Approves The Agreement On The Participation Of The Republic Of Bulgaria And Romania In The European Economic Area, As Well As The Annexes A And B And The Final Act, Signed In Brussels On 25 July 2007

Original Language Title: Aprova o Acordo sobre a Participação da República da Bulgária e da Roménia no Espaço Económico Europeu, bem como os anexos A e B e a acta final, assinado em Bruxelas em 25 de Julho de 2007

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PRESIDENCY of the COUNCIL of MINISTERS RESOLUTION No. 105/X whereas the need for an agreement establishing the terms and conditions for the participation of the accession countries to the European Union stems from the agreement on the European economic area of 2 May 1992; Recognizing that the agreement on the European economic area States that any European State becoming a member of the European Communities shall submit an application to become party to the agreement on the European economic area; Whereas the participation of new States in the European economic area requires, as with the existing parts of the agreement on the European economic area, a legal framework that this agreement and the related agreements and protocols referred to in article 6, paragraph 2, set. So: under d) of paragraph 1 of article 197 of the Constitution, the Government presents to the Assembly of the Republic the following resolution: Approving the agreement on the participation of the Republic of Bulgaria and Romania in the European economic area, as well as the annexes A and B and the Final Act, signed in Brussels on 25 July 2007 , the text of which, in the authenticated version in Portuguese language, if published in the annex.

Seen and approved by the Council of Ministers of 31 July 2008 Prime Minister of State and Minister for Foreign Affairs the Minister of Parliamentary Affairs Minister Presidency