Law No. Of 14 July 1921 3,093 Concerning Agrarian Reform In Oltenia, Muntenia And Dobruja, Moldova

Original Language Title:  LEGE nr. 3.093 din 14 iulie 1921 privind reforma agrară din Oltenia, Muntenia, Moldova şi Dobrogea

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Law No. of 14 July 1921 3,093 concerning agrarian reform in Oltenia, Muntenia and Dobruja, Moldova'S PARLIAMENT ISSUING published in MONITORUL OFICIAL nr. 82 of 17 July 1921, part I, Chapter 1 of the EXPROPRIATION measure of Justification and expropriation in article 1 shall be expropriaza for the cause of national utility, as far as rural properties and generally contained in the law on the front, in order to enhance the extent of rural property, to set up communal pastures, as well as for purposes of general interest, economic and cultural.
Farmland from urban communes RADIUS is considered as property from the standpoint of the law of expropriation.

Article 2 the land expropriated and, on the basis of Decree No. 3.697/918 and by applying progressive ladder attached to his, is definitively expropriated, provided the devices referred to in article 1. 54, within the limits and scope determined by the bodies provided for in that Decree, as amended by Decree No. 920/2.011 and the State is considered the owner of the expropriated land, which from 15 Decemvrie 1918.

Article 3 also acquired and parts of estates expropriabile according to the law of the face are hit by downtime, all with regard to law enforcement, from 1 Fevruarie, 1921, with no further ADO; and in terms of the extent of their legal status counts after dela 15 August 1916, taking into account the effect of succession opened after that date until the promulgation of the face.
All disposal made dela August 15, 1916 are without effect in all regards the application of this law. It exempts and remain valid sales made not later than until 1 Fevruarie 1921 obstii, the popular banks or villagers, the growers of land individually up to 10 ha each; and sales of land for construction of industrial establishments or established.
The surface thus sold does not enter into the calculation of the two million Ha.
Why owners have alienated parts of the expropriabile villagers, referred to in this law, shall be obliged to give it the remaining share of the estate, or other land if they have more.

Article 4 Expropriation concerns only parts of estates or estates 100 Ha productive land from the rock upward, whoever their owners and whatever their legal capacity or character property expropriated, with excepţiunile provided for in this law.

Article 5 also acquired stapanite in joint possession is considered as being divided in terms of share of expropriation. The choice of land subject to expropriation is done but in the whole area of cultivabila estate, reckoning it as nedivizata estate, out of excepţiunile. 9. Article 6 also acquired and parts of estates situated in the same commune as well as common lands situated in close, belonging to the same owner, are counted as a single property. Exception dispoziţiunilor lands on the basis of the Decree (CVT) No. 3.697/918, without laying so comasata total, to gloss over maximum: 250 Hectares in regions where large applications are improprietarire, 400 Hectares in regions where improprietarire are medium sized applications and 500 Hectares in regions where applications for improprietarire are satisfied.

Article 7 shall declare the expropriated in full: the rural properties) covering a total of subjects of foreign States, whether they are foreigners, either through their origin as foreigners became by marriage or otherwise;

rural Properties in b) covering a total of absenteistilor. Enter in this category all the properties in the latter who 5 years have been imposed under the law on continuous special tax land bent.

Also enter in this category and all its properties without consideration of the expanse, which were leased and cultivated through arendasi constantly between April 23 and April 24, 1910-1920 inclusive.
Exception of leased lands of parents to their children, with notarial act or deed date of the brawl, guardians of minors or of judicial interzişilor, sechestrii, estates, of civil servants and soldiers.

c) of farmland, rural House and of all those moral, public and private, instituţiuni, fundatiuni, etc., even if their acts of fundatiune, donatiune, wills or any other dispoziţiuni, under any title, it would provide directly or through any kind of prohibitive causes their neinstrainarea or he would have given any other special purpose.

Urban and rural municipalities of pastures, as well as churches and lands of scoalelor up to 12 Hectares are not expropriabile;

d) Land used by way of embatic, besman, hereditary tenancy, otasnita, whether it is covered with plantatiuni, sadiri, buildings or not, whether it is located in the communes of rural or urban communes in.

Am and remain abolished, by virtue of this Act, all the rights or privileges of any kind and wherever they derive (princely hrisoave, decisions, etc.) which have owners or other people on these lands.
Expropriation shall be carried out for the benefit of embaticarilor:) kept renting Land from rural villagers with growers of ground feeders at least 5 years, if they are going to be built on it houses or live or will be planted orchards;

f) Land domenial forest, which was Woods and that now it's empty, it's covered with bushes or what will no longer be able to become any forest reserve, once with the land needed forest staff;

g) rural Properties in their grasp of the total convicted of crime against the State or for desertion to the enemy.

Residential homes with their parks, sadirile, forests, vineyards and windmills, industrial establishments, which are fueling waters, generally the expropriated in paragraphs) and (b) above), may be removed from expropriation and played their owners after the request and with the approval of the Committee on agriculture, if they are not needed for economic, cultural or public health.
For these estate belonging according to paragraph expropriati of the owners), removing from the expropriation is done with reserves above and with condiţiune as the owner of, or those who have collected or will also acquire estate until the promulgation of the law to sell them within a period of three years from the presence of this enactment.
Real estate owners who are not disposed of within that period will be sold by public auction after the request of the public prosecutor's Office.

Article 8 shall be declared partly expropriated farmland: a) dela 100 hectares of private households in rented and grown by arendasi on 23 April 1920, or leased today;

b) of private farmland households cultivated by their owners, from the following surfaces: up to 100 Ha of mountain and Hill;
150 Ha to lowland regions where large applications are improprietarire;
200 Ha in lowland areas where improprietarire are medium-sized applications;
250 Ha in the lowland region where improprietarire applications are satisfied;

c) of private farmland households cultivated by their owners who 1 Fevruarie 1921 had low capital investments in inventory and buildings necessary to farms, cattle farms, agricultural or industrial installations, from the following surfaces: up to 100 H mountain and Hill;
200 Ha in lowland areas where applications for improprietarire are large;
300 Ha in lowland areas where improprietarire are medium-sized applications;
500 Ha to head in regions where applications for improprietarire are satisfied.
Enter into this category and those owners who lands situated in regions devastated by war and who also had low capital investments, farms or facilities on 15 August 1916.
Is meant by areas with large improprietarire requests those regions where the land expropriated today, or expropriabil through dispoziţiunile art. 7 and 8, paragraphs 1 and 2. indestuleaza), not all indreptatitii, category 1, 2 and 3 according to art. 78, on the basis of batch filling 5 Ha; through regions with improprietarire sized applications where justified mobilization, category 1, 2 and 3 according to art. 78, on the basis of batch filling 5 Ha, îndestulaţi, and improprietarire regions with satisfied requests for those regions where all those entitled may be improprietariti.
The region is composed of all counts communes and villages whose inhabitants have worked or had invoite cattle work in the usual manner on the estate.

Article 9 The lands stapanite through joint possession at the 1 Fevruarie 1921, as well as to those stapanite in succession base open thereafter, expropriation shall to be below in regions with requests of large and medium-sized improprietarire and in regions with improprietarire requests satisfied for improprietarire or for setting up communal pasture, if need be, to reach the limits of art. 8, para. b), up to 100 hectares of each co-owner and every estate.
When in the manner prescribed in the preceding paragraph or improprietarire applications setting up communal pasture are not satisfied, these estates will be reduced up to a maximum fixed by the regional art. 8, para. b), even though the share of each co-owner would have less than 100 hectares.
In the latter case, the surface of the Earth expropriata this way it will pay cash, or will change with an area equivalent in value to populate the region if there is land available, the owner.
It exempts estates stapanite in joint possession before 15 August 1916, who at this time had at least a minor part owner or co-owner mobilized.
In they will not colonize voluntarily exchange for owners or forced.

Article 10

The owner who has or has had on 15 August 1916, several estates and possessed a total of more than 500 Ha of land destined to expropriabil, split or in joint possession, will be expropriated until the maximum: 200 Hectares for the leased lands in the rigid conditions of art. 8;
200 Hectares for the estates of the mountain and the Hill times that would be region;
250 Ha for the lands in regions with large improprietarire applications;
400 Ha for the lands in the regions with improprietariri applications, and 500 Ha for one who possesses them in regions where applications for improprietarire are satisfied.
The owner who possessed estates in different regions will be expropriated until 1881, where peak regions estates.
The owner who had 1 Fevruarie 1921 farms with cattle breeders, agricultural instalatiuni, and inventory or important agricultural industries will be expropriated until maximum of 500 Ha, whatever regions where possessed estates.

Article 11 the owner who has leased estates and grown into directing, can stop in or out of them surface free of expropriation.

Article 12 property owners who have one or more sons, who have studied or are studying the murgu, being enrolled in school until at the latest 1 January 1920, and frequent, may reserve in the lowland regions of a batch of 50 Ha for each of these sons, over the surface of what remains neexpropriata under this Act, with the obligation, under penalty of nullity of such right to obtain the diploma within 5 years of the promulgation of this law, which from and from that time to cultivate the Earth alone.
The owner of which is the same-titled agronomist.

Article 13 shall be reckoned as the most productive land, within the meaning of the law of all the Earth's face, which have made up today arături, meadow, pasunele, and inundabil which are cultivated land or pasuneaza.
Expropriation shall be calculated on the most productive land, i.e. upon the laying of every estate or part of the estate, after they have fallen: vineyards, orchards and plantatiunile of any sadirii made till 1 January 1917, irrigated land, forests, rivers, lakes, swampland, ponds, puddles, areas occupied by buildings, courtyards and unproductive land. (Roads, rape, quicksand, salty, etc.)

Article 14 Swamps and riverbeds, Earth inundabil, wet ground, often fruitless, rapele, may be expropriated in whole without consideration, to be drained, mostly drained or woodland township or country. However, if the owners of such lands shall be obliged to make these improvements gradually over a period of not more than 10-year-old agrarian Committee may decide to not be expropriated, dropping sanctions for fulfilment of the obligations of the owner.
For the attainment of the aims referred to above, there is no consideration, the expropriation, of the extent of the estate.
Where ponds, lakes and swamps of a maximum surface of 150 Ha are surrounded by land will be expropriated, expropriandu-is owned by the commune to be used by the villagers.

