Include In Step The Keratolytic Medications Reimbursement And Antipsoriáticos For Patients With Psoriasis

Original Language Title: Inclui no Escalão A de comparticipação os medicamentos queratolíticos e antipsoriáticos destinados aos doentes portadores de psoríase

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DRAFT law ° 83/XI Includes the Scalable to of the comparticipaà 1 Group BILL N. º 83/XI Includes the Scalable to of comparticipaà of the queratolà drugs and antipsorià static for the patients with Psorà ase exhibition grounds psorà ase is a hiperproliferativa skin disease of unknown aetiology. This pathology, incurable and not contagious, shows a wide range in severity and distribution of injuries cutà ¢ µ s neas that you are the features. Men and women are affected equally. Most users of ase psorà ³ diagnosis occurs in the range in age between 20 and 40 years, but may arise at any stage of life, including the children. There are cases in which arises before the 15 years (27%); 10 (10%) before; before the 5 (6.5%) and before the two years (2%). The ase psorà usually affect multiple members of the same family. About 30% of patients have relatives who are also carriers of psorà ase. This chronic disease affects only 1% ³ 3% of the population. In Portugal, it is estimated that around 250,000 people suffer from psorà ase. Worldwide, the ase psorà affects more than 125 million µ s people. How is a disease that affects the skin, being enough vision, have profound effects psychological ³. Often the patient is traumatized with your look and feel with the reaction of the other 2 is your appearance. In fact, the µ s injury on the skin, which can look like scales, reddish spots or public stulas, lead, many times, that people have feelings of revulsion to the sick. This reaction is © aftermath, most of the occasion, the µ ignorance and lack of information. The stigma associated with the disease affects social life, family, emotional and psychological ³, and patient professional, conditioning the your daily life. The Neurologic µ that are features of this disease contribute to the increase of stress and other emotional disturbances, for your time, aggravate the situation of sick music fan. The appearance, extension, evolution and severity of neurologic µ s is associated psorà ase are very variable. These neurologic µ s preferentially affect your elbows, knees, lumbar region and scalp. However, in severe cases, these injuries µ s can cover large superfan cies of the body, including the face. Come to reach more than 90 percent of his body. About of 10% of patients develop psorià arthritis, which has symptoms very similar to those of arthritis ³ reumatà ide. Psorià arthritis practice translates into pain and deformity and small as large wall joints of µ s. This type of Pathology causes sometimes situation µ s notoriously invalidantes. According to the first national study on the impact of ase psorà on quality of life of patients, promoted by the Portuguese Association of Psorà ase (PSOPortugal), over a quarter of patients have other associated diseases, such as diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and depression. There are several types of Psorà ase. A really sick, and at different times of your life, can appear different types of psorà ase. Although the psorà ase be incurable, patients ' quality of life greatly improves due to the proper treatment of the disease, which is critical to reduce or inhibit the development of symptoms and prevent infection µ s minor. There is not a definitive cure for the psorà ase, but a varied set of treatments. The therapeutic to be taken depends on the type of psorà ase diagnosed and the features of the building itself sick ³. 3 the sum spent on buying medicines and creams, loà µ s and champà € ™ s ´ for treatment of psorà ase is quite considerable, reaching around 2,000 â € ‚ annually and, in some cases, exceeding even the 3,000 â ‚ ¬. In addition to these values the money spend on the food, which is essential in the case of these patients. The medications used to treat Psorà ase, used in more than 70% of cases, are reimbursed by the scalable C (37%), while the creams, the µ s loà and ´ champà don't have any kind of comparticipaÃ. The title for example, Calcipotriol betamethasone + tube of 60 g, for which there is no generic medicine Rico of substance in the therapeutic Prontuà utico, costs 48, ‚ 93â €, while a blister pack of 50 units of Acitretin 25 mg 60, costs of ‚ 24â €. Both medicines are currently reimbursed at 37%. According to the representative of the Portuguese Association of Psorà ase (PSOPortugal), John Cunha, "every day come reports of desperate people because they can not buy the medicines". Many patients have come to discontinue treatment, which causes a worsening of your disease, by not having the capacity to cope with the costs is therapeutic. The comparticipaà of medicines antipsorià static application so ³ pica and systemic action © mica the 95% (scalable to) is a matter of social justice and public health. And even reasonable economic ³ mica. Therapy with drugs ³ gicos, whose biological expense amounts to 500â € ‚ monthly 1, and which is applied over a minimum of nine months a year, is vying to 100% by the State, which implies a high cost to the public Treasury is public. The comparticipaà of medicines antipsorià static application so ³ pica and systemic action © mica the 95% representarà are well below expenditure for the State. This measure will also ensure the timely and rigorous treatment of the ase psorà that, for your time, if will translate into improvement of µ s condition of patients ' health. Soon, there is a subsequent © by increasing the number of cases of patients with a situation of aggravated health and, consequently, the decline of the number of patients requiring resort to biological drugs ³. Is ‰ unacceptable delay this measure, under the risk of perpetuating a situation of deep 4 discrimination and to contribute to the deterioraà of the quality of life of these patients, alongside the increased expense of the public Treasury to public.

Thus, under the wrapping µ s constitutional and applicable regulations, the Members and the Members of the Left block, present the following draft law: Article 1. º Subject this diploma in Scalable to of comparticipaà of the queratolà and antipsorià medicines, of application have pica and systemic © ³ mica, when targeted at patients with Psorà ase.

Article 2. ° Comparticipaà of medicines in Scalable to are reimbursed by the Scalable, as provided for in Decree-Law No. 118/92 Â, of 25 June, on redacà of your current, provided that the physician prescriber expressly mention in the recipe the present diploma, and are prescribed for the Psorà ase (L40), according to the sort feature international Estatà diseases and health problems (ICD-10) , the following medicines: the queratolà and antipsorià medicines) static application so ³ pica; b) medicines queratolà and antipsorià static of systemic application © mica.

5 Article 3. º entry into force the present law shall enter into force with the approval of the budget of subsequent State is your publication.

Lisbon, Potala are Benedict, 26 November 2009 The Members and members of left-wing Block