Law No. 1,124 Of 1 September 1864 For Body Constringerea

Original Language Title:  LEGE nr. 1.124 din 1 septembrie 1864 pentru constringerea corporala

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Law No. 1,124 of 1 September 1864 for the ISSUING body MINISTRY OF JUSTICE constringerea AB John Dumnedeu With his mercy and vointia natiunala Jack Principateloru--ALL Romanian FATIA and FUTURE HEALTH, the United Nations Secretary-General on the report of our Minister of Justice Department n/a, Culteloru and Instructiunei, with no. 42.426 in privintia body constringerei in commercial materials, civil and criminal.
Listening Our Council opiniunea status;
By virtue of the status of din 2/14 July.
I have sanctiunatu and sanctiunamu, promulgatu and promulgamu what urmedia: Chapter 1 GENERAL article 1 DISPOSITIUNI body tenerea Constringerea a person is at inchissore for the performance of duties.

Article 2 personal Constringerea cannot, without a sentintia esecuta inadinsa judecatoresca.

Article 3 Constringerea, for non-payment of debt, may not have the job Scott in candu, debt casurile for the inplinire of this esecutare is autorisatu modu, is determined by the sum of the radica through this Bill.
There is no Secretary to compose that amount from a person's debts catra several creditors, loru, taken from candu creantiele in hand, would be less than that laid down for the application of the Cadena summa constringerei.
Several lenders at the same cerendu and casciga in putendu tempu against debtor loru application constringerei, inchissorei length will be one from mesura after those debts, the largest at summa.

Article 4 this arrested Debtors Act, voru intretenuti inchissore be with creditoriloru at the expense of loru, numerata before.
The State was creditoru, there is dispensatu of this bond.

Article 5 no matter constringerea body will not be able to apply its man and woman at amenduoi of chiaru, any outstanding debt.
In casu to constringerea pronunciation for a body due to sotiloru communa, its application at unulu dispensiadia's dinsii cela dintra-Patty to be following inchisu for the same debt.
Barbatulu and the woman admitted, the voru casulu prevediutu through the foregoing, alinea offeri at bodyweight, constringerea unulu of înşii terminulu seu for Takahashi, the fia-which for some.
In the tribunals, potu casurile tote in interessulu copiiloru ai minori debtor; postpone the implementation work of the inchissorei for terminulu of one certain date multu.
Will be scutitu constringerea fiulu body of the Trakker is some alu and a widows, uniculu son of betranu, ver.-a dad, seu infirmu esistentia and without means, and it will not candu summa due to passing of one thousand preste summa.

Article 6 Constringerea body can not be pronuntiata any esecutata in folosulu men and rudeloru women, alu alu and alu rudeloru Ruy by josu fratiloru seu alu, alu, alu suroriloru uncle (mosiu) seu alu alu aunt Ileana's nephew, seu alu nepotei, nor in folossulu afiniloru (cuscrii) of the same game.

Article 7 Debitorele arestatu, seu recomendatu after it forms prescribed by the law, calling the arc dreptulu in dispositiunei constringerea against the body in Jena after terminu inchissore dile seu after recommendation, then chiaru would be sentintia candu date last instantiate, seu candu debitorele would be declaratu like multiemesce dinsa is on terminulu, seu candu legalu apelu espiratu of would be.
Debitoriulu, remanea with can, they will tote in inchissore.
Terminulu Jena osebitu terminulu dile is date of the fulfilment of communu and can not call alu flowing with it.

Article 8 no one, except the Patty Rico Cabral IE prevediutu by this law for the implementation of constringerei, there is no Tribunaleloru of the Secretary a pronunciation nor ver ' notary authority of a Rancho Cordova pass into acts, nor has Osha ' ver which a consent by contractu.
Or what the result will be null, and contravenitoriulu shall be subject to liability, damage and expense folosse.

Article 9 Inchissorea for failure to pay a debt, the debt's not liberedia, it does not prevent debitore execution over his real averei.

Chapter 2 the BODY DISPOSITIUNI CONSTRINGEREA in Constringerea COMMERCIALE MATERIALS body article 10 will be pronuntiata, with esceptiunile and inse aci more auditioning in Trung against convicted persons ' ver carei for payment of a debt from commerciala summe of one thousand lei heads seu multu anymore.
It is optional for the judges from five hundred lei up to one thousand inclusivu.

