Recommends To The Government To Carry Out Changes To The Highway Code, Enforcing Rights Of Cyclists And Pedestrians

Original Language Title: Recomenda ao Governo que proceda a alterações ao Código da Estrada, reforçando direitos de ciclistas e peões

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Read the untranslated law here:

1 DRAFT RESOLUTION No. 500/X/4th "Recommends to the Government to carry out changes to the highway code, enforcing rights of cyclists and Pedestrians" explanatory statement Considering the content of the draft law No. 638/X to BE that States the rights of cyclists and pedestrians in the highway code, and the draft law No. 581/X of TEV amending the rules for bicycles without motor of the highway code;

Considering the extensive and fruitful debate, generated by both Diplomas, in the Subcommittee on road safety;

Whereas the various contributions, suggestions and recommendations gathered during the process of auditions held throughout the parliamentary debate of these two diplomas and resulting from the various opinions expressed by representatives of the associative movement in the sector, law enforcement, insurers and Government agencies;

Considering also the reflections raised to members of the Socialist Party, both on the content of diplomas, as the result of the hearings, including: 2 i. protective helmet use; II. Use of reflective equipment; III. Registration Certificates; IV. Basic training for cyclists; v. service of bikes on the sidewalk; vi. Movement of cyclists the pair on the tracks;

Considering the fact that it was approved by resolution of the Council of Ministers on 14 May 2009, the National Road Safety Strategy (ENSR) 2008-2015, whose main objective is the reduction of accidents in road environment; Whereas the 2008-2015 ENSR establishes strategic objectives, operational objectives and key actions, identifies the risk groups of users of the highway and attached as a goal for 2015, reducing to 32% in the number of mortal casualties among users of two-wheeled vehicles and pedestrians;

Whereas the ENSR 2008-2015 provides operational objective 11 – improving road environment in the urban environment-six specific key actions to ensure safe conditions for the movement of pedestrians and cyclists, defining also the entity responsible for its implementation, as well as the appropriate lead time; Whereas, lastly, that the development and implementation of measures and actions contained in the ENSR 2008-2015 implies, necessarily, a review of the current highway code;

3 in these terms, the Parliament decides, in accordance with applicable constitutional and procedural, to recommend to the Government that: 1. In the review of the highway code, provided for in the National Road Safety Strategy, rules be strengthened to ensure more security conditions for cyclists and pedestrians in the road environment;

2. These changes to be made to the highway code with the speed that the matter deserves;

Assembly of the Republic, may 27 2009 Members,