Law Of 27 January 1912 To Organise Trades, Labor And Credit Insurance-Law Used

Original Language Title:  LEGE din 27 ianuarie 1912 pentru organizarea meseriilor, creditului şi asigurărilor muncitoreşti - LEGEA NENIŢESCU

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LAW of 27 January 1912 to organise trades, labor insurance and credit-CARD ISSUING LAW PARLIAMENT USED published in MONITORUL OFICIAL nr. 236 of 27 January 1912, chapter I General Organization Dispoziţiuni trades on the exercise 1 trades. Trades that are subject to the present law dispoziţiunilor are: H, alamagiu, Luke, gunsmith;
Barber, Furrier, Baer, brodist, Baker;
Căldărar, cărămidar, caretaş, cavaf, cartonagist, Capper, ceaprazar, clockmaker, ceramist, concrete, stone, cizelar —, assembler, confectioner's, hairdresser's, Cara, cbz, corsetier, cuferar, cuţitar, cusutoreasă, Ester;
Bluebird, Carpenter, Decorator;
Smith, florist, buyer;
Goldsmith, engraver, glazier;
Încadrator, împletitor of baskets, chairs, etc.; plumber water, gas, electricity, etc.;
Locksmith, lampist, bookbinder, litofraf, lumânărar;
Glover, mechanic, Milliner, mozaist;
Potter, ornamentist;
Hatter, Shoemaker, Secretary, Paver, perier, plăpumar, dc, poietior;
Wheelwright, clicker;
Săpunar, scărar, sculptor, wood carver, şelar, student, sforar, Turner, stucator, şepcar, şindrilar, stipuitor;
Tanner, tapetar, upholsterer, joiner, Weaver, tinsmith, printers, tricotar, pavers metals;
Mason, zincograf, house painter;
and the jobs are similar to those above.
Central House of trades, labor insurance and credit can increase the number of trades you have shown up.
2. the present law shall in all for participating in the Guild;
1. călfiţele, journeymen, Apprentices, workers in factories with readiness of craft and craftsmen, who are îndeletnicesc with any of the trades shown above, whether they work at the expense of their own or at the expense of another, be it întreprizător, craftsman or manufacturer;
Craftsmen from rural municipalities who used the results of their apprentices or journeymen.
2. Will participate only to the corporate workers and technicians or workers without training craft in factories, mines and quarries and industrial enterprise.
3. Femeea practising a craft, alone or in partnership, or by assignee, with the tacit or express his will to man, does not need any autorizaţiune for any action regarding her job, or to sit in judgment.
4. Nevârstinicii dela 16 years upwards, with good behavior and diligently to craft, can be declarţi by the Guild as major in all things that pertain to their job.
This declaration shall be evidenced by means of the conclusion of the Guild's Committee and strengthens the Central House of trades, labor and credit insurance.
The Guild's Committee sc against the ruling can appeal to the Central House.
5. Aliens may exercise in Romania any of the jobs listed in art. 1. If the Romanians enjoy the same rights in the State whose subjects are those aliens. Aliens who do not enjoy any protecţiune are exempt from this evidence.
Casa Central, however, may give authorization to pursue one of these trades, even if you won't be able to find reciprocity.
The present law does not change anything from the proven in this matter through international convenţiunile.
6. Can anyone îndeletnici with one or more trades, if it meets the rigid conditions of required for each of them.
7. Any cool free work is not only in the place of locueşte, but also in any other locality.
About patrons and craftsmen 8. The craftsmen who lucreazâ themselves, at the expense of their own, and those who are mainly used in the exercise of their trade apprentices, journeymen, or câlfiţe are called patrons.
Also called employers and industrial entrepreneurs who use their work and apprentices, journeymen, călfiţe, craftsmen, workers and laborers.
9. No one may exercise a trade at the expense of his own and make his main ocupaţiune craft, if not you will have a master card.
Those who will not comply with this dispoziţiuni will punish Central House with fine of 50-100 lei for the benefit of the craft; and in the event of a fall back into the same bent, fine.
10. The companies and any private, could take oricari from trades referred to in this law, but the întrebuinţând craftsmen workshop or factory.
11. cooperative Societies of craftsmen or industrial workers may constitute, either on a permanent basis either for certain works, only if every branch of profession will have a craftsman; and for the construction works will have to be employed or associated with an architect or an entrepreneur, licensed the laws, regulations and decrees in force.
12. The book of trades will be free, in the obligatory, by the Guild of the County in which the recipient entered: a. one who has a şcoale diploma in the specialty for which they ask for the book of trades;
b. one who will prove that drove at least two years a craft workshop for calling the book of trades;
13. Meseriaşul which is not found in any of the two cases above, will pass the master before a comisiuni composed of three members, two of who masters elected to each branch of the Trade Committee of the craft, and a delegate or a representative of the Central Government.
14. the Committee shall be obliged to free craft book craftsman at the latest within 15 days of the application date or dela dela sample passage.
If the Guild Committee will not free the book of trades within the time limit indicated above, the instrument or the worker is always the Central House, which will be decided.
Reclamaţiunile regarding the release of unjustly master will be able to address the House Central up within 6 months after the date of liberation from the rock.
Members of the Commission, who will recommend, or those of the craft, which will free the book craftsman, with taking bribes will be punished for this offence, with imprisonment for one month to dela 6 months; and the book of trades will be canceled from the House.
15. the fee for obtaining a master card is $ 20 and will be charged on behalf of the Guild.
About journeymen, workers in factories and workers. Every journeyman or factory worker with training craft, or artisan, must have a journeyman or worker.
The book of journeyman or worker, is the obligatory, by the Guild of the county seat where is inscribed: 1. One who has proof of călfiţă;
2. One who has an act recognized as Central House alike with proof of călfiţă.
However, workers will be able to work in the beginning 15 days only on the basis of evidence that they did at the Guild's Committee request for getting the book.
Those who will not conform to these dispoziţiuni will punish Central House with fine up to 50 lei on behalf of craft; and in the event of a fall back in the selfsame come with at least îndoitul amendei.
17. Central House school will decide instituţiunile or in the country or abroad whose certificates will be counted as equal with the book of journeyman certificate or with călfiţă.
18. Călfiţă which is not found in any of the two cases above, will pass the journeyman before a comisiuni, as well as mentioned in art. 13. Dispoziţiunile contained in art. 14 shall also apply to the release of journeymen or workers.
19. Those întrebuinţaţi in factories and workshops as nemeseriaşi or workers, workers will need to have an identity card issued by the employer, the Corporation will purchase from the County.
20. Fee for acquisition card journeyman or worker is 10 lei, and will be charged on behalf of the Guild.
The charge for the acquisition of the identity card of workers is a lion and it will charge for the benefit of the Corporation.
About călfiţe and apprentices. The apprentice for the teaching of a craft, may come from a patron with or without payment.
22. Children who have not reached the 11-year-old can't get that your disciples.
Players who have less than 15 years of age and girls who have less than 17 years of age may not be întrebuinţaţi in the work, unsuitable or harmful health with their powers.
List of perilous established Central House following the opinion of the joint industrial hygiene Council.
23. teaching the pupil to the patron will be at least 3 and no more than 5 years, after which it will be given proof of apprentice isprăvirea.
After this training the apprentice reached călfiţă or simbriaş practitioner or at one or two years.
If the pupil has done all the teaching at a single employer, the călfiţă will be one year; and if changed two or more employers, this term will be two years.
After this period, the călfiţă acquires whereby, on the certificate will be able to ask for the book of journeyman.
24. Certificate of apprenticeship and călfiţă must be iscălită by the employer at which the apprentice or călfiţă had finished my teaching and the President of the Guild.
If the apprentice or călfiţă taught at many employers, will appear in the certificate while he learned from each of them.
25. The patron who will resist to show the time as călfiţă or disciple has learned the craft from him will be punished with a fine Central House of 50 lei; in case of you will fall back into the same one hundred come lei, on behalf of the Guild.
26. His apprentice călfiţă which cannot be give evidence during teaching, or to which it is denied ownership of the apprentice or iscâlirea of călfiţă, will head the complaint to the President of the Guild, which must utter not later than within 15 days, giving him. along with a member of the Guild, evidence or certificate.
27. against the decision of the President of the Guild will be able to do, by either party, apelaţie la Casa.