Article 15 the owner remains under art. 8 and 9, shall be fixed as soon as by the application of the law, however, for delivery of the expropriated land, which tops the expropriation Decree No. made 3,697 in 1918, will be made for the time being than to where he can immediately give rental or owned by the villagers.
The land expropriated that outstrips current necessity to improprietarire villagers can rent expropriated owner for a period of three years, unless you will be asked for the villagers.
Expropriati owners pay for their land left in service, in accordance with dispoziţiunilor above, besides reports with the State, County and Township, and the Township, and a rent equal to the rates which due to State the value of the land expropriated. The State reserve their right to take totus from service owner, within these time periods, the surface is required for the execution of the work leading up to the settlement.

Article 16 of the leased farmland households and grown by arendasi on 23 April 1920, or leased, and today the mountain regions and Hill, with the exception of households rented at obstii in this last region, is mainly used to land reform voting villagers dela up 25 Ha.
Cultivated farmland of the households of their owners from mountain regions, as well as that of households rented at obstii Hill regions, land reform voting is mainly used to 50 Ha in dela villagers up.
The land expropriated, by dispoziţiunile above, over a maximum set at regional art. 8, shall be paid in cash or change with a surface equivalent in value to the regions of colonization.
When the owners of mountain regions and Hill agreed to be entirely expropriati, enabled the region to populate an area once and a half how surface restored.

Article 17 Choice of estate expropriata through dispoziţiunile of the face, over the expropriation by applying progressive made scale of Decree-Law No. 3.697/1918, so the cat owner's estate which remains to be comasata.

Article 18 may provide for the expropriation part owner from an estate, the rezervandu call in the area falls under an expropriation of estates from the same commune.
When the estate for which the merge is located in another commune and both in the region with large improprietarire requests, it can be accepted by the application of the law, without surface comasata to exceed 250 Hectares; When the estate for which is located in the region merging with requests of middle and improprietarire estate which gives way to the amalgamation is situated in regions with large improprietarire applications, the Exchange is allowed by law enforcement bodies, such as the surface comasata to exceed 400 Ha; and when this country estate is situated in the region with requests of improprietarire satisfied, the Exchange is allowed by law, without the surface thus comasata exceed 500 Ha.

Article 19 shall agree with the consent of the parties and with the approval of the law enforcement bodies, the exchange of land, expropriated by law of the face, expropriated by the Decree No 3.697/918, collected through the rural land laws from 1864, and by the laws of the land exchange improprietaritilor dela law 1879, start in real estate from April 3, 1882, and the laws of the State assets sale izlazurilor, communal, both to each other and to the Earth remained the owner.
In case when the parties cannot understand on the Exchange, the agrarian Committee following an investigation on the spot will be able to decide to return.

Article 20 where a homeowner will be all farmland expropriated from an estate in a common border, or when the Earth will be changed according to dispoziţiunilor art. 16, will have to be expropriated, at his request, the buildings and land not subject to expropriation and that belonging to the estates.

Article 21(2) it may expropriate private property owners from the forests belonging to public and private moral and the surface of the State required up to a maximum of 200 Ha to change seats placed in the hearth of villages, fields and swamps or on land fugitive unsanitary.

Article 22 the land Division in terms of expropriation of land under cultivation and pasunelor in: mountain, Hill and plain, will be decided by the application under Chapter V of the present law, taking into account the rigorous scientific definition in every land.

Chapter 2 Article 23 Pasunele communal for the purpose of establishing or complement pasunelor bills, expropriation may descend into the mountain regions and under 100 Ha; own land only for pasture and meadow may be expropriated except up to 25 hectares.
In the mountain regions and hill can expropriate and poenele from the forest less than 20 and 10 Ha, as well as the intermediate area, where there will be two or more of these spaced between them at poeni maximum 200 m and interrupted by small groups of trees.
Expropriation of forests according to art. 12 of the law on communal pasunelor is made after a technical opinion of forests and with the approval of the Committee.
Domenial forest land expropriated pursuant to art. 7, paragraph 1. f), will serve for the establishment of preference for communal pastures.
Cattle breeders are allowed in and respect required in accordance meadow with articles. 22 of law pasunelor, enacted by the Decree No. 3,865 Septemvrie 22, 1920, even though this area exceeds quotas fixed by art. 8. In the absence of expropriabile estates may set up its villagers or complete their communal properties cover, if the majority of the inhabitants of consents.
The special law enacted by the municipal pasunelor high Royal Decree No. 3,865 Septemvrie 22, 1920 is completed by the above paragraphs.

Chapter 3 General Dispoziţiuni article 24 land expropriated for Basement culture remains the property of the State, and the land expropriated for the basement establishment of communal pastures to mountain and Hill, as well as that of the Earth changed according to art. 9 and 16, is still the owner.

Article 25 owner and villagers are obliged to permit the use of roads and the necessary work and land cultivation, cattle adapatori adaparii, both from natural for the categories of land referred to in art. 13, and the remaining estates expropriated or owner. The expenditure necessary for the maintenance of roads and adapatorilor used together, it supports proportionately.

Article 26

If the land expropriated and given to the villagers are signatures, they remain owner until the harvest; and if you are the owner or arături, Heath has the right to its value appreciated by law enforcement bodies.
For a plant placed in 1919 and made the land owners were expropriated in accordance with Decree-Law No. 3,697 Decemvrie 15 1918, semanaturi that were taken by the villagers, will pay the owner work made, and the price of seed set by ordinary courts, if it has not been established by the Council of agriculture.
Also, where the crops were taken in Paris (1947), villager is considered completely discharged, the proportion is still well established that dijmei that it was decided by joint agreement or fixed by the County Central Committee.
Also, where the crops were made by villagers in the expropriated lands (1947), and the harvest was raised by villagers, the villagers are not obliged to repay any claims of the owner.

Article 27 Lands remaining after expropriation cannot lease for a term not less than 7 years.
Leasing in total households remaining after expropriation will be done with the right of preference in price and order obstiilor agronomilor equal local or profession.

Article 28 the State has the right to his properties and reserves of the expropriated land surfaces that today or who may in the future have a special purpose for the fulfillment of a social, economic, cultural, military, general physical education, industrial, etc.
In no event shall retain the areas under this article shall not be greater than 300 Ha.
If the needs of those entitled to be improprietariti but not completely satisfied, you cannot reserve, than up to maximum 1/8 of the expropriata.
Comply with the current usage/cnfa monasteries.
For the construction of schools and churches in rural municipalities may expropriate up to one hectare of any property owner, posing another equivalent in value to the one land expropriated.

Article 29 small Goods and all the farmland, which are State property, passing in the Central Administration of the House of improprietaritii, to be used in accordance with the second subparagraph of article dispoziţiunilor. 1 of the law of the face.

Article 30 a lease contracts are terminated by operation of law for part or parts of the land expropriated, thus reducing proportionately and, without any kind of pretentiune on behalf of lessees '.
The owner shall be obliged to surrender the lessees ' of the security part proportional to the extent of land which they have abolished the contract of lease. If the surface of the expropriata pass of 25 per cent of the total estate, leaseholders and owners have the faculty to request termination of the contract, without any kind of pretentiune.
Contracts of lease of agronomilor titrati will meet until their completion.
In the cases provided for by art. 16 a lease contract shall be terminated, without any of that arendaşul should be able to formulate any pretentiune damage against the owner.

Article 31 the Central House of împroprietăririi can sell through învoiala so good villagers small goods which are the property of the State, and the area of land expropriated and who by their nature are not to be used for your own improprietarire or for pasture, preferring: cultural, sanitary facilities and cooperatives, rabari invalids; widows with children, neighbors or those who have supported him in renting before.
The Ministry of agriculture may sell through proper învoiala from the ground up to five hectares expropriated for industrial instalatiuni, if the buyer undertakes within two years to install a dela buying industry with a capital of at least 60,000 lei. Non-compliance with condiţiunilor above shall entail cancellation of the sale.

Article 32 the State has a right of pre-emption with the same price and in equal conditions, the purchase of da and expropriated households, of which from households in 50 Ha whole bodies up.
This right of first refusal concerns only farmland as defined by art. 13 of law: it shall be exercised by the House of împroprietăririi. Times and why selling to be definitive it must be notified to the Central House of împroprietăririi, which has a period of 30 days free to retain the property sold on price and generally referred to in the contract of sale. If during that time the House of împroprietăririi has not shown in writing its intention to buy the same price and under the same conditions, property sale is final.
Times and what can avoid sales exercise of the right of pre-emption in the above conditions, notifying the House of împroprietăririi intenţiunea to sell, showing price and ready. If the House of împroprietăririi did not respond in writing within thirty (30) days notice, as Dale voeşte to buy real estate in ready made and shown, the seller is free to dispue of building or how I sold it, with price and generally indicated for notification within six months. If the sale is not made within this period, the building remains in the position preceding that day.
Exchange of equal scope estates, or equivalent in value, is not subject to right of first refusal.

Article 33 the taking-over of the land expropriated after this law is made only after sowing who belong to the owner.

Chapter 4 Article 34 Price Appreciation with which it pays the land expropriated shall be fixed in the first court of the County and in the second Court of appeals court. Decisions handed down by the County Central committees, established by Decree-Law No. 2100/920, about the price fixing are susceptible of appeal before the Court of appeal in question within 15 days from the way published in the Gazette; and when the decision was released, and stakeholders had not appealed, they may appeal within 15 days after the promulgation of this law from the rock.

Article 35 After completion of work on the agricultural Committee, the district boards will make a study of unification and harmonisation of prices made by these committees. This study will be submitted to the courts of appeal concerned, to serve them the definitive guidance.
The decisions of the courts of appeal can be appealed within three months preceding the pronouncement, which from the High Court of Cassation, for violation of this Act, the Minister of agriculture by the Attorney general of the High Court.
The Court of Cassation will judge the United sections, citing the Ministry of agriculture, the parties and considering the deal.
If the High Court judgement, the Court of casează reference is obligated to comply with the judgement of the Court de Cassation.

