Law Of 2 July 1864 Concerning The Election

Original Language Title:  LEGE din 2 iulie 1864 cu privire la alegeri

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LAW of 2 July 1864 concerning the ISSUING JUSTICE MINISTRY elections Published in MONITORUL OFICIAL nr. 146 of 15 July 1864 Article 1 election of the Peasants of Romania is done with two degrees. Voters suntu or mayors or direct.

Article 2 all Romanians Suntu primary voters cavities through Communal law on communal Councils suntu voters, with esceptiunea from Art. 22, subparagraph (a) (b) of that law.
Those platescu a dare by the status of Lions 48 rural voters in the communes of suntu.
Those platescu a lei lei 80 or 110, and NAFA delegation visit until fifth grade inclusivu, how have their towns residenta suntu voters in urban municipalities.

Article 3 Potu, either be direct voters in cities in villages, either all the Romanians who were born or eldest them providing unforgettable sea naturalisatiunea, cavities will have an income of one cent coins and or what kind. This income will be able to prove by paying impositului, tickets (four golds) and what other times frank, perfectly adequate. Only private wage or paid by Reading for public functions, will not be Muhammad in estimatiunea income.
Besides the payment of contributiunelor aretate above, the voters of the two degrees will need to have the age of 25 years old.
Have the right to be elected as the voters direct without having to justify the income one cent coins, seu contributiunea four gold (if they meet the other conditions required) parishes, priests, teachers colleges, academies and doctors and lawyers of different departments, licensees, engineers and architects, all of whom recognized diplomas or liberate them providing unforgettable sea of Mobility, public trainers scolelor mayors, and leaders of the private institutiunelor statement of recognised Mobility.
Potu aseminea be elected officials and the voters direct civilians and soldiers, withdrawn from service, cavities will be justified as a priimescu annual rate of 3000 lei at putinu.
No one can be directly alegatoru affe cat in the city and the place where he is domiciled.

Article 4 may not be alegarori any direct primary: i. persons subject to do a protectiuni.
II. priimescu cavities shall thy wages be Servants.
III. Prohibitions.
IV. Faliţii nereabilitati.
V. Those who will have been osinditi to aflictive and infamante, or only infamante.

Article 5 Lists the primary voters is either pregatescu on that anu by communal authorities care, based on latest contribuţiuni roles. These lists are the curency provisorii d ' anteiu Sunday of the month of January in each commune.

Article 6 Reclamatiunele will address the prefect in the d ' anteiu three septamini from the date of afisarei.
After the prefect will be otarit upon tutulor reclamatiunelor cropped up, he concludes definitive lists and publish them will surely up to the d ' anteiu Sunday Fevruarie the moon.

Article 7 In three weeks what urmeda, nemultumitii will be able to appeal against the District Court Commissioner at otaririlor, and the Court of first instance in the Court against the otaririlor of Casatiune, up to 30 priimirea otarirei dile dupe Court.
Court of first instance and the Court of Casatiune respect.
Times what voters authorized persona may advertise the inclusion or deletion of times what they individually contributed nedreptu which omisu or inscrisu in the list College of which he is part.

Article 8 in order to be elected at the general meeting, without distinction in Romania shall: Jesse i. Donald to be born or to be collected naturalisatiunea the great.
II. To have the age of 30 years old.
III. To be voters and having an eligibility cens. An income of two hundred coins provisoriu this formeda cens. This income can be times what nature; He may find paying tickets through contributiunelor, or through what Greg.
Be elected deputies, Potu, and without having to justify a vre, all Romanians Censu cavities have large functions esercitat in service of the State, oficerii army superiors who are not in the service of the Saint, profesiunele liberal corespundatore and postdoctoral lecturing qualification.

Article 9 Be that common, which holds up to 50 primary voters, a voter numesce directu; municipalities from 50 up to 100 of the voters, also numescu how many voters duoi and so on, one more for each five-so the primary voters.
Communes having more pucinu 50 intrunescu mayors, voters for choice is the village closest to form one college with her.
Dupe of proporţiunea more administraţiunea bogie will split major municipalities in circonscriptiuni, who will choose one voter directly either 50 primary voters.

Article 10 political Domicile of either Osha, which is in the circonscriptiunea election in which he has his domicile; with these, he tote will be able to transfer or other circonscriptiune where would pay a direct contributiune, under condiţiune only to make the statement himself with Vince months before the formation of electoral lists, so the Prefecture the district al seu home politicu, and the voiesce ' l where to move.
Chiemate people will be able to function irremovable esercita their right of election where voters in circonscriptiunele ' functiunele and indeplinescu.

Article 11 permanent voter suntu mayors throughout the year.
Direct alegu from voters is nuou whenever colegiele will convene for a general election, or partial.