28. the Committee will keep the craft a special register of all master cards, cards of journeyman and worker, the apprentice and certificates of călfiţă; and the Board of Directors of the Corporation will keep a special register of all ID cards of laborers and workers in factories without training craft.
29. change of journeyman card worker or worker will only be made on the basis of the sample as referred to in art. 18.30. The fee for acquiring ownership of a disciple is 2 lei and the fee ownership of călfiţă of 3 lei, who will încassa on behalf of the Guild.
Rights and duties of employers, workers, craftsmen, workers, calfelor, călfiţelor and 31 disciples. Links between employers, workers, craftsmen, journeymen, apprentices, labourers and călfiţe are statornicesc by the present law and through învoelile.
32. The apprentice and călfiţă are under the parental obedience and receive employer. Failing that, the apprentice or călfiţă due to the artisan or calfei the same obedience which keeps them.
33. the mutual consent of the apprentices, călfiţe, workers, craftsmen, journeymen, workers and employers will not be perfected only after passing a time of trial.
This will be a month for apprentices and călfiţe and 15 days for others.
34. after the apprentice, călfiţă, Kate, the worker or the worker reaches the age of 18, the rights and duties between him and the patron will be the same as between journeyman and patron.
The duties of the employer, however, with regard to the results of their teaching, remain the same, even though the apprentice, Alicia călfiţă, the worker or the worker has an age of more than 18 years.
35. învoelile on behalf of nevârstnicilor will be terminated in writing by those who caregivers, or the President of the Guild.
36. Dela age 11-15 years no one may be obliged to work in factories, workshops, industrriale enterprises, more than eight hours a day; and Dale 15-18 over 10 hours per day.
Women, however, any 18 year old up dela will not be allowed to work more than 12 hours. This îngăduire will not be given than in those industries where there is a close connection between women's work and that of men, and where the termination of labour would attract some suspension of work of others.
Extension of employment authorization will be granted by the Home Office.
37. The work will have to be interrupted during the day at least one hour for rest.
38. young Disciples for 15 years and ucenicele younger than 17 years of age may not be întrebuinţaţi night at work, namely: dela Octomvrie 1 up to 31 March, from 8 in the morning until 6 in the evening, and as from 1 April until 30 Septemvrie, from 8 in the morning until 5 in the evening.
39. The employer is obliged: 1. To teach apprentices and călfiţe craft and employ only the work of the trade;
2. To make disciples and călfiţe at first light of the results of their chores and always take care that the work should be suited to the age and their powers;
3. To provide moral and religious growth;
4. squeeze the disciples and călfiţe to go to school, apprenticeship, Corporation or factory.
5. To their cleaning in vigil; in case of illness or accident to telling the Corporation and parents or those who caregivers;
6. To călfiţele and disciples in vigil to have sewn garment the hallmark of their craft.
40. învoiala written for the teaching of the pupil or călfiţei nevârstnic, which was completed by parents or those who take care of him, with a patron who is not cool, you have to be signed, in addition to the employer and the Guild's President.
41. Central House will be able to pick up on time bounded right have apprentices and minor Caan călfiţe employers will be condemned for irregularities dela art. 36 and 38.
42. In the case when the owner of the workshop that does not meets any of the duties referred to in article 1. 35, 36, 37 and 38, will be sent before the judge of the detour.
The employer may be summoned to court by the parents or guardians and disciple of călfiţei, President of the Guild or by an authorized inspector or auditor of Central Government.
43. The punishment will be paying 50-100 lei; in case of you will fall back into the same come with at least bent, on behalf of fine craft.
44. If parents or guardians to the disciples and călfiţelor nevârstnici and patrons were not ' a written mutual consent and then, after the test provided for in this law, the employer will meet îndatora ordinary învoiala, shown in the Guild's statutes.
45. Acts by mutual consent between the disciples, călfiţe, lcurători and masters and employers are exempt from any stamp duty and registration.
These instruments will record the Guild.
Acts of mutual consent of workers in factories and employers will also be exempt from stamp duty and registration and they will record to the Corporation.
Once registered acts make full proof of their contents.
46. When the apprentice or călfiţă less than 16 years receiving salary, the employer after deducting the membership fee for insuring against the boalei, will pay the rest in the hands of parents wage or the one who takes care of him.
If it will turn out that the guardians or those that you take care not to spend for the apprentice or călfiţă amounts received, then the employer will notify the President of the Guild, with whose boss will make payment directly to the pupil's hand or călfiţei.
Misunderstandings that will bring forth due to the lack of those contained in this article will be loosing the House Central via its delegate.
47. The pupil and călfiţei aged 16 years i will pay in his right hand.
48. The employer can terminate his contract anytime apprenticed or călfiţă: 1. If, as a result of the complaint, the President of the Guild's patron determines that the pupil can learn their craft;
2. If this insult or strikes, or from his employer's family;
3. If the pupil is suffering contagious disease.
The employer can terminate his contract with călfiţă, a disciple saw a reminder 15 days: 1. If the apprentice or călfiţă is sick for more than two months.
2. If the master ceases his exercise of his trade, being obliged in this case to compensate apprentice or călfiţă of the expenses caused by his entry to another patron.
49. The disciple, călfiţă, parents or carers who can always loosen the apprentice contract or călfiţă: 1. If the employer abusing his right to parental power;
2. If the employer or someone in you House or commits immoral acts workshop on the apprentice or călfiţei;
3. If the pupil or călfiţei health would be threatened by continuing work.
And with a 15-day notice prior to the disciple, călfiţă, parents, or those who take care of him can loosen contract-apprentice and călfiţă: 1. If the employer does not complies with the legal and contractual duties towards him;
2. If the owner of the bankrupt; in this case and Syndic may loosen the apprentice contract or călfiţă;
3. If the owner of the workshop in its străumută elsewhere;
4. If the patron is touched by a disease that take more than a month, or a contagious disease, and has no replacement.
50. the Committee must keep a Guild register of apprentices and călfiţelor showing: 1. name, nationality, religion, profession and domicile of the employer at which she excused the apprentice or călfiţă;
2. name and date of birth or disciple călfiţei;
3. name, nationality, religion, profession and place of residence of the parent or caretaker;
4. Date of registration of an apprentice or călfiţă;
5. the date of issue of the ownership of the apprentice or călfiţă and acts under which the certificate was issued;
6. The main clauses of the contract;
7. Date of termination of the contract of the apprentice or călfiţă.
51. no employer may not receive călfiţă or disciple of the fugitive.
The owner who ran may return with the Administration on câlfiţa or on nevârstnic fugitive apprentice, unless it is satisfied that the apprentice or călfiţă fled the cause of bad treatment on the part of the employer, or the employer fail to comply with their duties.
52. The employer who knowingly receives on călfiţă or fugitive disciple is indebted to indemnify the damage left by the owner which was caused by the escape of the disciple or călfiţei and pay 100 lei fine to benefit craft; in case of you will fall back into the same come fine bent.
The compensation referred to in article 1. 47, 48, 52 will be decided by the Commission; and a fine house.
Links between employers, workers, workers and craftsmen, journeymen 53. The employer cannot force workers, workers, journeymen and masters to work over their powers and cannot put to work entirely foreign to their results.
54. The employer may ask for and keep itself from the book, the book of calfei worker or the worker and artisan book and they owe it to entrust to him.
These papers will be presented by the employer anytime i will be asked by those entitled.
55. The employer is obliged to sign the worker, the worker's book, calfei and master artist and time while working with him. No employer will not get into work on a craftsman, journeyman, worker or laborer, if they do not appear in the book, certifying, under hand of the former employer, time and place where he worked before.
If, however, the craftsman, Kate, a worker or the worker stayed some time without working, it will show the Guild President, on the basis of the testimony of the three members of the Guild, while he worked.
56. The employer will not be subject to the dispoziţiunilor art. 53, 54 and 55 shall be punished by a fine Central House up to 200 lei for the benefit of insurance against boalei.
57. It is forbidden to make perfectly in books obervaţiuni, indicări of judgments or any other signs.
The worker, Guild, Central House Corporation have the right to request the redemption of such books.

