Law No. 4,090 Of 27 May 1913 For Setting Up House Servants

Original Language Title:  LEGE nr. 4.090 din 27 mai 1913 pentru înfiinţarea Casei funcţionarilor publici

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Law No. 4,090 of 27 May 1913 for setting up house servants PARLIAMENT ISSUING published in MONITORUL OFICIAL nr. 44 of 30 May 1913, title I article 1 the purpose of the House shall be established in Bucharest, under the Ministry of industry and trade, house servants, which will have the status of legal entity. She will be able to have branches all over the country.

Article 2 the purpose of this Case is:) to capitalise on capitalization and savings and deposits to its members;

(b)) to facilitate credit through advances and loans account on behalf of his wage, on deadlines or broader, voluntary deposits, mortgages and public effects;

c) to facilitate its members the means for the purchase or construction of residential houses in the villages in who works as holders;

d) to construct, on land purchased or donated to her by authorities or private housing who will rent its members, or they will sell annuity, payable in 40 years;

e) making or intercede for members vieata insurance generally obtained in special House;

f) to facilitate the members, based on conventiunilor concluded with trade houses in the country or abroad, buying fuel, colonial or manufactured objects, with great rates and with payment facilities. The fuel will be able to purchase directly on behalf of the House;

g) to get discounts for members at shows, hotels, spa establishments in the country or abroad, clinics and nursing homes, as well as facilities of transport;

h) of giving aid in case of illness, accidents, disabilities, funerals, as well as helping families burdened with officials;

I) to set up and maintain clinics and sanatoriums for the medical care of members and their families;

j) to give aid to members for their children's education within, as well as to set up and maintain instituţiuni of educatiune and orphanages;

k) do any other operations in connection with purpose and atribuţiunile.

Article 3 the House civil servants will be able to centralize the company's various homes and companies of economy, credit and aid officials or similar ones, who works at present, either on the basis of law or by statute. The conflation of these houses or companies to House civil servants will be made on the basis of dispoziţiunilor established by this law, following the request of the Board of Directors of homes or companies that run through law, or general meetings for the works by statute. The Board of Directors of the House of servants, with the approval of the Minister of industry and trade, decides, after examining the detailed financial situaţiunii House or society, which requires merging with public servants, whether or not it will be received. The Board of Directors of civil servants will be established in agreement with the delegations of other Houses or companies generally and how it will be done unto conflation.

Article 4 the present Society officials of the Ministry of industry and trade will take after its General Assembly consent-will be ex officio and even on the date of the Foundation of the House with all her officials consolidated assets and liabilities on them. Officials of the Ministry of industry and trade who necessarily are officials and members of the House who will have been members of the existing companies will pass their assets and liabilities to the House officials.

Article 5 the house servants are institue this law notwithstanding any commercial code and other legal dispoziţiuni regarding commercial companies.

Title II article 6 House Members may be members of the House of counties, officials of the State, communes and institutiunilor pending. Between the latter and officials entering the Chambers of Commerce and industry, hospitals, civil settlements Kiselyov-Brancovenesti, St. Spiridon from Iasi and Madona Dudu-from Craiova. Officials of the Ministry of industry and trade, and are governed by members of the House, while the other will be admitted as stipulated in the following article.

Article 7 Official who wishes to become a member of the House will make a written request to the Chairman of the Board of Directors, through which they will get an undertaking that it will comply fully these rules of the House at a minimum of 5 years. After expiry of that period, and if the Member has not denounced this pledge, it remains in force until may, however, be denounced after another period of 5 years. In the event of death is considered a commitment of law abolished.

Article 8 members who cease to be public servants can remain members of the House, where a voesc, not later than within two years after leaving the service. Officials of members of the House may keep this quality and after their exit from the pension, retirement, former members of the House, can only become members in a period not exceeding one year from the date of removal from the home. His wife and a former member of orphans can preserve this quality, but do not recapture if a could have lost it once.

