Law No. 1,251 Of 15 December 1863 For Secularisarea Assets Monastiresci

Original Language Title:  LEGE nr. 1.251 din 15 decembrie 1863 pentru secularisarea averilor Monastiresci

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Law No. 1,251 of 15 December 1863 for secularisarea assets Monastiresci published in PARLIAMENT ISSUING the OFFICIAL GAZETTE nr. 251 of 17 December 1863 AB IOAN I, with the mercy of the national team, willpower and Dumnedeu Jack of the United Principalities-Romania;
All of the face and future sanetate: I intaritu and intarimu, promulgatu and promulgamu: what is going (Estract from the minutes of the Elective Assembly).

Article 1 monastiresci from Romania Tote suntu fortunes and the fortunes of the State. remanu

Article 2 Income acestoru fortunes range from State of the budgetului revenue ordinarie.

Article 3 a to affect the Sante Locuriloru were inchinate some of the pamentene monasteries, and it only under the title of adjutoru in accordance with their intenţiunea dedicatiunei.
This amount will be around the edges in a maximum turnover of 82 million lei, cursulu of Constantinople, once and for all d ' cupridendu always, in this amount and what Places 31 million datorescu Earth Romanesci Sante-after stipulaţiuni.

Article 4 of the religious Communities, places will be given yearly datore socotele about the use of upper-income disului capitalu.

Article 5 in any one whatsoever and casu cuventu, cumunitatile religious will not extinguish the smallest portion of capitalu, nor employ revenue out of destinaţiunea special, i.e. maintenance loru bisericei ortodocse from Oriinte, and facilities by making well-said pasted it.

Article 6 the Government will get back from Egumenii Greek ornaments, books and sacred vessels, with stremosilor inzestrase unto our piety these asedaminte; as well as documents that have delegated Egumeni, disilor fostu and conformu inventariile it with what is in the Earth's gasescu archives.

Article 7 Is still an amount of afecteza million lei, of course Constantinople, money for the founding of Constantinople, of a secular and scole of a Paris Gallery, where they will be priimiti Christians tote rites.

Quotes from article 8 Art Establishments. VII must be placed under the National Council presidat by Agintele in Constantinople, and compusu from duoi Romanians, appointed members of the Government and Donald duoi members elected by the religious communities of workplaces, Sante.

Article 9 the Government will take to ensure that the mesure so 51 million capital and use this revenue Lana capitalu.
This law was votatu by the General Assembly, at its meeting of 13 Dechemvrie, 1863, and was adopted with the majority of none-so and septe No. 97 votes against three no. 3 and one abstention.
L.s., Vice President, Secretary John Ghica Chancellery, Director Karen i. Sanford known Facemu and ordanamu as the front, with the seal of State and invested in the Official Gazette, to be addressed to Courts, Tribunals and administrative authorities, in order to enroll in their registries, to observe and to do them to observe, and Our Minister, Secretary of the Department of Justice, the status is in charge of the priveghea publication.
Eleni Coundouriotis, Datu in Dechemvrie 15, 1863.
AB IOAN Minister United Nations Secretary-General status at the Department of the Interior and Chairman of the Board, United Nations Secretary-General Cogalnicenu Minister status at the Department of justice a. p. Ilarianu.
Place the seal no. 1,251.