58. Notes and testimony proved untrue, bad faith, shall punish Central House with fine up to 200 lei; and in case of falling back into the same come with at least a fine length.
The fines will be înfolosul House insurance v. boalei.
The patron who will receive a master of calfa, worker or laborer without a book or book with notes, shown above, shall be punished by a fine Central House up to 100 lei; and will fall again in at least one fine come folded, for the benefit of insurance against boalei.
59. învoiala between employer, worker, journeyman or master can be disposed of through a reminder with 8 days in advance.
In case when the worker has received over salary money before it cannot loosen the contract but received salary targeted soaking.
Worker excused piece is not available but this must be possible, but the youngest working first.
60. If the employer gives way a craftsman, journeyman laborer, worker or without notice, or before the period of 8 days, you will have to pay him the salary due on those days. Salary will be doubted whether he was receiving and food.
61. The employer can terminate his contract at any time, if the workers, craftsmen, workers or their assistants: 1. Is not related to the terms of the contract;
2. Are touched by a wild beast contagious;
3. Hit or mock boss or someone in the family of the employer;
4. Sâvârşesc deception or pilferage;
5. Primejduesc safety, workshop or factory;
6. You are called to do his military service. However, when you are called, at the concentrations or rural communes, guard învoiala does not loosen, but they have no right to salary while missing.
62. The workmen, craftsmen, workers and their assistants can loosen anytime contract: 1. If the employer does not paste and not cancelled stamps for ensuring the proportional counter boalei, invalidităţei and bătrâneţei;
2. If the employer is violating his duties taken by contract;
3. If he or a member of his family slams or batjocoreşte;
4. If their health or life is jeopardised when would work before;
5. If the owner or someone in the House patron is touched by a contagious disease that their health would unregulated.
63. women may not be înterbuinţate at work 6 weeks after Genesis.
For this, they do not lose their place or establishment shed where she works.
About 64 guilds. The Guild is asociaţiunea at least 25 craftsmen who are îndeletnicesc with the same craft.
Anyone exercises any of the trades subject to dispoziţiunilor law, and workers in factories with readiness of craft, forming part in obligatory from their trade Guild, under art. 2.65. Guilds, even nesimilare, can now întovărăşi each other to cope with the costs of administration, without however a corporation.
Skilled craftsmen — Internet from rural and urban communes, nereşedinţe, if you do not appear to constitute in their Guild, are part of the results of their Guild, formed in the County.
66. The Guild is a legal person.
She can primni donaţiuni and related to Central House with his consent.
67. the purpose of the Guild is: a. to defend their interests and to strengthen the idea of honesty the results;
b. To provide the results of their teaching to the disciples and calfiţelor and desfăvârşirea calfelor knowledge and skills;
c. to provide evidence with disciples and călfiţele craft, as it will show through regulation;
d. taking care of cleaning the apprentice, călfiţei and calfei;
e. Vigil as disciples and călfiţele to wear the garment sewing guild sign;
f. to learn to submit to the Commission the craftsmen's courtroom deslegara disagreements among them;
g. to make arrangements to be able to work even during the time of the trade, work myself: d ceases or is too weak, and for the disposal of the trade;
h. ensure the Organization as thorough credit banks and economy for craftsmen.
68. the Guild Bylaws shall include: 1. Type and name of the craft and where to set up;
2. Rights and duties, according to this law, merchandisers;
3. Regulations to be followed in calling upon the General Assembly and the Committee of the desbaterile Guild; 1 4. Regulations for the selection Committee of the craft, the Commission and the Commission of evidence;
5. Regulations for record keeping and accounting, Chancellery archive Guild;
6. fixing the years teaching apprentices and calfiţelor;
7. Regulations to be followed when issuing and processing of călfiţă apprentice, journeyman cards and cards of worker and craftsman;
8. sample Program to gain the rank of journeyman and master;
9. use Guild funds Mode;
10. General Assembly Meeting Dates and duties of the President of the Guild.
69. each Guild is run by a Committee of three members who are literate, having civil and political rights and of the one who will be the boss, one master and one worker or journeyman.
They are elected every four years.
All Guild members, irrespective of nationality, are taking part in the election.
The fulfillment of this term, it shall reînoeşte by lot of two of its members.
Members exit the draw can be re-elected.
70. the duties of the Committee are as follows: 1 Guild. Working on behalf of the craft and a means towards third parties and before all administrative or judicial courts by its Chairman;
2. Acting upon applications for certificates of apprentices and călfiţelor, calfelor and lucrărtorilor books and books of handicrafts;
3. Allocate the budget and draw up the minutes, which will present the genrale Assembly of the craft;
4. Administer funds and administers the budget craft;
5. Bring out the law, regulations, statutes and decisions of the General Assembly.
71. In the case when the Committee will find that some Guild craftspeople freight them false, will immediately notify the Central House, which will investigate and will prosecute guilty, according to art. 336 of the penal code.
General meeting of the Guild's 72. Guild members meet in the General Assembly and the Special Assembly.
Breselei General Assembly consists of members of major breslaşi, regardless of nationality and regardless of employers, craftsmen, journeymen and lcurători.
The Special Assembly of the craft is made up of major breslaşi Romanians who enjoy civil and political rights without distinction of patron, master, journeyman, or worker.
73. I can't take part in the work of the General Assembly berslaşii who are in arrears with the payment of cotizaţiunilor for sickness, disability and old age over time limit decided by the statute.
74. breselei General Assembly shall meet at least twice a year from the dates referred to in the statute.
However, it can be called by the President of the Guild's whenever the Committee thinks fit for the general interests of the craft.
75. the General Assembly may call central to the craft will always believe necessary and can afford to take part in the rally all members irrespective of whether or not okay with paying cotizaţiunii.
76. the General Assembly of the breselei has the following duties: 1. Peruse the minutes of Committee activity prezintată Guild;
2. Give a discharge for the financial management committee last year;
3. Vote with or without amendments drafted by Guild Budget Committee;
4. Decide on the points made in the agenda, drawn up in advance.
The Special Assembly of the craft shall meet: 1. To vote on amendments to the statutes and their Guild, which must be approved by the House but funnels. Approval of the House take the place of Central authentication and deliver mandatory versus breslaşi and third parties, as well as against judicial authorities and public administration.
2. Choose the members of the Guild.
77. If the Special Assembly of the craft does not choose the Central Committee, then the House will convene again. If no a second time will not choose a Committee, then the House will be called central representative on a provisional basis, pending confirmation of the Central House, a Committee of three members of the most worthy and who have paid membership fees according to the Statute.
About 78 corporations. Several guilds met together forming a corporation.
A corporation must include at least a thousand members.
When the number of members of a single Guild goes over a thousand, then that Guild may compile alone, with his consent, a corporate House. The Corporation serves Prime organ of insurance.
79. The Corporation shall be administered by a Board composed of members of the committees of all guilds what a make up and of representatives of the workers and the workers who, in accordance with art. 2, does not belong to the Guild. The number of such representatives shall be fixed by the statute.
This Council works ' for four years. He chooses a President and a Vice President and will meet at least once a week.
80. When the Corporation shall consist of a single Guild, then the Board shall consist of 7 members elected by the General Assembly.
In the case when the number of members of the committees-guilds the Corporation move 21, then the Council will be able to give the delegation of seven members, out of workers ' representatives * to work in his name. They will realize their activities.
The delegation will meet at least once a week, and the Council will meet at least once a month.
81. No one may be part of several corporations, even if they work more trades. No one may be elected or appointed an Honorary Fellow in the Guild or the Corporation, in addition to honor craftsmen from working three months later.
82. the Board of Directors of the Corporation has the duty of: 1. To administer the sums which House to insure boalei and for the expenses of the funeral it will make available, in accordance with the law and regulations;
2. To set up offices for finding work and workers;