Article 9 the members of the House, are obliged to file a mandatory minimum 3 cotizatiune% of their salary. Besides cotizatiunile, the members of the House will be able to submit any amount toward fruition, as voluntary deposits. To sign up, once and for all members of the House will pay 3 leys, as registration fee and seaman. Service people will be admitted as members by paying the same cotizatiune, but the registration fee and the livret will be only 1. Cotizatiunile for members who are not civil servants will be fixed after the last salary received what they achieved in operation, they are obliged to pay each month cotizatiunea fixed; and in case when there would make it no more than 3 consecutive months will be considered as withdrawn ex officio; without ever could, while no longer occupy a public function to become members.

Article 10 Officials who are members in other companies and who are asking to be registered in societari inmates as officials, implicitly, by their admission as such, will pass their assets and liabilities from the old society, notwithstanding any contrary what dispoziţiune would exist in the laws and regulations from companies who belong to.

Article 11 officials of Admission as members of the House will be made by a vote of the Board of Directors; obviousness rejections will not motivate.

Article 12 any member in any means would not abide by its commitments or by wearing its damage and irregularities, will be expelled from the House by a vote of motivated Board of Directors, with a majority of 2/3 and endorsed by the Minister of industry and trade.

Article 13 in addition to active members of the House, House officials may grant the title of honorary members shall be individuals who helped in different circumstances or through the services, or by donatiuni, offerings, etc.

Title III Funds House Article 14 Funds House consist of: the annual Subsidies granted) the budgets of various ministries or authorities;

b) Subsidies, donatiunile, instituţiuni and offerings provided by private individuals;

c other Funds) homes or companies that will join, as referred to in art. (3);

Cotizatiunile binding d) members as provided by art. 9;

e) statutory Deposits of its members;

f) enrollment fees and bank book;

g) Incomes of above funds real estate what eventually could House, Bank operations made by Casa, etc.;

h) proceeds from lotteries, festivals, etc.

Article 15 of the bottom; 14. d, will pay to fund AIDS month 1 each Member lion or Lions 1.30 for those members who will be made the statement referred to in article 1. 58 in respect of his wife and children; the rest of the cotizatiunilor, along with the background of the letter "e", forms the backdrop of the economy of the Member. Funds from art. 14. a, b and e form, and the House's capital; f, g and h form actual proceeds of the House.

Title IV article 16 House Administraţiunea House will be led by a Board of Directors comprised of 13 members appointed by the Minister of industry and Commerce for a period of 7 years from among the members of the House or with companies who have melded. The Council shall elect a Chairman from breast or and a vice President. Minister of industry and trade is as Honorary Chairman of the Board. To advise the Board of Directors will be appointed by the Minister of industry censori and trade over a period of 2 years. The Board of Directors will choose from breast or 2 members, who together with the President or the vice President will form the Board of direction, which will be able to give some of its atribuţiunile. The Council will hold the meeting once a week and its members will receive one chip of this maximum of 25 lei, while censorii a global compensation, which will not be able to pass the 900 lei. Former advisers may be appointed or censori again.

Article 17 Advisers and censorii can not administer loans to others, nor to borrow than on capital and deposits of State guaranteed and effects into generally in places which grant such loans and deposits. Advisors will not be able to take part in the voting would be discutiune when the requests of relatives up to the third grade. Councillors allowances and freedom censorilor will be fixed at the beginning of each year by the Board of Directors with the approval of the Minister of industry and trade and will pass the annual budget of the House.

Article 18 the Board of Directors will meet mandatory once a week. The President will make, and in the absence of information to the vice President. In the absence of the President, the vice President presides and when it would disrobe, the adviser most Valdez in the Council; at equal seniority will be given preference to age. In case of parity of votes, the vote of the one who presides has mainly.

Article 19 Advisers or censorii who would miss more than three times from the meeting without any prior authorization from the Council will consider their jobs as demisionaţi and will be fulfilled within no more than two months under the same conditions they ocupasera in who. Counselors and censorii may be obtained from the Council leaves up to 2 months each year.

Article 20 the Board of Directors has the overall leadership of the House, can take decisions, within the limits of the law and face the regulation for its implementation. These decisions become immediately enforceable and engages the House, other than those who, under the law of the face, must be subject to the approval of the Minister of industry and trade.

