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Recommends The Government To Consider The Construction Of A New Hospital In Wood As A Project Of Common Interest

Original Language Title: Recomenda ao Governo que considere a construção de um novo hospital da Madeira como projecto de interesse comum

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Parliamentary Group

Draft Resolution n. 112 / XI-1.

It is recommended to the Government to consider the construction of a new Wood Hospital

as "project of common interest"

The construction of the new Hospital for Madeira is an evident necessity,

given the current physical conditions of operation of the current Centre Hospitalar

of the Funchal. The new health unit will allow a significant increase in

diversity and quality of the delivery of health services to the entire population of the

Autonomous Region of Madeira.

The Regional Government of Madeira has long taken the decision to move forward with all

the preparatory process for the construction of the new Hospital for Madeira. Although the

'Government Programme' has already enshrined this goal of a new unit

hospitalar at the level of differentiated care, for the treatment of acute patients,

there are evidence of operational difficulties in the development of this process of

relevant regional interest, to which everything indicates, by difficulties in ensuring by the

Autonomous Region the necessary financial means.

The new Hospital in Madeira has already a definite location, being guaranteed the

terrain for their deployment in the Funchal's concelho, and the contest has already been launched

international public.

It is apparent that Madeira has not integrated, in good time, the national evaluation study

of investment priorities as to the implementation strategy of hospitals.

It is public knowledge that the proposal to build the new Hospital for the

Wood was not considered as one of the projects of the national study which, in 2006,

intended to give strategic sequence to the construction of the hospitals to be inserted in the second

wave of the programme of partnerships for the hospital sector in Portugal.


The area of Health integrates within the scope of the tasks of the governing bodies of own

of the Autonomous Regions, but this does not mean that a social realization with the

importance of the new Wood Hospital should not be considered as a project of

common interest, pursuant to Article 45 of the Finance Act of the Regions

Autonomous. In effect, this legal diploma provides that they can be considered as

of common interest, benefiting from financial support from the state, projects that

have for effect a decrease in the costs of insularity or special relevance

in the social areas.

Thus, considering that:

− for the safeguarding of the balanced development of the Region and the Country and, in

fidelity to the fundamental principle of national solidarity, the State no

must cease to be linked to with RAM, ensuring a

infrastructure as important, as is the case with the new Hospital, for the

decreasing the costs of insularity;

− the construction of the new Hospital for Madeira constitutes a project of

relevant regional interest that should be part of the entire national strategy

of development;

− to comply with the principle of national solidarity in the Regions

Autonomas, it is necessary to ensure an appropriate level of public services,

that have also for effect a decrease in the costs of insularity;

− the new hospital unit that RAM needs is one of the first priorities

of where positive economic effects are expected for this Autonomous Region

and favorable effects for the economic and social cohesion of the Region and the Country;

− the new Hospital will contribute to the sustained improvement of living conditions

in RAM and should be touted as one of the key priorities to cohesion

socio-territorial of the Region and the Country;

The Assembly of the Republic resolves to recommend to the Government that

(a) consider the construction of the new Hospital in Madeira as " project of

common interest " and safeguard its public character, in the sense of ensuring


the provision of hospital health care to the populations of RAM, in the

respect for the principle of national solidarity;

b) Ensure financial support for the construction of the new Wood Hospital by

reasons of national interest in cooperation with own governing bodies

of the Autonomous Region of Madeira.

Assembly of the Republic, April 14, 2010

The Deputies,