Recommends To The Government To Change The Stroke To 32, Within The Parish Of White, Opting For The Less Onerous For The 5B Solution Population, As Well As Less Costly Financially

Original Language Title: Recomenda ao Governo que proceda à alteração de traçado previsto para a A 32, no âmbito da freguesia da Branca, optando pela solução 5B menos gravosa para a população, bem como menos dispendiosa financeiramente

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The construction of the A32 between Oliveira de Azeméis and Chen predicted until recently two alternatives of strokes:-Base tracing (or 1 Solution) to the West of the current EN1, within the channel for more than 20 years predicted, and without any local dispute.
-The new Stroke (Option 5) with a sub-alternativa (5A), for the first time the source of EN1, with over 10 km of extension and an overpass of 995 meters, occupying the Archaeological station of Mount s. Julião and deserving of rejection of the general population. The She held failed 3 of 5 the evaluation parameters of this stroke (Option 5), plus a set of major negative impacts analyzed and pointed out in the evaluation designated by "Technical Challenge" promoted Auranca Association, as a representative of the population. Nevertheless, the alternative 5A (with small variant of 2 Kms to the alternative 5) would come unexpectedly to be the solution of choice. The local population of the parish from white with about of 650 inhabitants proved to be always against the project, and has insisted in its Rejoinder to be recognized the injustice created with the adoption of this track, as well as to see restored the legitimate will of the populations concerned, which is technically supported by the adoption of a new less serious stroke either socially for the locals, both in terms of public spending with the execution of the said work. It should be noted that the alternative proposal, the initiative of the population, would apparently change in only 500 metres in the face of established by the EP already strokes. Following the presentation of the defence departments of technical state of the environment and public works, in the EP, on Portuguese Environmental Agency, were informed that the same ' would be parsed ', but that would be ignored simply because ' was not contemplated in the study of Environmental Impact and because «it was evaluated in terms of environmental impact assessments (EIA)» as described in 25 response last may at the request of members of GP-PSD. By order of the Secretary of State of the environment is published on 23 March 2009 the environmental impact Declaration without any changes to previously approved paths. The option of the Government otherwise the population, it was the subject of several members requirements for some terraces, a Petition to Parliament, a draft resolution, all stressing the reasonableness of the claim and of the social and financial gains to the State that would ensue with the acceptance of the proposal of the population. Also the approach of the subject during a visit to Aveiro of Mr. Prime Minister, the Minister of the environment and the Minister of public works to Aveiro, in which those rulers have shown understanding for technical reasons invoked and the reasons for rejection, and promised to work out a solution that satisfied the population would Jinx it. The truth is, being widely taken and given by acquired, through the information received over the last twenty years that the technically most suitable for a possible variant to IC2 in White would be to the West of it, becomes surprising the option that came to be assumed. The fact that the PDM in the municipality of Albergaria-a-Velha which includes the protection corridor route of via, and that develops totally West of IC2 does not contain any indication of possible alternative source is that confirmation. The Technical Challenge is well detailed and reasoned enough, justifying fully the abandonment of the path chosen, noting in particular that: 1 it is a path with irreversible social impact for the population of the parish of white; 2-the costs associated with this solution are also more severely than other alternatives; 3 – Includes the destruction of the archaeological station of Mount s. Julião with great historical value; 4 – Divides the industrial zone of Albergaria-a-Velha, one of the most important in the region of Aveiro, creating a buffer effect to its growth to the North; 5-Destroys water resources of the central parish of White slope which is the basis of irrigated agriculture support in the area; 6-is the most economically costly solution in terms of investment cost, no environmental gain.

The Ministry of public works in response to application for members of GP-PSD on 25 June admits but postpones "optimising the stroke of the road views, social and environmental" that "will be the responsibility of the subconcessionária to whom is assigned the lease".

The intermediate solution proposed in the Technical Challenge, minora the effects of adoption of the stroke 5A chosen in AIA, implying only that a correction of the stroke over a length of 500 m, with the designation "alternative 5B", and resulting between the "Km 45 000 + 1 solution" and the "Km 1 000" + "alternative 5A".

Not identifying any technical, financial or legal inconvenience on paths that the population seems to prefer, in order to link the route of Choice for Solução1, a small 5th stroke again just 500 m of extension, it seems reasonable that the stroke is taken into consideration.

The Parliament decides, pursuant to paragraph 5 of article 166 of the Constitution of the Portuguese Republic, recommend to the Government the following measures: 1. To be suspended immediately the ongoing process for the A-32 with regard to that path until the revaluation; 2. They are indications to E.P., SA for the A-32, in the parish of white, municipality of Albergaria-a-Velha, studied the route 5B in the «Technical» Challenge delivered by Auranca Association, in order to serve as a better alternative to passage for those stocks; 3. What is the procedure of EIA for the 500 meters is apparently not previously assessed, and referred to in the proposal of ' Challenge ' Technique, since the Ministry of environment also declared himself already ' available to evaluate any track alternatives that the Prosecutor will study and submit to the effect ' as described in 25 response last may at the request of members of GP-PSD; 4. Confirming its viability, which is included with this change in the work of implementing the A32-Chen to Oliveira de Azeméis-integrating their sublease.

The deputies (s) s. Bento Palace, 9 December 2009