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Recommends The Government To Reequacione The Route Of The 32 In The Parish From White, Municipality Of Albergaria-A-Velha

Original Language Title: Recomenda ao Governo que reequacione o traçado da A 32 na freguesia da Branca, concelho de Albergaria-a-Velha

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Exhibition of reasons

On December 30, 2008 was prowound, by dispatch of the

Secretary of State for the Environment, Statement of Environmental Impact

favorable to the nascent motif of the A32 Motorway in the White House freguesia, the

which was published on March 23, 2009. With this decision, the concelain of

Albergaria-a-Old and the roughly 6500 inhabitants of the White will be

severely penalized, as the chosen profiling will have impactes

environmental, social and economic very negative, in a freguesia that will stay

with three motorways within a radius of 7 kilometres.

The Environmental Impact Study (EIA) on the " Project of the IP3 Coimbra

(Mugemil) /Mealhada, IC2 Coimbra / Oliveira de Azemels (A32/IC2) and IC3

Coimbra/IP3 ", in the part that relates to the White's freguesia (Trecho 3,

from the Km 36 + 500 up to the Km 47 + 500), it has dealt with two

profiling alternatives: the Base trait, designated as "Solution 1", the

potent of EN1 / IC2 and the profiling designated as "Alternative 5" the nascent

from EN1 / IC2.


The "Solution 1" fully develops in the channel space predicted in the

Municipal Director Plan (PDM) of Albergaria-a-Old and planned for more than

20 years by the Roads of Portugal, SA, for the profiling of the predicted variant

from the IC2 to the White's freguesia. This profiled is deployed in large part in the

freguesia of White, almost in its entirety in forest zone,

always developing the potent and in an appreciably parallel to the

IC2 / EN1. The topography of the terrain in this trait is uniform with slopes

too light to potent, representing a solution with reduced

land movement, little change of the landscape and few


The profiling "Alternative 5" features more than 10 km extension and goes

from the industrial zone of Albergaria-a-Old to the southern area of the county of

Oliveira de Azemels, where a small variant with 2 km of

extension, named "Alternative 5 A", diverting the profiling from the place of

Alvians. This trait divides in the middle the Albergaria-a-Old industrial zone,

goes through forest zone, fully transposes the place of Fradelos in viaduct

high together with several residences, deploys along the potent hillside

of the White central zone and traverse the archaeological station of S. Julion.

The EIA privileged the "Alternative 5" and the "Alternative 5 A", despite this

represent the most irregular, longest, most expensive and the most expensive solution

implicate significant environmental, social and economic impacts in the

concelho from Albergaria-a-Old, in particular in the White House freguery. Note:

that this freguesia is already fragmented by the existence of two self-

roads (A1 and A29) that develop parallel, the scarce hundreds

from metres to each other, and with this option will stay with a third motorway to

aguer the problems that already exist.

The negative impacts that result from the choice of the said profiled are

very significant and will produce profound consequences at the level of the


spatial planning, the quality of life of the population and the

preservation of the historical heritage of the White's freguesia.

In what concerns the impacts on spatial planning, they are from

refer to:

-The cross-cutting of the Albergaria-a-Old Industrial Zone, one of the

most important of the Aveiro region, which will provoke a buffer effect

to its growth to the North, negatively affecting development

of economic activities and the creation of employment;

-The cutting of the urban stain currently in growth in the freguesia of the

White, segmenting the socio-spatial continuity between its central axis

and the places that stay the nascent of the profiling (Fradelos, Palhal, Samuel,

Nobrijo and Espinheira), by the implantation of A32 on the central slope of the

freguesia and for the construction of a viaduct with 995 metre extension a

a high quota in place of Fradelos, which will be implanted by between

existing dwellings and under construction. In addition, the constant pendant of

6% of the inclination of the viaduct translates into a potential for claims more


-The allocation of accessibility to EN1, in whose area it involves the

freguish White House has been polarizing social and cultural functions more

important, with the construction of various public equipment intended

to sport, health, education, leisure, social support and the existence of services and

of the trade;

At the level of environmental impacts it is governed that:

-The deployment of A32 in the potent strand of the central White hillside,

slightly below the line of cumin, in an extension of almost 3 km, goes

affect the fruition of a zone with a system of views on the complex

lagunar of the ria of Aveiro, negatively marking the landscape;


-In this area there are several water springs, inspection points and

cleaning of the springs, mines, water mothers and water lines, the

confer a water richness to this area that will be affected with the

construction of this path. These water resources sustain activities

agricultural at the base of the hillside and center of the White and are even source of

domestic supply;

-The costs of moving and sustaining land will be as well

high, involving a profound alteration in the topography and the

local ecosystem;

-They are not to belittle the risks of contamination of the low zone

central to the White House for eventual accident on the via spill of products

toxic and dangerous;

-The impacts on noise level and air quality will affect the

quality of life of the residents of the area.