Article 21 Censorii are required to control the management once a month and will include written and detailed the findings. The Chairman has the right to do at any moment and inspection management research, as this task may be given to any member of the Board or censor. Members may also receive Commission from the President of the Council for various researches in order to solve the various issues, in which case they will receive for the province in addition to travel expenses and a daily allowance daily 30 lei; for tasks in Bucharest will not be able to get anything more than what is established under art. 16 and 17.

Article 22 the Director has commissioned to lead the House, as well as services to execute all decisions taken by the Board of Directors.

Article 23 the direction the House is divided into: a) central;

b) external Service;

the Service includes: central) 1. Economic Department;
2. Department of AIDS;
3. the Insurance Section;
4. Accounts, and 5. Cashier. They will be gradually set up and will be divided by the need in many offices, whose number shall be fixed by the House's annual budget. Accounts and the cashier will function independently of the accounting of the Ministry and in accordance with the rules laid down by the law of public accounting.

b) comprises: effects Service branches in the country, whose number and debt collection to be determined by regulation.

Article 24 the Economic Section will deal with all matters of the Bank supplies of all kinds, organization of canteens, acquisition of land and houses, construction, rental, sale and any other consideration ' might get House members such as discounts at spas, clinics and sanatoriums, shops of manufacture and grocers, theatres, etc.

Article 25 the aid Section will deal with all regards healthcare as well as aid and pensions. This section will deal with building and organizing nursing homes and clinics for members of the House.

Article 26 the Insurance Section will deal with the provision of the members directly, or will buy Advanta insurance from insurance companies.

Article 27 General Ledger will deal with all operations of the House, drawing up monthly payments situaţiunilor ordonanţării and expenses approved by the Council in accordance with aci and in dispoziţiunile the limits of the funds available. Will draw up lists of monthly deductions to be members of the House who makes the lists will be sent to various authorities who depend on members of the House, as well as all issues of staffing, intendenta, registry, etc.

Article 28 deals with all the Cashier regards the preservation and handling of funds. She receives all monies due and make payments ordered by the law.

Article 29 Appointment, advancement, availability, and relief officials of the House shall be made by the Minister of industry and commerce, on the basis of the report of the Board reasoned. Other punishments, transferring, etc., will make the Board of Directors.

Article 30 Officials will not be able to be a deposit from the class other than having a degree or two-year class. Back in the upper function will be made between civil servants and only in cases when it has not been ' would find a person ready to meet all required will be able to appoint a person from outside who, of course, will carry out rigid conditions for admissibility. The cashier will make a cash or collateral effects guaranteed by the State, according to art. 13 of the law of public accounting.

Article 31 in the cashier function of counties of the House will be met by the financial managers, or by special delegaţiune by one of the heads of the Finance Department from administraţiunea, her being the Court of Auditors litigants for these operations. This task is mandatory and free of charge. The Board of Directors of the officials will be able to give, but when funds will allow, a daily allowance proportional to their operations and which in any case shall not exceed one hundred lei a month. In cases when the respective branch will be set up, dispoziţiunile above remain in effect only for the withholding of amounts from what he is carrying out the mandates of the financial administraţiunile. All operations, varsarile, etc., casierilor from counties will be made strictly in accordance with dispoziţiunile of the Board of Directors.

Article 32 the House Servants civil servants will apply in everything dispoziţiunile art. 21 of the law on the Organization of the Ministry of industry and trade of the incompatibilities.

Article 33 the House Budget will be drawn up by the Board of directors not later than three months prior to April 1. It will be presented for approval to the Minister of industry and commerce, after which it will be published in the Official Gazette. The year will begin on April 1. House staff other than directors and Secretary, will be paid by the House of servants; This personnel will have the right to pension like other functionaries of the State, in which purpose will spill through monthly deductions from State States of pensions and salary taxes. Years served to House officials will be considered to be use in any service of the State. The salaries of the Director and the Secretary shall be entered in the budget of the Ministry of industry and trade and they will be at first no more than 750 and 450 respectively lei a month. These wages will snap to the appointment by the Board of Directors and they will be able to be increased from three years to 10% up to a maximum of 1,000 lei a month for 600 lei monthly and director for Secretary. Other necessary staff will have their salaries and discern slight motion provided for similar functions in the organization law of the Ministry of industry and trade.

