor administration are found through minutes who will be forwarded to the respective Court of detour, to judge by the emergency, to apply articles 81 and 82. 60 of the penal code within 15 days for those who lack dela and pronunciation for those present.

Article 31 Dispoziţiunile under this chapter which from art. 17 up to 29 inclusive shall apply only to fishing in the waters and swamps of the State, counties, municipalities and vestry clerk Bolhrad high school.

Chapter 6 regional Committees Article 32 in each administration of fishermen and at its head office operates a regional Commission, consisting of the administrator of pescariilor, from a representative of the owners of ponds and fishermen's cooperatives, or in the absence of the fishermen. In addition to each representative is chosen and an alternate. The President of the Commission is the regional administrator.
The tasks of this Committee are: a) to propose to the Council (1947) for each pond or water or ponds region: b) to investigate and settle disputes arising between fishermen, property owners or arendasi, as well as between fishermen and merchants, cherhanagii.

The decisions of the Commission are subject to the approval of the Regional Council, which ruled in the last instance.
The decisions of the Commission-approved Regional Council are enforceable.

Article 33 members of the regional commissions are entitled to allowance for the meetings that took part, as well as the payment of travel expenses. They are summoned by the Chairman whenever need be.

Chapter 7 Cherhanagii. Their relations with fishers Article 34 cherhanalelor Establishment is done with external administration authorization approved by the Council.

Article 35 shall be subject to Cherhanagiul, to know their craft, and poseada tools, material, and capital necessary for boats. He must meet the requirements of article 5. 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 14, 15, 16 and 17 of the regulation regarding the duties pescariile State fishermen, sanctioned by the Royal Decree No. 167 of 3 May 1903 and published in Official Gazette No. 29 of 7 May 1903.
Fishing cooperatives and associations may obtain their authorization.
A cherhanagiu may not have more than three cherhanale and only in cases when in the village are not cherhanale enough.
Fishing cooperatives and associations can obtain authorization for the required number of cherhanale region where fish.

Article 36 Authorization of their retreats in the event of contravention of the prescripţiunile art. precedent or with the cessation of authorization condiţiunilor.
Violators are punishable by a fine up to 10,000 dela 100,000 lei.
Authorisation shall be withdrawn too if cherhanaua was leased or sold without prior Council approval.

Chapter 8 the operation of Article 37, the waters of Swamps, stufariile and land owned by the State, counties, municipalities and vestry clerk high school in Bolhrad, floodplain of the rivers and the rivers of the country, directing and operated through the lease.

Article 38 Labour Exploitation of baltilor and water is made: (a)) for for all the puddles, until their production becomes normal, under present conditions, their capital without noui low capital investments;

b) when bidders have not presented serious guarantees for a smooth operation;

c) when investing State capital improvement fund, for rent not compensate investments;

d) when the Council justifies more favourable labour exploitation interests.

By exploiting the labour of baltilor and water means fishing with individual fishers (1947), fishermen's associations and cooperatives.

Article 39 Leasing baltilor and waters shall be made by public auction or by good învoiala IE.
1. Auction adjudecandu the right of fishing and exploitation over natural and legal persons who offers the highest price and who undertakes to do the work referred to by the Council in order to enhance production;
2. Through good derogand law învoiala, public accounting and dela dela marketing law and control of the State's economic undertakings, namely: a) the waters of Swamps and small and medium sized businesses, fishermen, cooperatives, and preference in their lack of associations formed by licensed fishermen during the five-year period, with a special program for the exploitation, maintenance and improvement of the Fund approved by the Council;

b) large Swamps and waters the regions of balti or waters, cooperatives, and in their lack of fishermen associations, federalelor and consortilor of the Romanian companies or cooperatives, which counts them as the Council are authorised to perform the contract documents. Baltilor lease term and large regions of balti is fixed by the Council, which shall take into account the amount of investitiunilor required by the specification. This term cannot be longer than 15 years.