3. To establish or assist băneşte has it set up şcoale of apprentices and journeymen's guilds, after the House approved programs;
4. To urge the Corporation and their assistants disciples to go to church on Sundays and public holidays; to visit museums, exhibitions, industrial factories and attend conferences and courses specifically drawn up;
5. Keep records after the House Forms.
83. Corporations are legal entities. They can buy the House, only the necessary buildings for their headquarters or establishment of nursing homes, hospitals, şcoale, policlinice and swings.
Donaţiunile between live or through wills, made for the benefit of insurance against boalei, will be administered by the Corporation, under the control of the Central House; and in the case of nedestoinicie, directly.
84. The statutes of the Corporation will comprise: 1. The name and registered office of the Corporation;
2. The name, type and from who headquarters are the guilds;
3. Rights and duties of administrators;
4. Mode of election, rights and duties of the auditor;
5. meeting and functioning of the general meeting of the Corporation;
6. who can Generally change the bylaws;
7. The composition of the budget of the Corporation by the Board of Directors.
8. Study the rules to be followed for the aid of sickness and cheltuelilor funeral;
9. Regulations and measures for attending schools Corporation;
10. duties and liability of public servants pay Corporation;
11. The obligation to fix annually, in case of need, through the budget of the special levy, the Corporation to cover the costs of administration over the State's database. 85. The bylaws of the Corporation, and modifcările will have to be approved by the House.
This approval gives them a mandatory power between parties and against third parties, as well as in front of the judiciary or administration.
86. In any locality would work craftsman, Stacey, the worker, the worker, călfiţă, disciple of that locality, the Corporation must give assistance in case of illness, such as member of it, once the proof of apprentice or journeyman, călfiţă, worker, laborer, master card and proof of payment of the subscription.
General meeting of the Corporation's 87. Generlă meeting of the Corporation shall take part, without distinction of nationality, the owners, craftsmen, workers and their assistants, adult workers and pay current contributions.
Until the election of the President, shall preside over the Assembly of most of those present. However, when lies against an inspector or controller, another representative of the House, then he or she presides.
88. The general meeting of the Corporation shall have the following duties: 1. the statutes of the Corporation's Voting and their modifications;
2. Aware of the activity report, presented by the Council of the Corporation;
3. Approves or amends the balance sheet;
4. Approves or amends the Corporation's budget;
5. Give a discharge for the management last year;
6. Decides on matters listed in the order in advance;
7. Choose censorii and on their substitutes.
89. the General Assembly may not work unless it meets half the number of members with the right of participation.
General Assembly decisions are taken by absolute majority.
If the first Convocation shall not meet half of the number of members, will meet again over 8 days without any other call.
If after these days does not meet half of the number of members, then the Central House will fulfil all duties there could under article. 88 of this law.
90. the General Assembly shall meet once a year, on the first Sunday after 1 Nadine.
The financial year begins on April 1 and ending on March 31 of the following year.
Central House may convene the General Assembly anytime will believe necessary.
The General Assembly shall be entered in a register. They will be signed by the President of the Assembly, the Secretary of the Corporation and ten of the members present.
91. The deliberations and decisions of the Board of Directors and its delegation will be written in the books and signed by the members who took part in the meeting.
Censorii are elected by the General Assembly.
Every year choose three and three active censori substitutes.
93. Censorii must check once a month, on the basis of records and report to the Central House if they are kept in accordance with the law and regulations. They can always make the verification of cassei and finds satiate if aid applications of sickness and funeral expenses, according to the law and the Statute.
94. Several corporations in the same municipality or from the neighbouring municipalities may meet with the approval of the House, to form a federal corporations, for the purpose of putting together funds to build hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, dispensării, swings, şcoale for apprentices or other such establishments.
The statutes must be approved by the House of federalei.
95. Federalele, cooperaţiile and guilds are under vigil and the central authority of the House.
Any decision of the general meeting of the Corporation or Guild, Guild, or Committee of the Board of Directors of the Corporation, as well as that of the federalelor, may be smitten with the call to the Central House, the flow of one month from the closing date.
The call can be made by the Guild's Board of Directors of the Corporation or federalei, or five members of the Guild, did you, or did you federalei Corporation.
Any decision of the general meeting of the Corporation or Guild, federalei, according to which ' would trample any provision of this Act, may be abolished deadreptul of Central House, but motivated.
96. Central House can make reprimands motivated Board of Directors of corporations or guilds and federalelor committees.
If the Guild Committee or Board of Directors of the Corporation or federalei and drew two reprimands, Central House may dissolve, appointing a provisional board or a Committee.
In this case, the Central House will convene a general meeting to elect another Committee or Board of Directors.
Court Comisiunea 97. Every Corporation will draw up a comisiune, called the loosing disagreements between craftsmen and craftsmen or societies of craftsmen and wealthy patrons, from law enforcement and from the exercise of his trade, for any amount.
She will try to reconcile the parties.
If you don't succeed, will judge the emergency and will give judgment by majority vote, showing in court that he made attempts at reconciliation.
98. Comisiunea-Court consists of three members: a trainee of the peace Court, and failing that, as the President of the Court intern, a member elected by employers and one chosen by the craftsmen, workers and laborers.
Employers, on the one hand, and skilled craftsmen — Internet, workers, and workers, on the other hand, choose each year, on the occasion of special meetings, six representatives of the Commission, which will draw lots, judge detour, one for each quarter.
99. Comisiunea-Court will hold meetings at the seat of the Court of Justice of the peace, after 8 pm.
The clerk of the Court will be, and the Registrar of the Commission.
100. before the Commission the Parties shall submit to the Court and defend themselves alone.
101. If the parties have not agreed to make amends and if both say they will satisfy the judgment, which will give the Commission, judgment will be final and enforceable.
The deadline for appeals is five days free from the presence of pronouncement, when parties were present; or 10 days of the sentence, in communication, which from the case when one of the parties was lacking. Communication will be done by the police or by mail, to the side that won.
The books of judgment and final decisions will be appended to the învesti of the peace judge in whose district falls Corporation, or the Court that judged.
These books and decisions are without appeal.
When the parties reside prigonitoare, be steadfast, be fleeting, in localities or cirmscripţiuni, judgment will be made at the Court in Vienna which was born the obligation.
102. A regulation of public administration will rule the procedure to be followed before this comisiuni, form citaţiunilor, communication cards and their execution.
Craftsman 103 facilities. At all enterprises of the State, counties or supplies, communes and other civil and military authorities who didn't get over 30. Lei, skilled craftsmen — Internet stubs will be chair if you prefer their offerings will be more expensive than the other 5% of traders.
Romanian societies of craftsmen, made up according to the law, as well as skilled craftsmen — Internet, will be allowed to submit only half the security required from licitaţiunile.
Entrepreneurs and businesses referred to above will not be able to yield their businesses to other people; in the contrary case, they lose the right, even after the conclusion of the contract, benefits granted to them by the two aligned above.
Will apply to these dispoziţiuni and where entrepreneurs and businesses will serve people status.
The specifications of public works or supplies of the State, counties, municipalities and other civil and military authorities will provide the clause that the entrepreneur will not be able to employ craftsmen nedomiciliaţi in the country than in the proportion fixed by that authority, the nature of the work and after the region where they are running.
For construction companies or industrial workers, craftsmen either permanent, be set up with a view to certain works, when they have committed or associated with an architect or an entrepreneur, will enjoy the bonus of 5% even in the works of 30,000 lei.

Cooperative societies of craftsmen, production and consummation as soon as their statutes will be approved by the Central House, become legal persons through their statutes in the publication Monitor workers ' health insurance.
104. When meseriaşul or societies of craftsmen will work in other than that where they reside, will be eligible on lines C. F. R. and service ships of navigaţiune River a discount of 50% for class III trains people and for freight wagons full shall apply the rate of agricultural workers. Travel sheets, which will enjoy these discounts, they are personal or collective movement Central House, a închieri of the Board of Directors of the Corporation and the responsibility of members of this Council, which, in the case of untrue statements will be tracked as Central House for State revenues to pay 10 times the amount of travel foaei.
Corporate officials about 105. Every Corporation will be called by the Ministry of industry and trade, but only after and according to the recommendation of the House of trades, labor insurance and credit: *;
* help;
* controller.
These officials are representatives of the Central House in addition to the Guild, corporate and federal.
106. In order to be appointed, the candidate will need to have the age of 25 years old and be a diplomat of commercial grade II add at least, or have completed eight grades of high school.
The help of accountant and Auditors will have to add it to poseadă commercial grade diploma or certificate at least four secondary classes.
The Auditors may be appointed and of higher schools of diplomats and of craftsmen.
107. Applicants who meet these conditions will be able to undergo an examination before the Commission issued by the Home Office.
Will also be able to be admitted to these exams and current corporate officers who have not suffered any punishment.
108. The accountants, accountants and controllers ajutorii are three classes pay as shown in the table below: class III 225 175 class II class I 250 Help-Accounting Class 100 class I Class II 125 150 100 Controller class II Class III class 125 150 109. In addition, State officials paid in case of need, will be able to be called after the request of the Board of Directors, and other officials of the same categories, but supported by corporations.
Entitled to free medicines and medical quest to lose only four weeks after cessation of cotizării.
110. The accountants and their ajutorii will keep accounts, archive, on the basis of the Corporation and guilds «what.
Other civil theirs, and atribuţiunile controllers shall be fixed by regulation.
111. Patents and licenses which possesses skilled craftsmen — Internet law at the time of promulgation of the present will be shifted into the books of craftspeople, workers, journeymen and up in terms of one month, which from its implementation.
Exchange will be done without paying taxes. 15 and 20.
112. All remains from cotizaţi uni, fines and various charges payable by the members of the corporations law to organise trades in 1902, are and remain off and any prosecution for their încassarea.
113. The law on the Organization of trades in 1902 and 1906, which was signed into law by the high Royal Decree No. 1.263 of 12 March 1906, are and shall remain abrogated.