Article 11 married women did not decay, glassalum am supusse in constringerea, Stephan prevediute art through formalities. 5 of the great book of glassalum shall not be indeplinitu voru.

Article 12 are not subjected to any minors, constringerea body part women, barbatesca seu glassalum, done without cavities as the formalities required by art. 2 of the Guestbook is being indeplinitu trade.

Article 13 Are still exempt from constringerea moscenitorii and veduvele body justiţiabililoru glassalum Tribunal, in casu candu are doomed, not the quality, but also its own loru only nicse infatisiatori you dreptatiloru author loru.

Article 14 Constringerea body in matters commerciala will not be pronuntiata in the counter debitoriloru voru cavities be enter in alu-alu sese decilea anu etatei.

Article 15 times what sentence a summa of less than one thousand lei, chiaru heads of police and the matter of the order, Tribunalulu biletu will be able to decide that inchissorea debitoriului is not the work of Scott after one month of the date parameters terminu multu adeeb from diua essigibile of duty devenitu candu.

Article 16 Inchisorea for duty commerciala will cease of itself after the parameters Monday, candu condemnatiunea has a smaller object of the summa one thousand lei heads; for summele older one thousand lei, terminulu inchissorei will add how many months, parameters for either multu which adausu five hundred thousand lei preste without necessarily inse the Bolling casu macsimulu parameters of years preste.

Chapter 3 RELATIVE to BODY DISPOSITIUNI CONSTRINGEREA in CIVIL MATTER Article 17 Constringerea body will not be residing in civil matters by the Cadena in the casurile as indicated in the following articles.
In the body of the tote casurile constringere under civil law, terminulu will be marginitu by sentintia of Sam, from the conviction Monday in five years if it is voluntary, tallow from Monday till the master master years.

Article 18 times who will make culpabilu of stelionatu, will be constrinsu from desdaunarea harmed chiaru partei, and through inchissore.
Numesce Stelionatu is: 1. A deed to sell the tallow to mortgage one nemiscatoru sciindu that there is no seu alu.
2. The deed to mortgage one alu presentandu nemiscatoru seu, with sciintia ' lu, adeverului, through the counter declaring espressa, as liberu, seu supusu only in part as the other ipotece seu privileges.

Article 19 times what depositaru will be constrinsu through inchissore are restituiasca things you ' i ' incredintiatu platiasca fostu seu is damage and folosse; INSE, depositarii necessari, the carriers and ospetatorii in casulu voru not candu can sample that are not guilty of Chase; depositorii those who volunteer in voru casuri candu be proven guilty of Chase.
Depositulu se numesce necessariu deponentele fostu nevoitu the candu is ' lu done by an unfortunate ' ver intemplare, as well as one focus, a inecaciune, pradare and others.

Article 20 Times-who works possesiunea a forced usurpa fondue at possesorulu seu legiuitu, OLA will be condanmatu through the body and be reintegredie constringere is desdaunedie fruit and atatu Lana for other damage and folosse.

Article 21 a Date by date ' sentintia in petitore matters and has become irrevocable, Ryti stated he will be condamnatu of mani possesiunea lassa a fondue can be at the casu condamnatu through disobedience, ' a second sentintia, at constringerea, after 15 of the date dile after concentration d ' sentintie antey.
If fondulu, it is departatu of domiciliulu military convicted one more post multu, 15 terminulu dile will add as many a di for either that one post distantia.

Article 22 Arendatorii estates could be sentenced by voru constringerea indatoririloru body in carrying out the contracts contained in the loru lease if this mode of esecutare will be stipulatu in IE Ryti stated contract loru.

Article 23 Times-why public persona has the capacity to receive in his arms his summe recorded seu seu things, acts of incredintiate, will be sentenced at inchissore, if you will refund the loru refusa seu of representations.

Article 24 Clerks and other public functiunari for presentarea unoru vre public-spirited, she ordered Eddie, ' oru constrinsi inchissore be in casu through disobedience.

Article 25 Tutors, curators, directors of times-what asediaminte, and those who incredintiata a administraţiune Ryti stated hours — which tallow by catra tallow laws any authority, be subjected to constringerea vora, socoteliloru, for putting atatu Caden and for times-what restitutiune would be paying videogames etc following darei socoteliloru.

