Elevation Of The Village Of Foz Do Arelho, In The Municipality Of Caldas Da Rainha, Leiria District, Village

Original Language Title: Elevação da povoação de Foz do Arelho, no município das Caldas da Rainha, distrito de Leiria, à categoria de vila

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Read the untranslated law here: http://app.parlamento.pt/webutils/docs/doc.pdf?path=6148523063446f764c3246795a5868774d546f334e7a67774c336470626d6c7561574e7059585270646d467a4c316776644756346447397a4c334271624463774d6931594c6d527659773d3d&fich=pjl702-X.doc&Inline=false

DRAFT law  º 702/X/4.  ª Elevation of the town centre of Foz Are DRAFT LAW N. º 702/X/4.  ª Elevation of the town centre of Foz do Arelho village display of motifs I â € “ “ RICH HISTORY FRAMEWORK the Foz do Arelho is located in the District of Leiria and West region and is situated along Lake “ à à bidos and the mouth of the river do Arelho, 10 miles northwest of the city meters ³ of caldas da Rainha, seat of its municipality.

It was through the Law n. º 839, 5 July 1919, i.e. There are precisely 90 years, that Foz do Arelho was detached in the parish of Serra do Bouro and erected, in turn, the parish with that need appellation.

To the serious c. XIX, Foz do Arelho was not more than a small fishing village ³ River, having since then known not for assinalà and development, as are summer instance, for that much benefited from the protection of SS. AA. RR., King Carlos and Queen  ª read America.

Francisco Almeida also Grandella, founder of the prestigious warehouses Grandella, contributed to the cultural and educational development of Foz do Arelho, where he erected a magnesium stay Potala, (currently one of the most important hotels of the INATEL), in which, actually, died on 20 September 1934.

2 II € “ ORDER FRAMEWORK â ECONOMIC “ MICA the Foz do Arelho has, since there are wide decades, a strong cosmopolitan the vocations, much strengthened by exceptional µ s condition and natural climatà that characterize the region, among which are its beautiful beach and the lagoon of “ is planned.

The population dedicates mostly to tourism, fishing, especially seafood, and agriculture.

Activities related to tourism and recreation have currently a significant dimension in the life and economy of Foz do Arelho. In fact, apart from tourism, bathing the beaches North and South of this area enable the practice of surfing, as sport fishing.

In addition, the lagoon itself is “ ³ bidos is of great economic importance ³ mica for the local population, who performs activities fishing craft, rias ³ catches of shellfish and seaweed to fertilize the lands agrà glues.

For these reason µ s since ancient times it is said that the Lake gives bread and wine.

In this table assume particular severity the problems of siltation and pollution of the lagoon of “ is planned, as well as risk of disappearance of own ³ pria praia da Foz do Arelho, which, at the end of 2008, lost about 75% of its areal.

III € “ GEOGRà FRAMING  â stay and DEMOGRAPHIC  'm Foz do Arelho is located 10 kilometres ³ metres of Caldas da Rainha, located Northwest of this municipality. 3 South, Foz do Arelho is limited by the hidrogrà basin is the pond of “ and the parish of Nadadouro bidos. On the East by the boundary between the parishes of Serra do Bouro and Nadadouro and West by hidrogrà basin is the pond of “ and the planned Atlantic.

The lagoon of “ bidos has an area of about 7 km2 and a metro more than 20 perà km, constituting a priority importantà lagoon area and featuring a free ecosystem riquÃ, features that give it unique attributes as regards national natural heritage ³ nio.

The parish of Foz do Arelho has a total area of 9.125 Km2 where reside approximately 2073 inhabitants.

During most of the 20TH century the Foz do Arelho suffered the impact of emigration, mainly to the United States of America and Canada, although such migration has diminuà the last this century and barracks have been compensated by the installation of a significant number of Portuguese from the former Overseas essentially after ³ s on April 25.

IV â “ € š PAGE PUBLIC EQUIPMENT, social, cultural and religious Foz do Arelho has µ and the following public equipment: ï ‚ § Parish Council; ï € ‚ Delegation of the captaincy of port of Peniche; ï € ‚ station Elevatà ³.

The Foz do Arelho has µ and the following educational and social equipment: ï ‚ § school-school building; ï ‚ § School of basic education. 4 ï ‚ § Social and recreational Center of Foz do Arelho. ï ‚ § extension of the Health Centre; ï € ‚ pharmacy. ï € ‚ Day Centre and home of the 3rd Age ï ‚ § Association of shellfish gatherers.

The Foz do Arelho has µ and the following equipment: ï ‚ ï ‚ of Church § § Chapel of the Quinta da Foz â € “ N ' our ' Lady of Guadalupe (dates back to the 16TH century and includes a chapel built in 1580) ï € ï ‚ INATEL Chapel ‚ § cemetary Camà rario ï ‚ € ¡ Mortuà House, the Foz do Arelho has µ and numerous catering establishments and tourism , among which stand out: the ‚ of the holiday Centre Inatel Foz do Arelho; ï € ‚ Foz do Arelho Camping; ï ‚ § the campsite Orbitur's.

V â “ € • S 5 COMPLETING the system of creation and extinà of local authorities and of those days, and the determination of the category of town centre of µ s is established in law No. 11/no. 82 Â, of 2 June Decree-law however subject to several changes µ s.

As if evidenced above, past the town of Foz do Arelho is of importance not desprezà vel in ³ Story of the District of Leiria, in particular in the West region.

The uniqueness of the natural features of Foz do Arelho, as well as the lagoon of “ is planned, as well as the relevà instance of the human activities that develop, and which were also discussed at Headquarters next ³ pria of this display of reasons, justify a special weighting extensively of the pertinà of the raise that the town centre the village.

Thus, in accordance with constitutional and applicable regulations and in accordance with the provisions of law No. 11/83 °, June 2, in particular articles 2., 3., 12. ° and 14. °, the undersigned Member presents the following draft law: Article only the town centre of Foz do Arelho, in the municipality of Caldas da Rainha , Is elevated village.

Potala s. Benedict, March 26 2009 Feliciano Duarte Mr Barriers 6