Article 36 expropriation Price shall be determined separately for each estate and for each category and quality of Earth.
For farmland (Santosh Babu, meadow and pasture) will consider the quality of Physics of the Earth and the power of his productiune, the remoteness of towns, train stations or ports, as well as the sale price and rent a house in the village.
He snaps after net income per hectare, but will not be able to exceed rental prices fixed by the regional commissions for the years 1917-1922 multiplied by 40, except his own pasture land used only for setting up or replenishing communal rangelands, whose price may not exceed the rent prices fixed by the regional commissions in 1916 for the years 1917-1922, multiplied by 20.
The amount needed to pay the land expropriated is going to fly with the proceeds from the sale of lots, the difference paying us the State. to this end it set up a surcharge added to the imposing scale of wealth and imbogatitilor of rabari. This surcharge will start with 1% to the fortunes of 200,000 lei and 0.50% higher for every extra fraction of 300,000 lei up to a maximum of 5%.
For the land expropriated and subjected under article embaticului. 7, paragraph 1. (d)) of this law establishes as follows: 1. For farmland and villages, fairs, which from the cities, as well as for the House, for an amount owner who received fixed annual assessment will be made multiplying this amount by 20.
2. For cultivable dela villages, fairs and towns, for who the owner would receive an annual prestaţiune in nature, an assessment will be made multiplying 20 income at which are imposed by the last census of contribuţiuni roles in those lands, paying us-is the owner of equity in relation to prestatiunea.
3. Vineyards and fruit trees, as well as any other plantatiuni will be regarded as arable land and it will calculate the price according to the established regional income multiplied by 20 in 1916.

Chapter 5 implementing Article 37 bodies implementing Bodies are: i. Agriculture Committee;
II. Comisiunea County of expropriation;
III. expropriation by Comisiunea detour.
I. Agriculture Committee consists of 18 members and a Chairperson, appointed by Royal Decree for a period of 5 years after the proposal of the Minister of agriculture authorized through a log of the Council of Ministers and will be formed one half of the lawyers and half of the specialists in Agronomy and economics policy.
The Committee will be formed from the breast or three sections, namely: the old Kingdom section);

b) Section for Transylvania;

section c).

Each section will be able to work in a subsectii composed of at least three members.
The Agriculture Committee is an advisory body of the Ministry of agriculture in all matters that will be submitted relating to work of the expropriation and improprietarire.

It shall examine any request for the review would be submitted to the Minister with respect to the decisions of courts of final data regarding expropriation or definitive works of improprietarire, given in contradiction with the law.
If the Committee decides to revise the agricultural, he sends the expropriation before another county comisiuni of expropriation, which will restore the work of expropriation. And if the work will be reviewed improprietarire Panel, he will ask the Committee on the restoration of this detour pictures through an additional research.
County Commission decision to send and improprietarire back panel are final and enforceable and may attack-is no ordinary or extraordinary.
Sections work like delegatiuni of the Special Committee on the questions which are referred to.
II. Comisiunea County of expropriation, one from each district, it consists of 4 members: a) A Counselor of the Court of appeal designated by the Ministry of Justice as the President, or in the absence of the President of the Court of first instance or a judge of the court designated by him;

b) a delegate of the Central House of împroprietăririi;

c) a delegate of the owners;

d) a delegate of the villagers.

With the election of delegates to the owners and villagers is done and the choice of a substitute.
In addition to each county will work comisiune and a Secretary. The rules of election of delegates and the operating mode of comisiunilor will be determined by special regulation.
The decisions of the Commission shall be taken by majority vote; in the event of parity, the vote of the President is precumpanitor.
These decisions shall be signed by the members of the Commission and its Secretary and will be drafted in for up to 15 days; they will also contain the opinions of the minority.
Atribuţiunile comisiunilor County are: 1. the rule in the first court on the price of land and expropriated constructiunilor.
Owner, Central House, villagers of împroprietăririi and all those who have any right in rem over real estate expropriated, can attack with appeals the decision of the Commission relating to the County of expropriation price.
The call will be made to the Court of appeal that, within 30 days from the way published in the Gazette.
Central House will be able to call anytime, as long as it has not been pronounced judgement on the price in the final calls made by other stakeholders.
The call will address in this latter case directly to the Court in which the judgment call of one of the parties.
The procedure will perform under art. 66 and 68 of the law on judges, the official in charge of wards and fulfilling them will be fined in the event of negligence with 50-100 lei.
Calls on the same estate shall be connected even ex officio.
2. the Court Is the last on the utters calls made against decisions of the comisiunilor and comisiunilor regions of the detour of expropriation for the establishment of communal pasunelor, regarding the legal situation of the property, to the extent, quality, choice and setting of the land expropriated, of the number of the households belonging to the same owner.
County Commission decisions given in this regard are final and enforceable, without opposition, appeal, appeal, subject to the dispoziţiunilor referred to in Chapter 3. V of this law and of the right of review on behalf of the Committee on agriculture, for one year from the rock of the execution, in fact.
However, the parties have the right of opposition before the comisiunilor sub-county, in court, the last execution errors in fact, according to art. 50 and following.
III. expropriation of detour Comisiunea, one for each constituency of the prefect of the detour, it consists of 4 members: a) judge detour as President;

b) a delegate of the Central House of împroprietăririi;

c) a delegate of the owners;

d) a delegate of the villagers.

With the election of delegates to the owners and villagers is done and the choice of a substitute.
In addition to each comisiune of the detour will operate and a Secretary.
The rules of this election and officials of the Commission shall be determined by special regulation.
Delegates will be replaced as in the case of absence, their respective alternates, in case of their absence, and they will be replaced by the President of the Commission who shall designate after application of the împroprietăririi House delegate other persons from the category of those whose seat has remained vacant.
Meetings of the Commission will detour you in the courts of detour, net evidences or administrations.
Comisiunilor decisions of the detour by majority vote. In the event of parity, the vote of the Chairman decides.
They will be signed by all members, including its Secretary; will be drawn up not later than within 15 days and will also contain the views of the minority.
Decisions with unanimity of votes given Commission if they are not called by any of the parties, are final and are executed immediately after harvest.
Atribuţiunile comisiunilor by detour: 1. in the first court ruling on the legal situaţiunii of the properties from the point of view of expropriation, the approximate size and quality of the land subject to expropriation in accordance with the law of the dispoziţiunii front, over the expropriation by applying progressive made scale contained in Decree No. 3.697/948 and the choice and determination of the approximate expropriated; also comisiunea is the first court ruling over all local committees made expropriations and county committees as organs of appeal provided for in art. 31 of the law on the establishment of communal pasunelor.
In this latter aim all pastureland and expropriation for municipal services will be sent from the Office of former comisiuni who remain abolished this law, which from the date the respective comisiunile of the detour to review them in the first court, with appeal to the comisiunea shown. 37, para. (II) above.
Comisiunea can give their opinion on the need for the exchange of land referred to in art. 18 and 19 of the Act.
For the purposes indicated above, comisiunea da concluziunilor listening parties and will make all investigations for acquiring the data necessary for the lease will justify the decision.
Comisiunea will be able to order these explanations, completing as experts believe any person; they are forced to descend their on the ground for making expertise.
2. Gather all necessary information;

the land price) to evaluate expropriated after productive categories (Earth, destined to pasture and Meadow) and qualities;

b price) to evaluate forests, vineyards, plantatiunilor, buildings, industrial facilities, baltilor, stufariilor, inundabil, Earth ponds, necultivabil, etc., which fall under expropriation. Commission decisions of detour for expropriation are subject to appeal to the comisiunea County of the expropriation within the time limit provided for in art. 46 of this law.

Article 38 Procedure for choosing and implementing bodies ' functioning will specify by regulation and instructions.

Chapter 6 Article 39 application of expropriation Operations dispoziţiunilor the law face regarding expropriation shall be carried out by the House of împroprietăririi.
Expropriation operations will create suddenly across the country.

Article 40 All landowners whose estates are subject to the compulsory purchase order in whole or in part by the presence of the law, are owed to that within a month of her return passage to the end from each judge of the district where the detour stood perched on each of the estates you posses, a declaraţiune in 3 copies for each land you posses or possessed on August 15, 1916 including the following: the Name of the property's) village, plăşii commune, and the county where the property is situated;

(b) the name of the owner), his legal ability and his real domicile;

(c) the Legal Status of property) and her creation of the Declaration and on August 15, 1916; as well as acts of transmission of ownership that date until dela;

d) surface of Earth that remained following the application of progressive scale expropriation Decree-Law No. 3.697/918 and communal grazing land law, specifying how much the forest, acres gardens, vineyards, fields, ponds, etc., and how much productive land (forest, meadow, when plowed.

(e) the Number of the households you posses) on 15 August 1916, with the brightness of their situation (common, place, district). In case when the estate was meanwhile sold or donated, it will show the name of the new owner;

f) If the estate in respect of which the Declaration is made was nurtured through leaseholder on 23 April 1920, for how long and with what financial contract endorsed by the Administration, if it is rented UAA;

g) Estate or estates in places which meant to retain the maximum prescribed by law;

h) if land has low capital investments in capital construction, with the brightness of the surface occupied by these constructions and their evalurarii;

I) If the estate plan and hotarnicie or economically, if the plan and hotarnicia judecătoreşte have been confirmed;

j) net income per hectare of land category and the most productive.

The above statements are made by the owners or their procuratorii/juvenile, and forbid, through their legal representatives, those put under judicial Council will be able to do without the assistance of the Council, married women without the consent of both spouses for the wealth of the parafernala and the dotală; in the case when on the property rights of e constituted legal usufruct, the statement is made by the owner and usufructuary.
The judge will send detour these statements two copies, one to the House of împroprietăririi and other County agricultural Adviser respectively.

Article 41

Comisiunile by detour for expropriation will begin their operations at most in the 70 days before the promulgation of dela; they do their work on the basis of articles 81 and 82 delcaratiunii dela. 40, and on the basis of încunoştiinţării would be any way about the existence of any estates subject to expropriation and for which the landlord has not made special statement. Times who is in right to bring to the attention of the Commission for the omissions committed by those forced to make the statement pursuant to article 13. 40. Article 42 of the Commission President by detour for expropriation shall notify the Parties decided by judgment day citatiuni handed out according to the law the judges of the detour.
The owner will be cited to their home shown by the Declaration of the expropriation, of împroprietăririi House through agricultural Advisor, and villagers by the commune or town hall where the Commons estate.
Citatiunile will be put in order to the parties at least 10 days before the day of the presentation.
The notary is obliged to advise this to announce through the display on the door look in each commune of the date fixed for judgement.
The procedure will perform before the Commission under art. paragraph 37, para. the ultimate given above.
The notary is obliged to announce through the display, with at least 10 days before the day of the presentation, in every village the date fixed for trial.

