Recommends The Government To Reequacione The Route Of The 32 In The Parish From White, Municipality Of Albergaria-A-Velha

Original Language Title: Recomenda ao Governo que reequacione o traçado da A 32 na freguesia da Branca, concelho de Albergaria-a-Velha

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DRAFT RESOLUTION ‡ is ƒ the Nr 29/XI RECOMMENDS the GOVERNMENT to REEQUA 1 Group DRAFT RESOLUTION ‡ is ƒ the Nr 29/XI RECOMMENDS the GOVERNMENT to REEQUACIONE the STROKES ‡ ADO the A32 in the PARISH FROM WHITE, MUNICIPALITY of ALBERGARIA-A-VELHA display statement In December 2008 30 day was rendered by order of the Secretary of State of the environment, the Declaration of Environmental Impact favorà not to stroke spring Highway A32 in the parish from white, which was published on 23 March 2009. With this decision, the municipality of Albergaria-a-Velha and the nearly 6500 inhabitants from white will be harshly penalized, once the stroke chosen will have environmental, social and economic impacts ³ monkeys very negative, in a parish that will with three motorways within 7 miles ³ meters. The Environmental impact study (EIA) on the project œ € IP3 Coimbra (Trouxemil)/Mealhada, IC2 Coimbra/Oliveira de Azemà © is (A32/IC2) and IP3â €  Coimbra/IC3 at the respect is parish from white (excerpt from the 3 Km 36 + 500 to the Km 47 + 500), § or has on two alternatives of stroke: stroke Base , designated as â € œ solution 1 € , to the West of EN1/IC2 and the stroke designated as â € œ €  5â Alternative the spring of EN1/IC2. 2 â € œ solution 1 €  fully develops in space channel Municipal Director plan (PDM) of Albergaria-a-Velha and provided for more than 20 years on the roads of Portugal, SA, to the stroke of the planned variant of IC2 is White parish. This stroke is deployed largely in the parish of white, almost in its entirety in forested area, developing the West and roughly parallel to the IC2/EN1. The topography of the terrain in this stroke is uniform with very slight slopes to the West, representing a solution with reduced movement, little change of scenery and few rallies. The stroke â € œ 5â € Alternative  features more than 10 km of extension and ranges from the industrial area of Albergaria-a-Velha until southern zone is municipality of Oliveira de AzemÃ, where is provided for a small variant with 2 km of extension, named â œ € A €  5 Alternative, diverting the stroke of Alvià dogs. This stroke divides in half the industrial zone of Albergaria-a-Velha, passes through forested area, µ and fully transpà the place of Rishon Lezion in high viaduct next to several homes, deploys along the West slopes of the central zone and crosses the archaeological station ³ s. Julià logic. The EIA has opted for the Alternative 5â € œ € ⠝ â € œ and 5 Alternative A €  Despite this represent the solution more irregular, longer, more expensive and involve significant environmental, social and economic impacts ³ monkeys in the municipality of Albergaria-a-Velha, in particular in the parish from white. It should be noted that this parish is already fragmented by the existence of two motorways (A1 and A29) that develop at the same time, a few hundred meters from each other, and with this option will be with a third Highway to exacerbate problems that already exist. Negative impacts resulting from the choice of the stroke are very significant and will produce profound consequence to the experiences of spatial planning 3 territory by ³ River, the quality of life of the population and the self of the heritage historical ³ ³ nio Rico of the parish from white. With regard to the impacts on land use planning of the territory by ³ River, are worth mentioning:-the cross-section of the Industrial Area of Albergaria-a-Velha, one of the most important of the region of Aveiro, which will cause a buffer effect to its growth to the North, affecting negatively the development of economic activities ³ micas and the creation of employment;
-Cutting the urban stain currently in growth in the parish from white, segmenting the continuity are ³ cio-space between its central axis and the places that are the source of stroke (Fradelos, Palhal, Samuel, and Espinheira Nobrijo), by the deployment of the A32 in the parish Center and the construction of an overpass with 995 meters of extension to a high quota in place of Fradelos , which will be deployed through the existing µ housing and construction. In addition, the pending 6% constant inclination of the viaduct is reflected in a higher loss potential;
-The afectaà of accessibility is EN1, in whose surrounding area the parish of White has been polarizing the µ s social function and cultural, with the construction of several public equipment intended for sports, health, education, recreation, social support and the existence of services and trade; To the level of environmental impacts it should be noted that:-the deployment of the A32 in the West of the slope of the white, slightly below the ridge line, in an extension of almost 3 km, will affect the full fruition of an area with a complex Lagoon views of the ria de Aveiro, marking the landscape; 4-in this area there are several sources of water, inspection points and cleaning the springs, mines, mothers of water and water lines, which confer a wealth there drica this area that will be affected with the construction of this route. These features there dricos maintain agrà adhesives activities at the base of the hillside and White Centre and are the same source of supply domestic segment;
-Movement costs and support of land will be high, involving also a deep change in the topography and local ecosystem;
-Are not underestimated the risk of contaminaà of low central area from white for any accident on the road with stroke products have dangerous xicos ³;
-The impacts of not ruà and air quality will affect the quality of life of area residents. Respect is the conservation of the heritage historical Rico ³ ³ nio in the municipality, it is worth mentioning that the stroke will pass in the Centre of the archaeological station of logic ³ s. JuliÃ, which preserves a watches vestà pre-³ Rico story dated of the c. II Bc, with more than 1000 articles and entered in the database of IGESPAR. The choice of this stroke will irreversibly harm this Uncle Rico, ³ story are important heritage ³ nio collective factor of cultural valorizaà of the parish. Considering all these impacts, do not justify the option of the Ministry of Environment to issue a declaration of Environmental Impact (day) favorà not to stroke the source, especially when the EIA States that, of the 21 aspects analyzed, the solution 1 is more appropriate in 13 of them and the alternative 5 is more suitable in 11 of them. In addition, as is common knowledge, the membership code vica around this whole process has been intense, presenting arguments and 5 µ s solution alternatives to stroke chosen. These µ s solutions have constantly been devalued by the Ministry and were totally ignored in the decision DAY. Is ‰ it should be noted that the inhabitants of the parish from white constituà ram a Committee to monitor the construction of the A32/IC2 in the White area and a membership code vica, AURANCA â € “ Association for environment and Heritage ³ nio from white and participated actively in the public consultation phase of the project. After ³ s have been ignored by the Ministry, delivered in the Assembly of the Republic a petition with more than 4,200 signatures asking for the rejection of the stroke approved by DAY, and resorted to an action in court to suspend the process and made several protests with hundreds of people. Also, the Municipal Chamber of Albergaria-a-Velha has been an active player in this whole process, in support of the solution advocated by the AURANCA, but this has been taken into account by decision of the Ministry. In mid-September, the Government and the Roads of Portugal decided to cancel the public contest of the subconcessà motorways of the Centre, which include the the Poland © mico stroke of A32 on the parish from white, based on a proposal from the Commission of valuation of proposals that advised not to adjudicaà the work due to duplication of the same value of the first for the second phase of the competition. The Government, wrongly, took this opportunity to review the stroke of the A32 in the parish from white, having already released the second public contest for the subconcessà of these various throws the freeway. The Left block defends the certificate revocation of decision to hire on the A32 motorway 3 Excerpt of this international public tender pursuant to paragraph 2 of article 80 Â. à º ³ say code of Public Contracts, approved by Decree-Law No. 18/2008 Â, 29 January, once 6 which is necessary to change fundamental aspects of parts of the procedure concerning this stroke , to consecrate the solution more favorà from the point of view of promotion of the quality of life of the population, the safeguarding of µ heritage ³ nio, natural resources and landscape, the economic development support ³ and the creation of jobs in the region.