Article 34 shall submit to the Board of directors from 9 to 15 April of each year to the Minister of industry and trade situaţiunea the House, accompanied by the giving of regard and censorilor report on the walking them and manipulatiunii funds. Situaţiunea House will be approved by the Minister of industry and trade no later than 15 days from the date of referral. After expiry of that period, either as situaţiunea House gained Ministerial approval or not, it will be sent by the Board of Directors of the High Court of accounts under the control of which is its management and will be published in the Official Gazette. It not later than 15 May.

Article 35 the Minister of industry and trade, in the case of serious misconduct, has the right to refer the matter to the High Court of Auditors, to make an examination of the management of the household servants. The High Court case when Auditors will be found deviations from the legal dispoziţiunile and particularly acts of bad faith in the management of the House, Minister of industry and trade will be able, on the basis of the communication of the High Court of accounts, suspend members of Board of Directors and director by Royal Decree, with the reasoned report, both published in the Official Gazette, in which case It will also send the judgment of the Court of appeal in Bucharest. During the suspension of Council members, the Minister will appoint an ad hoc Board, made up of Councillors elected from among the members of the House, who will lead the House until completion of the worldwide judgment advisors and the Director.

Article 36 the House Director is responsible for the proper administraţiune materialmente House may refuse enforcement dispoziţiunilor Council ' would find opoziţiune with dispoziţiunile depicting. In such a case the President of the Council is obliged to refer the matter again in the Council, which shall take its decision by a majority of 2/3. If the decision taken is consistent, the first Director of the House is required to execute a liability being downloaded in this matter, with the entire responsibility on behalf of the advisers who were taking them. Board members are responsible for all acts materialmente administraţiunii and who would cause damage to the House, when they signed the discharge from any rezolutiune or bad faith or which is breaking the law and dispoziţiunilor of the rules of functioning of the House.

Article 37

Accountants and cashiers are House High Court litigants accounts as any Savior of public funds accounting; they will submit its regular management accounts like manuitorii. They remain responsible for all acts materialmente committed in administraţiunea.

Article 38 of the Council's decisions shall be taken by a majority of the members present and without that in no case shall the number of members present may be less than four; an exception is made only for the cases specifically provided for in this law. All decisions of the Council shall be entered in a special register and signed by the members present. The hearing would not be a majority opinion, and in the case when the judgement they would constitute a limestone of dispoziţiunilor law and the rules of the House, he is liable to motivate in writing, in particular his opinion register; the only way he would be exempt from liability under article 9. 36. Article 39 House civil servants will be represented in all his acts and the civil courts by her Director, based on the autorizaţiunii Board of Directors. In exceptional cases it may be delegaţiune and any member of the Board of Directors.

Article 40 Councillors, censorii and House staff will be called by Royal Decree; for replacements will be published in the Official Gazette, advising the Royal Decree, and report to the Minister of industry and trade, which must be reasoned.

Title V Article 41 the House of House Operations will make all operations necessary for the execution of those referred to in article 1. 2, for most current details and enforcement shall be established by the following articles, and for the other method of enforcement is left to the proper self-discipline's Board of Directors, which shall be obliged to take ministerial approval only in cases specifically provided for by law.

Article 42 each Member of Deposits will not be repaid until the Member's withdrawal from the House, his retirement at esirea, in the event of disability, for endowing a girl or purchase of buildings. In addition to mandatory and permanent deposits any Member will be able to make voluntary and temporary deposits of a minimum of 5 lei, for which it will pay an interest rate of not more than 6% per year, in the month following reckoned until the refund. Temporary deposits will refund upon request until the sum of 2,000 lei, while surpassing this amount until no later than two months from the date of the request for refund.
A. Loans Article 43 House Members who are public officers, they will be able to get a salary advance to the account up to 30%, which will retain the advance to the first law. Application of advance will bear the visa service Chief respectively, to be known as is found in service and as wage or is not encumbered.