Regarding the conservation of historical heritage in the county, it is of

mention that the profiling will pass at the center of the archaeological station of the Monte

of S. Julion, which preserves vestiges of a prehistoric hamlet dating from the

Séc. II B.C., with more than 1000 artefacts and inscribed in the database of the

IGESPAR. The choice of this profiling will irreversibly damage this site

historical, important collective heritage and cultural enhancement factor

of the freguesia.

Considering all these impacts, the Ministry's option is not justified

of the Environment in issuing a Declaration of Environmental Impact (DIA)

favorable to the profiling the nascent, even more so when the EIA stipulates that, of the

21 aspects analyzed, Solution 1 is most suitable in 13 of them and the

Alternative 5 is more suitable only in 11 of them.

In addition, as it is common knowledge, civic participation in

around this whole process has been intense, presenting arguments and


alternative solutions to the chosen trait. These solutions have been

constantly devalued by the Ministry and went totally

ignored in the decision of the DIA.

It is to be pointed out that the inhabitants of the White House freguesia constituted a

Commission for Monitoring the Construction of A32 / IC2 in the area of the

White and a civic association, the AURANCA-Association of the Environment and

Heritage of the White, having actively participated in the consultation phase

public of the project. After they were ignored by the Ministry, they delivered

in the Assembly of the Republic a petition with more than 4,200 signatures to

ask for the rejection of the dash-approved trait, having still resorted to a

popular action in court to suspend the proceedings and done several

protests with hundreds of people. Likewise, the City Hall of

Albergaria-a-Velha has been an active player in this whole process, in

support of the solution advocated by AURANCA, but without that it has been had

into account by the decision of the Ministry.

In mid-September the Government and the Roads of Portugal

have decided to annul the public contest of the Self-Highway subconcession of the

Center, which included the controversial A32 profiled of the White's freguery,

on the basis of the proposal of the Proposals Assessment Commission that

advising the non-award of the work due to the doubling of the value of the

same of the first, for the second phase of the contest.

The Government, wrongly, did not take this opportunity to

review A32's profiling in the White House freguesia, having already released the second

international public tender for the subgranting of these various lanes

of motorway.

The Left-wing Bloc advocates for the revocation of the decision to hire

relative to the Trecho 3 of the A32 motorway of the said public tender

international, pursuant to Article 80 (2) of the Code of Contracts

Public, approved by the Decree-Law No. 18/2008, of January 29, once


that it is necessary to change fundamental aspects of the parts of the procedure

in what concerne this profiled, so that the same consags the solution more

favourable from the point of view of the promotion of quality of life of the

populations, the safeguarding of heritage, natural resources and landscape, of the

support for economic development and the creation of jobs in the region.

In the regimental and constitutional terms, the Assembly of

Republic, brought together in plenary, resolves to recommend to the Government that:

1-Revogue the decision to hire from the international public tender of the

Subconcession Highways of the Center in relation to the 3 Trecho of the auto-

road A32, proceeding to the alteration of the respective parts of the procedure

in such a way that the same disagrees a profiling solution with minors

environmental, social and economic impacts on the White's freguesia;

2-Proceed to the partial revocation of the Environmental Impact Statement of the

" Project of the IP3 Coimbra (Trouxemil) /Mealhada, IC2 Coimbra / Oliveira de

Azemels (A32/IC2) and IC3 Coimbra/IP3 ", excluding from its scope the Trecho 3

of the A32 motorway;

3-Diligencie the realization of a new Environmental Impact Study for the

profiled from A32 in Trecho 3, focusing with special attention since the Km

36 + 500 up to the Km 47 + 500, which should ponder several alternatives

road to road according to strict criteria on their costs and

environmental, social and economic impacts;

4-Promoting broad participation and public discussion on the

possible alternatives, so that the final choice of the profiling is in fact the

more favourable solution from the point of view of the promotion of quality of life

of the populations, the safeguarding of heritage, natural resources and the

landscape, as well as support for economic development and the creation of

jobs in the region.


Assembly of the Republic, ... of November 2009

The Deputies and Deputies of the Left Bloc,