Operatives must be guaranteed by the production and consumer cooperatives, both in terms of the tenancy agreement, payment and enforcement of specifications upon which the lease was made.
The capital of the company shall be 60% of the Romanian; and the Board of Directors and the Steering Committee to be composed largely of Romanians.

Article 40 a cooperative, an Association of fishermen or a company cannot take rental than a single large pond or region. Fishing units shall be fixed by the Council.
Cooperatives, associations and societies may not apply for fishing than authorized fishermen.

Article 41 by good lease Price invoeala of fishing cannot be less than the current value of the output medium over the proper State in the last three years.
The current value of the fish is determined after the sale price in 1881 at auction for a year the price of rent in lei is calculated annually in relation to currency in 1881, since the contract is concluded.

After a year's rent and large water baltilor or regions of balti increases from year to year, for the first five years by 2%, and for the remainder of the term of a lease with 1%.
The bonus for a lease of baltilor who require large capital low capital investments to be restored to a normal production can be calculated by the Council with a smaller percentage than that stipulated above.

Article 42 the Leasing companies is only made for puddles or ponds regions that need low capital investments to be put in value, low capital investments which pescariilor Administration cannot make trust's income increase. Those lease are subject to approval by the Minister.

Article 43 the State through its agents, shall have the right of control over exploitation and its gait of the specifications laid down in the contract.

Article 44 where a fisherman, a cooperative, a company which has leased a water, a pond or a region of ponds or water, has not complied with the specifications, or when in the first 5 years of operation has not achieved an average of productiune with at least 15 percent higher than what it was in the average of the previous 5 years the contract is terminated, the State law and come out in his rights without delay; and when at the end of the contract is found that productiunea is enhanced by at least 30 percent to the average of the first five years of operation, arendaşul is entitled to preference in order for the new lease.

Article 45 of the land Lease in the floodplain is made: i. the agricultural land:) good invoeala, in small batches, anglers, hunters, widows and orphans of fishermen;

b) by auction, in large batches, preference for industrial plants and vegetable culture.

II. The land where training takes and pasture:) good cattle breeders invoeala, model recognized by the superior Council of agriculture; and in the neighbouring communes villagers lack;

b) by auction, preferîndu at price equal to the villagers from neighbouring communes.

Dispoziţiunile this article does not meet when the land was leased for the benefit of the indiguirii.
III. Stufariile, by good invoeala, preferably marginasi inhabitants or industries which are mainly used as raw material.

Chapter 9 Transport fish Article 46 Transport fish on the water is done with the dishes, and with the authorization of the State Council and with the fishermen, vessels cherhanagiilor, entrepreneurs or cooperatives. The shipowner shall regulate the freight due and fixed by the Board of Directors of pescariilor.

Chapter 10 Refrigerators, storerooms in chilly fishing Article 47, the State can build cool refrigerators and storerooms.
Cool refrigerators and storerooms can be built and cooperatives, corporations and private individuals. Authorization for construction and exploitation is given on a limited number of years and in rigid conditions laid down by the Council.
Refrigerators set up in fishing ports or pond, or in addition to the resorts of c. f. r., after the promulgation of the law, are exempted for 10 years from the presence of their building.

Chapter 11 Article 48 Mills Industries for industrialization of products, baltilor, and floodplain, as those articles, enjoy the benefits of the law for the encouragement of national industry.

Article 49 these industries can get free term and in rigid conditions established by the Council to the year;

the installation of factories and housing);

b) Installation telephone lines and Decauville tracks;

c) storing materials;

(d) Establishment of jetties) on the banks of the Danube or of the sea, with the opinion of the Ministry of communications.

Article 50 Export freely, without fabricated is taxes. Production of fabricated Food Council may fix a rate for their internal.

Article 51 on expiry of the concession all instalatiunile remain the State, against payment of the value at the time of surrender. The term is extended on the right when at end of productiunea increased by a percentage of at least 80% compared to the average of the first five years of operation.
The evaluation is made by a comisiune composed of State and representative of that of industriasului, presided over by the first President of the Court of the county where the plant is located. Those people who have the right to appeal to the Court of appeal within 20 days from the way of communication.