Article 44 House Members can get loans for short periods of time, up to a maximum of an amount equivalent to three months salary. These loans shall be granted at least a member of the House guarantee for an amount equivalent to the salary of one month and at least two members with the guarantee for an amount equivalent to the salary on 2-3 months. Excepţiune of endorsements will be made by the Board of directors only when a member of the Inquirer has filed free of any pregnancy, an amount at least equivalent to the amount to request. Approving loans will have forever in view of withholding what it has a member on the salary or will grant the loan only for the part. These loans will be repaid within 18 months.

Article 45 House Members can get loans for long periods of time up to a maximum of 5 years. In that case the largest amount that can be granted will be subject to a year's salary or the loans will not be able to grant, until the officials who will meet members generally: to) be securely attached or stable;

b) have permanent deposits, up to an amount equivalent to the salary on 2 months;

(c) to provide the guarantee) 2 members who meet at the very top of a and b;

d) to present enough reasons to justify the loan what do voeşte.

Article 46 A member of the House may not give endorsements than 3; those who do not voesc to borrow during the validity of girului can give up to a maximum of 4 endorsements.

Article 47 applications to House officials, of any kind would be them, it will forward to members of the civil service through the head, which, on the one hand, will certify signature solicitatorilor and endorsers, and on the other hand, when he thinks it appropriate, has the duty to show the reasons why it has to approve or reject the application.

Sub-loans article 48 for all House will charge an interest rate of not more than 7% per annum and a Commission of 1 per thousand, which will retain anticipatie through the creation of loan, in addition to those granted under art. 45, in which case it will retain interest rates gradually with monthly loan. In all cases the interest payment will be credited to him, taking into account the rates what is paid gradually.

Article 49 Different amounts, either House datorite submissions, either from the loan will retain through monthly and by States on issue of pensions by the offices of the authority in question ordonantare on the basis of lists submitted by the House. Such amounts shall, on behalf of the House Ordinance, and these Ordinances will be forwarded at the latest 7 days after taking lefurilor or pensions. For operations in the province these amounts will be submitted casieriilor House in counties laid down in art. 31; neresedinte for urban municipalities and rural, financial authorities may provide that the collection of these funds to be made through their respective tax perceptions. Ordonantatorii are personally liable if it wouldn't pass the Ordinance amounts to be withheld from the cashier's house servants.

Article 50 datorite Amounts are regarded as public servants House datorite State and, in consequence, are privileged and shall be pursued in accordance with the law; they have privilejul especially against any other debts, economy, etc., even though some legal dispoziţiune in the law for the formation of these houses would provides otherwise. In case when a cause of unforeseen was not paid the amount due from a member, the House will be able to reverse or capital sum due; in the case of neajungere will proceed as on the girantului capital. General rule the fulfillment will make debt in equal parts between the guarantors.

Article 51 cannot be granted until a new loan is not returned in the Valdez at least a third. Sub-loans granted pursuant to article 13. 45 won't be renewed until the full payment.

Sub-loans shall be granted article 52 in order to late, giving preference to small officials who have heavy family or in cases of misfortune, which require a quick help.

Article 53 the Council has the right to refuse the loan requested without being required to state their reasons for this. The amounts secured by way of its members as voluntary deposits, as well as their percentages, they will not be able to keep track of any State, and County, nor any of the individuals would be her and for no reason whatsoever. Excepţiune will only be made for amounts owed to the State, counties or municipalities from delapidari, after, however, the amounts due will be subtracted. The amounts secured by way of the members they will not be able to be delivered either in total or in part.

Article 54 Donatiunile and bequests made to a specific purpose will not be able to employ only in accordance with the wish expressed by the donor or testator.