Article 26 Constringerea body is optional for judges in the following casurile: a) For damage and folosse in the civil matter decay parameters occurred hundreds of leis.

b) against celoru what credintia be bad voru negatu seu voru declaratu that there be common before justice Scripture seu loru signature subkey for damage and folosse.

c) In which the holder does not cons is functiunaru, a student of alu actu comparatiune necessariu towards the verification of Scriptures, seu alu falsiu defaimatu of an actu for bringing acestoru acts ordered by judges.

d) v. espertiloru in casu de intardiare seu refusu to file raportulu loru.

e femeiloru) in cons.

Article 27 In article casurile precedentu, Tribunalulu constringerea ruling body may have been ordered that she not be in Ministry in Pramod one terminu what mat will edges.
It will be suspension pronuntiata Scott with the brightness of her motiveloru, and by sentintia on the contestatiunei date.
The espirarea of this inchissorea terminu, it will work without a second sentintia.

Article 28 Constringerea, the civil matter cannot be pronuntiata for a summa of less than one thousand lei.

Article 29 it cannot be pronuntiata in the non-emancipated against minoriloru or secsagenariloru counter (join the alu sese-decelea anu).

Article 30 of Constringerea for body stelionatu in causa tempulu cassatoriei may not have married in Monterrey against femeiloru, Lana in casulu they have a wealth of candu estra-dotala, seu Rico putinu a fortune whose administraţiune ' and ' stop on the sema them and only for duties ocasiunea carmuirei born with that wealth.

Article 31 ' Debitorele which has the quality of comerciantu, is supusu to constringerea subscrisu a body of police Stephan seu biletu to one ordinu.

Chapter 4 PROCEDURE CONSTRINGEREI in TANGIBLE CIVIL and COMMERCIAL MATTER Article 32 Constrengerea body will not be able to put in the work of Scott after a di movement from receipt of the copy of the decision which will be pronuntiatu, and the order of the head of aprodiloru for voluntary execution of that judgment.
These debitorelui be tramisse voru acts through one particular ' MOA dessemnatu through the disa decision.
In order to advise the borrower that will copy tramite decision, it will look like and loculu where creditorulu ' and domiciliulu will be residentei in the Eddy of the datu Ibrahim creditorulu, the decision whether there will be locuindu there.

Article 33 Inchissorea will be done by capulu of aprodi, tallow, tallow of onl insotitu unulu seu several aprodi.

Article 34 of the debtor shall be: i. arestatu before apusulu sorelui rassaritulu even after.
(Ii) in dilele of serbatori.
III. The places devoted to cult on Cadena tempu officiulu tene religiosu.
IV. loculu and tempulu In sedintieloru in autorităţiloru.
V. in another House of Cadena, nor in propriulu seu candu, President of the Tribunal only out will be autorisatu it will be exactly one insarcinatu comissaru politiaiulu police orasiului seu's as a esecutedie.
Vi. In the d ' antey second-wife after doing so dile dip after a family member was dintra sele.

Article 35 the debtor will not be able to be candu Trakker is arestatu is chiematu as marturu before a Roz instruction, a Tribunalu of anteia instantiate a Criminal Court nor dip in Fatima tempulu and Scott as they go to infatisiare and it is turning back.
No one will be admisu chiemarea to be probedie as marturu in criminal matters, Scott by producing a SAV-conductu (in adinsu).
This waiver applies to times-why alegetoru, either in municipal policy matters, either, on Scott scrutinulu, tempu tene in which Cadogan is not one Sri trebuintia-conductu.

Article 36 Inchissorea debtor will ascertain through ' one verbalu which will contain the processu: 1. Date of dilei, and the Moon year in which to do it.
2. The name, professiunea, domiciliulu, seu creditor choice of home, if not there, Frank locuiesce and debitorelui professiunea and locuintia,.
3. Obiectulu application of the creditor.
4. Wraith of Tribunalulu and numerulu hotărîrei that pronuntiata inchissorea fostu.
5. terminulu for the which the Wraith of she pronuntiata Ryti stated.
6. Statement as to necessara creditorulu depusu nutrimentulu summa for the debtor.
7. Mention was lassatu debitorelui copy of the sentence of condemnation, conformu art. 32, how and this process-verbalu.
Capulu aprodiloru insarcinatu verbalu procesu do this, ' lu will subscribe along with directorulu inchissorei, which will have to be at his drafting fatia.

Article 37 In casu de resistentia debitorelui, on behalf of the material will be asked ajutorulu puterei armed and debitorele will still be urmaritu after inpotrivitoru the Guestbook form as criminal authority.

Article 38 If insarcinatulu with inchissorei retenea's execution would inchisu debitore in any one job which is not Patty destinatu by law for this, it shall be urmaritu as culpabilu from arestatiune arbitrary killings.

Article 39 Creditorulu is indatoratu is submitted, more d ' before a summa for intratenerea debitorelui seu inchissore, credited to Rico 30 putinu dile.
For a recorded more putinu summe of parameters-so socotesce, dile nimicu are older people.
Trakker is recorded on most of our friends-so multu dile is not dilele's Scott messora after it is made, but after periods of parameters-so why cuprindu dile is in tempulu which is made.

Article 40 Summa what lodges creditorulu datoru intratenerea debitorelui seu inchissore, will be the one hundred lei; from this second-so it will be retenea lei for Reading.

Article 41 Directorulu inchissorei registrulu seu transcribe on estractu from sentintia that autorisadia arestatiunea.
If the capulu of infatisia that won't aprodi sentintia, directorulu inchissorei will have primiasca not be inchissore on the debitoru.

Article 42 of the debtor will be inchisu recomandatu times-what do seu alu creditoru Patty that would be required and the pututu acquire its implementation at inchissore.
Trakker is expected to be recomandatu and Rico prevenitu of one delictu and recomandatiunei through efectulu will be retenutu in inchisore chiaru and at the casu of his acquittal.

Article 43 Recomandatiunea is to request one at inchissore debitore Ching, and for some other duty that he inchissorei primary fostu causa sele.
Voru recomandatiune is aceliasi to observe the formalities as for the inchissore, out of only one hundred lei summa necessara for intratenerea obligor split recomandatu and creditorulu enter date d ' anteiu, if this latter one will ask.

Article 44 In casu formalitatiloru failure manifested most susu, the debtor will be able to ask for a declaration of invalidity inchissorei sele; a request will be made at the Tribunalulu where the inchisu localu onl conpetinte, for nulităţile form.
If the application for a declaration of invalidity inse is founded on the nulităţi of alegatiunea, as well as the fondue on a star studded EV alu estinctivu obligatiunei intemplatu following the sentence of inchissore and who deserves to be the desbatutu judecatoresce, the application will be tramissa at Tribunalulu which has pronuntiatu sentintia.

Article 45 The tote, demand for nullity casurile inchissorei will judge the urgentia conclusiuniloru Ministeriului Student.

Article 46 Nullity inchisorei cousins for what would be the cause pronuntiata, don't shoot the nullity and recomandatiuniloru, on Caden tempu would not and therefor a inadinsa decision.

Article 47 of the debtor, whose inchisore is declared null and void on temeiu of lack of form, may be arestatu for the same debt, achieving the required formalitatiloru, curandu no longer be inserted after esirea dile from the parameters to inchissore.

Article 48 If inchissorea is declared null and void will be creditorulu condamnatu catra debitoru to damage and folosse.

Article 49 the debtor whose inchissore is legal and will recasciga freedom: i. consemtimentulu cerutu inchissorea that the creditor and the recomandatoriloru if am alu.
II. the failure of more ' before the debtor's summei for intratenerea.
III. by entering the debtor in alu-alu sese etatei Duke next year.
IV. espirarea terminului inchissore sentintia of marginitu through.
V. Through extinction debt after some of the modes of payment, such as obligatiuniloru, ertarea, etc.
VI. cessiunea averiloru casulu constringerea sele in candu body pronuntiata in civil matters which Ryti stated, the debtor is not candu culpabilu Chase.

Article 50 Consemtimentulu for esirea inchissore, the debtor will be able to be drank by creditoru seu seu's tribunals, registrulu inchissorei.

Article 51 failure of Release for baniloru nutrimentu in module urmatoriu: Debtor will address Presidentulu catra anteia Tribunal an application instantiate under-signed by dinsulu and directorulu inchissorei seu if debtor not scie writes, certificatu de adeverata, Adam numitulu.
This request will be made in this way shall, and one will remanea at directorulu inchissorei.

Article 52 If creditorulu will take some before why the debtor would be Presidentului his chatting like it looks in the articolii more susu, that application will not be received.

