Elevation Of The Village Of Senhora Da Hora, In The Municipality Of Matosinhos, Porto District, To The Category Of City

Original Language Title: Elevação da vila da Senhora da Hora, no município de Matosinhos, distrito do Porto, à categoria de cidade

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Read the untranslated law here: http://app.parlamento.pt/webutils/docs/doc.pdf?path=6148523063446f764c3246795a5868774d546f334e7a67774c336470626d6c7561574e7059585270646d467a4c316776644756346447397a4c334271624463314d7931594c6d527659773d3d&fich=pjl753-X.doc&Inline=false

DRAFT law ° 753/X/4. th ASSEMBLY of the REPUBLIC š REPUBLIC DRAFT LAW N. º 753/X/4.  ª Elevation of the village of Senhora da Hora, the municipality of Matosinhos, category of city exhibition of reasons the village of Senhora da Hora, the municipality of Matosinhos, is a parish whose ³ story is known since the eighteenth century , having been, until then, a small village whose population was dedicated to agriculture is survival. But, simple, hard-working people, the town was turning until, in 1839, the place of the Lady of the Hour was raised is a village and seat of the municipality of BouÃ. So if kept for a period of 15 years perÃ. In 1853, the town of Matosinhos and, for there were transferred all municipal services and the county seat. However, the town centre of Senhora da Hora, year after year-³ s developing, not Lady mercà ³ subsequent housing construction and the increase in population, as also the installation of several plants. The increasing demographic I'm and the growing religious and civil importance resulted the emergence of parameter of Senhora da Hora parish ³ on 25 April 1918, having served as parish church to the chapel of Nossa Senhora da Hora (the construction in 1514). With this Chapel had been built from the Source of the seven policy emblemà Bicas (1893), being in this heavily wooded area the Pilgrimage to our Lady of the Hour, once considered one of the most popular region and dicks have. In consequence of the growing deployment feature urbanÃ, demographic density and socio-economic development is ³, is created, by Decree-Law of 1933, the civil parish of Senhora da Hora. On day 3 of July 1986, the Assembly of the Republic voted unanimously the elevation of the town centre's village and parish of Senhora da Hora. After 23 years, the village of Senhora da Hora maintains constantly and strong expansion. Confining with the cities of Porto, Matosinhos and are Mamede de Infesta and integrated in the Porto metropolitan area , the population of Senhora da Hora has grown sharply in recent years.
ASSEMBLY of the REPUBLIC PUBLIC š the area of the parish of Senhora da Hora is about 350 hectares. With 11,089 accommodation (2001 census data), there's a cluster contains nuo of 26,202 inhabitants-considered the resident population (2001 census data), of which 18,500 with active electoral capacity. Among the most important industrial industries include several factories, manufacturing and processing, profiling and fundià of metals, grain milling, the torrefacà of coffee, food, construction equipment and electrical power machines, in addition to other small industries. The commercial activity is of great significance. The Senhora da Hora has µ and two supermarkets, two shopping malls, restore, several small and medium sectors of related species superfan footwear, garment, furniture, automatic ³ branch, confectionery and panificaÃ, construction, computing, sports, aesthetics and beauty. With regard to services, the village of Senhora da Hora is equipped with the following equipment: 1 â € ” in the area of education â € “ pre School, EB 1, 2, 3 â € “ pre school, EB 1 â € “ A School € School “ 1 â EB 2, 3 â € Secondary School “ â € “ Two Colombia Private privileges with 1. and 2. ° â € “ cycles Several Study rooms of private initiative â € “ â € Design School “ higher Institute of Social Service from the harbour-private education Cooperative and cooperative 2 â € “ in the area of Social Security â € “ foster home the children abandoned or at risk (Casa do Caminho) â € “ Home , CAO and service of Early intervention for people with Mental Deficiency (A.P.P.A.C.D.M.)
ASSEMBLY of the REPUBLIC € “ š â day care centre for the elderly (Civas) â € “ Love Social Security â € “ three day care centers of private initiative and a â “ € IPSS Four childhood gardens of private initiative and two IPSS â € “ three ATL of private initiative and three 3 â € ” IPSS in the health sector â € â € “ “ a Hospital A Health Centre â € “ three pharmacies newsgroups â € “ Five Clan Chronicles method tips and several consultà ³ € â “ Four rivers Clan Chronicles of Medicine DentÃ, â “ ³ € Five Laboratory analyses rivers Clan Chronicles and a â € “ Imaging three medical Centers and music FAN of rehabilitation 4 â € ” in the field of sport â € “ Two soccer fields and other areas for the practice several sports â € “ several Courts of tennis and school € “ â A Sports Pavilion € “ â An official Football Club and several agremiaà of µ s â € “ sports A municipal swimming pool (in draft form) 5 â € ” as is culture and the Association € “ â Ten cinemas â € “ a room of exhibitions µ s â € “ Two ³ audità ⠀ “ rivers Cultural Center â € “ several Cultural, sports and recreational Centers are attached to Housing cooperatives of the ASSEMBLY of the REPUBLIC € “ š â the Rotary Club Batley â € “ Lion's Club in ollerton â € “ camping and Caravanning Club â € “ Fabriqueira â € Committee “ â € “ Scout Association of merchants 6 ” in respect of € â  € “ transport network of railways (Port-³ lines flies do Varzim and Porto â € “ Guimarà dogs and Fafe) â € “ Collective Transport Services (STCP) and a private operator of passenger transport â € “ â € “ Metro Network three µ s station â € “ CTT 10 Bank agencies rias â € “ A cemetary â € “ a PSP â € “ public Park concluded, in the face of factual situation described, the evidence that the village of Senhora da Hora, the municipality of Matosinhos, reached and surpassed in all home domains the assumptions socially and politically required, fulfilling the requirements that the law n° 11/82 ', of June 2 requires for your elevation to city category (article 13.).

This observation is already had been, indeed, hit earlier by members of the parliamentary group of the Social Democratic Party is the Assembly of the Republic when, during the VIII Legislature, presented, on 5 December 2001, a bill that was the same object than the present. This initiative would, however, allowed to lapse later on 4 April 2002.
ASSEMBLY of the REPUBLIC PUBLIC š as such, the undersigned, Members of the parliamentary group of the Social Democratic Party, have, in accordance with the constitutional principles and regulations applicable, the following draft law: Article only the village of Senhora da Hora, the municipality of Matosinhos, is elevated city category.

Potala are Balaji, 22 April 2009.

The Members of the parliamentary group of the Social Democratic Party,