Elevation Of The Village Of Ancede, In The Municipality Of Baião, Porto District, Village

Original Language Title: Elevação da povoação de Ancede, no município de Baião, distrito do Porto, à categoria de vila

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DRAFT law No. 127/X ELEVATION  ‡ à ƒ of ‡ TOWN CENTRE is the ƒ of ANCEDE, in the DRAFT law  º 127/X ‡ ƒ is the ELEVATION of the TOWN CENTRE is the ƒ ‡ of ANCEDE, in the MUNICIPALITY of BAIà ƒ, à € VILLAGE I-Contribution history ³ Ancede Rico, population that extends along the River Douro , has bred zes ³ rich history that get lost in time. Having given up a good part of your area is geogrà (there are 62 years) for the creation of nearby and young parish of Ribadouro, continues to be, in all the parishes of Riverside County, the first in the third cie superfan in population and  ' (...) Perhaps the most important Parish Council (...) »-As the author Maria Lani sa Carneiro Pinto in the first monograph on BaiÃ, published in 1949. The explanation commonly accepted for the top ³ nimo  «Ancede» is what makes derive the name of a warrior germÃ, Ansedus, although the popular tradition make reference to an expression used by d. Afonso Henriques, who was headed to the monks of the convent. The story of Ancede ³ dates back to the time when the Romans occupied the spaces previously dominated by Castros of the landscape of the Valley of the little belà Sheepfold, where currently the action mini edu-drica and the complex of the former spinning factory to have xtil. As a testimony to those times, Ancede gathers currently in your historical ³ ³ nio Rico heritage, some vases and bronze coins, fragments of pottery mica, vestà watches 2 rectangular houses, an ara dedicated to jury piter on Thursday of Monastery, and still a necrà ³ pole along Old Church the primitive monastery of Ermelo. Medieval era the importance, for this population, the two-way passage from the crossing of the Douro, also framed in the paths leading to Santiago de Compostela: that proceeded from Oliveira do Douro, climbed to the Arco de Lordelo (where until the last century existed the  «memorial» or «memorial» of the 12TH century , which contained two tombs of important personalities have region, and where there is also a painting of Santiago in the chapel of our Lady of good news) following the new House, for RAM and Amarante, and that Porto Manso was breaking followed by «Crasto» path, to the vicinity of the convent of Ancede, continuing for Penalva and Eiriz to Marco de Canavezes. This second itinerà it took advantage of part of a Roman road, before the chapel of São Domingos. However, the greatest testimony of relevà ³ rich historical instance of this parish is based on the existence of his two Convents: the old monastery of Ermelo, previous is nationality, of which stands out the Pomegranate Church, ¢ three ships, classed as a monument of national interest (some historians argue that the first building would be former Moorish invasion is, or is still, the days of the dominaà ³ visigà tica), and the convent of Ancede, first the order of Credit of Brazil and, later, that of the Dominicans, also former Moorish invasion is, or at least coeval of the Foundation of nationality-as it came to obtain Letter of Couto de d. Afonso Henriques in 1141. To it is attached the current Church, which, in addition to the indescrità your arquitectà ³ value level, contains a valuable core ³ museolà of sacred art, which includes, apart from valuable pieces of liturgical vestments, a ³ Custà day (who is said to have the health of the hands of Gil Vicente), several processionais crosses and a vault with 3 head of «santo» Friar , all in silver, and paintings inspired by the School of grain Vasco and notable examples of furniture, religious estatuÃ. In addition to this heritage collection the inconfundà ABLES escultà ³ rich sets of octagonal Chapel of Senhor do Bom Despacho, erected in the churchyard of the same church. Still concerning this Convent, and inspiration pomegranate ¢ nica, although probably of the c. XIII, is the Ark in granite, with great decorative wealth, which is today at the National Museum Soares dos Reis, in Porto, which served as a grave the person of family read important region. In the course of classifying the assets of this entire complex arquitectà ³ nico is contemplated the convent, at your indiscutà vel value, is in the first set of monuments that the Ministry of culture has integrated in your works program of asset recovery of the region from the North. Apart from religious, cultural importance and economic ³ mica «Couto de Ancede», then so designated, other testimonies attest, even today, the duality and secular importance of this parish. Are the example of the many family houses lias of great tradition, many of them emblazoned (Michigan classified as of national interest), and where inhabited writers, parliamentarians, two civil Governors, professors at the University of Coimbra, a Rector of the same University, and Ministers of the Kingdom. We highlight also the farmhouse of monastery, which contained a real Museum of archaeology, but, unfortunately, there is approximately of 40 devastated years by a ruthless a fire. These race zes is not unconnected with the fact that, in Ancede, be headquartered the oldest Association in the municipality, with a century and a half of  «existence» nciaÂ, and a dynamic music school: the marching band of Ancede, founded by 4 d. Miguel de Soutomayor, Lord of the Manor of Esmoriz, writer and musical composer, which new additions Subsequently, two other prestigious µ s membership of sports, cultural and social ndole-the Association of Sports Ancede and the Association Cultural Sports United Arc. Traditional arts would be imperdoà not do not refer to the fame that cemented in the region the cell «canteiros» hares which, since the middle ages, follow the rituals that go from the «aprendiz» to the «mestre», «artista» and which, more often than work specializing in stonework, stone came to produce true sculptural works , scattered around the Paà s and abroad.

II µ-terms are cio-economic ³ ³ micas

The parish of Ancede has a potency are ³ ³ mica economic-based on the following aspects: most representative commercial activities: â € ” cafes/snacks; â € ” Restaurants; â € ” Supermarkets; â € ” ready-to-wear; â € ” shoe store; â € ” electrodomà houses users; â € ” Homes of furniture; â € ” Butchers; â € ” markets; â € ” Stationery/Bookstore; â € ” Pastries; â € Residential ”; 5 â € ” Casa de turismo rural; â € ” stone masonry handicrafts workshops; Services: â € ” Delegation of banking (to open soon); â ” ³ € Storage locations matching the CTT; â € ” insurance agency; â € ” pharmacy; â € ” Rank physician; â € ” Health Unit; â € ” School 2, 3; â € ” School of music; â € ” School of driving; â € ” Two µ s sports associations; â € ” ³ quia/Parameters Ancede convent; â € ” cemetary; â € ” Parish Council; â € ” Jet post. The town centre of Ancede has µ and also an important industrial zone (the most important of the County), marked by the presence of two liquor companies and a network of transport assured by faith OER Douro station of MosteirÃ-and EN ´ 108 and 321, connecting with both the population surrounding the µ s major centres (Amarante/Vila Real/Porto). This population is also served by the major road transport interface rivers, both for the municipality of BaiÃ, as the municipalities neighbors who are on the other side of the River Douro, Cinfà dogs and Resende.

III-6 Optical characterization of geo-demogrà is according to the data of the 2001 Census, the parish of Ancede, in the municipality of Baià and the port district, with 2618 residents (221.3 inhabitants per km 2) and 2030 voters and a geogrà area is corresponding to 11.83 km 2. In these terms, and of the law n° 11/82 ', of June 2, the town centre of Ancede gathers the µ s condition needed to be elevated village. Thus, the Members of the parliamentary group of the Socialist Party, the undersigned, under the wrapping µ s constitutional and regulations applicable, the following draft law: Article only the town centre of Ancede, in the municipality of BaiÃ, is elevated village.

Mr, (Josà © Luà s Carneiro)