Law No. 167 Of 11 February 1864 For A Board Infiintiarea Reading

Original Language Title:  LEGE nr. 167 din 11 februarie 1864 pentru infiintiarea unui consiliu de statu

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Law No. 167 of 11 February 1864 for infiintiarea a Board reading, MINISTRY OF JUSTICE ISSUING AB IOAN i. with the mercy of Dumnedieu and vointia of the United Principalities Dana national team.
All health and viitoriu fatia.
AMU interitu and interimu, promulgatu and promulgamu what urmedia: Chapter 1 GENERAL article 1, DISPOSITIUNI status Consiliulu lies strength courage to lange esecutiva prepare draft laws, which the Government will take elective Adunarei is Panda, and administrative regulations relating to the implementation of the work legiloru.
Elu essercita contenciose, and debt collection that i give laws in administrative matter, and has no debt collection.

Article 2 Consiliulu status after the initiative of the Government, as long as either tutuloru consultatu Legiloru and Regulamenteloru over de administraţiune.

Article 3 Consiliulu status may not be consultau on the proiecteloru of relative laws: 1. In fixing the budgetului anualu.
2. To credit suplementare seu estraordinare.
3. Start the final socoteleloru be-which essercitiu.
4. Fixing of the quota anualu alu chiemarea army and the classeloru under drapelu.

Article 4 Domnulu will give one stinks Takahashi from deliberatia Council status. Seu projects project proposals which they have tramisu.

Article 5 status Consiliulu, erarchiei egalu (1945) is the Court of compturi, and comes immediately after the Court of cassatiune.

Chapter 2 COMPOSITION of the BOARD of READING Article 6 Consiliulu of reading lies below the national courage and presiedintia.

Article 7: to the Elu) of one Vice-presiedinte.

b) new consiliari Members.

c) one United Nations Secretary-General S4 and two Secretaries of the side.

d) Of New Auditors without lefa.

Article 8 Ministers potu assista to tote the work of reading out only deliberate in candu materials contenciose or a acusatii of one Minister, turned up in a fonctionaru administrativu.
They have only votu voru consultativu.

Article 9 Vice presiedintele, Secretaries, auditors and Members of the Board of reading, it is sunny and numescu potu Cancel.
Personal Consiliuriloru will be revoked, and motivated, and will be done by Daniel decretu, a presumption on the part of the Council of Ministers.

Article 10-it Seems other Impiegati of reading is numescu Kamal recomandatia Presidentulu after the Council in the Cabinet of Ministers.

Article 11 Consiliulu status as long as it is either compusu people through ability, and the variety of theoretical and practical Cunoscinteloru loru, voru presinta trebuintiele diverseloru of administraţiune industry.
Sei members are individuals who choose voru dintra have ocupatu fonctiunile, Earth agents Ministers on foreign powers, lange members of Central Comissiunei, former High Court or Curtei, the Ephors of the princely scoleloru, former members of Curtei of Curtei of cassatiune and compturi, Presiedinti, seu Curtiloru Members of ai Prosecutors apelu, directors of departments , Inspectors General, Prefects and Engineers-capi. They wiped out to have one service SA years Rico putinu in administrative functions, seu judecatoresci, without counting the number acestoru years fonctiunele small ones that have paid more putinu Ryti stated of one thousand lei per month.
For people who a voru ave Takahashi-diplomas of Doctors Licensed by fulfilment of the seu seu sciintia, ajunsu rationale for a four-year service only in one industry, aratatele seu essercitiu five years of profesiunei free advocatu orthodontics, at sea, Jody.
Potu assemene appointed to be members of the Consiliulu Presidentii status consiliiloru, General municipalitatiloru, Presidentii districts: Eleni Coundouriotis, Iaşi, Craiova and Galaţi, Directors pamenteni you companiiloru for railways and public Banceloru, essercitiu after one five-year period.

Article 12 shall appoint Auditors voru Barry after a bent presintata list of Consiliulu status dintra young men who date older than 21 years putinu, and a diploma in a speciality.
Joining them on the lange condiţiunele coprinse in Art. 11, be one service with distinctiune four-year Rico putinu as Auditors, voru preferintia call is with vacancies for Consiliari.

Article 13 Council members status as long as either Romanians, Romanian naturalisati and tallow are older people have three to five years and so Rico putinu.

Article 14 they don't have the Assembly deputies potu electiva, and loru suntu posts incompatible with the times what other public consideration of Fonctiune.
Potu Greneralii army be appointed Consiliari status; INSE her voru deems out of frame and primescu only by the lefa Consiliari without ' losing seniority and dreptulu.

