Law No. On August 17, 1864 1,032 For Splitting Curtei For Casatiune

Original Language Title:  LEGE nr. 1.032 din 17 august 1864 pentru impartirea Curtei de Casatiune

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Law No. 1032 17 august 1864 for dividing Curtei by ISSUING Casatiune MINISTRY OF JUSTICE AB IOAN i. With the mercy of the national team, willpower and Dumnedeu Jack of the United Principalities-Romania;
All of the face and future sanetate: in view of them providing unforgettable sea our Decree No. 968, on 6 August 2003, by which it was suppressed, section I, of the complaint at the Court of casatiune;
Them providing unforgettable sea report Our Minister Secretary of State at the Department of Justice, religious affairs and Public Instructiunei with no. 39.896, whereby We submit the changes are need to be inserted into the law of the Court of casatiune, according to the new organisare ' i was given;
Listening Our Council opinion status;
The power Status of 2/14 July;
I have sanctioned and promulgated and sanctionam promulgamu what urmeda: Article 1 the Court of casatiune is divided into sections and the doue: one first President, Vice-Presidents, the latter two sections and four-to-why members everywhere septe-to-dece members.

Article 2 Sections take the appointment of "civil and Criminal Section Section".
Each section is composed of a Chairman and members septe.
Now at first, and for the first and only time, the sections will form through straws.
All members make up a section of caries preuna with their President, will change at the beginning of each of the members of the anu's awareness that on other sections.

Article 3 civil rule on Section tutulor casatiune applications in the civil matter. Criminal rule on applications section in casatiune in criminal and correctional matters which are simple.
Jurisdicţiune conflicts between authorities of the order judecatoresca, judging by the sections themselves.

Article 4 first President holds court presida into sections, and you may find when presida will fit, and eat need service, and whether that section.

Article 5 registry of the Court of Casatiune is composed of one Mithun greferi, Registrar of the latter two section, five heads, the latter two-to-why writers, a general and the latter two registratore registrars section.

Article 6 under the auspices of the Ministry of public asedat Court of casatiune, consists of a general procurore and the latter two prosecutors of section.

Article 7 a section may not work and the judge will not be the front members pucin septe.
When this numeru cannot fulfill because de bola, congediu, recusatiune, or other such circumstances number complete with members of the other section being drawn by lots.

Article Intemplandu-8 is not to fulfill most of the number required by art. 21 of the law of the Court of casatiune, will be three other members held Mecca of lots, from another section, and shall be given sake again.
If you will not be able to then form the majority, will delay's sake from one month up to three at the most, and if to this finish will not be able to get the majority, will judge the United sections of sake.
It is urgent, but escepta causes that, in casu, this judge is immediately the United sections.

Article 9 When the Court of judge Casatiune in sections, should the fia front and to take part in the judgment, at pucin 12 members the President or a vice President.
At the casu, also a otarire cannot not give together eight voices. And when sections are met throughout the complete, absolute majority is ajunsu.

Article 10 the Court of casatiune has Christmas vacation dile incepend 15, from Christmas Eve and at dile, Pasci 15 incepend from Palm dioa.
Particularly, the civil section has large vacantii from 1 July until 15 August.
Everywhere at a different course, alu anulul casatiune you dilele regular sitting out the tote Sunday and serbatori.

Article 11 In either-that section are registers in doue one is floated causes urgent (as possible) in at-other ordinary.
The first President, by one and only addressed stakeholder citatiune tutulor, destine for dioa determined towards appearance.
Causes is their sorocescu rendul intrariei, and eat out only those who mainly as soon as possible.

Article 12 in the cas of pira started against civil servants, section will delve more pirei anteiu admissibility, and cas admissions, acusatul will go before sections. When an application for a research casatiune, a civil or criminal section will reveal facts committed by judges atingatore guilty of their functions, then the criminal section will denuncia judges from the civil section, which will make the proper research before admission, and if the discovery of facts to blame will make civil section, then you do the proper research itself for admission.

Article 13 When, after casatiunea a judgment, the Court of appeal or the Court of first instance ' shall be sent to judge from sake nuou, will give a second sentence in the same between the same persons sake, procedend the same quality, and will be attacked, and that the second decision, then the Court of judge casatiune cestiunea in sections.
If the second sentence of a tribunal or court, is sold for the same reasons as the d ' anteiu, then the civil court or the Court that Panday will be sent, will conform to the decisiunea Court of casatiune on the point of law, judged by that Court.
In this cas, the Court of casatiune will communicate as soon as Ministeriului Justice cestiunea law contraversata as the d ' anteiu session of the Cameri after or even during, the room will be open to Government interpretation of CAI's official law of the legislative power.

Dispositiunile coprinse In article 14 art. 28. Paragraph 7th from art. 36. Articolile 62, 63, 64, 65 and 66 of the act constituting the Court of casatiune and Sandy are repealed.

Article 15 the Court of dispositiunile Tote casatiune, legei opposites Decree of front, are repealed and Sandy.
We do categorise them as known and of face, invested with the seal of State and laws Gazette (the Gazette), to be addressed to courts, tribunals and administrative authorities, in order to enroll in their registries, to observe them, and make them notice and Our Minister Secretary of State at the Department of Justice, culture and Public Instruction, is in charge of the priveghea publication.
Eleni Coundouriotis, given on 17 August 1864.
AB IOAN Minister Secretary of State at the Department of religious affairs, Justisiei and Instrucsiunii.
B. Cresulescu — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —