Elevation Of The Town Of Samora Correia, In The Municipality Of Benavente, Santarém District, To The Category Of City

Original Language Title: Elevação da vila de Samora Correia, no município de Benavente, distrito de Santarém, à categoria de cidade

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-1-draft Act No. 478/X ELEVATION of the VILLAGE of SAMORA CORREIA the city statement 1. Historical record and current characterization the town of Samora Correia, founded in early date the beginning of nationality, has been the county seat since the 14th century and saw confirmed the category of village, by a Charter granted by King Manuel I in April 1510 13.

In 1836, the administrative and territorial reform of Passos Manuel, reordered his command and launched the country and died out, among others, the municipality of Samora Correia.

Since that time, the village of Samora Correia became the home to the largest parish in the municipality of Benavente.

It has an area of 322.4 km2 and a population that was, in 2001, to 12,826 inhabitants, about 55% of the population of the County, being the parish with the highest population growth in the district.

2. location the village of Samora Correia is located 35 km from Lisbon and 10 km from Vila Franca de Xira.

The parish confronts the spring with the parishes of Saint Stephen (municipality of Benavente) and Canha (Montijo's Council), to the North by the parish of Benavente, to the West with the municipality of Vila Franca de Xira and the Tagus River and the South with the municipalities of Alcochete and Parish of Poceirão (municipality of Palmela).

-2-3. Population the population of the parish of Visakhapatnam has grown sharply since 1960, the average annual rate of 3.64% from 3,703 inhabitants at that time to 12,826 in 2001. It is estimated that currently more than 15,800 the number of inhabitants, of which 23.5% have less than 20 years.

It is estimated that the town of Samora Correia, today, more than 12,000 inhabitants, in agglomerations.

4. Voters the parish of Samora Correia had the 13 December 2007, 11,102 voters representing annual average growth since 1978, of 5.3%.

5. Accessibility to construction of the bridge over the river Tagus, in Vila Franca de Xira, in 1951, following the construction of the e. n. 10 establishing the link between the North and South of the country and Spain and improved and n. 118, that connects the peninsula of Setúbal at the Centre of the country, gave the Samora Correia a centrality that constituted the main driver of changes in recent decades.

More recently, the construction of the Vasco da Gama bridge, with the South end, near the boundary of the parish, the construction of the A13, connecting Santarem to the A2 and the A10 that links the A9 and A1 to A13-road infrastructure that pass within the parish-accentuate the centrality in the second half of the last century.

This privileged location of Samora Correia, associated with the development of road transport, flat soil characteristics, the increase in the price of construction in greater Lisbon and the local capacity to build and improve the basic infrastructure, gave high attractiveness. This contributed, decisively, to the development of the parish in terms of economic activities, with-3-featured for construction, industry, logistics, trade and the services which justifies the sharp population growth.

6. Economic, social and cultural development 6.1. The relevance in the regional context Samora Correia has today more than 150 small, medium and large industrial plants.

The pair of industrial growth, it turns out, also, the growth of trade, catering and services with more than 800 units.

Despite the increasing industrial activity, commercial and services, there are a number of small, medium and large agricultural holdings, of which the Companhia das Lezírias with an extension of 31000 ha, distributed throughout the greenhouse crops, irrigated, pastoralism and a vast area of mounted, pine forest and eucalyptus trees.

To support the intense economic activity, Samora Correia, at the headquarters of the parish, eight bank branches.

Their natural conditions, soil plans, your geo-strategic position in relation to the set of existing access arrangements for the installation of new public administrative services, the construction of the future Lisbon Airport, the so-called range of Alcochete, located almost in its entirety, in the parish of Samora Correia and the new accessibility to the turn in a turntable for access to the South and the North of the country , the population growth will help boost your economic, social and cultural, that will have relevance in the regional development.

6.2 6.2.1 Collective equipment. Public health units, pharmacies and private village of Samora Correia, in your urban core, a public health unit serves 11,139 users,-4-6 family physicians and nurses 7. There are even more that are not users 1,657 serviced by this health unit for lack of family doctor.

It also has two laboratories, two physiotherapy clinics, five medical clinics with various specialties, five dental and two pharmacies.

6.2.2 protection units, the distress and safety village of Samora Correia, features for protection, rescue and safety of a Volunteer Fire Department with 95 volunteers, 22 of which, at the same time, professional, properly trained and equipped within the framework of the National Civil Protection Authority.

In the area of security also has an infra-structure that houses the Territorial Republican National Guard Station, with a workforce of 40 military personnel, though, just be filled 22 seats.

6.2.3. social Equipment the town of Samora Correia, in the area of social support, offers, welfare centre Father Tobias, with the status of IPSS, with various valences targeted at the elderly.

It also has a day care center with 92 children and kindergarten with 125 children.

Has also four leisure Workshops, one of which, too, with the status of IPSS.

6.2.4. associations and cultural, recreational and sports venues the cultural, recreational and sports development in the town of Samora Correia is based, in large part, on the seventeen associations exist, supported by the local authorities, being-5-your activity directed to their members and to the general public.

To your daily activity is relevant to the formation of the population, in the areas of art, culture, recreation, sport, and social action.

To this end, there are in a set of infrastructures and associations of local authorities, with appreciable quality and quantity, which respond to the needs of the various activities and of which stand out, namely, the public spaces like the Cultural Centre with cinema, theatre and Exhibition Gallery, the municipal swimming pool covered and heated, two gimnodesportivos, two pavilions, tennis courts the three fields, lawns, the four sports, the seven multipurpose playgrounds and diverse cultural and recreational associations spaces.

6.2.5. Museum, Museum and library in the town of Samora Correia has Samorense Union Philharmonic Society Museum and the Museum Centre Justin John where is your booty. It also has the Palace of the Infantado, where is located the municipal library Odette and Carlos Gaspar, leisure lounge, public space of the Internet, Professor João Fernandes core Bucks, Auditorium and two exhibition galleries.

6.2.6. hospitality facilities in addition to the various units of catering, bakeries, bars, cafés and beer gardens, the town of Samora Correia, has, on the outskirts of the urban core of the s. Lourenço Residential with 48 rooms, Amalui with 18 rooms and Paris with 7 rooms. Is approved and planned the construction of the Hotel Beautiful Almansôr with 44 rooms.

6.2.7. School equipment-6-the town of Samora Correia, features, in your urban core of School EB 2.3, Professor João Fernandes Bucks with 28 classes and 675 students, school EB 1 source with 10 classes and Squires 226 students, school EB 1 das Acacias with 16 classes and 356 students, kindergarten, Professor António José Ganhão with 6 classes and 150 students and the kindergarten of the Lezíria with two classes and 50 students.

Samora Correia has Public Secondary education.
6.2.8. urban and suburban public transport the town of Samora Correia, is served by the company "Ribatejo" for passenger transport with urban and suburban regular transportation and TeleTáxis with four vehicles, radio taxis with two vehicles and Comnível-Custom Transport, with five cars.

6.2.9. Parks and public gardens the village of Samora Correia, offers a wide range of parks, gardens and public green areas, among which the Park Rui Luís Gomes, the Riverside Park of the Almansôr, the Esteveira Park, the Park and green areas of the Neighbourhood Nossa Senhora de Oliveira, the Park of the urbanization of the Lezíria, the Park of the urbanization of the Arneiro pillar Square Garden, Carlos Gaspar, the Alameda garden Almeida Garrett and the garden of Largo João Fernandes Bucks.

6.3 Samora Correia has a Cultural Heritage built heritage for your antique and architectural value, need to be considered in particular some 18th-century buildings, including the Palace of the Infantado, with the façade classified as municipal interest, the Igreja de Nossa Senhora da Oliveira, still classified in the public interest and the building of the old town hall, where it is today installed the Samorense Union Philharmonic Society Museum and the Museum Centre Justin John surrounding the Republic square,-7-and that constitute the most valuable architectural set the Noble Zone of Samora Correia.

It should be noted also the Church of the Mercy of the 16th century, the source of the Squires of the 18th century and the source of the County dating back to the beginning of the founding of the town of Samora Correia.

6.4. Broadcasting Station and Portal "Samora online" the village of Samora Correia has a radio station, that broadcasts regional expression, permanently, to the great Lisbon, Ribatejo and Oeste, 91.4 FM frequency, under the designation FM-IRIS.

There is also the Portal "Samora online" that contributes to diffuse information on the Samora Correia, for everyone in the www.samoraonline.com.

In these terms, the Member subscriber, understand that the village of Samora Correia meets the requirements of article 13 in conjunction with article 14 of law No. 11/82 of 2 June, to the village of Samora Correia is elevated to the category of city.

Thus, in accordance with the rules applicable and constitutional, Mrs subscriber presents the following draft law: Article Only elevation of the village of Samora Correia town the town of Samora Correia, the seat of the parish of the same name, in the municipality of Benavente and district of Santarém, is elevated to the category of City.

Assembly of the Republic, of 12 March 2008 Ms (Luísa Mesquita)