Article 53 Ordonantia Presidentului of debtor's release for causa shown in art. 50, will be the date, and one is duplicata will, filed at the registry, it will directorulu inchissorei tramite la.

Article 54 the debtor freedom to inchisu will recasciga depunendu seu triia paying us the part of the debt and acquire Scott heads, chieltuielile and the intratenerea to the inchissore, and giving it to a remasitia bail (chediasie) received the proper incuviintiata of Tribunalulu creditoru seu de inteia to instantiate the place where the debtor is located inchisu.
Aceliasi conditions being fulfilled on the part of the debtor, ' lu will relieve to have courage to inchissore.

Article 55 Cautiunatorulu (chedasiulu) you have to compel the debtor to solidaru with remasitia payments of the debt in which one cannot terminu pass over one of anu, out if creditorulu will consemti to one more terminu.

Article 56

The espirarea terminului marginitu through Art. precedentu, creditorulu, if platitu is not found on deplinu, you will be able to constringerea again esercita bodyweight in principalu against the debtor, without that ' and dreptulu while perdie v. cautiunatorului.
In terminulu casurile, tote a second why would creditorulu esercita constraints, will not be able to be more tempulu Scott Lambert what debtor may have sediutu at the inchissore d ' sentintia antey.

Article 57 Debtor liberatu unulu through any of the ways listed through Art. 49, will no longer be able to be arestatu for the same debt.

Article 58 of the debtor that will be cascigatu to espirarea terminului through liberation inchissorei, will no longer be able to be inchisu for debts contracted before may ' inchissorea and alu caroru terminu will be inplinitu in momentulu liberarei sele, out only for candu casulu these debts by nature and would require a loru cuantulu longer inchissore Lana esitu of which the debtor has.
In it, casulu from nuou to inchissore duration to that courage d ' antey inchissori will catch in the calcululu inchissorei of stage duration after the wake.

Article 59 applications for the issue of a, voru debitoru inchissu be adressate Tribunalulu catra where debtor is situated inchisu. Creditorulu will be chiematu to the date the judgment more scurtu terminu.
The diua shall be given to causa bordered more ' before the it-other cause of the same di Tribunalulu, and will give his decision after listening to Student conclusiunile Ministeriului.

Chapter 5 CONSTRINGEREA in CRIMINAL MATTERS which BODY, CORRECTIONAL and POLITIENESCI Dicisiunile Curtiloru article 60 and sentintiele Tribunaleloru coprindietore of folosulu in the State sentences a lot (globire), restituţiuni, damages, and costs and expenses is used, will not be able to be executed through constringerea body of Scott free after five from receiving dile acteloru of catra condamnatu of Rico condemnare.
If the debtor is situated in inchissore recomendarea for his other debts will be ordered immediately.

Article 61 Inchissorea made in article precedentu may not have the job Scott after crossing from one diua Anna SIA has delictu penalty for paying videogames etc.

Article 62 those arrested in the power of Art. 60 voru remanea closed till voru are payments to convicted summa seu voru bail until smooth da OLA received interessatu, or at the casu appeal declared good and valid Tribunalu.
Cautiunarulu will have platesca terminu se in a month, not tallow, be urmaritu.

Article 63 With tote these cavities, voru neputintia justify convicts to pay after the prescrisu module. criminal procedure from codices, voru liberaţi be after 15 of inchissore, dile condamnatiunile remained the candu pecuniary two not so lei; After a month of inchissore, those are candu voru radica from 20 up to 60 lei; After two months, the candu is voru radica from 60 up to 200 lei; after Monday, voru parameters pass candu 200 lei.

Article 64 Candu inchissorea will be incetatu in the power of art. precedentu, she will be able to recommence, inse once, only for restituţiuni, chelutieli, folosse and only damage and Tribunalulu will find Stephan and will of the pronunciation with the debtor as fatia it raise in pay.

Article 65 Discutiunile and sentintiele cuprindietore of convicts in favor of particulariloru for reparatitunea as they were ' would be paying videogames etc through murders, felonies and contraventiuni, voru be executed after the same shapes and through the same means as hotărîrele cuprindietore constringere convictions in folossulu State.