In accordance with the rules and the Constitutional Assembly of the Republic, gathered in plenÃ, resolves to recommend to the Government that: 1 â € “ Revoke the decision to hire the international public tender subconcessà £ the motorways of the Centre in relation to Section 3 of the A32 motorway and is change the respective parts of the procedure so that they put a solution of stroke with lower environmental impact economic, social and ³ monkeys in white; 2 â € “ Proceed certificate revocation is part of the Declaration of environmental impact of â € œ project IP3 Coimbra (Trouxemil)/Mealhada, IC2 Coimbra/Oliveira de Azemà © is (A32/IC2) and IC3 IP3â €  Coimbra/, excluding its à ¢ 3 excerpt within the motorway A32; 3 â “ Provide € to conducting a new Environmental impact study for the stroke of the A32 in the stretch 3, focusing with particular attention since the Km 36 + 500 to the Km 47 + 500, which shall consider various road alternatives rias in accordance with strict criteria about its costs and environmental impacts economic, social and ³ monkeys; 4 â € “ promotes participation and discussion the wider public about the alternatives could, so that the final choice of the stroke is actually the solution more favorà from the point of view of promotion of the quality of life of the population, the safeguarding of µ heritage ³ nio, natural resources and landscape as well as the economic development support ³ mico and is creating jobs in the region. 7 Assembly of the Republic, â € ¦ November 2009 The Members and members of left-wing Block