Article 43 The day fixed, comisiunea by detour carry spot and after hearing the Parties shall establish, upon the property terminates upon her legal situaţiunii, of the number and owner of the households belonging to the surfaces, how growth alongside, on the choice and determination of the surface buildings expropriated, and Lastly, on the surface that, within the limits of the law, to allow the owner.
At the same time comisiunea gather the facts necessary for fixing the price.

Article 44 the Commission President is obliged by the detour of send, within 10 days of the hearing date, which from the Agriculture of the County concerned a copy of the decisions given by the comisiune, and owner, in the same period, a statement on the decision.

Article 45 May appeal against decisions of the boards of detour for expropriation and peasant, both owners and agrarian Committee, by his delegate from comisiune, through the agricultural Councillor, or through the national registry.
The term is 30 days off. It flows for parts that have been front and in the absence of publication in the excerpt from the presence of the Official Gazette of the Commission. In case when the parties have appealed and the decision was not rendered unanimously, it will be obligatory for comisiunea County surveyed for the expropriation.
To this end the Commission President of the detour for the expropriation dossier forwarded to them ex officio.
Central House of împroprietăririi will be able to appeal before the County Commission whenever until definitive pronouncement of the judgement of the expropriation, the calls made by other stakeholders.
The call will address in this latter case directly to the Court in which the judgment call of one of the parties.

Article 46 County Commission President of expropriation, receiving incoming calls shown above, fixed term, which shall not be less than 30 days after receiving the call from the rock.
This term is displayed on the door of the City Hall with at least 10 days before the trial.
The parties will be încunoştinţate through citatiuni according to art. paragraph 37, para. the ultimate given above, namely: the owner of citatiuni) at the head office by the Administration, except for those written by declaraţiune who made the County Commission President of expropriation will choose another home;

b) display the Villagers by the commune or town hall in the Commons where the estate;

c a împroprietăririi's House) (direction of land) by summons at her headquarters in Bucharest.

The parties will be able to give any verbal explanations and will be able to submit any pleadings by. On the basis of the documents presented, or through local research to one of its members or of the whole, the Commission will give a final and enforceable judgment who are not subject to any horses, except for the part concerning the fixing of price and subject to the reservations referred to in article 1. database of Decisions 37 II2 comisiunile County of expropriation shall be published in the Official Gazette, mined only in terms of price.
The President of the Commission is obliged, within 10 days of the pronouncement, to send Dale Adviser for agriculture a copy of the decisions, and the owner in the same period a statement on the decision.

Article 47 Before both expropriation comisiuni villagers are represented by a delegate and the owners in person or through a representative. Both may be assisted by an attorney.
The delegate type is designated by them in front of the Commission, served during the start of operation compass. If they do not agree on the name of the delegate, then the Chairman will appoint ex officio of the Wallachian village.

Article 48 Decisions given by comisiunea County land expropriation with regard to fixing the price, are subject to appeal to the Court of appeal. May call the owner of the House, împroprietăririi, villagers, and who has a right in rem over property expropriated in deadlines and rigid conditions shown above.
Court of appeal judge these emergency calls and in particular. Deciziunile they are not subject to opposition, nor the appeal in Cassation.

Chapter 7 final Execution of expropriation and its application on the ground that article 49 of the Commission's decisions by the County for the expropriation, or those of the Commission of the final detour, run through the direction of Cadastre, which will cause the ground permanently expropriata side, setting its boundaries.
The National Survey will be able to start the work of the Commission following the decision of the measurement of detour right in case of dialing. All the work you have done or will do in the latter case will be valid; the report provided for in article 4. 55 of the current law will not be able to be completed and published before any definitive judgment call and the expropriation decision. The national Cadastre will be fixed on the basis of the decision of the expropriation, either be called the definitive start date for the remaining work on the ground, and will require the collective through an încunoştiinţare call to all interested parties; the owner of obstea estate, rental, common property, depending on the seat, as well as neighbors and anyone would have any right, of whatever nature, in determining the border.

Article 50 to inform the collective will be signed by the delegate will comprise works for cadastre and property name: subject to expropriation and of Headquarters property, year, month, day and time fixed for the commencement of the works, and the point on the estate, or of the place where the parties called upon will be depicting.
This încunoştiinţare will be notified the owners and will be displayed on the door of the City Hall clerk of the commune of which depends on the property's headquarters, at least 15 days before the day of the presentation, and announced through the sell beats the drum in the Sunday preceding the first day of the term.
This operation will be done for all communes and villages concerned the expropriation.
It will remain displayed for 10 days and, at the end of this period, the clerk of the commune will end report display determination, under penalty of dismissal and of the penalty provided for in art. 190 of the penal code, in case of failure.
The existence of the minute of finding the folder display work done complete proof that the parties have been regularly summoned.

Article 51 on the day of the presentation of all the documents and the parties will submit their plans on supporting their rights, without being able to grant more than an adjournment for this purpose, which will be 10 days.
In case when the decision of expropriation is invoked at the time the parties are obligated to submit certified copies on the grounds for appeal.

Article 52 Once started the work, parties will be obligated to pursue them on the ground until their completion.

Article 53 the delegate Survey, based on the documents presented, the declaraţiunilor parties, informatiunilor taken and actual possession, shall establish the boundaries of the land subject to expropriation, by dropping them through the report, numbered throughout and past in your inventory.
The delegate will prepare a Survey report of the start of the work, you will find the performance of the procedure for the parties, calling plans and acts portrayed, with amanuntime limits the land subject to expropriation.

Article 54 After it will proceed to the measurement of land subject to expropriation and to the application of the legal quota.
However, if the metric is going to find that the area of land subject to expropriation is higher or lower than the one found by comisiunilor decisions of expropriation, it will review the decision of the Commission only as far as the laying, fixing the precise area of expropriated party, and the remaining neexpropriate.
As a result of the measurement shall be determined on the ground side expropriata and will secure the boarders numbered milestones on plan through and listed in inventory, so the remaining side neexpropriata, and from all your neighbors, without change, however on this occasion points judged by definitive comisiuni, over situaţiunii of property, nature and quality of the land expropriated party choice , etc.

Article 55

After completing this work, the delegate will draw up a survey of the second Protocol, by which you will find: the extent of land subject to expropriation, expropriata in relation to the surface area of land subject to expropriation, the appearing of the borders fixed for this part, as well as all the testimony made by the parties in connection with the fixing of these countries.
Copies of both reports concluded the delegate Survey, will submit to the notary, which immediately displays them for 10 days at the door of the City Hall of which depends on the property's headquarters, bringing it to the attention of the village through the sell and BABB of drum.
This operation will be done in all communes and villages concerned the expropriation.
At the end of the show, the clerk of the commune will end report display determination; will forward a copy of the record Works, under penalty of removal from Office of cadastre and the penalty provided for in art. 190 of the penal code in case of failure.
The originals of the works completed by the delegate Survey, along with the plan and with the evidence of the finding of all pageviews and bringing to the attention of the villagers, will remain in the folder.

Article 56 All keys are unhappy with the work of measurement and fixing the boundaries of the land expropriated will be able to make that opposition to the County within 15 days free dela expiration of minutes is displayed at City Hall, and the planned notifications referred to in the previous article, whether the work was done in their presence, whether they were failing.
This opposition can be filed either directly to the Chairman of the County Commission, the President of the Commission be detour for expropriation.
Non-opposition in due time, make final for all interested parties, the delegate Survey without any other remedy.

Article 57 Opposition will be iscălită by the objector, who may also be interested in satean and any cause, or representative or special purchase that will be joined to the file copy.
The petition shall include: the name, profession and place of residence, the pronoun contestatorului and will show all the reasons for the appeal of the voeşte to serve and which will join in the copy or original.

Article 58 of the Commission once Prezidentul County will receive the opposition will ask Works with the respective land register folder, together with the reasoned opinion of the delegate who made the work, will fix the term of the Court no later than 40 days after receiving the appeal and will end from features summoning the parties.

Article 59 the authors will be quoted at the Agriculture Committee showed, and, through the national Cadastre, according to these rules laid down in articles 81 and 82. 66-68 of the law courts of wards and citaţiunea will deliver at least 5 working days before the appearance.
All other parties will be cited by a collective încunoştiinţare, which will show the name of contestatorului, the date of the protocols concluded by the delegate of cadastre, subject to expropriation and property name of the property, as well as headquarters and the year, month, day and hour fixed for judgement.
This încunoştiinţare will be displayed at the restaurant door County Commission by the Registrar, as well as the respective town halls, 15 days before the day of the presentation.
It will remain displayed for 10 days and, at the end of this period, the clerk of the County Commission will conclude a protocol for finding the display, which will be joined to the opposition.
All this under penalty of dismissal for officer and the penalty provided for in article 10. 190 of the penal code, in case of failure.
The whole procedure will be free of charge.

Article 60 Comisiunea County will decide whether to appeal made with respect to the land subject to expropriation, masuratoarei or fixing borders, on the basis of party documents confiscated and actual possession, and may make or require the verification of research measurements.
In this case, the verification shall be done by a delegate of a Cadastre engineer and Works chosen by the objector.
If you will need a third expert shall be elected by the county from the same list, and the work will be done all together.
County Commission decision will be given no later than three months after receiving the call from the rock.
It shall be final and enforceable, without right of objection or appeal.

Article 61 that decisions will be made by the Directorate of cadastre in the assistance of an engineer of contestatorului, Bacãu on the pitch changes as indicated in the decision and fixing these boundaries is changes.
Engineer-objector delegate will be called by means of a registered letter, made by the delegate Survey.
Its findings will be done through a report, accompanied by a sketch of the plan, signed by both delegates present, or in the absence of the objector delegate engineer only by the delegate Survey.
The minutes and shall forward it to the sketch works for the Cadastre.