Failure to comply with article 52 of Council condiţiunilor imposed for setting up factories draws as the loss of the concession.
The Council has the right of control.

Article 53 those industries can obtain the raw material necessary to their stufariilor product servants and floodplain, State property, the price fixed by the Council.

Chapter 12 Fishing the sea fishing Article 54 makes it a great Romanian flagged vessels, Romanian firms who possess the tools and appliances as well as needed capital creation and officials of some fishing fleets.

Article 55 In the region in front of the Danube mouths from Cape Midia dela Gibrieni, North, in bandwidth 36 km., fishing is done in Paris (1947), only licensed fishermen and fishermen's associations and cooperatives, according to the methods used to implement the law.
Fishing with bottom seining vessels is drawn into this region.
The rest of the coastline, in the territorial sea, fishing is reserved for licensed fishermen. In this area fishing is permitted year-round, but with due regard to legal prohibition in terms of fishing sturionilor.
The Council may grant the right of fishing in the territorial sea and fishing companies at Sea so long as the number of licensed fishermen is scant.

Article 56 the State can grant free societies established for fishing on the high seas and for a term up to 30 years;

the Right of refuge) and shelter for their fishing fleets in harbors and at the points of support on the seashore;

b) for installing saratorii and preserves factories, instalatiuni of storage and conditioning of fish from the sea, the construction of cold storage, glaciers, and buildings repair workshops fishing vessels;

c) Can supply and filling ghetariilor;

d) material for the study of institutiunilor and great waters;

e) exemption from customs duties for ships and fishing vessels, gear, and fishing materials plasi, for hoses and cotton factories and machinery necessary for canning;

f) exemption from customs duties for imports of fish fishing in international waters.

g) export without taxes for caught fish and for canned goods and products made from large fish, once the Council has fixed the share of domestic consumption.

Article 57 Fishermen from the sea will be improprietariti within the limits of available places and food.
The State will establish for its fishing schools.

Chapter 13 plan Fund For improving fisheries Article 58 shall be established a fund to step up, which is powered from a subsidy entered in the budget of the Ministry of the obligatory expenditure and income of the product covers the following duties;

8% of the value) of fish caught in the waters and swamps;

b) 1/2% of the amount of fish sold at auction.

Income assessment is made based on revenue from the previous year. Excess of receipts over budgetary provisions pour Departament in the following year over year subsidy. the provisions of this article shall apply beginning with the budget for the year 1928. Until then, the amounts shall be levied according to who the journal, the Council of Ministers No. 31/924, are at the disposal of the Council to be able to be used as required below.

Article 59 From annual subsidy entered in the budget cover necessary expenditure first officers of public auction offices, while the rest is split as follows: 40% of) is mainly used for digging and constructing canals, construction, cold storage lockers and chilly glaciers; for the development of education, granting scholarships playing in country and abroad; for scientific research, hydrographic and Hydrochemistry; for creiarea of artificial reproduction of small ponds and artificial fish growth;

b) 40% give the hunters or fishermen fishing cooperatives for the purchase of fish. Sub-loans shall be run through Central cooperatives of production and consumption, which is responsible for collection;

c) 5% is mainly used for construction, purchase of transport ships and for the maintenance of small streams and dykes;

d) 3% serves for prizes shall be granted to staff and virtuous agents;

e) 7% tantiemele, this indemnizari chips, and reimbursement of expenses the Council Steering Committee and regional comisiunilor.

Tantiemele counselors may not exceed 60,000 lei annually, and those of the members of the Steering Committee 100,000 lei per year. The Council also has law and at a rate of 5% of that fund surplus arising from increasing production. Neintrebuintate this paragraph amounts pour from the Fund;

f) 5% for building a Fund of aid to fishermen.

The Council may change the destination of the amounts referred to in articles above, at para. a, c, and intrebuintandu them to where the demand is higher.

