The Town's Elevation Of The Franks, In The Municipality Of Caldas Da Rainha, Leiria District, Village

Original Language Title: Elevação da povoação de A dos Francos, no município das Caldas da Rainha, distrito de Leiria, à categoria de vila

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Draft law No. 564/X ELEVATION of the VILLAGE of A-DOS-FRANCOS the village I – historical framework A-dos-Francos is a village in the municipality of Caldas da Rainha is home to the parish with the same name, with signs of human presence since time immemorial, which is attested by its toponymy and by the discovery of several archaeological remains doubtful. Is not secure the origin of its name, however, many historians attribute its origin to the time of the Christian Reconquest, during the conquest of this region by d. Afonso Henriques to Muslims, with the military aid of the Crusaders from the paragraph of Europe, especially the Franks, as occurred for the conquest of Lisbon. D. Afonso Henriques, by way of compensation for the support given by the Crusaders francs will have ceded the lands where he developed this village, which was under the influence in Óbidos until the mid-20 century. XIX. Currently A-dos-Francos is one village, seat of the parish with the same name, located in the municipality of Caldas da Rainha, region, district of Leiria and diocese of Lisbon with a 19.78 km ² of area.

II – collective, cultural and Equipment associations despite A-dos-Francos have suffered in the second half of the 20th century. XX, a decline in its population structure, as if having checked a sharp surge of emigration in recent years saw the reverse of this situation. In 2001, the Census found a population of 1223 residents as a result of the agricultural development and construction sector, resulting from the existing infrastructure and the economic and social dynamism of the municipality of Caldas da Rainha. In recent years, the installation of the College Frei Cristóvão printed a dynamism to the village of A-Dos-Francos, by the presence of about 300 students, teachers and staff, in a project that works as a factor of attraction, of competitiveness and interaction with the population. In fact, with regard to the infrastructure-of-Francs is particularly well equipped, featuring and surpassing the requirements required by article 12 of law No. 11/82, of 2 June. . Nowadays, the existing equipment in the parish are as follows: education-pre-primary school;
-School of basic education;
-a college/EB 2.3, with over 300 students. Health-Health Centre extension;
-Social support Pharmacy-Home of the people with day care and Home (under construction) equipment-post office in the Parish Council-Bank branch;
-Church of our Lady of grace and Santo Antonio Chapel;
The parish Center-Of-Francs-Cemetery;
-Sports and Cultural Group of A-Dos-Francos;
-Society of Musical Education, Cultural and recreational A-Dos-Francos, Centennial institution;
-Municipal swimming pool;
-Agricultural cooperative of machines A-dos-Francos-shops.

III-assessment of legal criteria and conclusions Originally regulated by the provisions of law No. 11/82, of 2 June, the creation of parishes and description and determination of the category of villages are today deeply changed. If it is true that the creation of parishes are governed by law No. 8/93, of 5 March, as conferred by law No. 51/93, of July 9, remain in 1982 of regulatory requirements for the designation and the determination of the category of villages. By the foregoing, easily, to the village of A-dos-Francos meets all legal requirements, supplemented with its strong historical impact, as enshrined in article 14 of that regulation, though, in this particular, attesting the village a firm historical past, authentic and very personalized.

Reaffirm that the firm agricultural activity, commercial and services of A-dos-Francos were responsible for its continued development by putting an end to population decrease that occurred up to 80 years. Thus, under article 2 of law No. 11/82, of 2 June and under article 14, the weighted historical reasons, the importance of the initiative of citizens gathered in associations that develop a remarkable work of projection of locality and relevance of high school Christopher in the renewal and Friar expansion of settlement in terms not reflected in the main indicators available proposes the following draft law: Article only the village of A-of the Franks, in the municipality of Caldas da Rainha, is elevated to the category of village.

São Bento Palace, July 18 2008 the PS Deputy Antonio Galamba.