Article 62 of the Commission for final Decision and confirmed the County remaining in the area of Cadastral Division delegate represents a definitive title owner in terms of surface expropriata.
If the delegate's work will find a survey of the area larger or smaller than that contained in the judgement which is executed and no party has not made the opposition on this work, the report will be submitted to the County Commission, which will make the judgement executed, edge correction.
As regards the adjustment of the corresponding price in accordance with article will follow. 36. in the case when the parties will be challenged, work Planning comisiunea County delegate, what decision will decide, will permanently fix the surface.

Article 63 around parts of the marking of geodetic points who serve the basic network of metric will let owners whose lands lay down these points, a surface of 1 m 50 RADIUS for I-Jul and II order and 1 m. for 30 points III and IV.
Both parts, and their surrounding areas and all the borders of the land expropriated will give local authorities the guard, who will be required each year, in April, to report the status of Cadastre Works found.

Article 64 those who want set up, move or destroy, spoil, signs marking landmarks of geodetic points with their surrounding areas, will pursue and punish them according to the respective articles of the penal code.
Faptuitorii, will be sentenced at the Central House of damages.

Article 65 all the provisions of this chapter shall also apply to land expropriated on the basis of dispoziţiunilor contained in Decree No. 3,697 since 1918 and progressive scale annexed to that Decree, as well as the land expropriated on the basis of the law on communal pastures.

Chapter 8 the operation of land expropriated on the basis of Article 66 enforceable decisions of the expropriation referred to in art. 37, Central House of împroprietăririi, will take over the land expropriated in the limits about these decisions and determined will take the above measures with a view to the parcelarii +/-, and selling to the villagers.
Until selling the land parceling the land expropriated villagers will be given in the lease of the House of împroprietăririi. The lease is made for one year. If during this period was made and definitive land reform voting individual owners cannot nouii the land until after the leaseholders have high harvest.

Article 67 For this House of împroprietăririi will organize the comrades of farming, to which will be given over expropriated land.
Tovarasiile farm will form and lead the popular banks law and village cooperatives with derogations below.
Those comrades are agricultural led by a Board of Directors, composed of an administrator appointed by the House of împroprietăririi and two members elected by the villagers.
The administrator shall be paid by the State, it can operate from several neighbouring agricultural companions.
The term of Office of the members of the Board of Directors is one year. the General Assembly may legislature members whose term of Office has expired.
Board members may be central House at any time to cancel the împroprietăririi in case of abuse, bad faith, bad administration or proven disability service, following a research made by its bodies.
The Board of Directors of the tovarasiilor farm has an obligation to share the land expropriated between villagers, to draw up an array of flow, to track the receipt of arenzilor and priveghea to the proper culture of the land leased.
Tovarasiile farming will comprise primarily on villagers who are entitled to improprietarire. They are not liable for the bonds than their own.

Article 68 the land expropriated and got so into service is charged to the owner at the cost of renting. Payment counts per year for agriculture and to do it in two equal instalments on 1 May and 1 Noemvrie each year. For the land expropriated on the basis of Decree-Law No. 918 3.697 dispoziţiunile apply (art. 42 of the decree-law with amendments of Decree No. 3.622/919, which ratify. Lease granted in 1919, after the contracts in force at the date of the promulgation of the Decree-Law No. 3,697, remaining smooth and definitive.
The price will be calculated and pay the owner of the Central House of improprietarire through its bodies. The rent will be paid to the Central House of the împroprietăririi, in accordance with the established flow of Panel Board of Directors tovarasiei House organs or central împroprietăririi where there are no comrades.

Flow rates set by the Central House of the împroprietăririi, in accordance with the law, those who use land expropriated are final and enforceable without fulfilling any other formalities.
The pursuit of these flows is done according to the law of State revenue tracking.

Chapter 9 paying the price and liquidation tasks.

Article 69 expropriated owner paying the price due can be made in cash or in securities renta intangibles in 50 years and bear interest of 5 per cent per annum. Face value is credited to the payment as fair value.
Payment of expropriation for all persons in moral renta perpetuate bearing interest of 5 per cent per annum.

Article 70 paying the price for each property will be made on the basis of decisions of the expropriation and setting the final price, namely: 80% of the value immediately and the remaining 20% based on the title of the rigid conditions of measurement referred to in article 1. 62. Until then, the State pays an interest rate of 5 per cent.

Article 71 the State will make good by payment of the price in cash or rent recorded due to the deposits and consemnaţiuni.
He is liberează by the mere fact of valid Conference hold its rent. The owner will raise cash and securities house rent deposits and dela consemnaţiuni only with the authorization of the Tribunal President expropriated the land situation.

Article 72 expropriated the land price recorded By becoming free from any bond there would be loads of times, out of the land of the rural Credit mortgages.
All who have or claim any rights on the part of the Earth expropriata, can not exercise than on cash and securities recorded as rent.

Article 73 Any claim, action or income real estate pursuits, as well as any rights, privileges, such as legal or conventional mortgage, usufruct, anticreza, embatic, or any other, besman and claims of every kind, even known, State of law, remain closed on the expropriated portion, on the day of expropriation; and pretentiunile of any kind on the land expropriated will capitalize on the price only recorded at House of submissions. The Court, following the request of the House of împroprietăririi and below the Conference hold its price, the proof will require the deletion of all of them expropriated portion above and closing any papers or chases.
Also, until duty, any ceziune, monitoring, garnishment and liens may not be set up in the hands of the State, which has no regard for them and the established law remain abolished.

Article 74 If the property of which was made compulsory purchase ipotecata only the land is rural Credit and for an amount greater than the price of expropriation, capital capital will be divided between the owner of the estate and the State over State payment price, part of the debt before the expropriation price competition, and the rest of the debt remains on the part of the neamortizata estate neexpropriata. However, if capital capital is equal to or less than the price of expropriation, then it passes over the entire debt of the State, and the difference will be, until the completion of the compulsory purchase order price, the State will pay expropriatului in the manner described in article 11. 76. In all cases referred to the delayed rates up with percentages and what expenses would be due will remain as the prime task on the price recorded at the home of deposits and which won't consemnaţiuni could be convicted only after proof of payment of these rates.
They will be able to remain as task and the neexpropriate party, if it shall be admissible by the Management Board of the credit. In this case, the company will preserve over party neexpropriate what a mortgage with all rights and privileges under the present Decree-Law, law and its statutes and the Act of imprumutare.
Payment of annuities in question until the extinction of the debt remains the responsibility of the State.
If you are more of a mortgage lending, allocation of estates and their Division will begin with the first inscriptiune and will follow with the next until it reaches an amount equal to the price of expropriation in order to operate the Division, as shown above.
Social capital, in all the cases above, remains in the entire expropriated his owner and will not receive a refund only after complete discharge of the debt, both part of the estate remaining after in his property, and after the expropriata part.
The Board of Directors of the first Credit unions in Bucharest Romanian land will make the distribution and Division of ipotecelor on this basis, and the State is still replaced all rights and obligations of the owner of the debt taken on to him; There will, however, have the right to vote at meetings of the society.
Mortgage debt taken into State isn't guaranteed jointly by the owners of Credit society societari land countryside.

Article 75 If the property makes expropriation of land is ipotecata both Loan and other Credit lenders, debt will rule according to art. before; and others, such as ipotecele and privilege would have the previous owner for the price of the sale, or by way of derogation from the presence of convenţiune law, remain closed throughout their expropriated portion above.
Mortgage lenders or privileged rights is only the remaining part resfrang expropriatului for each claim in her inscriptiunii and rank only to claim what would have received, after first you collect numerariul or rent titles due in accordance with article expropriatului. 69, who in the absence of numerariului replaced by any calculation of moneta would have stipulated for the payment of any debt, other than the exceptions specified in article 1. 76. the mortgage Claims and privileges established banks and financial institutions will only be paid in rent.

Article 76 In case when ipotecata property is exclusive only to persons other than the land Loan Mortgage claims, then, by way of derogation from the presence or convenţiune abolished law, remain on the expropriated portion, and the rights of the lenders shall be exercised only upon the price recorded at Casa de renta deposits and consemnaţiuni.
They continue, however, to remain proportionally over the remaining party items expropriatului and the very top of the mortgage.
Proportional side who returns from mortgage debt to the creditor side expropriata are declared due for payment. She is going to pay the rent from the nominal amount counted as noted on an equal value. On day 15, the lender not Decemvrie 1918 will be entitled to take than 6% will be deducted from the capital borrowed, the amount charged by the lender in that percentage. Also in this way shall be credited to the rent paid by the borrowers any interest until the day datorite Conference hold its.
Those mortgage lenders who, instead of receiving renta recorded what would be appropriate, you consent that all their claims to be assured in the rest of neexpropriata property and at the same time would extend the period in which payment is 10 years old and with a timeout, which from the interest of 5% per annum, will be able to receive a cash payment of the charge debt.
Any privileges that would be entered until 15 August 1916 on the property subject to the compulsory purchase order in another currency than the Lions, will be able to pay by debtors in lei on the course since the moment of commitment, whatever the condition between the parties.
Division, cancellation of debt, collapsing and the order between lenders is fixed by Presidential Ordinance in the Chamber of the Council of the President of the Tribunal, after the demand situation the creditor or the debtor and summoning the parties.
This order is subject to the same remedies as horses and presidential Ordinances given pursuant to art. 66 bis of the code of civil procedure. On the basis of this Ordinance, a final and enforceable remaining President will require House submissions to pay creditors in cash or in the absence of proper amount in rent, and the Office will operate cancellation or restriction of pregnancy the expropriated.
Enforcement of mortgage claims or privileged is suspended until the entry price.

Part II chapter 10 LAND REFORM VOTING Order of preference at improprietarire Article 77 Land expropriated on the basis of the law of the face as well as that of the State is parceleaza to sell lots of the inhabitants are Romanians, growers under the conditions and in the manner indicated in this law.
For this purpose it will employ with the approval of the Committee of agriculture and part of the arable land of communal rangelands, where there will be no need.

Article 78 the land expropriated shall be sold in lots of those spin and in the following order: 1. of particular Mobilizatilor in rasboiul 1916-1919;
2. Mobilizatilor in 1913;
3. children of rabari Widows;
4. Small Farmers without land;
5. Farmers with less than 6 Hectares;
6. Orphans of rabari.

Article 79 The rigid conditions of justification will prefer in the same category: a) Invalids: b) those who in the past have worked on the estate;

c) those who have founded and household inventory;

d) those who have more children;

e) the most in years.