Chapter II insurance v. boalei 114. In addition to the Central House of trades, labor insurance and set up an insurance against boalei and for funeral expenses.
115. the members of corporations without distincţiune by nationality and sex, are bound to contribuească for the purpose of: a. to be able to browse and take care in cases of illness, with the doctor and medications;
b. granting monetary aid of insured persons who, because of sickness, and would find it impossible to work for more than three days.
c. for burial expenses.
d. to cope with the administrative expenditure, which will be approved by the House.
116. The right to the assistance of the insurance money House in Dale v. boalei starts only if the insured person has contributed at least 6 weeks; and the right to funeral expenses only if the insured person has contributed at least 52 weeks.
117. Searches in cases of illness will be in charge of no more than insurance for 16 weeks.
In case of injury by accident. House of illness will seek hurt two weeks at its expense and at the expense of the employers ' Association, starting from the third week of the accident date. MORIS
Care in case of illness consisting in: Consultaţiuni database of doctors employed by Central's House near corporations or their clinics;
Looking at home;
Looking at the hospital;
Release of free drugs, dressing and other items too.
In addition to these aid measures, worker, because of sickness, to work more than 3 days, you will receive, but not more than 16 weeks: a. If it is a family man;
50% of the salary of the class in which it participates, when searching in the House;
25% of the salary of the class, if you are looking at the hospital;
b. If an unmarried 35% of salary: middle of the apricot, if searching in the House;
10% of the salary of the class, if you are looking at the hospital;
118. If the insured has discontinued payment of contributions, then he loses the right to monetary aid and the funeral expenses.
This right is being reborn when the insured starts to contribute again, but with the observation of dispoziţiunilor art. 116. The right to free drugs and medical quest to lose only four weeks after cessation of cotizării.
119. There is no need for the patient to consimţimântul be nursed in the hospital if: 1. The way boalei necesitează care is not possible;
2. Disease is contagious;
3. Patient has stepped in repeatedly orders doctor takes care of him;
4. A State or a necesitează wearing his vigil continues;
Ordinance of the Corporation or Association of employers ' doctor or the hospital Central of selector is mandatory for all hospitals of the State, counties, municipalities and eforiilor.
120. Extreme mother nature, a member in the Corporation, which has contributed for at least 26 weeks, receiving for 6 weeks from making money using shown above.
On the same time, if you will allow, means the Corporation will be able to grant the wives of insured persons and confinements, who are not members in the Corporation, and caring assistance of midwife and doctor, and medicines.
Means of confinement can be increased up to 2 months after its making if the breastfeeding baby extreme mother nature alone.
121. îmmormântare aid will be 60 Euro for those insured class, 70 lei to those of class Il, 80 MDL for those in third class, 90 lei for those in the fourth grade and 100 lei for those in class V.
This support is given only if the termination of the life insured or have paid contributions was looking to the House by illness.
122. The wives and children of the insured, as well as living together, they enjoy, in respect of admission to consultaţiuni and searching at home with the physician, the same benefits.
They will be able to be given drugs with discounts or even free.
123. costs and aid against boalei will be distributed by the accounting officer of the Corporation under the vigil preşedintelului Board of Directors of the Corporation and under the control of the House.
124. Payment of the aid money for the disease and will be calculated on the basis of the certificate given in writing by the Corporation.
Doctor who, either to promote or from other reasons will be given a false certificate, unfounded or exaggerated, it will be immediately replaced by Central House and punished with a fine of 300 to 500 lei on behalf of illness and imprisonment from eight days to three months.
The fine would be fulfilled in accordance with the law on State property tracking.
125. Home insurance against boalei will feed: a. cotizaţiunile insured, middle class salary referred to in art. 127;
b. savings and benefits that will be achieved and it will spill to the House;
c. of the fines provided for by the present law.
126. Central House, taking into account the results of previous years, may increase or decrease after the Inquirer in all corporations or only to some of them for membership fees and expenses to the disease weekly.
127. Membership fees and using the money for the disease will be calculated after the middle of the wage earners, five classes in who those insured will be divided as follows: i. Those whose salary is up to 1 day, or in the Middle East money per day 1.50;
Class II. Those whose salary is Dale 1-2 lei per day, or in the middle day 1.50 lei;
Class III. Those whose salary is dela 2-3 lei per day or 2.50 lei on the middle day;
Class IV. Those whose salary is dela 3.-4 lei per day, or in the middle day 3.50 lei;
Class v. Those whose salary is Dale 4-5 and 5 lei per day, or per day 4.50 Middle lei.
Contributions and monetary aid for the disease of bad employers will calculate without journeymen as class IV; and those who have journeymen as class V. 128. Weekly membership fees are fixed for the time being as follows: 1. Class. 0.05 money class II class III. 0.20 money. 0.30 class IV money. .. class V 0.45 0.60 money money 129. The levying of the subscription for sickness and funeral expenses from the presence of masters, journeymen workers and workers shall be made by employers.
The employer is obliged to purchase special stamps dela dela corporate debts or set by authorities and Central House and stop the weekly value of their dela aflători in ones work from them.

The employer will stick the stamps in the book, which will feature slip 52 despărţituri squares twice higher than the surface of the stamp.
Patron member of the Corporation will be required to have and he personally such a receipt book to stick stamps its contributions.
Owner, after paste the stamp book aflători proportionally on the thing to him as well as his personal stamp, you will cancel, applying to them the seal of the rubber bearing his name and of the Corporation. It will show the date of cancellation.
The employer will pay for apprentices and călfiţele without first class subscription salary.
Proceeds from membership dues are the property of the House.
130. Cash Funds resulting from sales of the stamps will be on the account of the accounting officer and the President of the Corporation. They will keep in the House only sums required as soon as possible, needs to be fixed by the House.
131. Patrons are craftsmen kept to have records of the Central House of form after the number of workers and paying wages weekly.
Manufacturers are obliged to keep payment sheets weekly number of employees and workers and wages paid. Payment forms must correspond to the registers required by the code of Commerce.
In case of violation to this provision, the employer shall be punished by the Central House with a fine of 100 to 300 lei, and with fine bent-case of you will fall back into the same guilt.
These fines shall be for the benefit of insurance against boalei.
132. The amounts released by the Central House available to corporations for the AIDS disease, under no word can not be used for purposes other than the ones referred to in art. 115. These amounts may not be neither dispose of, any sequels.
In case when the general reserve fund would beat it eheluielile the past five years, the aid may be increased.
133. where a closed Corporation, its members are part of the obligatory right and Corporation of the same municipality or in the nearest; and the funds they will move on to the latter.
For corporations in mines and quarries, liquidation facc is not possible until all mines will be liquidated, quarries and industrial establishments who participate in that House.
In the latter case, the Fund remained available will spill from the general reserve fund of the Central House boalei dela.
134. the statute shall determine the modalities of aid money and seeking medical care at home, proclaiming and bringing doctors, searching the hospital, patient transport, small subvenţiuni and exceptional aid, aid applications, finding the origin of boalelor, loss of foloaselor provided by this law, the granting of expenditure in cases and in cases of confinement.
135. If illness or injury is pricinuită from drunkenness, the insured shall lose its entitlement to the aid and money will be sought in the hospital.
136. Are subject to the present law and control the House Panel: mutual aid Homes for insurance against boalelor, in addition to factories and enterprises of the State, County, commune.
The statutes of these houses will be communicated to the Central House and approved by the administration of private factories it. it cannot oblige their workers to participate in the aid of homes beside them even if the statutes of these houses would be approved by the House.
137. free mutual aid Societies, not recognized by legal persons so far, will have to disclose their statutes for approval to the Central House.
As soon as the statutes of such companies will be approved and published in the Gazette the labor insurance, they will become legal entities.
138. The companies referred to in article 1. 137, who, until within one year of the front end from the promulgation of laws, do not put the acestâ statutes in accordance with the law and will not to approve centale this House, will be considered as terminated.
139. collection of contributions for sickness home weekly and funeral expenses of the C.F.R. and of the houses of the disease besides all factories. The State will be made and the amounts they will employ these houses under the law and under the control of the House. Reserve funds gathered so far remain their property.
In order to ensure against disability and bătrâneţei, as well as for accident insurance will follow very closely the present law.
Help from the House will be able to grant a C.F.R. additional insurance for old age, invalidity and, but only on the basis of a further cotizaţiuni of its members and the income of the reserve fund.
Statutes of sickness and insurance will have to be approved by the House.
All this will follow and with the other houses on the next State factories.

Chapter III Accident Insurance in 140. Are subject to accident insurance businesses and farms that are either coming to the State, counties, municipalities whether: a. the private Industries and trades who used cars with engines of all kinds: steam, gas, electricity, explosive or hydraulic;
b. enterprises construction, excavation of land, mines, quarries, sawn timber, agricultural machinery, exploitation through exploitation of forests, Shams, exploitation of tramways and railways of all kinds, River and maritime navigation, as well as enterprises of tranpsort in regards to descărcătorii's and cargo shippers.
The dashboard can be increased these enterprises from home.
141. All workers and workers întrebuinţaţi in enterprises and farms shown above right, in case of injury by accident, the following aid schemes: Rănitul, membership in the Corporation, cease to be in search of disease and entitled after two weeks searching for the crash, dela, medications and medical acccesorii: bandages, crutches, etc., and to a pension for the duration of the disability of the employers ' Association for the House, which from the insurance against industrial accidents.
However, if the worker is not a member of a corporation, the above aid i give the first day of the accident by the employer, and after two weeks by the employers ' Association for insurance against industrial accidents.
142. the Disability Pension for a total of 2/3 of the salary; and for partial invalidity shall be reduced in proportion of 143 Central House. If total invalidul hath care permanently to another person, the rent can be raised up to whole paycheck.
144. The seeming daily wage shall be reckoned to the Middle after that rănitul had in the last year, counting the year three hundred working days.
If the wage goes 5 lei per day, then the invalidity pension the total and partial will calculate only up to 5 lei per day from whole salary; and for the surplus above 5 lei will calculate invalidity pension only at one-third of this superfluous.
145. In the event of death by accident is given: 1. Funeral Expenses of one hundred lei;
2. The widow without children of the fifth part of the salary of her husband, until his death or remăritiş, and for each child up to the age of 16 years still 1/5 of the salary per annum. But all these hostels, United together, can't get over three-fifths of the salary of the deceased.
146. natural Children are receiving a pension above, following the death of their mother by accident, if it was working.
If working woman dies by accident and her husband was more much invalid, then it as children, receives the pension provided for in article 10. 145. All these payments cannot be transferred nor tracked.
147. The rent of 1/5 of the salary is given and ascendants, with preference to the father or the mother, the grandparents before if they were supported by the deceased.
148. the owners of the undertakings laid down in articles. 140 are obliged to participate in Asociaţiunea, in order for employers to insure their workers together against risks arising from work accidents, the edges of the law.
The headquarters of this Asociaţiuni will be at Home.
It is considered as the patron of an enterprise whose reckoning that makes the enterprise. The construction is considered as patron entrepreneur work; agricultural enterprises and the owner of the machine.
The State, as employer, has not entered into employers ' Association. He himself is the insurer of its workers from enterprises in the margins set by the law.
Employers ' Association, and the State will pay in the event of an accident for annuities fixed by this law, without investigating if the accident arises from force majeure or hitting the victim. In case when the insured has caused the accident with the hateful, then the patron through the employers ' Association will be able to submit the case to the Central Research House.
Art. 998, 999, 1000, 1001, 1002 and 1003 civil code are not applicable in cases of accidents provided in this law.
149. The statutes of the General Association of employers ' should include: 1. risk classification boards for all businesses and enterprises who are part of the Association;
2. Contributions of employers who are associated will be established after the risk classification boards each undertaking or operation and the amount of wages paid;
3. employers ' Association's obligation to cover amounts payable according to this law, repartizându them upon members of the class of risk and amount of wages each pays;
4. use the funds solely for the purposes stipulated in this law;
5. measures Appearing which patrons are indebted to them for avoiding accidents;
6. How the collection of contributions required by law of pursuits;
7. The composition of the Reserve Fund on the basis of contributions cancelled after class, so that after 21 years of the reserve fund is maintaining steadfast annual employers ' Association task;

