Elevation Of The Village Of Prior Velho, In The Municipality Of Loures, District Of Lisbon, A Village

Original Language Title: Elevação da povoação de Prior Velho, no município de Loures, distrito de Lisboa, à categoria de vila

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DRAFT law No. 371/X INCREASE in PRIOR VELHO, VILLAGE in the MUNICIPALITY of LOURES, village i. historical Characterization the first references to the Prior Velho (municipality of Loures) date back to the mid-19th century.

The toponym Prior Velho seems to be related to the presence of a clergyman who lived there, having thus been at the origin of baptism in the parish. It is also in this period that starts its industrialization.

The development that has occurred throughout the 20th century led to the creation of the parish of Prior Velho in 1989 (by Decree-Law No. 68/89, of 25 August). Until that date, the Prior Velho was connected to the parish of Sacavém.

The Prior Velho has as patron of the St. Peter parish.

In terms of historical heritage, stands out clearly the Quinta da Francelha, with its beautiful villa. The fifth, with coat, boasts historic and architectural traditions antlers and is classified as a national monument.

The Heraldry Prior Velho uses the following flag and coat of arms, as published in the Diário da República, series III, 4/29/1999:2 arms: a shield of silver, a red sprocket between two olive branches of green, fruity in black; in Chief, a black ecclesiastical hat with two tassels and, in the end, a bunch of grapes of gold supported by green leaves. Silver mural crown of three towers. White listel with caption in black, in capital letters: "PRIOR VELHO-LOURES". Green flag; cords and tassels of silver and green.

The cogwheel symbolizes the mechanical activities of the first industries to settle in the area of the parish and still with some predominance in the set of existing companies. The two olive branches evoke the olive groves that dotted the territory of the parish, of which there remains some evocative of the same name, as well as, in some places still without construction, his own olive trees. The Ecclesiastical Hat, evocative of the toponym "Prior Velho", which originates from the name of the parish. Finally, the bunch of grapes is a reference to the wine produced at Quinta da Francelha.

II. socio-economic Conditions the Prior Velho is one of 18 parishes in the municipality of Loures, being possible to distinguish two aspects: a housing and industrial.

Its urban growth, which allowed him to rise to the category of parish, started in the mid-20th century, with the construction of the Airport of Portela and the Northern motorway. That's when I began to settle in the territory the first industrial units and numerous settlements.

The proximity to Lisbon is a fixing important factor and many companies still prefer the Prior Velho for its location, being, in industrial shed, one of the most important of the municipality. The trade also plays a very significant role, telling the Prior Velho with about of 185 shops.

Companies that find themselves in this parish is possible to highlight some:  S.T.E. 3 C – Technical Society of equipment and Tractors   EVICAR – Engineering – ELVIRA trade in Trucks  Bc P-Automobile Club of Portugal  CEPRA-Centro de Formação auto repair professional  CENFIC-professional training centre  SIDEFARMA – Industrial Society of Pharmaceutical SALVADOR CAETANO   Expansion HERTZ-EUROPCAR  INTERNATIONAL car rental-car rental In cultural terms sports and social, are, among others, the following:  Futebol Clube do Prior Velho  Priorenses  Group Recreational and Cultural Cultural Union friends of Prior Velho Columbófila Society of   Prior Velho G.d. fishermen of Prior Velho  hunting and fishing Club of Prior Velho  Elderly pensioners ' Association Membership  Roots in Africa the parish of Prior Velho has the following collective equipment :  Medical (1) Medical Clinics (3)   pharmacies (2)  Portuguese Red Cross (1)  bank branches (BES, BIS, BPN and BCP) Atms (4)    4 CTT Station  Market Field soccer (Futebol Clube do Prior Velho)  Sports  multipurpose Pavilion Elementary School kindergarten   IPSS-child  Corner Nurseries Association (1)  Collective public transport operated by CARRIS and RN   Cult Church funeral home Commercial Establishments (185)   Industrial Zone/business (110)  Social Benefits provided and supported by the Parish Council – Workshop in support of the elderly, Social support and home care III. Geo-demográfica characterization of Prior Velho parish is located south of the municipality of Loures, created in 1989, by Decree-Law No. 68/89, of 25 August.

With a 1.49 km 2 area, the Prior Velho has as delimitations the parishes of Camarate, Portugal, Paul and Santa Maria dos Olivais.

The Prior Velho has, currently, about 13000 inhabitants and 5100 voters recorded by importing also highlight the constant demographic growth that this parish have been experiencing.

In these terms, and of law No. 11/82, of 2 June, the village of Prior Velho meets the necessary conditions to be elevated to the category of village.

Thus, the Members of the parliamentary group of the Socialist Party, the undersigned, under the constitutional provisions and regulations applicable, the following draft law: Article 5 only the settlement of Prior Velho, in the municipality of Loures, is elevated to the category of village.

Assembly of the Republic, __ March 2007 Mr Mrs Pedro Farmhouse Irene Van