Article 15 entry in fonctiune, loru Consiliarii depunu sworn into the hands of the Lord.
Secretaries and other Hispanic-Impiegati jura General Council prior to Adunarei.

Article 16 Deputy Council status presidentulu will chiema the General Assembly stinks, seu comiteteloru, partial Assembly on what persona fonctionari cunostintile seu destinsi via loru and special to give opiniunea ' asupra chuestiuneloru loru what were ' would pose.

Chapter 3 PROCEDURE COUNCIL STATUS article 17 decisions of the Board of reading are taken into its General Assembly.

Article 18 the General Assembly of the Council of reading will presida Kalma.
In the absence of the Lord, ' i presiedintele you loculu.
CANDU and Vice-presiedintele ' i'll miss you, loculu more Rico Valdez dintra Consiliari.

Article 19 status will not Consiliulu you can discuss in the general meeting, if not be septe voru Ibrahim, OLA sei members putinu reckoning and Vice presiedintele.
At the casu voturiloru sharing, votulu Vice presiedintelui will be mainly.

Article 20 Consiliulu status will divide into committees, be our friends-that comitetu will be compusu by master members.
More Rico Valdez dintra members which will be comitetu-Comitetulu presida.

Article 21 Council Vice-presiedintele status will or presida stinks from committees, and at the casu split votes, votulu seu will be preponderentu.

Article 22 one United Nations Secretary-General will be alaturatu under the auspices of the fia-which Comitetu.

Article 23 Committees charged with preparation of voru be lucrariloru and with a general statement without inse ' and you can give opiniunea in chuestiunea de nature loru contenciose.

Article 24 proposals, draft laws and tallow of regulations are tramitu sunny seu de Presiedintele Council of Ministers Vice-presidentulu catra. Council status.
It divides the various Council committees this work between avendu impartirei and in particular article sarcineloru, the mindset that affects gender equality and Scott Membriloru from specialty committees.

Article 25 the Tote-other chuestiuni which enters the atributiunele Council status, tramitu Takahashi Vice is presiedintelui reading Council Presiedintele Cabinet Ministriloru catra, and divides enter various committees.

Article 26 Reclamatiunele raised by individuals for the protection of interesseloru in particular casurile loru determined by law are directu at address Consiliulu potu status if those individuals have reclamatu before the Ministeriulu respectivu, dobinditu and indestulare were born during the 15th date of the dile multu date after reclamarei.
Consiliulu status will go directu unoru reclamatiuni in esaminarea also.

Article 27 comitetu Secretarulu fia-which will prepare the works are discussed in comitetu and will add more items for trebuinciose discutiunei chuestiunele contenciose affe.

Article 28 Vice-presiedintele will of completing works on privitore with different Auditors to committees, the General Assembly of the Sea Council.

Article 29 the Fia-which work, which was terminatu in Comitetu shall be subject to the deliberations of the General adunarei.
One member of the Committee will make one alu presumption on the lucrarei discutiunea, and will support in the General Assembly.

Article 30 draft laws, and what other Council status, discussed and received in general meeting shall address Ministriloru voru through Vice-presiedintele Council of reading Article 31 Domnulu, seu Presiedintele voru Ministriloru Council Council status you can return a work with Consiliulu nuoi observatiuni in order that the status is ' and give its opinion yet.

Article 32 of Council work Candu status will take power esecutiva, decretulu what will be given upon it will carry the formula: "Audendu and opiniunea of the Board of reading." The Bills, which have to be given in the deliberations of the body Legiuitoru, you can also wear the same voru formula.

Article 33 In contenciose materials, interessulu is a candu particolaru, seu legal person status, the decision of the Council not to close the road juridictiunei Tribunaleloru, Lana in casurile that you determine, voru seu candu voru in casu inscrisu multiumire parties give to the Council's decision.

Article 34 a judgment on the final, an incheeri seu Advisory Board of reading part, unhappy with the contenciose materials, will require of you can master termenu months of communication incheerei reviduirea hotărîrei seu, that decisions in the following incheeri seu casurile: decision of the Candu e efectulu) of guess, which acts and documents resulta from what they presentatu.

b) Candu following darei hotărîrei were descoperitu noui potu documents change status chuestiunei.

c) decision ' Candu gave more of how she cerutu.

d) page of Candu reading breaking formeloru required by laws and regulations.

