Establishes A Transitional And Exceptional Support For Unemployed Persons With Dependent Children And The Second Amendment To Decree-Law No. 220/2006, Of 3 November

Original Language Title: Estabelece um regime transitório e excepcional de apoio aos desempregados com filhos a cargo e procede à segunda alteração ao Decreto-Lei n.º 220/2006, de 3 de Novembro

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Group Group Parliament – Palace of Saint Benedict-1249-068 Lisboa-Phone:-Fax: 21 391 7456 21 391 9233 Email: – draft law No. 133/XI/1st Amendment to Decree-Law 220/2006, of 3 November, extends support to the beneficiaries of the unemployment benefit and encourages the hiring of unemployed unemployment is currently one of the biggest problems that Portuguese society crosses , reaching historical levels, which no longer felt for several decades. This reality constitutes a huge social alarm and deserves an effective and quick response attitude on the part of the political class.

Currently, according to data from the National Statistics Institute, in the third quarter of 2009 the unemployment data were us citizens, the unemployed 547,700 which translates into a rate of 9.8%, which means an increase compared to the previous quarter where the number of unemployed persons stood in 507,700, which in percentage terms meant 9.1%.

In accordance with the last study on the Eurostat unemployment, Portugal has already surpassed the 10% unemployment, having in November registered 10.3%, which is in eighth place in all European Union countries with the highest unemployment and the fourth place of the eurozone countries, with an increase of 2.4 percentage points in the year because in November 2008 Eurostat move with an unemployment rate of 7.9% for our country.

Confirming this rise in unemployment, which has been a reality that increase month after month, for the last time, in the recent newsletter published by the Institute of employment and vocational training on the monthly job market information for the month of November we found that unemployment increased 1.2% 2 compared to the previous month, because in November 523 680 people were registered and in October the number was 517 526. Comparing with the figures of the month 2008 counterpart the climb is much steeper, at 28.2%, since in November 2008 the registered unemployment affected 408 598pessoas.

One of the realities that haunts the unemployment situation of both spouses in the same household are in the event of unemployment. Unfortunately in Portugal there are no official data on the double unemployment situations within the same couple, but in accordance with advanced news on social media is around 20%. In several European countries, as for example in Spain, these numbers are known, which provides the possibility of acting on a reality, in this sense the CDS-PP presented the draft law No. 51/XI. We believe that it is necessary to treat equal what is equal and different which is different and, in this regard, we believe that it is necessary to increase the unemployment benefit in situations where both spouses are unemployed because, in this situation, the effects of the economic and social crisis, are more difficult to overcome.

We believe, moreover, that, whenever possible, should be fostered the reintegration of the unemployed into the labour market and that should be a bet of policies in support of employment. Accordingly, we propose that the remainder of the unemployment benefit or unemployment social allowance to that beneficiaries are entitled must be paid globally, for once, to the employer to celebrate with the beneficiary an employment contract without term. This measure will allow the entry into the labour market and working life of active citizens who are inactive laboralmente, which does not provide any burden on the State, because the incentive is paid to companies will be equivalent to the amount it would spend on social provision. On the other hand, will allow enterprises to have an incentive to hire workers.

Unemployment data that deserve special attention, as it has been on the rise is the number of licensed registered unemployed, according to the 3 Institute of employment and vocational training, in the month of November were 18% more 46503 in month of counterpart 39331. This is not a merely geographical factor, because it stretches across the country, is not restricted to a region. Much can be done to combat this situation. Today, when the Government promotes a contest has no obligation to notify or inform the unemployed graduates of their contest, which causes that, in many cases, the unemployed don't compete just because they have no knowledge that was opened a contest. If this situation changes, the unemployed graduates will be with the knowledge of the competition, which will allow at least a greater circulation of information with regard to the opening of tenders.

In view of the foregoing, and pursuant to the constitutional rules, the CDS-PP presents the following draft law: article 1 are amended articles 12 and 34 of the Decree-Law 220/2006, of 3 November, which are replaced by the following: "article 12 (...)

1-(...) 2-(.) 3-(...) 4-(...) 5-(...) 6-where the Government promotes contests, as a means of recruitment and selection of personnel for the frames is required to contact you, electronically or simple postcard, all unemployed persons having the required qualifications for the contest, entered in the job centre of the geographic area of the workplace, as well as in neighbouring immediately. "

4 "article 34 (...)

1-(...) 2-(...) 3 – the unemployment benefit or unemployment social allowance to that beneficiaries are entitled can be paid globally, for once, to the employer to celebrate with the beneficiary an open-ended contract of employment, in accordance with paragraph 1 and paragraph 2 of this article. 4-(previous number 3). "

Article 2 shall be replaced by articles 29-and 37 of Decree-Law 220/2006, of 3 November: Article 29-the increase of unemployment benefit 1 – Exceptionally, during the year of 2010, the limits laid down in articles 28 and 29 shall be increased in 20% when: a) on the same household both spouses, or people who live in de facto Union , are beneficiaries of the provision of unemployment benefits. b) the beneficiaries of the provision of unemployment benefit have children with disabilities or chronic illness, regardless of age, dependent, since the household earning other income not from work.

Article 37-the Temporal Increase of unemployment benefit Exceptionally, during the year 2010, the period for granting unemployment benefits set out in article 37 of Decree-Law 220/2006 of 3 November, will be increased in 20%, when you check the situations referred to in article 29-a.

5 article 3 entry into force this Regulation shall enter into force with the State budget for the year 2010.

São Bento Palace, 15 January 2010 6 Members