Second Amendment To Law No. 53-E/2006, Of 29 December, Approving The General Scheme Of Fees Local Authorities

Original Language Title: Segunda alteração à Lei n.º 53-E/2006, de 29 de Dezembro, que aprova o regime geral das taxas das autarquias locais

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Bill nº 93/XI/1 ' th change the General arrangements 1 rates bill nº 93/XI/1 ' th change to the General system of fees Local authorities, law n. º 53-E/ 2006, of 29 December exhibition of reasons the General system of fees Local authorities, law n. º 53-E/ 2006 , of 29 December, entered into force on 1 January 2007. However, article 17. º jurà dico regime cited the certificate revocation of fees covered by this law, the 1 January 2009 except if the regulations of the respective municipalities were approved or amended in accordance with the own law itself  ³ º 53-/2006. Article 53.  º of law No. 64-A/ 2008 of 31 December-law of State budget for 2009, extended by 1 1 year the deadline for the entry into force of the already mentioned article 17° of the law n. º 53-E/2006 â € “ passing in force from 1 January 2010. The weighting on the date of entry into force of the said article 17. º of the General system of fees Local authorities cannot help but be linked to two fundamental factors that occurred in the year 2009.

2 firstly, many pious and city parishes have sense difficulties in adaptation to the present law, particularly in the establishment of the specific costs of accounting rates analog. Without this clearance of concrete costs and without the adaptation to methods of analog accounting, not could not guarantee compliance with the princà pio of equivalence jurà tip of the rates. On the other hand, the year 2009 was held in a climate dominated by elections in paà s. In addition, the election will rquicas µ s standalone of 2009 determined changes in city of principles 52 paà s, so the activity of municipal executives was significantly marked by perà odos and pre-election constituencies. The National Association of pious Portuguese City (ANMP) and the National Association of Parishes (ANAFRE), have publicly revealed concerns µ s founded on this matter. Given the current context of local authorities, deem essential to amend article 17. ° under the general scheme of fees local authorities, law n. º 53-E/ 2006, of 29 December. Thus, appropriate legislative initiatives should be adopted to meet the difficulties for new executives will rquicos that recently entered standalone in µ s function and all other executives who previously already revealed serve available technical difficulties of adaptation is contabilà methodology required feature. This legislative initiative also ensures the application of this change already from 1 January 2010. In these terms, under the wrapping µ s regulations and applicable constitutional, the undersigned Members of the parliamentary group of the Socialist Party presents the following draft law: Article is nico š is ‰ changed the article 17° of the law n. º 53-Â/2006, of 29 December, which pass the redacà replaced by the following: 3 â € œ Article 17.  º ³ transient River Scheme fees for existing local authorities are withdrawn within a day 30 April 2010, unless, until now: a) the regulations are in accordance with the jurà regime doctor here willing; (b)) The regulations are amended in accordance with the jurà regime dico here laid down. €  Potala are Benedict, 4 December 2009.