The First Amendment To Decree-Law No. 28/2005 Of 10 February, On The Legal Regime Of Access To Invalidity And Old Age Pensions For Employees Of The National Uranium Company, S. A., And Establishes The Obligation Of Monitoring Avg

Original Language Title: Procede à primeira alteração ao Decreto-Lei n.º 28/2005, de 10 de Fevereiro, sobre o regime jurídico de acesso às pensões de invalidez e velhice pelos trabalhadores da Empresa Nacional de Urânio, S. A., e estabelece a obrigatoriedade de acompanhamento méd

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Draft Law nº 64/XI Draft Law nº 64/XI (changes the jurà regime of medical access µ s thought of invalidity and old age by workers of the national uranium company ¢ nio, S.A.)

Exhibition of mining activity Motives is notoriously painful and entails risks to the health of particular plus.

Given the specific nature of the activity, the law establishes a regime especà get to mine workers.

The workers of the national Uranium Company ¢ nio, s.a, are subject to the application of the provisions of Decree-Law 195195, of 28 July, and of Decree-Law 2812005, of 10 February, since your employment with the company nculo flight was still existing is date of dissoluÃ.

However, this situation does not protect workers who have been subject to continuous adverse effects to health resulting from mining activities, but whose employment ceased before the nculo flight dissoluà of the company.

Because it is of Justice consider the zo prejuà that holds for the health of the mining activities of the national Uranium Company ¢ nio, s.a, shouldn't just be the formal aspect and can define the contractual of the protection to its employees but also, and primarily, the exhibition to the risks arising from mining activities. 2 therefore, and in accordance with constitutional and Regulations applicable, the PSD parliamentary group presents the following draft law: Article 1 (‚ scope and subject) the present law amends Decree-Law No. 2812005 of 10 February, extending their à ¢ scope workers who have exercised µ s function or support activities in mining areas and annexes miners or in works or Imam ³ category assigned is exploitation of the national uranium company ¢ NIO S.A.

Article 2nd (change to the Decree-Law on 2812005, of 10 February) the 2nd article of Decree-Law No. 2812005, February 10, redacà replaced by the following: Article is ‚ 2nd framework staff are covered by this law workers who re-use th nam, cumulatively, the following conditions: a) µ Exercà cio µ s role or activities in support of the mining areas and annexes miners or in works and Imam ³ category assigned is  exploitation of national uranium company ¢ nio, s.a, dissoluà date or, in the case of cessaà of previous contract is dissoluà that have action worked for odo perà not less than 5 years.

b) â € ¦ Article 3 3rd (entry into force) this Act shall enter into force on the day following after ³ s your publication the Assembly of the Republic, 20 November 2009 Members,