Article 35

In contenciose materials and discipline. unulu from Board members will be reading, you can make insarcinatu investigation on the spot.

Article 36 Deliberatiunele status in the mindset that affects the Council general meeting Scott and in committees, there are public.
However, in the matter of discipline, contenciose and deliberatiunele in the General Assembly are public and whether that party will defend stinks verbalu seu directu seu inscrisu, through advocatu.
In these subjects will Comitetulu you can call parts before him to take questioning Sandip to ask them why times informaţiuni.

Article 37 shall not plead before you can board the status as lawyers for those who advocate Scott potu Curtei of cassatiune before.

Article 38 in the matter of discipline, contenciose and Consiliulu status in the General Assembly, will dip to hotaresca before you can after you listen on the applicant's part aparatorulu seu seu, and before his incheea work as cera informatiunele trebuinciose, at which Ministers from tallow-other administrative agents.
In the matter of assemene unulu will be insarcinatu of presiedintele meet in the General Assembly by the Minister fonctiune student and take conclusiuni.
This Member will not participate in votu stinks.

Article 39 of Council Vice-presiedintele status will rule (1945) dilei in general assemblies and will chiema on the sides in contenciose materials and discipline.

Article 40 Chiemarea partiloru will be made only by means of a subpoena.
' Minority and will shape its inscrisu opiniunea.

Article 41 Tote Board decisions reading in General Assembly committees, is tallow voru take after most voturiloru.

Article 42 One regulamentu within t, datu regulamenteloru administraţiune in the form of public will rule more on the relative discipline largu, to order and to the specification of lucrariloru on committees.

Chapter 4 BOARD ATRIBUTIUNELE READING Consiliulu reading of Article 43, out of mission that has to prepare draft laws and regulations, will, in the relative debt collection matters Ernest of administraţiune, atributiunea and contenciose relative to the materials: the materials relating to debt collection) of Administraţiune.

Article 44 Consiliulu status will be tutuloru you can consultatu on the administrative chuestiuneloru, i put the Omoniyi voru oil Ministers.

Article 45 Mat will be consulted more stinks affe: redactarei to contracteloru) of arenduiri averiloru State and alu stabilimenteloru public altoru contracts and alu public enterprises.

b) Over non-intielegeriloru and dificultetiloru aceloru cropped up in implementing contracts.

c) on venderiloru obiecteloru inchirieriloru seu.

d) Over regulamenteloru of police and public hygiene.

e) on conflicteloru cropped up, enter judetiene communal authorities or municipal, as well as the conflicteloru of debt collection dintra administrative authority and the Judecatoresca.

f) on cereriloru of estraditiune.

g) Over cereriloru of naturalisatiune.

h) on concessiuneloru road and railway, the canals have to altoru public works undertaking.

formarei I stabilimenteloru) of public utillitate, and Lastly, j) tutuloru chuestiuneloru how many i mean voru through laws and regulations.

Article 46 Consiliulu status will discipline esercita one's awareness of the industry on the administrative fonctionariloru, which is hasrat voru differ seu Ministers.

Article 47 disciplinary Sentences why voru Consiliulu will propose you can be, reprimand, suspend provisoria from month until cancel parameters, tallow.
Pronuncia will rebuke you can and without listening to inculpatulu.
Provisorie suspension and revocation shall propose, after voru will listen to inculpatulu in module prevediutu at Art: 37, 38 and 39, and after more esecuta voru anteia voru Ministeriulu is subject to approval by respectivu.

Article 48 Consiliulu, out of disciplinary punishments which can propose, without even the sea proposes a penalty ' and will also give opiniunea actulu fonctionarului to inputatu if is likely to give Monterrey the competence of instantieloru judecatoresci.

b relative to debt collection matter) contenciose.

Article 49 status Consiliulu will, as you can judge the first dip last Instantiate; Tote causele contenciose how many administrative nature i assign the voru through specific regulations.

Article 50 In the tote-other cause in that Consiliulu status will be chiematu to judge chuestiuni interessele is reached through a Council decision particularu, will consultativu, conformu ave taofewa Mang with the regular at Art. 34. Article 51 Particularii seu and other legal persons of the caroru interesse lies injured through a massura, potu advertisement at Consiliulu status: hotărîriloru to Ministriloru) cons The data with escesu, seu regulamenteloru legiloru and with the breaking of the fiintia.

b) v. acteloru esecutare hotărîriloru seu prefectiloru seu de altoru of administrative agents, inhibitors of seu regulations.

c hotărîriloru comissiuneloru) against The public works.