Article 60 as reimbursement of the loans referred to in the previous article, lit. b, who would remain available from the presence of this chapter shall be used as follows:

the buying flasks) required the transport of fish, as well as insulated wagons or tent;

b) to improve production, property of the State, in the region of Danube and inundabila rivers.

Article 61 notwithstanding the general public accounting law from the presence of the State, the administration of the Fund by the intensification of fishing is done in accordance with the second subparagraph of article dispoziţiunilor. 64 of this law.

Article 62 provisional Control of the Fund's annual management plan is made on the basis of the report of the Board of a comisiune composed of: a counselor of the Court of Auditors, the general manager of the accounting of the State and a delegate of the Ministry of Agriculture and Areas; the definitive control is made by the Court of Auditors.
Each year, with the start of the year 1928, the Council shall draw up a situation where the Fund to intensify movement. The situation will be published in the Official Gazette.

Chapter 14 final Dispoziţiuni Article 63 Salt purchased through the Ministry, fishermen, merchants, cherhanagiilor and industries which use baltilor products and water will be used exclusively for the purpose for which it was granted. Times and what draws their suppression benefit.
The recipient will keep track of salt through the use of registers, and State agencies have the right to control.

Article 64 until the amendment of the law on public accounting Board of Directors is authorized to approve pescariilor expenditure up to one million lei without auction; from the presence of one to four million auction; from the presence of one to four million, without tender, but with the approval of the Minister; more than four million, with the approval of the Council of Ministers.

Article 65 officials of the General Directorate of the pescariilor fits into the organization established by this law.
The entire Fortune securities and real estate of the General Directorate of the pescariilor pass on the General Administration of pescariilor.

Article 66 the importation of fish and gear material, based on loans to art. 57, paragraph b, is exempt from payment of customs duties.

Article 67, and Ministry's opinion, is authorized to purchase and to rent with Lakes, swamps, members, land inundation which are required for the proper operation of its pescariilor. The purchase price may be paid in rent.

By way of derogation to article 68 dela art. 59 of the staff regulations, article 6. 33 of the agronomic and body 24 of the body of law, all the officials from the Central and external services made under the leadership of Board of Directors of pescariilor, will judge infringements provided for in the laws mentioned above, by the discipline Commission operating under the auspices of this Council.
This comisiune is composed of a Councillor Dale appellate court in Bucharest as a holder and a second alternate, Advisor of 3 Board members as holders and 3 as alternates and of two members and two alternates appointed by the superior Council of agronomic and veterinary surgeons Council body. They enter in comisiune as they judge the officials belonging to these bodies.
The members and alternates of the Board shall be elected by the Council from among the members appointed.
Councilman Dale Court of appeal is the President of the Commission.
The appointments shall be made comisiunea of discipline by Royal Decree for a period of 3 years.
Comisiunea works with 3 members.

Article 69 In this Act, if the text does not say otherwise, the expression "Minister" means the Minister of agriculture and areas; the expression "Ministry" means the Ministry of agriculture and Areas; the expression "the Board" means the Board of Directors of pescariilor; the expression, "Committee" means the Committee of direction.
The expression of "Cooperative", used in this law, the insemneaza company incorporated and its writing based on the laws of popular banks.

Article 70 of the regulation drawn up by the public administration Council and approved by the Minister will determine the method of enforcement.

Article 71 All dispoziţiunile laws and regulations run counter to the provisions of this law, shall be and remain repealed.
This law was voted by the Senate April 11 meeting, which from 1927 and has been adopted by a majority of one hundred twelve votes against three.
Vice President, n. Darvari (L. S. S.)
Secretary, John Papp this law was voted by the Assembly of deputies at its meeting on 13 April, which from 1927 and adopted unanimously by one hundred twenty-eight votes.
Vice President, Calderon (L. S. D.)
Secretary Thomas Promulgăm this law and Radulescu, categorise them as it is vested with the seal of State and published in the Official Gazette.
(L. S. St.)
Minister of agriculture and domains of FERDINAND Const. T. Garoflid Justice Minister Anne-— — — — — — — —