Law No. 953 11 March 1925 Relating To Disposal Of The Lots Acquired Through Dispensing

Original Language Title:  LEGE nr. 953 din 11 martie 1925 privitoare la înstrăinarea loturilor dobândite prin împroprietărire

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Law No. 953 11 March 1925 relating to disposal of the lots acquired by ISSUING improprietarire PARLIAMENT Published in MONITORUL OFICIAL nr. 58 of 13 March 1925 FERDINAND I, through the grace of God and the will of the King of Romania's national team, all of the face and future health care: legislators voted and adopted and new sanctionam below: Article 1 the Earth collected from villagers across the country on the basis of agrarian reform laws and the laws of the various competent Improprietarire, law on State property sale , or by purchasing Rural House, Dale cannot be sold or bought than subject to exercise of the right of pre-emption of State and in compliance with the provisions of this Act.
The Earth entered the heritage of the State through the exercise of the right of pre-emption of State will sell only justified and villagers who were not improprietariti in the order of their registration in the obstilor and village cooperatives. The right of pre-emption of the State is exercised in respect of goods above shown throughout the country both on the sales of willingly and on the execution, by the House of împroprietăririi, according to dispoziţiunilor provided for in art. 81 of the implementing regulation of the law for the reform of the old Kingdom, promulgated by Royal Decree No. high 3.387/922, with the only change that the sale or purchase is going to bring to the attention of the House of împroprietăririi by simply petitiune consilieratului addressed directly to the county agricultural and House of împroprietăririi is obliged that within 60 days free registration consilieratul dela the petitioner to communicate agricultural information by simply address, whether or not they understand to exercise the right of pre-emption.
Agricultural advisors are obliged to give to the party, upon presentation of proof of the receipt of the request, with registration number and date, on the date of the presentation. Giving up the House of împroprietăririi to the exercise of the right of pre-emption shall ascertain by means of a certificate issued by the County's agricultural Adviser.

Article 2 When House of împroprietăririi will not exercise the right of pre-emption provided for in art. I, the owner is free to villager has land or, but only in the very top next: a) Purchasers of lots cannot be than: 1. Romanian citizens, who are workers of the Earth; 2. graduates of the school of Agriculture of any degree, with domicile in the commune of Earth and cultivand the batch you buy;

b) Consignments cannot alienate alone than in the surface. agrarian law 126 of the old Kingdom, that the law in this regard will be applied throughout the territory of Romania;

c) Sale cannot be made until after 5 years from the date on which the holder dela obtained the definitive title of ownership, based on the payment of the full price of the lot;

d) Buyer not keep in his estate, under any title or form, more than 25 hectares. the most productive land, stretching in which what counts are so intricately linked with voeşte and what to buy. Finding fulfilment of these conditions will be made by the County's agricultural Adviser, who is obliged-under penalty of punishment and discipline to compensation made by the party-libereze certificates, at the request of the parties, in terms of not more than thirty days from the presence of registration. Under the same conditions are valid donatiunile and manage.

Institutiunile recognized moral persons, cultural obştile and agricultural cooperatives, do I buy each commune of not more than 2 hectares. to be used for cultural purposes or for public interest, but only with the authorization of the Central House of împroprietăririi.

Article 3 Sales and donatiunile in the ancient Kingdom are valid only if they are made by authentic instruments; in Bessarabia, Bukovina, Transylvania and are valid only if they are made in accordance with common law, meaning only through notarial transcribed or tabulated the books funduare. Public notaries, notaries, who first justices have the power to authenticate the card and the funduare offices will not conclude, nor legalize, authenticate or transcribe such acts rather than on the basis of a certificate issued by the Central House of împroprietăririi through consilieratele County farm, to check the fulfilment of all the condiţiunilor set out in articles I and II above. Any transfer made without complying with the dispoziţiunilor above are null and void. Nullity is public policy with retroactive effect and as such may be requested by any interested party or the Public Ministry. Cases for cancellation of sales made against the provisions of this law within the competence of the Court of situaţiunii, detour irrespective of its value. Court deadlines will be urgent and particular. With the nullity of the sale will rule and dispossession.
The decisions are given without objection, appeal to the County Court, within 30 days from the rock's pronouncement. The call will be motivated and they will judge. Decision the appeal date in lack, it's subject to opposition within 8 days from the way of pronunciation. It is final, but subject to appeal in cassation within 2 months from the rock's pronouncement.
The deposition will be made on the basis of definitive judicial decisions by the Central House of district împroprietăririi of agricultural services.

Article 4 the Earth up to 25 ha, based on the laws of improprietarire, belonging to the villagers, growers cannot mortgage than the House only central banks împroprietăririi, popular or an institution authorized by State House, garden and joined up to a maximum of 1 ha, with a House, mortgage cannot under any circumstances they are intangible and cannot be traced or sold forced. Any task, or mortgage, of any nature, in addition to the provisions of this article and by anyone apart from other institutions referred to above, is null and void, the nullity is public policy.
Procedure of the Court of these nulităţi will be that provided for in art. 3 of this law.

Article 5 right of pre-emption provided for in art. 32 of the law on agrarian reform In the old Kingdom will pursue the procedure throughout the country, in accordance with the provisions of article 8. 81 of regulation promulgated with the high Royal Decree No. 3.387/922, which owes its regulations. Articles 120-124 of the law on the agrarian reform in Oltenia, Muntenia, Moldova and Dobruja, art. 119-120 of the law on the agrarian reform in Transylvania, Banat, Crisana and Maramures, articles 92-94 of the law on agrarian reform in Bukovina and art. 64 of law for land reform in Bessarabia, as well as any other dispoziţiuni from laws and regulations contrary to the provisions of this law are repealed and remain. An administrative regulation will specify the details of desvolta and the application of this law are repealed and remain. This law was voted by the Assembly of Deputies sitting in dela Fevruarie 13 1925 and was adopted by a majority of one hundred new votes, against one.
President, m. g., PETER (L.S.A.D.)
Secretary, George b. Naga this law was voted by the Senate sitting in Fevruarie 19, 1925 and Dale was adopted unanimously by eighty-seven votes.
President, m. PHEREKYDE (L.S.S.)
Secretary, g. b. Palmer Promulgăm this law and categorise them as it is vested with the seal of State and published in the Official Gazette. Given in Bucharest, on 11 March 1925.
Ferdinand (L.S. St.) the Minister of agriculture and the areas Of Constantinescu Justice Minister g. g. Marzescu — — — — — — — — — — — —