Article 80 In case of parity of conditions between justified out of the same category and neajungerea the number of lots it will proceed through the draw. The distribution of lots will have on cornfields in the ties of kinship, friendship of lotasilor, as well as the situation in which were the cultivation of these places before improprietarire.

Article 81

In municipalities where there are no expropriabile estates will prefer to improprietarire indreptatitii in categories 1, 2 and 3 of these communal lands expropriated the land from neighbouring municipalities, up to a distance of 5 km before indreptatitilor in categories 5 and 6 of these municipalities if they have worked in the past on the estate.

Article 82 the ground used by embatic as well as places with rent that the villagers have built houses, farmers planted orchards are alive or expropriaza for the benefit of residents and embaticarilor.
Disposal of such lands as dela 1916 by persons other than by their owners are null and void; out unless through a final court sentence has been abolished by law report of the owner and the owners of the Earth.

Article 83 Inhabitants are Romanians from edge cities or fairs whose main pastime, field work is entitled to the estates in improprietarire on a radius of 10 km and which have worked in the past.

Article 84 shall be considered as justified: priests, teachers, and all other small civil servants having resided in the rural communes, graduates of schools of agriculture in all grades, under condiţiunea as some others to locueasca the country and undertakes to work the land.
As skilled craftsmen — Internet: lemnarii, Smiths, tailors, consultancy, etc., which in the past were not occupied with agriculture, carciumarii and various traders, as well as those from any category would be, having land, sold it, won't be improprietariti until after all the others were justified satisfied dela art. 78. Article 85 Officers disabled people will receive especially in rigid conditions for payment of the law, 5 Ha land; they will be able to receive up to 25 Ha in the regions of colonization after împroprietăririi if undertakes to cultivate personal and settling on the lot.
Reangajatii are in service on the date of promulgation of this army law retains provisions of law reangajatilor the army in terms of lease of lands at reangajati, with condiţiune to settle on the lot and get it work personally.

Article 86 Shall preclude dela improprietarire dissenters, convicted with final decisions, even if they were amnistiati of the offence committed, and all those who have been put at the service of the enemy.
Do excepţiune those referred to in sub-paragraph dela above dissenters in the country, condemned and amnistiati, the revision provided for in article 4. 90 will prove before the Committee, ocol with copy on the worksheet will certified by the master of the circle of recruitment respectively, as throughout the rasboiului from 1916 to 1919 had no unlawful deprivation or their body from the rock, followed by mutation of desertion, not canceled by order of the day, more than 30 days.
Mobilization who have not followed the army in Moldova and have remained in the territory temporarily occupied and who were under investigation by the comisiunile set up for this purpose and find that remained in the occupied territory, there will be improprietariti in their municipalities, only after satisfying other entitled to improprietarire; and if not will get and Earth in their communes, they will be improprietariti through colonization.
Wounded and invalids, as well as those who were made prisoners of the enemy and have not been convicted at Courts martial, shall not be considered as remaining in the occupied territory and therefore not be treated as such with regard to land reform voting.

Article 87 where there is not enough land to improprietari everyone entitled to a portion of them will move into areas of colonization. This choice will be made by the inhabitants themselves, and when in this way would not reach a result impaciuitor, the choice will be made by the local improprietarire, preference being given to the land reform voting place of invalids and widows rabari, and since more villagers in the same age category family, who possess valid households.

Article 88 From land expropriated by the provisions of law on the face of the provisions of Decree-law over no. 15 1918 from 3,697 Decemvrie will improprietari of preference before other categories entitled: a) Invalids;

b) widows and orphans children rabari of rabari are born later in 1903, who possess agricultural inventory;

(c) teachers and Priests) who does not have land, who have less than 5 hectares, or weren't improprietariti until the promulgation of the face.

Large plots, established on land expropriated by law enforcement, as well as the one already expropriated in the regions of colonization and undistributed at the villagers, set up model farms and demonstration batches and it improprietaresc farming schools graduates of all levels, disabled officers who undertakes to cultivate the land generally imposed after Central House of împroprietăririi.

Article 89 If will abound in the Earth as a result of the sale of the lots to the above rules and there are no requests of colonization, for 3-year-old Dale improprietarire work is completed, it will no longer be able to sell up to a second batch of those to whom it has assigned one. It prefers those who possess arms inventory, more numerous and who pay in advance a larger part of the price.

Article 90 Improprietaririle made until promulgation of the face based on decrees-laws No. 2.097 1.407/920/920, are final and cannot be changed except with the approval of the Committee.
Agricultural Committee will review the paintings of improprietarire regarding the dissenters, former prisoners, as well as those admitted without the improprietarire.

Article 91 of comisiunilor Members who improprietarire in full knowledge and willpower will score on dashboards or improprietarire will score on the paintings of improprietarire or improprietariri people who did not have that right, shall be removed not only from the comisiunile of improprietarire, but also from public functions if you deal with atari, functions and will give judgment in accordance with the criminal code and declared unable to deal with other functuni.

Chapter 11 land Parceling expropriated Land expropriated shall be Article parceleaza 92 in batches, whole batches up to 5 Ha and lots of colonization of 7 Ha, apart from communal and inclusive place. The formation and distribution of lots to keep into account the justified the Earth on you possess, or have the prospect of inherit in direct line.

Article 93 where farmland expropriated for land reform voting would not reach all those entitled with lots of 5 hectares, with land you posses, and where the primary means of existence of the inhabitants is not farming, the agricultural Committee will be able to make smaller batches of 5 hectares, considering rigid conditions of local nature and his cultivation of the Earth.

Article 94 the land with outstanding natural quality will be divided, with the approval of the Agriculture Committee, both between everyone, excepting those inhabitants who are possessed at least one hectare of land too.

Article 95 Lots of additions shall be preferably near distribue villages; they will not be less than one-half hectare, and the scale will go from half in half hectare; fractions less than half entering it until half in favor of the villagers.

Article 96 for meadow Land in the region of mountains, hills and lowlands is sold in batches up to 3 hectares.

Article 97 rural villagers from skilled craftsmen — Internet, which are municipalities and Carlos, only from a House to a Ha of land. Marginasii cities and fairs and Earth cultivators mountaineers who do not move per group are entitled to improprietarire only up to 2 hectares.
Inhabitants of urban and rural municipalities which are made after the promulgation of the Decree-Law of expropriation in 1918, will enjoy all the rights conferred by this law in rural municipalities.

Article 98 Seats reserved for constructiuni homes will be sold for the villagers living in particularly where they have not improprietaresc unto his own House. Will be given preference in buyers of lots, as well as those who are established in the villages noui. House seating area will be 1,000-3,000 sqm., and will not be included in the surface lot.

Article 99 the irrigated land, or that they can plant vineyards and orchards, laying on the lots can be scoborata and up to a half hectare.

Article 100 Swamps, ponds, stuhariile cohalmurile, the river meadows may sell confiscated by the preference of the commune or cooperative organizations in the village.

Article 101 Buildings are sold by the preference of the commune, County or cooperative organizations of villagers; and in case when they won't need them they sell, along with a batch of less than 50 Ha, those entitled under the provisions of the law.

Article 102 land expropriated in all regions through the law of expropriata over the surface of the face by applying progressive scale of Decree No. 3.619/919 and regions already expropriated the land colonization on the enforcement front, will be able to make batches of 10 Hectares in the mountain, Hill and in regions with dense and populatiune up to 50 Ha in other regions After receiving the opinion of the Committee on Agriculture and with authorization. Some of these lots will contain buildings who are found on the expropriated land. The area set aside for these lots won't race 1/8th of the expropriated land.

Article 103 In batches will be up at 8, 10 and 25 hectares, these two latter categories occupying up to 30% of the total surface area of expropriata in the village.
Batches of 25 Ha reserve exclusively for peasants who colonize it.

Chapter 12 of the implementing Bodies

Article 104 of the împroprietăririi bodies are local Committee and the Committee of the detour.
I. the local Committee is composed of: (a));

b) Priest;

c master class Engeneering).

d) Four villagers delegates (elected from their own).

The local Committee has the duty to draw up in every township a picture of all the villagers who would be improprietariti, in accordance with the provisions of the law and order that has been established and who will develop through the instructions.
II. the Committee of the detour: detour of the judge) as President;

b) regional delegate of revolutions: as Central House of împroprietăririi;

c place the administrator);

d) two delegates villagers;

e) a delegate of the Ministry of the rabari.

The Committee judging spot detour contestaţiunile what would crop up when compiling improprietarire panels, definitively establishing lists of villagers to be improprietariti.
Delegate of the Ministry of the military situation will investigate rabari of villagers.
The decision of the majority is given; in the event of parity, the vote of the President is precumpanitor.

Chapter 13 împroprietăririi Procedure Article 105 local Committee prepares the improprietarire for each commune. This picture will be displayed 15 days at the door of the Town Hall, school, Church and all public buildings in the village. The notary is obliged to give back panel improprietarire to ask. In the same range it will submit to the City Hall to those who contestaţiunile would be omisi, as well as those relating to those who would have passed on the Tableau without law or in another order than is legal.
Contestaţiunile shall be made in writing on paper, the Mayor being obliged to give proof of receipt of the opposition party. Complaints can be made in the same period, and that here for detour is required within 3 days to send them to the Committee for opinion.

Article 106 local Committee within at most 15 days after the expiry of the period for the receipt of contestatiunilor, will conclude a report noting the above formalities and receiving contestatiunilor what would be coming along and will give its opinion on each appeal.
The report is made in two copies, one from who is the great book of reports of communal Council deliberations and another shall be forwarded to the Committee of detour respectively.

Article 107 the Committee judging spot detour contestaţiunile after summoning collective made at least 10 days before arrival in the village and definitively drawn up within 20 days, with the agenda of those in particular the right to buy land.
In case of disagreement, the judge draw lots in front of the Commission on the villagers who will be improprietariti.

Article 108 House of împroprietăririi may require an additional detour Committee for research, even if the paintings of improprietarire were finally closed, when due to causes of force majeure, some of the villagers were not passed on those arrays or others were swept away.

Chapter 14 implementation of Commission Decision împroprietăririi Article 109 of the remaining final detour through neapelare or County Commission decision for expropriation, which constitutes title will carry out land reform voting law, which will be replaced by definitive land reform voting when the County Commission decision will be definitive pursuant to dispoziţiunilor head. VII. Article 110 Dividing land between those entitled to make Central împroprietăririi House organs after the paintings and the number of batches prepared by comisiunile of detour.

