Recommends The Government Extraordinary Support Measures As A Result Of The Strong Storm Occurred In The Western Region And Recommends The Extension Of These Measures To The Municipalities Of The Algarve Region Also Affected By The Weather

Original Language Title: Recomenda ao Governo medidas de apoio extraordinário em resultado da forte intempérie ocorrida na região do Oeste e recomenda a extensão das referidas medidas aos concelhos da região do Algarve também atingidos pelas intempéries

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DRAFT RESOLUTION ‡ is ƒ N. º 51/XI/1. ª Group DRAFT RESOLUTION ‡ is ƒ N. º 51/XI/1. ª RECOMMENDS to the GOVERNMENT the extension ƒ to the MUNICIPALITIES of the ALGARVE, ƒ AFFECTED by the INTEMPà ‰ RIES, of the SUPPORT MEASURES for FARMERS HARMED display the statement the Council of Ministers of 30 December approved measures linked to the auxà farmers vis-à-vis the prejuà lio zos caused by intempà series of the past month, and laid down in Decree-Law 1-to 4 January 2010.

Recognizing the pertinà of these measures, the left Bloc believes that this aid programme should be extended is the region of the Algarve, where it is estimated that the prejuà meet the zos 2 µ s Euro millions mainly in the municipalities of Faro and OlhÃ.

Indeed, the recent storms have affected mainly the hydrangea and glues citrus crops, having destruà the completely metallic greenhouses metabolic recently construction of, quality of construction, wooden greenhouses and µ s installation of storage and storage in exploitation of µ s agrà glues.

2 So, in accordance with applicable rules and constitutional, the Assembly of the Republic, gathered in plenÃ, recommends to the Government that: 1. The survey of the counties most affected in the Algarve in order to detect that, eventually, can be inserted within the framework of calamity, in order to measure the usufruà rem 1.5.2 PRODER;

2. For the purposes of credit, the exploitation of µ s are integrated within the criteria of µ s equivalent operation is operation of concentration, which holds a free to 100%.

Assembly of the Republic, 6 January 2010 The Members and members of left-wing Block