Recommends To The Government The Maintenance Activity Of Viseu 2 Finance Service

Original Language Title: Recomenda ao Governo a manutenção em actividade do Serviço de Finanças Viseu 2

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DRAFT RESOLUTION No. 107/XI Recommends to the Government the maintenance activity of Viseu II Finance Service by Ordinance No.. 138/2010 of 4 March, the Government decided, on a proposal from the Director General of taxes, phasing out the tax office Viseu, referred to in paragraph 2. 1 of the Ordinance. 453/96 of 9 September. Pass the respective Parishes of the area of the current Finance service of Viseu 1, extinction set by order of the Director-General of taxes to be published on Monday. series of the Diário da República. In response to the request formulated by Members of the PSD, replied the Government setting a set of parameters that underlie the decision, namely: 1) Existence of solutions already implemented alternatives of facilitating tax compliance without the need for taxpayer citizens travelling to the Tax Office of your residence, particularly by providing several features of electronic communication (payment of taxes , delivering statements, issuance of birth certificates, etc.);
2) evaluation of the facilities and equipment available, aiming at greater rationalization in the use of physical spaces and ensuring, simultaneously, improvement of the working conditions of employees and citizens ' taxpayer service;
3) Rationalization of manpower, in order to fill gaps at the level of human resources in many financial services;
4) maintenance, in case of closure, of functional capabilities onsite alternatives.
More Government based this decision that: 5) the city have two finance services of similar dimension, being the Finance service Viseu 1 installed, with a wider area, on premises owned by the State and closer to the center of the city;

6) there is an extension of the DGCI Citizen's shop, where it is made to the public service, as well as a Support service to the taxpayer's own premises finance Direction of Viseu.

Now, if you question the fact that these criteria lead to the decision to closure of the Finance service Viseu 2, not having checked similar procedure in any city in the country, in particular in others where there are also two finance and services Store. In relation to that in 1) that we put in the interior of the country leads to a higher number of citizens have to resort preferably a direct contact, rather than the use of electronic services, so it is hard to see how valid this argument. On the other hand, with the concentration of the two services in a single installation, as mentioned in 2), not only the employees won't have better working conditions, because the facilities are meager, as users will be disadvantaged in access to the site and the difficulty of parking lot. As for the rationalization of manpower, it is public knowledge that this Division of finance works in a way, coming to meet 5400 users in one month, as happened last January, in fact, identical to the number that occurred in the first. Tax and revenue Office. With the closure of this service, which serves half of 34 Parishes in the municipality of Viseu, will check an excessive concentration on existing services with diminishing quality of services expresses to users, which contradicts the point 4). The fact that the tax office Viseu (II) stay in the center of the city doesn't help, because the concentration in a single place will cause embarrassment in attendance and access. In addition, the existence of space Viseu (II) constitutes an "anchor" in this part of town, which led to the installation of numerous additional services with this decision of the Government are at serious risk of closing. Therefore, and as is clear from the assessment carried out by all the living forces of the County, including the Town Hall of Viseu and the Municipal Assembly of Viseu who saw adopted unanimously a motion towards the maintenance of this service, should the Government reconsider the situation and keep running this service 2 finance. In these terms and in the constitutional provisions and regulations applicable, the Parliamentary Group of the Social Democratic Party and people's party to propose the following resolution: the Parliament recommends to the Government the repeal of the Ordinance. 138/2010 and the maintenance activity of Viseu 2 Finance Service. Assembly of the Republic, 31 March 2010