Article 55 House Members can get loans mortgage real estate with an interest rate of 7%, without paying any kind of sum for expenses of Trustees or of the loan.
B. Aid Article 56 the aid Fund will nurture: a) and related Donatiuni accepted in accordance with these rules of common law;

b) from the Lotteries regulations and approved serbarilor, etc., what ' could make on behalf of the House;

c) of at least 15% of the net benefit of the House;

(d) any other amounts) From s ' would be allocated by the State, municipalities, etc., for the same purpose;

e) of contributiunea of 1 leu monthly, retained from each Member cotizatiunea (articles 14 and 15);

f) of any extraordinary income of the household, not provided for in law.

Article 57 aid may be granted are: (a) the maximum monthly) counted on the last salary as follows: 1. the non-crippled Functionary at the House or non-vaduvei an official at the House: 10% if it has children, 15% with a child, 20% with two children and 25% with three or more children;
2. Orphans who are minors of mom and Dad for one 10% to 15% for two, three or more 20%. After the death of every child, or coming of age and for girls at malificent, pension shall be reduced by the same proportion. Farmhouses in points 1 and 2 shall be granted only in case when the Clerk had at least 5 years of service and 3 years as a member of the House and was in the atari at the time the withdrawal or the qualities mortei. Also he and his family be deprived of means and not have other resources for winning existence;

b) healthcare and medicines;

c) burial for Help members up to a maximum of 500 lei;

d) help for Member's funeral his wife up to a maximum of 250 lei, and for children up to a maximum aid of 150 lei;

It's Helpful to the birth of children) members who will not be able to pass the 100 lei;

f) support for members of the House, marry girls who have at least 3 children under their care;

g) aid for the purchase of children's clothes and school books. The AIDS referred to in points (b) and (c) shall be granted to members of the destitute, and have a length of at least a year as members of the House;

h) Officials with an age of at least 37 years, with pension entitlement, which remain without service and cannot be charged any deviation from their duties, they will be able to grant the case when they have no sample will no means of existence-a monthly aid of up to a maximum of 15% of the final salary he had and whether he was a member of the House for at least 5 years.

Article 58 the aid art. 57, para. a, b and c are required, while others will only be granted within the limits of the funds available. Members who wish to avail themselves for the wife and children of AIDS to art. 57, para. b, d, e, f and g will have to make a declaraţiune by which it undertakes to comply dispoziţiunilor art. 15. The AIDS referred to in points (b) and (d) shall be granted to spouses and children destitute if the Member has paid for this purpose provided for in article cotizatiunea. 15 at least a year, while those in paragraphs e, f and g if paid for at least three years.
C. Miscellaneous Operations Article 59 House officials will be able to-from amounts available-buy land from the authorities, private individuals, companies, etc., to build cheap and hygienic housing for rent or for sale in installments of its members.

Article 60 House officials will be able to get into land property of members of the House as an obligation to build on them after the request of the members, who officials want to have his own House. These properties will be redeemed in increments of the Member who offered the place.

Article 61 House officials will be able to buy on its own initiative or on the request of members, real estate offered for sale to rent them to its members or to sell them in installments.

Article 62 the art operations. 59, 60 and 61 out of rentals will be made only to the officials who establish or irremovable and their performance of their way through not leaving the village and who don't have years greater than 45 years; those who have years greater than 45 years will be able to benefit from these operations only in case when ' would be on the House's point of view, the officials or at any other company, an amount equivalent to the value of the House. These homes must be to be living even one family in whose possession to pass; in the case of misconduct will be taken Home to officials in full in the next article generally referred to.

Article 63 House officials for operations at art. 59, 60 and 61 shall calculate a total benefit of maximum 8% until full payment. In case when in any circumstance the Member s ' could not keep the commitment, neplatind for no more than six months, rates of proper House rejoin in possession of the property. In such a case shall be a refund of the already paid rates (articles 59 and 61), cost of land after the receipt of the assessment done by the House, plus the rates already paid (art. 60), without interest; of the amount due shall retain such rent house he lived and on all the time how he stayed in but the amount which will be fixed by the Council, and, in the case when the servant ceases to be a member, any amount would be due by him to the House. Interest will be paid gradually with rates and will calculate only the rest of the amount due and only on the day of the Member's official entry into the House. Why did ' rates would be fixed for the art. 59, 60 and 61 the House constituesc debt just like any other loan, and real estate (land and buildings) remain the property of the House of officials until final payment.