Article 111 before agricultural parcel/plot, law enforcement Committee will designate his expropriated Earth first;

necessary for the fulfillment of) areas of the public and the interests of the State, and to establish the Church and the school's completion and lots, as: children, gardens primary school, adults, basic trades, environments, etc., from the villages. These lots will not be higher than the lots in the region;

(b) necessary for the establishment of Land) or izlazurilor comunale;

(c) necessary for enlarging Areas) home villages, creating villages for roads, noui, adapatori, etc., as well as for the setting up of the forests in the regions of colonization or land unsuitable for grazing land and culture.

Article 112 If, by applying the above provisions, intended for surface împroprietăririi collapses, it will decrease in the same proportion and number of lots.
On receipt of the batch will teach each a certificate to check the surface of the lot, and the price situation.
Carrying out this operation shall be recorded in a report done in triplicate from one who remains in the archive of the local mayor, another is sent to consilieratului agricultural County and the third shall be forwarded to the House of împroprietăririi, Department of land management.

Article 113 when the National Survey will measure the land expropriated, will review the above parcel/plot plan, writing and teaching each property a definitive Act.
Parcel/plot plan shall be made in triplicate: one is submitted to the local mayor's Office, the second at the consilieratul agricultural and third at the direction of Cadastre.

Chapter 15 the whole Article 114 Colonization operation of sheep grazing regions having rare population within the meaning of the front of the House it's entrusted to împroprietăririi, which takes the necessary measures for making-up of villages, or aggrandizement noui.

Article 115 House of localities in împroprietăririi determine who follows the colonization by establishing, in accordance with local needs and with further development, the number of lots that may shape the State's reserves, hearths, roads, in order to enhance communal/cnfa and izlazurilor set up, lots of different school facilities, public interests and perform the necessary work.
By way of derogation from the rock art. 4, 6 and 78 of the law for the Organization of rural communes, zooming or moving existing village/cnfa, and establishment and appointment of joint noui, hamlets and villages on land expropriated from any region of the country, will be based on a journal of the Council of Ministers.
Nouilor plans will be drawn up and villages applied on the ground by the Directorate of technical Cadastruluii and works.

Article 116 to facilitate Israeli soldiers setting up farms, Home of împroprietăririi materials for landfills organize construction, tools and seeds, lending the colonists, execute the necessary technical work and develops through the national cadastre and technical works construction plans with rural estimates and expenditure, facilitate enforcement of the colonists, if they so request.

Article 117 the State advances the House of împroprietăririi the amounts needed for the preparation of the previous article, which from households as half of these expenses to be reimbursed by the colonists for 40 years through annuity who start after the expiry of five years from the presence of those first colonists settlement; the other half remains to be borne by the Central House of împroprietăririi from the funds will allocate annually from the State budget.

Article 118 Have preference to colonization, in the order determined by the particular pictures improprietarire, inhabitants of the region of the County, other counties in other provinces.

All other dispoziţiuni article 119 of this law, which would not be contrary to those of this chapter also apply to colonization.

Chapter 16 the alienation of lots of small Batches of article 120 can sell. Until payment of the price, the sale of the lots can not be done than in total area, as were purchased to House împroprietăririi dela. Shoppers are being held to pay the debt in full House of împroprietăririi.
Drivers are allowed in conditions and donatiunile and exchanges.
These sales are not allowed and donatiuni than after 5 years from the presence of the implementation of the definitive Dominion lots.

Article 121 the House, garden and joined up to a maximum of 1 hectare, which make the body of the House, are intangible; they cannot mortgage and can't be tracked or sold forced in any way.

Article 122 the Earth ruled by the villagers can be purchased, subject to the right of preemption of State, any Romanian citizen, with the obligation to put it in personal value.
Sales of manual Earth cultivators villagers, as well as those made by schools of agriculture graduates all levels, are not subject to preemption of State law.
Preemption of State law shall be exercised by the Central House of dispoziţiunilor împroprietăririi, according to a special regulation that will desvolta and the procedure of implementation.
The purchase of lots sold by this law and by the previous improprietarire, laws cannot be done by one person, rather than up to 25 hectares in the mountain regions and Hill and 100 hectares in the lowland regions.
Institutiunile recognized cultural moral persons can buy every township one or at most two lots to be used for cultural purposes or public economic interest.
Such purchases may be made only with the prior agreement of the Central autorizaţiunea House of împroprietăririi.

Article 123 the Earth up to 10 Hectares, belonging to villagers growers cannot mortgage than only popular banks, Central House of împroprietăririi or institutions authorized by the State.

Article 124

Any transfer without compliance with dispoziţiunilor above are null and void. Nullity shall have jurisdiction of the courts referred to in art. 139 procedure provided for therein. With voidness will rule and dispossession.

Article 125 Dispoziţiunile of this chapter shall also apply to the lots acquired under previous laws improprietarire, disposal of assets of the State and those sold by the rural House, out of the five-year restriction from the rock art. 120. Transferarile rural lands acquired under the various laws of improprietarire meet.
Dispoziţiunile laws of Fevruarie 12, 1879, 1882, 3 April 10 April 1910, 18 March 1912 to 23 April 1916, am and remain repealed with regard to the disposal of both remuneration and free of small batches, i.e. consignments with a so-called statement of Dobrogea-thingy.
Remain in force only dispoziţiunile art. 2 of the law on immovable property start from Eastern Bulgaria of 3 April 1881.
5-year restriction. 120 shall not apply to those lots.

Chapter 17 the indivisibility of lots 126 Article farmland cannot divide by than up to 2 hectares to the lowlands and 1 hectare mountain and Hill. For jobs, factories, vegetable gardens, fruit trees and vineyards, the property Division is permitted without any limit.

Notwithstanding article 127, which from the civil code and in compliance with the preceding article any owner of land may appoint by will's heir or heirs, beneficiaries will have to compensate on the rules of law made joint front.

Article 128 when dividing the land between heirs would not be able to do without violating the dispoziţiunile art. 126 and when the heir was not appointed according to art. 127, the earth can be attributed, through proper understanding, one of the legal heirs, who are being held for it to present themselves when are major, or by their tutors or curator when minors are times forbidden, in front of the judge for taking note of învoiala.
The judge may not legitimize the detour învoiala, only if the tutor or curator e someone other than the father or mother to the heir and if he counts as învoiala not enough to protect the interests of the representatives.

Article 129 in the event of disagreement between the heirs, the judge shall, within 10 days of any request from the presence of heirs, will call all the heirs through subpoenas to home and will seek to establish a settlement on the one or the ones who will become owners of the lot or lots and the compensation to be granted to the other heirs, scoring in an understanding Protocol signed by the parties.
If the parties do not fall to the învoiala, the judge will shoot the lot or lots are divided between heirs, setting the right price and totdeodată with the original value, and the low share of the value of initial order not burdening too much on the future owner and ending about all these operations the minutes signed by the interested parties.
In all these cases, the judge will detour before the finding in the original House of the împroprietăririi, but to file a copy of his signature.

Article 130 the earth remains the Heir take his load right into the whole amount due as compensation to each heir and has the obligation to pay each part within 5 years and with an interest rate of 5% per annum, payable from 6 in 6 months, starting with the second month of the new harvest first dela owner and continuing annually at the same time. In the event of a delay of more than three months following the date when the Dale to be made, either in the capital or interest, the judge may ask for joint-heir of detour, after the rules referred to in article 1. 129, exclude heirs who have not fulfilled their obligations, termination of Division and making a imparteli noui.

Article 131 Constructiunile or land improvements made during the tenure of the heir over which remained the lot does not prevent the operation from the previous article, but to judge by following established on the basis of an assessment of compensation rights what are yours.

Article 132 the heirs lots can borrow at the Central House of împroprietăririi mortgage of the lots for the amounts you need to answer the other made joint.
In this case, the House of the împroprietăririi will charge you with the loan rates and anuitatea thanks to paying the price of the lots.

Article 133 all owners of the downcast declare indivisible and subject of the message, after the dispoziţiunile contained in this chapter, an area up to 50 hectares.
The statement will be made in writing to the District Court by the owner that detour, which will be presented in person.
It will include the owner's name, place of residence, the extent of the situation, and the vicinity of the land what voeşte to be indivisible and the owner's signature.
In the case when the owner doesn't know book, the Declaration will be signed by the editor or the writer of the document, which will be presented in person at the Court of the detour.
Judge detour will receive the written declaration made by the owner, will take note of the willingness and will wrap up the report of the findings.
The statement and the minutes will be transcribed into a specific register compiled and kept at the District Court on behalf of the detour.

By way of derogation from article 134 terms laid down by the civil code, land owners and villagers are free to donate or to test the indivisible obligation laid down in article 21. 126 without obligation to the donor or even legatar to report the cash surplus available over cotitatea.

Article 135 A special regulation will desvolta in detail the application of the dispoziţiunilor of this chapter.

Chapter 18 Collapsing and amelioratiunile land Article 136 to ensure possible exploitation of the land and favorable lesnicioase by bringing rural properties consist of several parcels izlazurilor, by sparse settlement and all the special land in a position most suitable for the purpose to which serve by creating a lesnicios access to all plots and in General through rational parceling rural property in relation to agricultural needs. The House of împroprietăririi, through the direction of cadastre and technical works, will execute rural land reparcelling under special law for land consolidation.

Chapter 19 Article 137 lots Cultivation in order to ensure good crops to evaluate your property, a land as good use of communal izlazurilor, and how to evaluate your products, properties of împroprietăririi Home has the right to determine and impose the small landowners Government bonds relative to the plane of culture, to organize the means of culture and his comrades, who guide the villagers toward a rational and intensive culture at their disposal and the improvement of the breed of cattle, and the sanctions to be taken.

Article 138 all buyers of lots after the presence of the law and after previous laws are in another commune at a distance greater than 15 km from commune residence, their duties, within a maximum period of three years from the presence of the lot taking Dominion, to move to the Township of which depends on the batch.
It exempts public officials, mountaineers improprietariti at camp with up to 2 hectares and lotasii who, keeping and dwelling, however remain closer to their lots, unless you would move into the commune of which depends on the batch.

