Third Amendment Of Decree-Law No. 290/2001, Of 17 November, Which Approves The Regime Of Office And The Staff Regulations Of The Foreigners And Borders Service (Sef)

Original Language Title: Terceira alteração do Decreto-Lei n.º 290-A/2001, de 17 de Novembro, que aprova o regime de exercício de funções e o estatuto do pessoal do Serviço de Estrangeiros e Fronteiras (SEF)

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PRESIDENCY of the COUNCIL of MINISTERS 1 Proposal of law n. º 263/X explanatory statement the Foreign and Frontiers Service (SEF) is a security service that, in the context of internal security policy, has as main objectives the monitoring of the movement of persons across borders and the stay and activity of foreigners in the national territory. While security service, the SEF competes with other services and security forces to ensure internal security, understood as the activity carried out by the State to, inter alia, ensure the order, safety and public tranquility, protecting people and property, and prevent and crack down on crime. For fulfillment of your mission, the SEF has an own organic structure composed of Central and decentralised services, some of which, in the face of the your operational nature, require the adoption of special rules of provision of their posts, in line with the specific proceeding directly research activities and supervision. The changes that have been in recent years at the level of the migration phenomenon requires a new approach and a more dynamic form of the SEF in pursuit of its mission, it must have adequate projection in human resources, in particular with regard to qualifications required for entry into the career of research and surveillance, whose powers impose ownership of higher education. Welcome also solutions and adopt criteria similar to those that exist in other criminal police bodies.

2 PRESIDENCY of the COUNCIL of MINISTERS in order to achieve these objectives it is necessary a one-off adjustment in the staff regulations of the SEF, approved by Decree-Law No. 290/2001, of 17 November. The procedures were observed as a result of law No. 23/98 of 26 May. So: under d) of paragraph 1 of article 197 of the Constitution, the Government presents to the House the following draft law: article 1 amending the staff regulations of the Aliens and Frontiers Service article 24 of the staff regulations of the Aliens and Frontiers Service, approved by Decree-Law No. 290/2001, of 17 November , is hereby amended to read as follows: «article 24 [...] 1-admission to the stage to dismiss the inspector and assistant inspector acts between individuals of Portuguese nationality, entitled, respectively, with degree that is set to proper notice of tender, approved in external competition, whose period of validity may be set between one and three years. 2 - […]. 3 - […]. 4 - […]. 5 - […]. 6 - […].»

Article 2 PRESIDENCY of the COUNCIL of MINISTERS 3 addition to the staff regulations of the Aliens and Frontiers Service is added to the staff regulations of the Aliens and Frontiers Service, approved by Decree-Law No. 290/2001, of 18 November, article 17 with the following text:% quot% Article 17a Positions with operational leadership positions with operational leaders are provided by choice by order of the Member of Government responsible for the area of Internal Affairs, on a proposal from the national director of the universe appearing in the previous article and articles 66 and 67 of Decree-Law No. 252/2000, of 16 October.»

Seen and approved by the Council of Ministers of 9 April 2009 Prime Minister the Minister of Parliamentary Affairs Minister Presidency