Placing Of General And Family Medicine Specialists

Original Language Title: Colocação dos especialistas de medicina geral e familiar

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DRAFT resolution nº 88/XI/1st placing of General and family medicine specialists the current situation marked by the scarcity of resources and competitiveness requires greater flexibility and response readiness on the part of policy makers, and emerging human resources management as a key issue of the health system.

In Portugal, in 2007, 321 retired doctors, in 2008, 380 themselves reformed 2009, 401, and, according to the information we have been public since the beginning of the year, and in just two months, almost three hundred doctors delivered applications for early retirement. In other words, in just over three years, the national health service has lost more than 1300 physicians.

In this panorama, the specialty that presents a most critical situation is, without a doubt, the General and family medicine, precisely the professionals who are in the "gateway" of the health system.

According to the data released by the Association of general practitioners, until 2016 we have training capacity to about 2400 General and family medicine doctors. 2 But, until 2016, will retire some 4000 of general medicine and specialists Familiar.

Once the shortcomings currently registered and estimated for the near future are not amenable to resolution in the short term, this issue takes on special relevance in the context of the management of the sector and should be seen as strategic concern of the Ministry of health.

It is therefore important to consider the introduction of mechanisms to capture, develop, and retain health professionals, in order to prevent labour migration, national or international report as the only alternative to achieve the professional achievement and personal satisfaction.

Has been recognized over the years that the national health service records at the level of some medical specialties, and, in particular, General and family medicine, serious shortcomings that are determined by several factors, notably the insufficient coverage of primary health care and the increase of demographic pressure in peripheral areas of large cities.

This situation has been the subject of several legislative measures in order to address the needs of family medicine specialists in services and establishments in need of professionals.

3 thus, in 1996, was adopted by Decree-Law No. 83/96, of 22 June, an exceptional measure of extension of administrative contracts for provision of additional boarding schools ' internal general practitioners and public health started on 1 January 1993. And, subsequently, was the Decree-Law No. 112/98, of 24 April, which came to establish the conditions under which they could be extended administrative contracts of provision of medical personnel upon completion of residencies, determining it to be carried out the identification of health establishments and deprived specialties by order of the Minister of health, on a proposal of the regional health authorities.

Finally, Decree-Law No. 45/2009, of 13 February, which amended Decree-Law No. 203/2004, of 18 August, came to establish, on a temporary basis, the application of the arrangements provided for preferential positions for doctors covered by paragraph 1 of article 2 of Decree-Law No. 112/98, of 24 April.

Downstream of the binding legal framework of interns who complete your specialty, there is the tendering process of putting these professionals who, in our opinion, in the most deprived areas of medicine, such as General and family medicine, it is necessary to speed up.

It is essential to give doctors to users without a family doctor, and clients to doctors who already have completed your specialty and often despair for months 4 to see the your final placement.

In this sense, the PSD, echoing the claims that have come to our attention, through the recém-especialistas in General and family medicine presents the present draft resolution where visa, so only, recommending the Government to streamline the process of placing of these professionals.

Therefore, the Assembly of the Republic, in accordance with point (b)) of article 156 of the Constitution of the Portuguese Republic, decides to recommend to the Government that, after attesting the need for recruitment of health professionals, General and family medicine specialists, through ministerial order competent authority: 1. perform the placing of recém-especialistas contests in General and Family Medicine in medical career allowing your integration into the national health service in a timely fashion, i.e. soon after checking the necessity of completing the needy and vacancies within as short as possible as regards the time of evaluation of Medical Internship;

2. Standardize at national level the necessary rules and procedures concursais to ensure the principles of equality of opportunity in access; 5 3. The competitions are nationwide and can be admitted to all interested which meet the requirements, but regardless of the region where completed Medical Residency.

4. Remove the valuation criteria for the purposes of contest we have on the basis of integration, or not, in a family health Unit (USF) 5. Publish on a regular basis, annually or every two years, the needs of General and Family Medicine physicians in national and regional terms, allowing a proper programming the opening of slots to contest in particular in deprived areas, and in order to guide the individual options and each licensed medical professionals.

São Bento Palace, 18 March 2010 members of PSD,