Recommends That The Government Monitor The Implementation Of The Sustainability Factor In Determining The Amount Of Pensions, In Order To Prevent The Occurrence Of Socially Unfair Consequences For Pensioners

Original Language Title: Recomenda ao Governo a monitorização da aplicação do factor de sustentabilidade na determinação do montante das pensões, de modo a prevenir a ocorrência de consequências socialmente injustas para os pensionistas

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DRAFT RESOLUTION ‡ is ƒ N. º 15/XI Recommends to the Government the DRAFT RESOLUTION monitoriz ‡ is ƒ N. º 15/XI Recommends the Government to monitoring the application of the sustainability factor in the determination of the amount of pension µ s, in order to prevent the occurrence of unfair consequence socially references to pensioners display of Reasons the sustainability of the public system of security is social essential undoubted. The increasing longevity of the Portuguese is a major factor µ page in check that system sustainability in General and µ s thought system that it scales in particular. This concern, is inherent generality of public systems of social security in Europe, has had responses ranging from paà s to paà s. In Portugal, through the law No 4/2007 °, of 16 January, brought to give a response to these challenges, in particular through the creation of the sustainability factor. Enshrined in article 64. ° of that Law of Bases of Social Security, the sustainability factor reflects a relationship between the value of the pension and the evolution of hope average life. 2 it is an innovative relationship and a pioneer in the medical jurà of the public system of social security in Portugal and in Europe, which is still very recent, requires extensive technical studies, a lot of weighting and gradualism in your application, in order to avoid the occurrence of excessively harmful consequence references or even deeply numerous quas. The risk referred to exists if we consider that, if the sustainability factor has resulted, in 2008, a reduction of pension in 0.56% µ, already in 2009 the µ s pension will be reduced by 1.32%, more than doubled in just one year. It is important to bear in mind that the first vocations of a social security system is to promote the distribution of fair and equitable resources, promoting cohesiveness and solidarity and social obstacles to µ s situation of poverty and social insecurity. Becomes so urgent to re-examine the impact of the sustainability factor. Not for the repeal, but to monitor your values, your application and its effects, preventing injustices and iniquities, whose could not occurrence cannot currently be ignored. This follow-up is particularly moment, when reality can be to counteract the µ s forecast that the Government introduced in œ Reports ³ € â about the sustainability of Socialâ security € , annex is Bill of the State budget for 2007, where, through the table 3.2, it was observed that the sustainability factor are ³ would translate into reductions of pension expenditure µ from 2015 and that year, the reductions would be from 0.1% of GDP. In this context, it is therefore necessary to proceed to a serious, thorough and transparent monitoring of aftermath's experiences applying the sustainability factor, especially as the crisis in which Portugal is dipped 3 has caused and still cause profound consequence negative references in the income of the Portuguese. Thus, in legal terms and regimentalmente in effect, the Assembly of the Republic decides to recommend to the Government: 1. To follow and monitor the application of the sustainability factor referred to in article 64.  º of law No. 4/2007 Â, of 16 January, in order to prevent excessive impacts on safeguarding and determination of the amount of pension µ s in a time in which are strongly aggravated the condition of life of the Portuguese µ; 2. To send, without delay, the Assembly of the Republic the pre-investment feasibility studies which support is introduction of the sustainability factor in order to allow to interpret and follow the differences as well as validate the topicality of the assumptions that you used.

Lisbon, November 20 2009 The members of PSD,