Recommend To The Government Measures That Contribute To Sustainability And Revitalization Of Casa Do Douro

Original Language Title: Recomenda ao Governo medidas que contribuam para a sustentabilidade e revitalização da Casa do Douro

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DRAFT RESOLUTION ‡ is ƒ N. º 523/X/4. Â ª DRAFT RESOLUTION ‡ is ƒ N. º 523/X/4. Â ª RECOMMENDS the GOVERNMENT MEASURES that CONTRIBUTE to sustainability and REVITALIZAÃ ‡ is ƒ the House of DOURO the Douro's house currently live a true existential drama. The noble institution, so the great tradition and importance in the Douro wine, has been facing, progressively, since there are 20 years financial and economic problems ³ monkeys of great dimension.

A ³ cio ruinous business conducted with the Old Company, an administrative nullity proceedings ³ business cio, inconsequential, and extended for more than 10 years, a management without any rationality and orientation of the strategic, were some of the negative contribuà ram imputs to the current situation.

In 1999, a counter-guarantee granted by the Government, a life next next 100 ' ³ µ s millions euros, seemed to indicate a new path of economic stability ³ mica, creating also the µ s condition for renewed functionality from the organization. The stock history ³ Rico wines given as guarantee, new life for the institution.

The legislative package of 1994-95, and the Decree-Law Nr 277/2003, constituà ram without doubt µ s intervention of the State leading is decline of its µ s role and competence, however transferred to the Instituto dos Vinhos do Douro e Porto, where he developed the Valencia of the interprofissionalismo.

The various reforms of the Common organization of the wine Market in the European Union, did also evolve and resize the role of µ s organization of producers in the context of the new models of organization of production and business ³ cio.

Regardless of the controversy on the reality of practice Home of the Douro, it seems clear that the institution is not heard, not of ´, or not managed to adapt to the new realities resulting from µ s legislative changes operated in 1995 and 2003, as well as of the Regulatory community.

Does development of µ s function of associative support for producers, will doing generalize the idea, among farmers, the futility of the payment of a quota, which, they say, does not have any sort of return in terms of service performance of services, at the same time it is also evident the permanent mismatch and difficulties of understanding between the various Governments , and the various µ s direction, over the latest two decades.

There were opportunities completely lost by some leaders, as well as many incompreensà µ s by the central administration.

The interprofissionalismo is the functional response best suited to increasingly competitive markets and demanding. Production and trade, solving their inconsistent of µ s class, establishing convergà Sciences with a view to a common goal. Sell more and better wines. The functional response to a borderless Europe, the increasingly global markets, and the European Union normative, which among other things, ended the monopoly of spirits owned by lio ³ Casa do Douro, and influenced the national legislator to be transferred to the inter-branch organization, competency references for her assumed until then.

The House of Douro no longer fixing prices, could no longer go to remove the surplus market, and conditioning the market. Rules of competition that as in other areas of the economy, no longer make sense face is legislation and national community. But the House of Douro is not prevented from selling wine to operators. Has it actually is done whenever there is interest in your precious wines by the exporter trade.

The legislation of 2003 can and should be questioned, both in the formatting of the body and ³ in the electoral process, competency references delegated to an association classified as public law. But it does not prevent the House of Douro take your associative dimension and of class, i.e. your real dimension while organization of producers. The strategic change in the activity of the House of Douro µ and Empire. ‰ incompreensà is not the situation of stagnation in which the services of the institution. ‰ incompreensà vel auto-afastamento of the representatives of the production of the Interprofessional Council.

The wine markets in the world are increasingly easy difà and the competitiveness of the Port and Douro wines Muscat, depends on the presentation of a product of the highest quality and the best relationship with the price, this responsibility lies with producers and is your House of Douro, it is up to the traders, it is organized in the row, is within the trade.

Now, the House of Douro lives too facing in, to their problems, to give life, and to the permanent conflicts, and have not yet realized that guarantee the jobs of its employees, to recover the confidence of farmers, make economic sustainability ³ financial Tamarin, and help improve the income your associates, open new services develop µ s functions according to the needs of the wine producers in the area technical, administrative, jurà tip, social, professional, and in Valencia in the multifunctionality of the exploitation of µ s agrà glues.

An organization of producers (OP), recognized by the State and by the European instances, is imprescindà to prepare and organize the Douro wine producers. And beyond the plia ³ of panà features own ³ own an OP, adjusted to the requirements of the com Vitivinà glue, Casa do Douro, better prepared and valued in inter-branch context, should spend to promote the concentration of supply, creating the condition µ s for better trading by volume, with trade exporter in order to defend and value prices, and to improve the income of farmers. Is ‰ that today the prices not rise by Decree. € œ cascataâ â €  commercial, which runs from the bunch of grapes until is bottle on the shelf, has a weak link. The production. ‰ this weak link that matters strengthening, doing the aggregation of the offer, negotiating a fair price with the trade.

There is an extreme difficulty in the Douro in create and consolidate associative projects. The kind individual rite is dominant in social and institutional behavior of the Douro. The disappearance of the Douro would lead House is creation of many small associations µ s, manipulà to be easily by strange interests is the production. Now, in a situation like this, what kind of interprofissionalismo would be built? A Vineyard in Paà s port range, 40,000 produce for short turn and sell, what chance have these 40,000 to give your contribution to the growth and sustainability of the row, if there are minimally organized?

The culture of interprofissionalismo, does not have an alternative in this era of global cio ³ business, but it has to be based on two µ s strong profession, prepared, respected, to know take your role in the context of a Council, arbitrated, moderated and regulated by a State to meet and learn to interpret the specifics and idiosyncrasies of this region without organized production , there is no real interprofissionalismo. And without him, there is stability and sustainability of the various agents of the row.

Makes so sense that analyzed all these variants, develops an effort on the part of the institution and by the Government to found the best µ s leading solution is definitive resolution of liability, as well as a new functional orientation for your organization, that strengthen , consolidate and give her future.

Thus, the Assembly of the Republic, the Government recommends: 1 â € “ who has sought to do Douro proposal for a Global financial Sanitation and a plan of the Organizational ReestruturaÃ, set the competency defined substances in legislation.

2 â € “ That in this context, study and execute the µ s suitable solution is the revitalizaà of the institution, allowing prossecuà of µ s function Bylaw is that you are the assign of the µ s associative function of µ s organization of producers, according to the European model contemplated in the reform of the Common organization of the market Vitivinà glue.

S. Bento, 29 June 2009 MEMBERS