Article 66 Candu condamnatiunea, pronuntiata will not pass parameters hundreds lei preste release detenuti condamnatiloru after the request and will not particulariloru in interessulu may have cov without candu cautiuniloru data validity only, seu neputintia condamnatiloru pay, Ryti stated at the casu voru be appeal judged fatia with creditorulu.
The duration of this inchisorei in casu, there will be the legiuita through art. 63. Article 67, In casuzile chiaru tote and then neputintia the borrower to candu payments could be established if the condemnation of the pronuntiata, seu seu in favor of the State in favor of a vre particularu, pass the parameters inchissorei hundreds of lions, the duration will be determined by the verdict of conviction from our friends months before the master years. With the debtor, if they tote to play in alu-alu decilea sese etatei, anu before putting the sentence, Tribunalulu will be able to reduce at least 2 months, and won't be able to get over the latter two years from macsimum.
If the debtor gets after putting the sentence compared to Sam-so-year-old terminulu inchissorei what does it more flowing, conformu sentintiei, redusu will be your self at jumetate.

Chapter 6 MISCELLANEOUS Article 68 DISPOSITIUNI Bolling feliu de constringere body cannot have a job in deputatu corpuriloru legiuitore in alu tempulu sessiunei nor in the course of sese septemani before opening the sea closure loru.

Article 69 Constringerea, pronuntiata for an functiunaru, will not be able to put in the work of Scott after why dile from the President of the Tribunal, through espirarea, adresse incunosciintiatore catra authority which depend on acelu functiunaru.

Article 70 Are subjected to body constringerea all who were in his arms loru summe seu miscatore objects of the State, of public asediamenteloru of municipalitatiloru of communeloru sea, there'll be candu voru calculations give seu candu, after putting socoteliloru, voru may not deplinu those matches on the tallow summe representa those objects.
Dispositiunea this also applies to those cavities have bail for the datu susu, and prepuşii agents on the same sea.

Article 71 Are Trakker is subjected to constringerea.
1. All cavities have contractatu with sea State public establishments, like intraprindietori, aprovisiunatori, comisiunari, casuri from candu voru be declared in the sequel intraprinderiloru loru.
2. Those who have cavities datu bail (chedasie) for them, and how advertisers and loru prepuşii cavities have direct intraprinderei carmuirea avutu, and tote respunsabile aceliasi people declared by the service.
It dispositiune ' and will have his application without restricting the celoru legiuite through Art. 15 and 18 of the law on chases, on 31 March 1862.

Article 72 Are still subjected to bodily constringerea all debtors and guarantors of loru indirect contribuţiuni of saline; of customs of acside and others avendu dobanditu creditu decay, not rafui scadentia, voru at summa to which it climbs obligatiunele loru.
The assets of esecutare, drawn by Art. 18 alu legei for chases, on 31 March 1862, and applicable to single debtors remanu revenue in contribuţiuni subjects, be personal, be fondane.

Article 73 Sentintiele pronuntiate against militariloru voru is communicated by the Department of Justice, Resbelu, Ministeriului to get militariloru mesurele privintia osinditi in permitted by rebutile.

Chapter 7 DISPOSITIUNI TRANSITORII infiintia Article 74 shall be in either capital of cassa arestu judetiu a deliberatoriloru to the civil and commercial matter, and another for arestu debitoriloru in cassa cause criminal corectiunale and politienesci.

Article 75 of The call4 terminu multu parameters months from the promulgation of this law, one regulamentu of administraţiune will cause police and public administraţiunea casseloru prevedute through art. prededentu.

Article 76 This Bill isn't going to put the work of Scott incependu at aceloru Rin legiuite dile after running through art. 74 and 75, anuntiata in Monitorulu oficialu.

Article 77 For debts before they decay luatu promulgarei nascere this law, it shall apply for one next year after Scott from promulgation.

Article 78 Tote dispositiunele for essecutarea, datorului, through the occupation of dwelling shall be repealed.
Facemu cunoscutu and ordonamu, as those invested with State sigilulu fatia, and recorded in buletinulu legiloru (Monitorulu Oficialu) shall be adressate Curtiloru and Autorităţiloru are administrative, as entered in the register shall observe loru, and is made to notice them, and Our United Nations Secretary-General Ministrulu status from the Department of Justice, Culteloru and Public insarcinatu Instructiunei priveghia is the publication of loriu.
Datu in Septemvrie Eleni Coundouriotis, 1864.
|L. S.|
-------Minister United Nations Secretary-General status from the Department of Justisiei, Culteloru and Public Industry, n. Cresulescu.