Article 64 Reparaţiunile of buildings, which House passes into ownership of the members all round you-i.e. when rates buildings are still owned by the house servants are in charge of the House, with the obligation for the Member to pay the hire cost reparaţiunilor to be fixed by the Council, with an interest rate of 7%. Reparaţiunile housing will look for all buildings, both the leased and owned by those who pass members, only on the Member. In cases when their residences will not be well-maintained dwelling friends will reparaţiunile all of the House generally above.

Article 65 monthly Deductions from loans will be possible formats in equal installments; dropping them allow the assessment of the Board of Directors. For the necessary guarantees to officials in various public functions can lend only in the rigid conditions of art. 45. the members of the House who have contracted any from obligations under article 4. 59, 60 and 61, will be able to contract and the loan referred to in art. 43, but only in case when the monthly rate of indebtedness shall not exceed one third of the salary.

Article 66 House officials will be able to make ensure members or their families on fixed terms for a capital endowment, for girls, constructiunilor, insurance and death insurance, accidents, etc., within the limits and ready to be set by regulation.

Title VI General Dispoziţiuni Article 67 the net income shall be distributed as follows: 2% for Provident Fund; 10% reserve fund, this Fund will be placed and the buildings and nursing homes; 15-25% of the aid Fund and the rest will be distributed as a dividend to members, paying a higher dividend at least 1% for deposits required. Interest on compulsory deposits will be added to the Member's capital and will not release than with it; interest paid on deposits will be voluntary in April of each year.

Article 68 nobody can benefit in any way from the advantages which provides House officials unless he is a member of the House and with a length of at least 6 months, out of excepţiunile provided for in this law.

Article 69 For its operations House civil servants will be able to raise loans, in such a case the decision of the Board of Directors must be submitted for approval to the Minister of industry and trade.

Article 70 Materials intended for buildings buildings House will enjoy all the benefits of EC laws and regulations are granted housing through art. 1, letter c of the law of 13 Fevruarie. In the case of inspection of streets on which are the property of the House, it will be exempted from reporting to the commune of payment imposed by the laws and regulations concerned. Buildings House servants are exempt from any tax to the State, County, and township at the time how these real estate remain the property of the House.

Article 71 of the buildings insurance premiums will be borne by shareholders and members will be run and House payments into their account; they will be received as and what other debts owed by its members.

Article 72 When the official was removed from service for improprieties, then the House will immediately take possession of its property located in the very top officer holding art. 63. When the Clerk shall cease from vieata and remain only collateral relatives, then the House will proceed as in the above case, targeted soaking, but without the precept due rates, from who will be the State's official debts decreases or the House under any title.

Article 73, descendants and ascendants will be able to keep building if the insurance premium that he was fully paid House servants, or if they are going to pay the House payment until a definitive difference within a period of one year. In case when these conditions would not be met will proceed as for collateral relatives.

Article 74 Correspondence with various officials, accounting documents and registers, registers of receipts, papers, acts who find the grant aid or loans refund times or guesthouses, the correspondence addresses of authorities will be exempt from any stamp, postal charges, charges for portarei, other than those of registration for sales and mortgages.

Article 75 public servants will House at least once every 3 months, a bulletin, giving details of the decisions of the Council and functionaries, which will send the bulletin to its members in return for the payment of the subscription for two year Subscription to the newsletter is mandatory for members of the House.

Article 76 the decisions of the Board of Directors which are of a general nature will be published in the bulletin and in the Official Gazette; the latter being obliged to make all these publicaţiuni free of charge.

Article 77 A regulation Board, composed of the Board of Directors, approved by the Minister of industry and commerce, and sanctioned by Royal Decree, will establish all details relating to this Bill and to all the Administration and operation of the house servants.

Article 78 All other dispoziţiunile specified by laws and regulations or the statute and contrary to the law of the face are and shall remain abrogated.

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