Article 139 those who will not fulfil the obligations referred to in articles above will be deposedati without somaţiune, after application of the improprietarire Central House, through a decision pronounced by the judge of the detour, after County agricultural service request and after will be quoted at whose dispossession.
The decision will be given the right of appeal to the tribunal. The deadline to appeal is 30 days free delivery if present from the rock and from the communication if it is failing. The caller shall be obliged to point out the reasons for the appeal.
The Tribunal shall judge the Council Chamber within 15 days. The Tribunal's decision will be final, without objection or appeal.
The procedure will be free and some will cite ex officio.
The owner stripped the value shall be entitled to a refund of the paid land.

Article 140 In all cases of dispossession consignments entering the property the House of împroprietăririi, who will dispose of them in accordance with the provisions of this Act.

Article 141 lots of Buyers who will not be paid half-yearly installments 4 of the price will be deposedati by the House of împroprietăririi administrative channels, within 3 months from the rock încunoştiinţării date, without judgment and without the obligation to pursue the proceeds rates in advance.

Chapter 20 Article 142 lots Pay as soon as land reform voting has been made and the villagers were put into mastering the lots, they will no longer pay the rent, but if anuitatea expropriated the land price price was fixed.

Article 143 farmland expropriated on the basis of the law on the face of it will sell land for the villagers of workers referred to in article. 77 in small batches.
The sale price will not be able to race 20 times the price of the rent fixed in 1916 by the regional commissions for the years 1917-1922.

All other sales will be made on the price set in article 17. expropriation 36. As a general rule, payment of the Earth is made at the time of entry into possession. Those who will not be in the measure to pay in full the Earth received, will be given a payment term up to 20 years, with the condition to pay before at least 20% of the price. The Agriculture Committee will be able to reduce this liability for destitute villagers.
The collection rates according to the laws that are or will be in place for tracking revenues.

Article 144 of the anticipated Payments of the price shall be made on behalf and on behalf of the House of împroprietăririi, the direction of the mortgage.
These amounts serve exclusively to depreciation by drawing lots of debt securities issued amortibile for rent payment of expropriated land.

Article 145 payment of communal rangelands price established or completed via the law promulgated by Royal Decree No. high 3,865 Septemvrie 22, 1920 to make common, generally referred to in this chapter for the villagers.

Dispoziţiuni final chapter 21 Article 146 for law enforcement, which according to communal grazing land with art. 28 of that law is made by the application provided for in Decree-Law No. 918, 3.697/local and county committees powers provided for in that Decree are fulfilled by the detour for expropriation that replaces them, of who is part of the detour and head of forest, and the atribuţiunile and the comisiunilor regional comisiunilor County Central, both for law enforcement on communal pastures and for the application of decrees-laws No. 3.697/918 and Qingxi 4.839/919 will be met by the county commissions of expropriation.

Article 147 Central House of împroprietăririi in law is that, in order to resell, growers to buy portions of land remaining on the account of the owner.

By way of derogation to article 148 dela art. 1252 and 1253 of the civil code, all minors, rural properties and those subject to dotal can be disposed of through the proper învoiala, without other formality than the consent of the Tribunal, guaranteeing it the money from the sale in accordance with dispoziţiunilor of the civil code.
In the case when women through dotale laws, married under this scheme shall be provided solely for the use of dotale assets purchases of estates or short-term effects, the husbands will be able to use their funds for Justice dotale in urban real estate purchases and other investments, by means of the common law in this regard with the derogation from dispoziţiunile dotale acts.

Article 149 land who have built factories or any other industrial establishments are not subject to restrictiunilor concerning rural lands contained in this law from the time of commencement and completion of the constructiunii officials.

Article 150 Residents entitled to improprietarire, and the revision of what would make arrays of improprietarire will not declare the exact extent of the land which they previously possessed such laws shall be deposedati group which have been assigned by the comisiunile of improprietarire and revenue service fined 500 to 1,000 dela.

Article 151 of the land Price for the estates of the former counties, municipalities and property of legal persons of public interest, which were passed in State ownership under the law of 18 March 1912 and which was reckoned according to art. 4 of the top itself the law, shall be calculated in accordance with art. 36 of this law, and the difference in addition will repay the counties, municipalities and legal entities of public utility, the former of these proprietary estates.

Article 152 All financial operations improprietarire and discourages from expropriation shall be made by the House of împroprietăririi. This financial institution will be organised by the special law.

Article 153 For crop year 1921-1922 expropriabile lands under this Act will be grown by the current owners, though tо 15 April 1921 will not have been a definitive decision of expropriation.
Expropriabile land for communal pastures has not entered into views of this article.

Article 154 all documents and communications without any exception, relating to expropriation and land consolidation, and all judicial acts, made in the presence of the law enforcement, are exempt from any stamp duty and registration.

All the provisions of article 155 of the front, the cultivation of batches, will apply to all properties of the data through various rural peasant improprietarire laws.

Article 156 of the implementing regulation will clarify in detail and full dispoziţiunile provided for in this law.

Article 157 all laws, decrees and regulations run counter to the law face am and remain repealed.

Article 158 the decrees-laws ratified are shown below. The date of the promulgation of these laws from the way they should be repealed, except for the dela points 2 and 10.
1. Decree-Law No. 3. application of expropriation in 697 for the ancient Kingdom, published in Official Gazette No. 215 of 16 Decemvrie 1918.
2. Decree-Law No. 3.922/918 for c. c. of c. and i., published in Official Gazette No. 225 of 3 January 1919.
3. Decree-Law No. 655 for an addition to the art. 44 of Decree-Law of expropriation No. 3.697/918, published in Official Gazette No. 256 Fevruarie 13, 1919.
4. Decree-Law No. 1,658 modification of article. 17, 43, 55, 56 and 57 of Decree-Law No. 3.697/918 for application of expropriation in the old Kingdom, published in Official Gazette No. 10 of 29 April 1919.
5. Decree-Law No. 1.999 modification of article. 30, 32 and 33, as adaugirea art. 31 bis to Decree-Law No. 3.697/918, relative to expropriation for national utility in the old Kingdom, published in Official Gazette No. 30 of 24 May 1919.
6. Decree-Law No. 2,488 modification of article. 52 of Decree-Law No. 3.697/918, relative to expropriation for the cause of national interest in the old Kingdom, published in Official Gazette No 53 of 24 June 1919.
7. Decree-Law No. 3,280 for adaugirea a paragraph in article 8. 5 of Decree-Law No. 3,697 in 1918 for expropriation in the old Kingdom, published in Official Gazette No. 86 of 2 August 1919.
8. Decree-Law No. 3,622 for adaugirea a paragraph in article 8. 42 of the Decree-Law of expropriation No. 3.697/918, published in Official Gazette No. 104 of 27 August 1919.
9. Decree-Law No. 3,785 modification of article. 41 of Decree-Law No. 3.922/918, relative to the modification of the Decree-Law No. 3.697/918, with respect to expropriation in the old Kingdom, published in Official Gazette No. 111 Septemvrie 5, 1919.
10. Decree-Law No. 3,856 modification of Decree-Law No. 3.922/918 for c. c. of c. i. in the sense of is given as loan granting powers of rural municipalities for the purchase of islazuri, as well as measurement and hotarnicia islazurilor, published in Official Gazette No. 114 of 9 Septemvrie.
11. Decree-Law No. 4,840 modification of article. 25, 28, 30, 32 para. And 35 of Decree-Law No. 3.697/918 for expropriation in the old Kingdom, published in Official Gazette No. 174 of 21 Noemvrie.
12. Decree-Law No. 1,407 modification of article. 37 and 48 of Decree-Law No. 3,697, relative to expropriation for the purpose of determining the order of preference at improprietarire and your payment method the lots purchased of the old Kingdom, published in Monitorul Oficial No. 2 of 2 April 1920.
13. Decree-Law No. corestituirea for local committees 1,682 and detour, setting the right of improprietarire in the ancient Kingdom, published in Official Gazette No. 15 of 23 April 1920.
14. Decree-Law No. 2.097 modification of article. 37 of Decree-Law No. 3,697, amended by Decree-Law No. 1.407/920, relative to the size of the establishment of improprietarire in the ancient Kingdom, published in Official Gazette No. 29 of May 12 1920.
15. Decree-Law No. 2.099 modification of dispoziţiuni from împroprietăririi obstiilor the purpose of organization, published in Official Gazette No. 29 of May 12 1920.
16. Decree-Law No. 2,100 modification of article. 31, 32, 33 and 34 of Decree-Law No. 3,697 since 1918, the abolition of the Commission for the establishment of the central regional and County Commission, published in Official Gazette No. 29 of May 12 1920.
17. Decree-Law No. 3,684 for application of dispoziţiunilor art. 19, paragraph 2. V of the Constitution, relating to expropriation for the cause of national utility, published in Official Gazette No. 214 Decemvrie 15 1918.
18. Decree-Law No. 4,839 regarding final execution and implementation on the ground of the deciziunilor Commission of expropriation, published in Official Gazette No. 174 of 21 Noemvrie.

Article 159 enforcement and control of this application is made by the Ministry of agriculture.

Article 160 under art. 19, paragraph 1, subparagraph V. II and III of the Constitution, contained in articles: dispoziţiunile. I, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 13, 14, 16, 23, 24, 18.21, 36 and 69 of this law for agrarian reform in Oltenia, Moldavia and Dobrogea have constitutional power and do as part of the art. 19 of the Constitution.
This law was voted by the Assembly of deputies at its meeting on 7 July 1921 Dale and was passed with two-thirds majority, namely two hundred seventeen votes, against seventy-eight President, Duiliu Zamfirescu (L. S. D.)
Secretary, Nicholas g. Vella this law was voted by the Senate at its meeting on 11 July 1921 Dale and was passed with two-thirds majority, namely one hundred seventeen sixteen votes against.
President, General C. Cannon (L. S. S.)
Secretary, i. b. Promulgăm this law and Habada categorise as it is vested with the State seal and published by the Official Gazette.
Given in Bucharest, on 14 July 1921 FERDINAND I

The President of the Council of Ministers, (l. s. St.) General Alexandru Averescu, Minister of Justice, m. Antonescu Minister of State Agricultural Committee Chairman Carey Garoflid ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─

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