Approves The Protocol On Emission Records And Transfers Of Pollutants, Adopted In Kiev On 21 May 2003, On The Occasion Of The Fifth Ministerial Conference Environment For Europe ¿¿

Original Language Title: Aprova o Protocolo sobre Registos de Emissões e Transferências de Poluentes, adoptado em Kiev, a 21 de Maio de 2003, por ocasião da 5.ª Conferência Ministerial ¿Ambiente para a Europa¿

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PRESIDENCY of the COUNCIL of MINISTERS resolution No. 135/X/4th 1 having regard to the provisions of paragraph 9 of article 5 and paragraph 2 of article 10 of the Convention on access to information, public participation in decision-making and access to justice in environmental matters, adopted in Aarhus, 25 June 1998 (Aarhus Convention); Recognizing that the records of pollutant release and transfer constitute an important mechanism for empowering businesses, reduce pollution and promote sustainable development, as contained in the Lucca Declaration, adopted at the first meeting of the parties to the Aarhus Convention; Since the objectives of an integrated approach aimed at minimising pollution and the amount of waste resulting from the activity of industrial installations and other sources are to achieve a high level of environmental protection in General, progress towards a sustainable development and correct in terms of environment and protect the health of present and future generations. So: under d) of paragraph 1 of article 197 of the Constitution, the Government presents to the Assembly of the Republic the following resolution: to approve the Protocol on Registration and transfer of pollutants, adopted in Kiev on 21 May 2003, the text of which, in the authenticated version in the English language, as well as their translation into Portuguese language If published in the annex.

Seen and approved by the Council of Ministers of 14 May 2009 the Prime Minister PRESIDENCY of the COUNCIL of MINISTERS resolution No. 135/X/4th 2 the Minister of State and Foreign Minister of the Presidency Minister of Parliamentary Affairs