8. They include: how to be the duties of the Association, the Board of Directors, the Auditors, terms relating to ordinary and extraordinary general assemblies;
9. medical aid will be determined, searching at home, bringing physicians, hospital, transport the wounded, aid applications, granting them, finding the origin of the accident, etc;
10. They will provide for exploitation of forests, sawn timber, me, construction, dredging, construction of wharfs and in general for any exploitation, timporare contribuţiunea employers, through completion of these industries, the whole capital formation of pensions, even in year when the accident se întâmpiă.
These businesses will be exempt from contribuţiunea for the composition of the reserve fund referred to in no. 7 above.
150. the Board of Directors of the employers ' Association consists of at least 7 and not more than 15 members. One of them will be delegated by Central House, and the President of this House of law and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the employers ' Association.
The Director-general and the general will attend the Council.
151. the General Assembly will elect 13 members of the Board of Directors, three and three active censori substitutes.
Censorii are elected for one year; and Board members on new years with its updating by drawing lots in a proportion of 1/3 in every three years. Members exit the draw can be re-elected.
152. employers ' Asociaţiunea is a legal person. It can get donaţiuni and related to, with the approval of the House.
153. the Central Administration of All of the employers ' Association, will be in charge of the House, which will keep accounts of her fortune. Times what other expenses relating to the employers ' Association.
154. Central House will review the classification of risks five years after experience what will be done, when the Statute will have to be approved again by the House, with central performance of the forms referred to in article 1. 156.155. Bylaws and their amendments, will have to be approved by the Central House of trades, labor and credit insurance.
156. The approval of the Statute of the Central House, take the place of forensic authentication and gain strength towards the parties and third parties through the publication in the Gazette the labor insurance.
Statutes, after being approved by the Central House, will be published in the Gazette the labor insurance.
157. The employer will not take measures in order to avoid accidents, the statute will be submitted by the Board of Directors of the Central House at up to 1000 lei fine and will fall again in the same, up to 5000 lei.
These fines will be on behalf of the employers ' Association.
158. The employer is obliged to notify without delay to the employers ' Association for the times what the crash, after the form given by the Home Office. Failure to comply with this obligation shall be punished by the Board of Directors of the Central House with fine dela 100-3000 lei; and will fall again in the same fault in 2 years time with fine up to 5000 lei on behalf of the employers ' Association.
159. In case when the employer will do declaraţiuni or sections will give wrong information about the wages he pays to cq or risk classification, or at the time of the opening of the factory, is punishable by a fine Central House up to 500 lei each on behalf of the employers ' Association.
When introduced and has not kept up to date books or sheets of payment of wages according to art. 131, or ' has produced timely proofs of payment of salaries and the evidence under which premiums are calculated shall be punished with a fine up to 300 lei on behalf of the employers ' Association.
160. The employer who put in whole or in part, at the expense of the workers due to the levy he Association, is punishable by a fine up to 500 lei each on behalf of the employers ' Association.
161. Central House will be ex-officio employers ' Association; and membership fees fixed by this law will be încassa the tracking of revenues.
162. administrative authorities and county police, communities are obliged to notify immediately of any accident Central Home in their constituency.

Chapter IV Ensuring old-age pension and invalidity insurance against sickness from 163. Craftsmen, their assistants, employees, workers, apprentices and călfiţele me from the quarries, factories, and patrons of the trades of crafts; and all those întrebuinţaţi in fabricele County and State enterprises, or commune, which from the age of 16 years are obliged to ensure against disease in disability and old age pension.
164. The insured, after 200 weeks will contribute, will leave his job, or his work in specialty întreprinderele listed in art. 193, will be able to continue with the assurance, however, but without State contribution and the employer, making him and their contributions.
165. Central House is only entitled to ruminate who from employees of undertakings referred to in article 1. 163 the number of working days per year, may or may not be part of the old age and disability insurance.
166. Those who receive permanent State, County, and Dale municipality a pension, or any other aid annually, and those make by special laws for pension, do not fall within the provisions of this Act.
167. Also, those who have reached the time of promulgation of the present law the age of 65 years, there may be to contribute to ensuring you receive the disability and old age counter.
Pension rights 168. Central House will serve a pension old age and disability.
169. All insured persons who shall prove that they have reached the age of 65 years are entitled to a pension for old age.
170. The insured persons will receive an invalidity pension, without age condition if fall into permanent work incapacity.
It is considered that the permanent work impossible for those who earn by working less than 1/2 of what WINS healthy workers.
171. The insured person who, without being hit by permanent work incapacity, was ill, uninterrupted 16 weeks will begin receiving after expiry, invalidity pension for the duration of his incapacity for work, however, if the lesser amounts of at least 200, for weeks.
172. The insured ' entitled to invalidity pension if he has caused with intent and if he princinuit it because of a misdemeanor or crime found via ' a judicial sentence. In the latter case, if the insured is in Romania family which he maintained through his work, Central House will serve a pension, in part or in total, those members of the family who were not complicit.
173. If it is to be feared that an uninsured ill would fall into permanent work incapacity, Central House will be able to, even before the expiration of the 16-week period, his care; 119. If the insured person is injured through accident, Central House may take the same measure at any time, at the expense of looking on the employers ' Association.
During patient care or hospital rănitului Central House will pay invalidity Fund family, and bătrâneţei, the aid provided for in article 10. 117. In this case, the Central House has the right to demand from House insurance v. boalei or at employers ' Association the amount they would have had to spend, according to dispoziţiunilor law.
174. Central House may, after invalidului's request, to give him in the care of an asylum instead of giving him a pension, if invalidul is required to sit there for at least three months.
175. The insured may not acquire disability pension if he has not contributed at least 200 weeks, from who at least 16 during each year it cannot acquire old age pension if he contributed a total of at least 1200 for weeks.
176. Entitlement to invalidity pension shall be extinguished for the insured, even after completion of those 200 weeks, contribueşte, in the course of a year, less than 16 weeks. He revives when the insured contribute again 200 weeks.
177. The invalidity pension shall cease if the pensioner invalid însânătoşindu-it becomes again capable of work.
178. the payment of the pension shall be suspended: 1. While the pensioner makes prison more than a month; But if the pensioner has a family locueşte in Romania and has maintained it only through his work, it may not, in whole or in part, to those members of the family who were not accomplices;
2. So long as the insured has not ordinarily resident in the country.
179. insured Women who marry and quit a month after marriage may work, may request the refund of contributions paid for them, if they have lesser amounts at least 200 weeks.
This refund must be requested no later than within three months of getting married end from committing.
The refund shall entail the loss of all rights arising from the insurance.
180. The right to such insured persons to compensation for disability caused by third parties, pass over the House, up to the amounts they would have paid as alimony.
181. Pensions may not be neither yield nor follow.
182. the disability pension consists of a fixed amount of 150 lei per year and of another which increases relative to the number of weekly contributions. This latter part is equal to so many times how many weeks of ten money insured in lesser amounts over the first 200 weeks. 175.183. Old-age pension shall be equal to the fixed part of the disability pension if the insured person is in power to work.
184. If the insured, after you begin receiving a pension for old age, becomes invalid, he has the right to demand his pension increase up to the amount of the invalidity pension to him, taking into account the number of weeks cotizate weeks across the 200 required by art. 175. old age and disability pensions will be paid monthly, at the beginning of each month.