Article 12 the distinction colegielor is disbanded, with the only difference of their fellow impartirei in cities and counties, and colleagues. The d ' anteiu is formed by those that have rights of voters in urban municipalities; those of duoilea are formed by those that have rights of voters in rural municipalities (art. 2 of this legiuire).
In cities where there will be a hundred voters, will direct adaogi direct voters from rural communes closest and that it will deslipi from judeţu College.
All direct voters counties what intrunescu in a single College at residentia Prefecturei. Colegiele these voters, which would pass over three hundred registered voters, will be subimparti by the Prefect in sections from either-which may not include pucinu of 100 voters, and is formed by the large neighboring municipalities those messengers from one another. It will mean either a decay Section and either a serial numeru. The d ' anteiu is Prefecturei ever asedata in the House.
Whether that Section conlucreza of the law on deputies to the whole College is going to decay ' i choose.
In the counties (for example, Izmail, Cahul, the colonies), where no one will find the number of one hundred voters, will direct the College meet voters elected through the direct members of the communal authorities.

Article 13 the number of Deputies is going to choose, compute dupe populatiunea cities and the counties. Provisoriu next table shows the number of Deputies is going to choose in each flood and judeţu.

Article 14 Colegiele voters will summon the power of the three septamani esecutiva at pucinu before dilei otarite for the election.

Article 15 Choice voters is through direct vote on front; the election is made by scrutinu secretu.

Article 16 Presidents, Secretaries and voters from their essence. The College can't handle the other cat only elections for which it is called. Times what cuvent, discutiune or deliberatiune or what politics are completely stopped.
The President has the single police Assembly voters. Nobody can enter inarmatu. No power the army cannot be placed in the elections or in the giurul sea.
In casu de neorindueala, the President may ask the adjutorul armed power. Civilian and military Antoritatile, the following are its applications datore in that privesce the election.
If the election one or more assistants would give public signs of descuviintare or would spark further unrest or what will President modu, Mecca to order; If they persist, will make mention in the minutes, and infatitarea this prove, may punish violators with a globire from 2 up to 20 coins, or with inchisore from 3 up to one month dile.
In casu neorinduiola, President of serious radica sitting on an hour; If at all, would reopen neondueala predomni, he is procrastinating on the second.

Article 17 the President of the Assembly, the number of people known make of Eddy.

Article 18, which in turn alegatoriu chiamat seu seu Musu, submit a ticket on white paper and inchisu in a box with two incuetori of which keys it keeps one by the President and one of the most Baba of Secretaries.
Voters won't be able to write their own ticket themselves, potu chiema in pre or alumina from Ibrahim voters.

Article 19 after voters were all succesivu, chiamati dupe alfabeticu order, it may make one last chiamare those who may have lacked in the Hall, and deschisu up to remane poll 4 hours. To ensure the votes are going to put several seals between the voters and can even remanea in the Hall for the care of the URN.

Article 20 At the reopening of the URN, whether that unfolds before the audience ticket; the name of the esit is written by either that a Secretary's list, and the general result is proclaimed by the President.

Article 21 Tickets that cuprindu us to name, or what the nature of the signs of the times, which would imply a prior understanding suntu void.

Article 22 no one is elected to anteiul scrutinu if not intrunesce at least jumetate and one of esprimate and valid votes (absolute majority).

For candidates ' cavities would be collected to the absolute majority of votes, which will proceed to a ballot of the duoilea many votes, or even less than a cat and one of the jumetate votes (relative majority), suntu elected.
In casu the parity of votes, sorta.

Article 23 the election Operations check by the peasants, who only otaraste over their validity.
How to contestaţiunile privitore the electoral capacity, they competinţa suntu exclusive Court of respectivu, and the otarirei of disposal of henna, competinţa Court Casatiune Court meant.

Article 24 Deputy Eddy in many colleges, is obliged to declare his General Assembly option to dupe checking titles 8 dile. Of the option will not be declared in the same termenu, the Assembly decided by lot, which the College represinta in mp cestiune.

Article 25 In casu Vacations through demisiune, morte, option or altminterea, which urmeda the electoral college meet, will meet in termenu a month.

Article 26 the mandate of lawmaker is incompatible with the functions of the Government, members of the Court of Casatiune, a Prosecutor in addition to Courts and tribunals, directors and heads of section to the Prefecture and various Ministerie; Prefect and sub-prefect, boss and comisariu of police and soldiers in the service of the Saint.
The President and members of the courts cannot be elected members of the district jurisdictiunei them.
The lawmaker who would priimi a public employment service, or a forward, socotesce is subject to re-election and resigned before he could esersa the mandate of seu.
Deputy who, during his tenure, would dip pace one or more of the prescribed insusirele for eligibility, as soon as inceteda to be part of the General Assembly.

Article 27 during the elective Assembly intrunirei, it only has the right to priimi demisiunea sei members. And in the range of sesiunelor and demisiunile during the holidays, shall notify Ministeriului from into.

Article 28 Times-who has pleaded its voter enrollment under an assumed name, or on the basis of false or attributes hidden, asking its enrollment, any necapacitate, preveduta, or claimed, and its enrollment has two or more lists, shall be punished with inchisore from 15 up to 3 months dile, or globire from 15 up to 100 coins; If you will be taking part in the vote, will be inchisorea from one month up to six months, or globirea from 30 to 200 coins.

