Law No. From 4 July 1921 2,908 For Vagrancy And Cersetoriei And Infranarea For Protectiunea Children

Original Language Title:  LEGE nr. 2.908 din 4 iulie 1921 pentru infranarea vagabondajului şi cersetoriei şi pentru protectiunea copiilor

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Law No. from 4 July 1921 2,908 for vagrancy and infranarea cersetoriei and protectiunea children's PARLIAMENT for ISSUING published in MONITORUL OFICIAL nr. 76 of 9 July 1921 Chapter 1 About loitering and begging, Vagrancy and begging Article 1 are forbidden throughout the country, being regarded as offences.

Article 2 — i.e. people without Bums capataiu-are those who do not have a regular home, no food and no means to exercise-as usual-no profession or craft, though it would have the means and possible to do so.
All are considered as vagrants, subjected to measures and liable to punishments against vagrancy, all individuals who, whether they have or not a home some agonisesc food, practicing or facilitate public about actions immoral games times trades or degradatoare Finally, any illicit acts who were not to apply any other punishment.

Article 3 shall be treated as beggars, liable to punishment for the purposes of this Act, any person fit for some work and that, given the means of existence, or can obtain them, and call-out of habit — to charity, with the aim of achieving personal benefits in any manner and in any place.

Article 4 no one can be declared a bum or beggar unless it was at least 10 years old.

Article 5 shall be determined by the domicile of the beggar a continuous residence in a locality for a period of one year he acquired and lost only in the manner prescribed by regulation.

Chapter 2 Instituţiuni assistance and taking back. Article 6 assistance offices under the commune of residence of each county shall establish an Office for assistance, who will care for you in connection with the placement Office to find suitable jobs for those seeking indeletnicirilor work, helping them until placement.

Article 7 Municipalities are obliged to provide in their budgets a fund specifically for assistance.
From this Fund will help with preference, you can find inapti for street hustlers just any job.

Article 8 establishes social assistance: a) Hospice for the infirm and powerless;

b) schools and juvenile offenders;

c) colonies.

Article 9 Ospiciile of infirm are intended to receive exclusively on street hustlers and infirm and old vagabonds, inapti for any kind of work, which puts at the disposal of Justice of social assistance for hospitalization. "Hospice will be able to receive on the disabled, the needy elders, who will ask and they will deserve the protection of social welfare.
And schools will receive care on individuals less than 18 years old, which puts at the disposal of justice assistance for straightening and guidance by a trade.
Labour colonies are instituţiuni of corectiune through the work and receive all those who condemn them justice to execute the punishment in this way.

Article 10 all persons fit for work, placed in a colony, is obliged to carry out any kind of work is given, according to documented, as it will look in administraţiune colony.

Article 11 Arrangements of colony, discipline, the question concerning wages, withholding of wages, will be determined by a special regulation.

Chapter 3 Finding the vagrancy and cersetoriei. Marshalling. Article 12 courts All labour agencies, both in public urban communes and in rural ones, are obliged to bring before the police officer from circumscriptiunea closest to the place where the offence has been committed on all individuals find vagabondand and long.

Article 13 the police officer will immediately if tool storage, in order to determine whether or not stood in front of a misdemeanour of begging or loitering, listening and witnessing actually will be.
Those findings will editing a report, signed by all those who have been interviewed, countersigned by the agent who caught on delinquent.
The report will look like and where the Court is to be sent for the judgment of those accused of loitering or begging, according to art. 17 of this Act.

Article 14 the individual along with the acts addressed will submit the same day at the Office for assistance under article 13. 15. Not later than the second day will be subjected to a thorough medical examination. I will fix the identity, status, mental status, the kind of life that you lead, after which the doctor will give their opinion of whether or not it is fit for a particular work or to be sent in the care of a hospital or Hospice.
In localities where there will be offices for assistance, the communal bond that doctor to examine and sift those who are convicted of loitering and begging.

Article 15 In the towns County residences will set up a triage desk of beggars.
Receiving Office police on those constituencies which from fin vagabondand, long, and in General any person who cannot justify that any profession or vocation, will be subject to examination by a doctor commissioned specifically to make their triage.

Article 16 The triage Office will draw up the respective job descriptions according to dispoziţiunilor provided for in the regulation.

Article 17 Vagabonds and street hustlers so select will be move forward immediately to any court, and those who enter in the cases provided for in chapters V and VI of the Act shall submit directly to the county courthouse.
Both the District Court and the Court will judge the affair.
By the decision of the Court of Justice and the Court of first condamnatoare are obliged to order the arrest and the defendant.
In cases when the defendant has proposed witnesses and evidence found when it's of eschweiler to desvinovatirea his business will be postponed to the next day.
At blamed will remain under guard, and witnesses who come into direct competinţa the Tribunal shall judge immediately into the Council in full 3 judges, listening and concluziunile of the public prosecutor.
Both the books of judgment and sentences that will rule on the basis of this Act are without appeal and appeal, and in the event of a conviction, they will provide for the arrest of the accused.

Chapter 4 article 18 Penalties any individual fit to work, proven wrongful loitering or begging for the purposes of this Act, shall be subjected to the penalty settlement for 5 days to a dela luna.
Punishment will be enforced at a colony of work in police custody or the Town Hall the commune where the offence was committed.
During the death penalty condemned will be removed daily at work that need fixing, washing and maturatul streets, maturatul and maintenance space gradinelor or City Hall or other public authority decided on running for mayor or public utility works.
During this time the mayor or those whose interest in providing work will take care of the convict's overpaid in relation to work.
The public Ministry is right to supervise fulfilment of this dispoziţiuni.

Article 19 Is relapse if within one year of the first convict punishment execution from the rock will perform a new offense.
In this case he is liable to the penalty of one month to 6 generations from months without the application of art. 60 of the penal code.
Execution of punishment may be like in the previous article.

Article 20 if the expiry after condemned punishments will be done within a period of 5 years from the presence of its execution, a new offense, he will be punished with the colonization work dela 6 months up to 5 years.
For this purpose the Court whose decision remained final will bring to the attention of general social assistance works, which will cater for the enforcement of strict measures of this latter.

Article 21 Vagabonds and street hustlers find inapti for any kind of work, and the minors of less than 18 years old will not be convicted, but will be bound by the decision of the Tribunal to dispoziţiunea social assistance, which will be able to re-educate, internal or net.

Article 22 declared vagrants or beggars, of foreign nationality, will be isgoniti from the country after serving, by order of the Government.

Chapter 5 About vagabonds and street hustlers minors Article 23 children under the age of 18 who will be found vagabondand, long or exercising inappropriate trades with years and their skills in order to make them useful to society, may be lifted by the bodies empowered by the social assistance and hospitalized, with the authorization of the Ministry of Justice, in the schools of juvenile, straighten where they will be kept until the majority , marriage or entry into the army.
Social assistance can be trusted with the care and upbringing of a charity instituţiuni, subsidized or authorized to operate social assistance bodies, if they take the formal obligation of the keeping, care and supervision of their bodies under the control of social welfare of the Ministry of labour and the Prosecutor concerned.

Article 24 the minor himself may request the Tribunal to incuviinta to be entrusted to one of the institutiunile provided for in art. 23. Article 25 parents and guardians and beggars came to minors will not be able to oppose to their hospitalization than if they provide proof that they have the physical and moral condition sufficient for their maintenance and education under the control of social assistance.
This interventiune will be made to the Court, and the conclusions of the public prosecutor, will rule with minor implementation issue for prosecution at dispoziţiunea social assistance.

Article 26 under the same conditions can be hospitalized for straightening and the children but their parents or guardians in cases provided for by art. 329 of the civil code.

Article 27

Minors may not be removed from their parents or guardians from institutiunile where they were hospitalized until majority, marriage or entry into the army.
All the time he can be trusted with the assistance from the various branches of activity, and their care and maintenance work will be done under the supervision of social assistance.

Chapter 6 Various infractions of vagrants and beggars or Article 28 Prince who Tramp will find dressed with port changed, or with weapons, even though it will not be used, or if it will find from him passports or tickets, or road names of other people or having upon him any tools who can be used or for committing crimes of furtisaguri or other, either to facilitate the means to get through the House, will be punished with work in colony 1 year 2 generations from years without the application of art. 60 of the penal code.

Article 29 shall be punished with 6 months to the colonies from Dale 1 year: Any beggar, even invalid, that will enter into a dwelling or in an enclosed place, without his consent or owner of those who live there;
Any beggar invalid which will simulate the wounds or disabilities to cause the public's mercy.

Article 30 shall be punished at work in the correctional colony, which from 6 months up to 2 years: Prince who will seek to provoke the public's mercy long with small children in the municipalities where the public are instituţiuni recognized by the State in order to receive.
Shall be punished with the same penalty: whoever trains flanked out only if there are no husbands and wife, Dad or mom with small children where there are no public instituţiuni recognized by the State, to receive them; the blind man and the one who leads or a cripple on both legs and one who leads;
The same punishment shall be punished both Prince and his companions;
Any beggar or vagrant over which the effects of a higher value of 200 lei and who won't warrant their provenance.

Article 31 shall be punished with the punishment in colony 1 year 3 dela years Prince or tramp who uses threats or violence.
If a beggar or vagrant would find dressed with port changed or will carry weapons, although it will not be used, or will it have on her gear. 28, shall be punished by a maximum of this punishment.

Article 32 in all cases provided for in this chapter, article 1. 60 of the criminal code is inapplicable.

Chapter 7 final Dispozitiuni Article 33 Any beggar hospitalized in a mental institution for the infirm and powerless, after a stay of at least a year, will be able to ask for social assistance to be set free if you justify that has sufficient means of existence, or that someone else takes the formal obligation to take care of him to not allow it to be beaten.
Thus one released freedom, will be caught again, there will be internal long the second time and will no longer have the right to ask for release.

Article 34 social assistance can be put to any individual in a boarding school for juvenile offenders or straight, if you judge that his hospitalization is no longer needed.

Article 35 all those referred to in article 1. 33 and 34, if by any means other than those specified in these articles, will be able to regain your freedom will be watch and hospitalized again without ever could have in the future release benefit under article 13. 33 and 34.

Article 36 Guard all referred to in article institutiunilor. 8 of this law, it is for the military authorities.
The bodies of the band, the intervening General Directorate of the social assistance are obliged to give livestock sufficient to make it anywhere and who guard the beggars came to perform works of any kind.

Article 37 the date of application of this law shall be determined by the Ministry of labour by a year, the Ministerial.
Managerial decision will look if the law is to be applied across the country suddenly or gradually in various counties.

Article 38 of this law All opposites are dispoziţiunile and abograte remain.
This law was voted on in the Senate sitting on April 14, 1921, and from the way it was adopted by a majority of sixty and new votes, against five.
President, General c. Cannon (L. S. S.)
Secretary, i. br. Habada this law was voted by the Assembly of deputies at its meeting on 18 June 1921 Dale and was passed unanimously by the ninety-eight votes.
President, Duiliu Zamfirescu (L. S. D.)
Secretary, Nicolae Manolescu Promulgăm this law and categorise them as it is vested with the State seal and published by the Official Gazette.
Ferdinand (l. s. St.) Minister of labour and social ocrotirilor, Gregory l. Ria-Iasi, Minister of Justice, m. Antonescu — — — — — — — — — — — — —