185. For any reason would cease pension rights, one cannot ask for a refund of the paid rate at the beginning of the month.
186. Invalidity pension shall be the date of registration of the application begins, dela orcând s ' would give an order for the admission.
Old-age pension begins streaming dela întîiu of the month following the day on which the insured has proven that his 65-year-old.
187. If an insured person, after making application for old-age or invalidity pension dies before the Lse have nodded, monthly pension the s ' would be due until the day of his death will give his widow, or, in her absence, children under 16 years of age.
About 188 contributions. Owner, the insured and the State will contribute to the drawing-up of old age pensions fund and disability.
Contributions of the insured person and the employer, equal will always charge on a weekly basis; and the State will contribute half of the value of used stamps. The Ministry of industry and trade, finding a month, will end from the House Ordinance Central allowance amount from what will sign up, for this purpose, in annual State budget.
189. The patrons of craftsmen, as well as those who work at home on their account, will pay their share of both the employer and the worker. Călfiţele for apprentices and employers, without salary, in addition to their own coţizaţia will pay and that of apprentices and călfiţelor.
190. an insurance Levy to be paid every week. Week of contribution begins Monday; and, in any case, the insurance levy will stop from the salary the first working day for the entire week.
The State pays the insured's contributions to Central House while they are under the flag; This, however, only if the policy holder has contributed regular prior to the start of military service, and if after the drive under the flag and resumed work in one or more of the undertakings referred to in article 1. 163. The membership fee for the six weeks following confinement, will be considered as paid.
191. the weekly membership fees are fixed for 10 years, applying the dela legei figure of 45 money from employer and State who will pay for each insured person 15.
Weekly membership fee is revizueşte every 10 years.
192. If the insured dies without having obtained a pension for invalidity or old age, but with the 200 weeks at cotizate, then the widow or legitimate children less than 16 years of age are entitled to a refund of the contributions paid by the insured.
If an insured woman shall cease from having, after having had the 200 weeks on cotizate without having received any disability pension, and if your spouse is invalid, shall not be paid contributions restitue. However, if the spouse of the insured woman day terminated in life is invalid, or if femeea has left children under 16 years of age, then the invalid or spouse, if his children are entitled to, refund of contributions deceased asiguratei.
This right can be exercised only in the flow of one year from the date of termination, which from life.

Chapter V 193 workers ' Insurance Administration. The House is a central institue trades, labor and credit insurance, based in Bucharest.
This House will organize and manage the House to insure boalei, Association of employers for accident insurance, Home insurance against invalidity and bătrâneţei, as well as craftsman, applying Credit law promulgated by Royal Decree No. high 3,493 19 December 1909, of the popular banks and cooperatives of craftsmen, and the Council specifically referred to in art. 4, paragraph 1. II of this law remain abolished.
Will organize, supervise and control the guilds and corporations, according to the law.
Will supervise and control the free mutual aid societies.
Will edit and publish under his care Monitor workers ' health insurance.
194. This will be managed by a Board of Directors, comprised of 13 members appointed by Royal Decree of 7 years who: a. Two appointed by the Finance Ministry, seven nominated by the Minister of industry and Commerce;
b. Two directors appointed by the Minister of industry and trade from a list of six patrons present employers ' Association;
c. Two technicians or workers appointed by the Minister of industry and trade of the nominated one in the general meeting of each of the corporations.
In the event, Minister of industry and trade will appoint replacements of those remaining in each category.
After this first period of 7 years, the Council will renew, by drawing lots, every three years, alternating three and then four at once from the members section of the show. Of the members show at sub-paragraph b will come out of the Council, all by drawing lots, an employer and a worker every three years.
Members exit the draw can be re-elected and called again.
Workers ' delegates and the employers have to be stubs and aged at least 30 years.
195. the Board shall elect its Chairman from his bosom. He decides by majority vote. Members of this Council will be paid 30 lei each session and 50 lei per day of inspection. The Council may give special delegation with civil, its members; and from his bosom, three members elected from Council's two strides and one appointed by the Minister of finance, shall constitute the Executive Committee.
The Director general is Secretary and Executive Committee and of the Board of Directors of the Central House.
Central House of trades, labor insurance and credit accounts will have them, in accordance with the rules laid down by the law of public accounting.
Central House will have a cassierie under the direction of a central account executive who will charge the income from the sale of stamps, taxes and fines specified by the present law on behalf of this House; will execute the distribution amounts from corporations for insurance against illness, funeral expenses and administration and will make the payment of pensions and rentelor laid down by this law.
The expenses of the budget will be the order of the order of the Director-general or the general and by the delegation of the Board of Directors of the central accounting Director, with the approval of a member delegated from the Executive Committee or the Board of Directors.
Payments of pensions and rentelor will be admitted only after they've left definitively approved and shall be entered in the special register of the Board of Directors of the Central House.
196. Elect the insured must notify employers, whenever they are called to the Council. Their work also from the presence of cases, there may be cause for termination of the învoelii before the deadline stipulated.
197. the Board of Directors of the Central House approves statutes of guilds, corporations and houses of disease of public administrations; researching their budgets; examine the annual accounts of the warehouse and make his observaţiunile; solve this stuff for the acceptance of donations and legatelor made in his favour, as well as those made in favor of guilds, corporations and special insurance houses; make all financial operations for the 2007 property insurance applies shall ensure the strict application of all the provisions of the present law.
198. The Board of Directors of Homes on its officials recommended to the Minister of industry and trade who appoints by Royal Decree.
The Council acted, as a result of his judgment, the dispoibilitate, his replacement and relief officials incapable, negligent or incorrect, making it known to the Minister of industry and trade to put in plenty of availability or by Royal Decree.
199. The official dismissed by Royal Decree no longer can be called in any function of the State, counties or municipalities.
200. The wealth of the Central House consists of: 1. the contribution of the State, employers and workers, as provided for by this law;
2. donaţiuni and related;
3. the fines and surcharges, the who will undergo, according to this law, both employers and workers who will not comply with dispoziţiunilor and regulations arising out of it;
4. Income Fund House; fruit bearing
5. special homes and reserve capabilities that will liquidate;
6. from the properties vacant successions;
7. Depositions made at the home of Economics whose librettos are deprecated;
8. the effects of the State's remaining coupons go unreported for five years.
201. the Central manages all funds of the insurance company v. boalei and House insurance against invalidity and bătrâneţei in loans and effects of the Romanian State or in other bills and loans guaranteed by the State. One quarter may be seized in establishments and buildings for the benefit of insured persons.
Casa central insurance fund may increase in v. boalei with all or only part of the sums deriving from the properties referred to in numbers 6.7 and 8 of article 6. 200.202. The financial year begins on April 1 of each year. 203. All decisions of the Board of Directors of the Central House shall be entered in a special register and signed by the members who were present at the meeting.
Minister of industry and commerce may suspend the decisions of the Council House, asking him to deliberate again on the aceleeaş issue.
204. Central House of trades and labor insurance is provided under the direction of a general manager. He is aided by a whole subdirectory can replace the need.
The Director general will bring to comply with decisions of the Board of Directors and Executive Committee.
Central House staff is divided into inner and outer service.
The interior Department includes service. Insurance against sickness and invalidity in the counter from bătrâneţei;
Section II. Guilds, corporaţi, boalei and insurance against expenses of burial;
Section III-a. Insurance against accidents;

Section IV. Service of statistics and actuarial sciences, library;
Section V. Medical service;
Section VI. Credit unions and cooperatives;
Section VII. Directorate General of accounting registers, the General staff, and intendeţa.
Section VIII. Legal Department.
205. actuarial sciences service will make technical calculations of insurance statistical shifts, lcurărilor checks, voucher cards-corrections fixing the amount of each hostels, as well as all the technical work of the actuarial sciences for law enforcement.
206. External Service includes: a. mechanical engineers, Inspectors and engineers;
b. Inspectors doctors;
c. Inspectors with non dela a and b;
d. auditor;
e. controllers.
External service officials are representatives of the House.
7. Salary, daily allowance and the number of functionaries of the Central House is fixed as follows: 208. Central House will be able to ask after the services, increase public servants needs enrolled in the present law; in no case, however, the number of public servants ' salary and will not be able to be lowered about the budget.
209. advancement to class class is removed from him do every five years. Can't get a degree at the end from the immediately higher than the class I officers immediately below grade with a length of at least 5 years and in the case of vacation.
In the case of recognized ability and skills, the Board admins-traţie Central House may recommend, from the rank of Chief of the Office, and people from outside.
For surveyors dela b and c paragraphs desub art. 206 Central House may recommend and women.
210. The payment of staff Dale referred to in article, corporations. 105 207 and all expenses of personnel and material of the House, and the allowance for the State's contribution to disability and old age, will enroll annually in budget expenditure of the Ministry of industry and trade.
211. Central House will use dispoziţiunile para. XVIII. 10 of the General Customs law.
212. The levying of contributions The employer will pay its share of contribution and will retain the employee, being responsible for both weekly contributions. In the case when the insured changes his or her employer during the week, at dintâiu patron must pay all its dues and reţie and on to the insured for the entire week. He has the right to request the following part dela proportion from paid subscription weekly it. If the insured person works at the expense of the employer, it will pay both subscription and not the person from working.
213. The levying of contributions is done by pasting stamps issued by central mobile Home. On each stamp will be written to the destination of his value.
Cancellation stamps shall be made in accordance with those referred to in article 1. 129. Central House sizes and color determined stamps, time use, and is exchanged for him.
Administration posts and financial administrations and any other administraţiuni you will find your way Home, Central will sell as stamps also will be required.
214. The levying of contributions-delayed is going to bring to fruition in the counter in the same patron as contribuţiunile or by the State organs of perception, or by an organ created by the Casa noui Central through specific regulation, or pregnant. 215. Stick stamps on the receipt.
Only sticking to and cancellation of stamps in the book receipt proving payment of the membership fee. Every worker or employer must cool, have a receipt book.
If the worker does not proxy or doseşte book-receipt, he may be required by the employer or by the funcţinarii Central House to procure the book-receipt. In the contrary case will be subjected to a fine Central House of 5 lei; and in case you fall back into the same come up to 15 lei for the benefit of the House. The employer is obliged to buy such a book-receipt and to stop them from price.
Book-form receipt is given to the House.
216. Every book includes 52-slip of squares for sticking stamps.
217. Books-receipts lost, broken or neîntrebuinţate because of uzării exchangeable.
Cotizaţiunile whose payment is justified on the book-old receipt shall be carried over into the new one.
218. It is prohibited to any signs, notes, reflections, observations, indicări of judgments in book-receipt. The policyholder is entitled to request at any time using a special slip-patron. Also, if such a receipt book by any circumstances get in the hand of any authority, it will send the Central cation-exchange receipt toward the House. As soon as the stamps were sticking out and canceled the book, it must be returned to the receipt of the insured. Only the organs shall be entitled to stop for inspection, replacement, correcting, etc. for carrying 219. Anyone out of patron or administration bodies, insurance, would hold the book of a receipt, will be compelled by the authorities to a return.
220. the Regulations contained in articles 214-219 including perception applies under article 9. 129.221. Payment of pensions will be made by the administration of urban and rural artefacts all cash points and perceptions through State banks and by any other administrative bodies in charge of the House.
The procedure of obtaining pension 222. When the insured is believed heading to enjoy either a pension for old age, either the invalidity, or through accident, keeps his request to the Corporation. Application shall be accompanied by all documents that are required at Home.
The Corporation meets this file and shall decide, in principle, be motivated, the right to old-age or invalidity pension or accident.
223. the dossier thus drawn up shall be sent to the House.
This verifies the paperwork, do any research on the fact of the accident or boalei that prompted the invalidity, or any medical research believes necessary; and if it finds that the insured person has the right to enjoy retirement, fixed by the amount of the actuarial sciences service. In his research on Central House may make the conviction through the acts, witnesses, expert appraisals.
If you are entitled to a pension of the insured person is found, the Central House gives a judgment by showing the amount of the pension, as well as the reasons why strides ' fixed amount.
224. If disablement, pricinuită by accident, is wholly within the meaning of art. 142 then the insured enjoys disability pension, in addition to a pension arising for it from the employers ' Association.
225. The decision declaring the invalidity pension or old age, or by which the amount of the pension is fixed, can be struck in the first and the last by the insured before the Commission rezort. The Commission judges at the Central House.
The insured person can defend the calling person, by the procurator or through the memoir.
226. The Board of appeal shall be composed of three councillors of the High Court of Cassation and justice, appointed by the Minister of industry and trade.
She judges in law and in fact for cases of accidents and only as a result of the disability arising from the disease.
227. All complaints and disagreements between make and patron, concerning the payment of the membership fee, aid, illness or injury by accident, or for funeral expenses, or make and House of illness, etc., will judge on the first court of arbitration courts, with the right of appeal, in the last resort, to the Board of Directors of the Central House.
Arbitrai Tribunal is composed, in each district, of three members: a co-worker, a boss, prezidaţi President of the Tribunal or the one who keeps them.
A worker called to judge will be held after the lists drawn up by the General Assembly of the corporaţiunii; and the patron will be trasja after drawing the list drawn up by the Chamber of Commerce. They have to be stubs and aged at least 25 years.
The worker and the employer will be liable for three months. The judgment will take place at the seat of the Tribunal, in open court since dela 8 evening; they will be assisted by the Registrar of the Tribunal.
Members of the Court arbitrai will be compensated for each meeting with the amount that you will secure the House.
228. All documents accompanying the application, copies of the appeal in the case of rejection of the pension, or the amount of the membership fee in grievances against or pension, pleadings, summonses, towards Central House, arbitration courts, as well as all claims and complaints arising from this law, are free.
229. The complaints of third parties and homes of the disease state, between third parties and corporations, as well as Central House, will judge the ordinary courts.
Disciplinary measures and punishments General 230. If you will discover neorânduieli or abuses the United guilds administer any corporations or Federal Home sickness, employers ' Association, Central House will be able to depart immediately to administrators guilty, taking measures to ensure their property even before the appointment of new administrators.
In this case, remove the administrators will no longer be able to be re-elected or appointed again two years removed from the presence of their date.
Directors, officers, censorii, prepuşii, federalelor, guilds, corporations, employers ' associations, the Central House, which will sutrage numerariul or mânuirii values assigned to them, they will punish as delapidatori by public money, according to art. 140 of the penal code and under. art. 123 from the same code, if they are committed falşuri; and those who will prove that they have applied for or received a bribe in any form, in the performance of their debt, will be punished with imprisonment from the rock a month to three months.
Repayment of misappropriated amounts does not release on guilty of public action effects, even when it would not have been in arrears.

Any administrator, censor, official or servant of the guilds, corporations, federalelor, illness, employers ' associations, Central House, removal from the Board, which will refuse to hand over their new wealth managers in the wake of the ruling House, shall be punished with imprisonment up to 6 months.
Refusal shall be evidenced by means of a protocol concluded by delegations or representatives to the House.
Competinte Court to investigate and prosecute all offences provided for in the present law will be the judge of the detour, which will meet for this purpose and atribuţiunile judge.
The judgment will have to be handed in no later than one month from the receipt of the complaint.
She will be given without opposition and only appeal to the tribunal within 10 working days.
The Tribunal will be obliged to rule within 20 days.
Those convicted for the cases shown above, through the final judicial decision, may no longer make the part from administraţiunea any guilds, corporations, federal, etc.. 231. Anyone who did not submit to the ' dissolution, teaching books or cassei, shall be punished with fine which from 200-1,000 lei.
232. Public action can be exercised for those interested, the Central House of the Guild Committee, Board of aministraţie Corporation, of federalei, of employers ' associations, through their Chairmen.
Also on the call.
233. The employer will not be subject to the dispoziţiunilor art. 129, 212 and 213 will pay Dale ten to one hundred times the value of stamps for |1, from his work, as well as for himself.
In the case of will fall back into the same come near fine bent, determined and administered by Central House, the culprit will be condemned and from two to six months in prison. The finding to the fact that at the top of the corporate auditors, the Central House inspectors or any other delegate, do full faith. Jail will be applied following the judgment, under art. 230. A worker who will deslipi the stamp will be punished with fines and punishment îndoitul above.
234. The fines, taxes provided for by this law and by statute, pecuniary sentencing established by the books of judgment, final and enforceable and through any other ruling will bring to fruition the House law for central tracking of the State contribuţiunilor.
Dispoziţiuni transitorii 235. The property is given to the House on the central rule from spas: three hectares from two hectares Govora, Călimăneşti, three acres of Lake Izabal, three acres at Vulcana, three hectares to four hectares and Pronounced at Amara, Ialomiţa County, in order to build nursing homes and hospitals.
Central House can acquire real estates in urban and rural communes, but only for the purpose to build retirement homes for the aged, convalescent homes, health, adult and children's hospitals, policlinice, swings and sediurile for schools and corporations and guilds.
236. Those who, at the time of enforcement will be aged 41 years old and 65 years until 13, will receive a pension for old age, although I contributed the 1,200 weeks referred to in article 1. 175 if you will be in lesser amounts, up to 65 years old, at least 48 weeks every year from law enforcement.
237. old-age pensions will be paid after 6 months of promulgation of the present law. Those who, at the time when the law will be the age of 59 years old, will not be part of the insurance and you will enjoy the old-age pension or invalidity pension if: 1. It will not prove they have worked 5 years in one or more of the undertakings referred to in article 1. 163 prior to the presentation of the present law;
2. Have an income of at least real estate own 600 annually;
3. use at least two journeymen.
238. the members of the Administrative Council referred to in article 1. 194 House staff provided by the central art. 204 and 206 will be appointed, for this only once, by the Ministry of industry and trade, immediately after the promulgation of the present law.
239. General Regulations of public administration will establish detailed application dispoziţiunilor.
All dispoziţiunile present law opposites are and shall remain abrogated.

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