Article 29 Times who, being entrusted to a scrutinu with priimirea, numerarea cuprindend sufragiele ticket or the disposal of voters, it will turn out that he faked, sustrasu, adaogit or faked, it will punish the tickets with inchisore from six months up to 2 years, or with a globire from 100 to 300 coins.

Article 30 if the vuiete or demonstratiuni amenintatore in the elections or in giurul seu, s ' would be achieved or was supposed to attain esersiciul Dumas and freedom of the vote, they will punish violators with inchisore from one month up to a year with anu, or globire from 30 to 200 coins.
If violators will be carried/mounted sprayer arms, or if elections were ' would have raped her, the penalty will be inchisorea from one year up to five. Inchisorea will be five years before the why, if murder was Carbajal in a sequel planu plotted to it esecuta times in tota tera, or in one or more circonscriptiuni.

Article 31 Osindirile otarite in the power of the foregoing articles 28, 29 and 30, tragu interdictiunea the right alegatoru and eligible. It will interdictiune all through that sentence pronuncia, during five years at up to 10 putinu and years at most.

Article 32 Times who will prove it cumperat or sold a ceric rlolnig stone would be any, shall be punished with interdictiunea the right to vote and to be eligible, as well as with that of the right to be able to handle a service or service accountant, on for 5 years at up to 14 years putinu tops.
Vindatorul and cumperetorul will be osindi suffrage all-of-a-date, be that from a bent valorei globire priimite things to or promised.

Article 33 in the absence of the initiative Ministeriului Accountant, why the voters have the right to intruniti bring a press of people acusate decay times the offences mentioned in article 1. 28, 29, 30 And 32.

Article 34 in cat privesce pribonirea both these civil offenses and that the public are prescribed Ministeriului (paragrafisite) in the resultatului months after proclaiming doue choice.

Article 35 Osindirea what ' you may not at any pronuncia a commies to take effect cancellation of the elections ' validity decay would be recognized by the General Assembly.

Article 36 no member of elective Assembly, as will the session, will not place can be arrested any criminal judgement, acting out only in casu veghiata fault, how it will be after the Assembly authorized pursuing.
DISPOSITIUNI for the first application of TRANSITORIE legei of face, it will be able to waive ficsate data in it, but observîndu resolve unwavering successive terms built for publicaţiune, apelu, notifications and invitation.
Facemu also known as ordonamu, invested as Monaco State and listed in the Official Gazette, to be addressed to Courts, Tribunals and administrative authorities in order to enroll in their registries, to observe and to do them to observe, and Our Minister for United Nations Secretary-General n/a Iustitiei Department is in charge of the priveghea publication.
Eleni Coundouriotis, Datu in 2/19 July 1864 year.
Balanescu, Cogalnicenu, d. Bolintinenu, Daisy Junior, p. M.


Argesu, Deputies from counties that 2 Pitesci and 1 Argesu for the Court. 5, 2 and 1 for the Bacau city for Tirgulu-Ocnei. Bolgradu, 5 2 Bolgradu for the city. 4 Botosanii, of which 2 for c, and 1 for Botosanii Tirgulu H. 5 Brăila, 2 for the city of Brăila and. .. 4 Buzeu, of which 2 for c Buzeu and 1 Mizilu for. .. Cahulu, 5 2 Cahulu for the city. 4 Covurluiu, of which 2. 4 Dnmbovita, of which 2 for Tirgovisce and one for Gaesci. 5 Doljiu, of which 2 for Craiova and 1 for Calafatu Dorohoiu, 5 2 Dorohiu for 1 c, and 1 for Mihdileni for H. .. 6 Falciu, of which 2 for Husii and one for Falciu. ○ 5, of which 2 Grjiu for the fair-Jiu. 4, Los Angeles 2 4 Iasii for Knoll, 4 for Iasii and one for Ilfovu-Fallon 7 flea market, of which 6 for Eleni Coundouriotis and 1 for Glen Burnie. Ismailu, 9 2 c for Ismail. 4 Mehedinti, of which 2 for Severinu, 1 for Cernetii and 1-of-6 from Abraham Muscel which 1 for Campu-Lam. .. 4 na Songkhla, 2 for fair Stone and 1 lucky star 5 Koel, Slatina 2 for. .. 4, of which 2, Thiruvananthapuram and unulu for 1 Motherwell 6-mountain, of which 2 for 1 for Odobescii and Slonim and Keesha.. Sri Lanka 5-2 Saratu, for the town of Ramnicu-Saratu.. 4 Romanatii, 2 4 Kn to Caracal, of which 2 for c Kn. .. 4, 2 for Folticeni. 4 Tecuciu, 2 Tecuciu and 1 for c Nicorescii for. .. Teleorman, of which 5 2 Dubai, 1 for Russia-de-Vedas and Alecsandria 1 to 6 of which 2 Tutova, for Barladu, 4 2 Valle to Ramnicu-Valcii, 1 for 1 to Southend on Cooch Behar and. .. Vasluiu, 6 2 Vasluiu for the city. 4 P, of which 2 for Gallant 4 160 United Nations Secretary-General Totalu Minister status, President of the Council Ministriloru, m. COGALNICEANU.