Article 52 Particularii directu address is the potu Consiliulu status, to request an interpretation decretu, ordonantie seu regulamentu, datu in administrative matters which, if the application relates to insert one dip more points in the same decretu, ordonantie; SEU regulamentu which ' would touch one interessu altoru, and if that request is not related to a decision of the Board of reading in contenciose materials and sanctioned once the Omoniyi. The Government will also ask stinks candu elu interpretations will be in touch with individuals of interessu.

Article 53 in any unulu from casurile Stefanos (art. 51 and 52) recursulu status before the Council can not suspend the execution of the administrative hotărîriloru out only if the comitetulu who tramisa chuestiunea, seu Ryti stated himself that espresu Government will rule suspension.

Article 54 of Council Decisions reading in contenciose materials are citescu in accountant, is transcribed in one workbook, and Ernest voru Ministeriului respectivu IV.

Article 55 If the decision has become final, the sea if you give with multiumirea partiloru, with conformu the prevediute at Art. 34. esecuta Ministeriulu will respectivu through directu, seu decretu seu by Jas.

Article 56 the status Board Police audientieloru in contenciose materials and discipline is incredintiata Vice presidentului.

Article 57 members of the Reading, for offences relating to crimes of seu atributiunele fonctiunei am justificabili Curtei loru ahead of cassatiune.

Chapter 5 ABOUT CONGEDII and VACANTII Article 58 In either that certain Consiliulu status, ' and insemnedia with incuviintiarea vacantieloru era, Lord who does not go over two months potu in Takhar cursulu year.

Article 59 For timpulu vacantieloru will draw lots one Comitetu, compusu three members who will take care of urgent espeduirea afaceriloru.
Either that Member cannot be placed in Comitetulu vacantiiloru, Lana more multu every master years.

Article 60 Congediulu you will not override the Sophia membriloru dile Council status of Vice presiedintele, congediulu that will override this termenu will be sunny, though demand will be supported by declaring Vice presiedintelui that the service would not suffer.

Article 61 shall be congediu what will go over two months in ' one next year.
Stephan termenu will pass, while Consiliarulu is considered a demissiosatu.

Article 62 Secretaries, auditors and those it-other ceru ' and inpiegati congediu from the Vice-presiedinte.

Article 63 Times-what absentie without congediu seu without being supported by ' one certificatu de bola, loss of timpulu remunerarei on the absence of Takhar.

Article 64 the end of fia-call Monday, Vice-presiedintele will infatisia estractu, one of the Lord's work, and we reasoned lipsele seu membriloru reasoned of sei.

Article 65 by year's end will form one picture of tote the work of reading over anu, which will be published by Monitorulu oficialu.
The State Council status One Vice-presiedinte ... ... ... ... ... lei per month. 3.000 Members drawn 2.500 new either ... ... .... "" One United Nations Secretary-General 22.500. S4 ... ... ... ... ... " "1.500. Two Secretaries to 1.000 secondary. . . . . . . . . . . "" 2.000. One Registratoru ... ... ... ... ... ... " "the writers of the New 500.300 ... ... ... ... ...." "the boss of the 2.700. One users ... ... ... ... ... ..." "two of the 300 200 Usieri ... ... ... ... ... ..." "400. Unu Oakman ... ... ... ... ... ... ... "Rindasi" has Two 150.100................. "200." — — — — — — — — Totalu lei per month ... ... 33.250. This law was votatu by the General Assembly to the meeting of 21 1864, Ianuariu and adoptatu with the majority of four-so and four votes against septe.
(Semnătu) Vice Chair: l. Catargiu.
— — — — — — — — United Nations Secretary-general Ant. I. Arion.
| L. S. |
— — — — — — — — Adam, i. Capricorn Chancellery.
Facemu cunoscutu and ordonamu as fatia, invested with the sigilulu State and the Monitorulu oficialu to be adressate Curtiloru, Tribunaleloru and Autorităţiloru are administrative, as entered in the register shall observe and loru is made to notice them, and Our United Nations Secretary-General Ministrulu status from the Department of Justice, is insarcinatu of priveghia publication loru.
Datu in Februariu 1864 11 Eleni Coundouriotis.
AB IOAN i. — — — — — — — — | L. D. |
--------Minister United Nations Secretary-General status, the Department of the Interior, Council Chairman Ministriloru, m. Kogalnicenu.
Minister United Nations Secretary-General status at the Department

Justisiei, the oilfield.

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