Inclusion In The Databases Of The Institute Of Employment And Vocational Training And The Ministry Of Labour And Social Solidarity, In Newsletters Or Thematic Publications On Unemployment, The Marital Status Of The Unemployed, Or Situation Treated As S...

Original Language Title: Inclusão nas bases de dados do Instituto do Emprego e Formação Profissional e do Ministério do Trabalho e da Solidariedade Social, nos boletins ou publicações temáticas sobre o desemprego, do estado civil do desempregado, ou situação equiparada, e da cond

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Group Group Parliament – Palace of Saint Benedict-1249-068 Lisboa-Phone:-Fax: 21 391 7456 21 391 9233 Email: – draft law No. 51/XI/1st Inclusion in databases of IEFP and the MTSS, in newsletters or thematic publications on unemployment, the marital status of the unemployed, or situation considered.
Portugal is going through a serious economic and social crisis, in which many companies are forced to stop labor, or having to reduce their jobs, putting citizens out of work.

Recent data from the National Institute of statistics, for the second quarter of 2009 show a sharp rise in the national unemployment rate, which is 9.1%, which in number of people means 507,700 people. Currently, according to September data from the Institute of employment and vocational training, unemployed people are 510356, which means an increase of almost 30% compared to September 2008. In many of these cases is not only a member of the household is unemployed. Unfortunately are already many cases in which husband and wife are both unemployed.

With the current climate it is not expected that the current crisis have closure soon. In this sense, be urgent social protection measures to assist citizens who find themselves on the worrying situation of unemployment, since the measures taken by the Government this far have revealed unable to contain the phenomenon of the loss of jobs.

There is an urgent need to take measures that effectively meet the reality of who lies under the situation of unemployed know the actual numbers of how many households where more than one Member is unemployed.

This situation is especially drastic in some sectors and in certain geographical areas. 2 Although the answer to the questionnaire which is done by the technicians of employment at the Centre of employment and professional training, at the time of registration as unemployed, inform citizens about your marital status; Although these data are essential for the allocation of unemployment Social allowance, the Government is still unable to answer a simple question: what is the number of couples in which both elements of household are unemployed? What, in many cases, means that in many Portuguese homes there is right now a single workstation.

In Portugal this reality represents today about 21% of the total number of unemployed, the highest since at least 1998, according to news recently linked in the media.

In view of the foregoing, and pursuant to the constitutional rules, the CDS-PP presents the following draft law: Article 1 subject-matter this law introduces the obligation to appear in the databases of the Institute of employment and vocational training and the Ministry of labour and Social solidarity the marital status of the unemployed, or situation and technical condition considered spouse.

Article 2 scope 1 – the obligation of introduction at the preceding paragraph covers all agencies of the Ministry of labour and Social solidarity and the Institute of employment and vocational training exercising functions in the area of unemployment. 2-whenever it is published a statistic, a newsletter, or other publication, on the sectoral analysis of unemployment in Portugal, must have information on the number of couples in which both spouses, or situation considered, are in the unemployment situation.

São Bento Palace, 12 November 2009 3 Members