The Eighth Amendment To The Highway Code, Allowing The Endorsement Of Legal Clearance For Driving Vehicles Of Category A1 Driving Licences Which Enables Legally For Driving Vehicles Of Category B

Original Language Title: Procede à oitava alteração ao Código da Estrada, permitindo o averbamento da habilitação legal para a condução de veículos da categoria A1 à carta de condução que habilita legalmente para a condução de veículos da categoria B

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Draft law n° 635/X-4 th PORTUGUESE COMMUNIST PARTY's Parliamentary Group Š Bill nº 635/X-4 th Changes the code ³ say the road, allowing the endorsement of the legal qualification for the conduction of veà glasses of category A1 is letter of driving which enables legally for the conduction of veà glasses of category B.

‰ is increasingly evident the need of the State to seek ways to strengthen the capacity of public transport as an alternative to own ³ transport itself. Not ³ for environmental reasons, but mainly for reasons of economic rationality ³ mica and the promotion of the elevation of the quality of life of the populace µ s. The unruly urban planning and the distribution is geogrà housing zones that exist in some cities the paà s have been systematically established otherwise perspective is the welfare of µ s population, increasingly becoming the elite access to the central areas of cities for housing, which has led in many cases to abandon , the human desertificaà and degradaà of the urban music fan. This distribution and geogrà this irrational planning of cities that come only to satisfy the interests that orbit around the speculation of real estate and, of course, the automatic production ³, the gas stations and the petrolà beasts, implies and demands the µ s population, in particular to workers, a swinging daily that economic costs ³ monkeys environmental and social, that degrade the quality of life for as many as are affected by these commuting and its aftermath. In addition to the irrational planning of some urban areas, there is a marked trend Poland of centralizaà and litoralizaà of the paà s. In fact, we are witnessing a paà 's increasingly heterogeneous © neo in terms of distribution and population density geogrÃ, leading to the desertificaà of the human inside the paà s and the concentration of population in the µ s urban regions excessive which implies a degradaà of quality of urban life. The urban infrastructure does not support, in large measure, all the demands caused by an increase in urban and peri-urban population. So, we have seen a constant deterioration of the condition of µ circulation road, with implications of environmental and economic ³ µ s micas. Gradually degrades the quality of the air inside the cities and at the same time requires the citizens the payment of an invoice on which practice energy have no responsibilities to be faced with her as only option. The quality of life, in particular € œ â time indicator-€  free it is strongly affected by the condition of µ circulation that does not please am a fluà of mobility. The worker loses a significant part of your day deslocaà of µ s, at the expense of your family, sports or cultural life. Another consequence is ³ references € œ macro-cefalizaà â Lampoons of oâ €  the s paà in large urban areas and the abandonment of Interior and rural resources is increasing the amount of rambling vehicles circulating inside the cities and that on your space station. Parking demand is today for many representative of another perà odo waits and lost time, besides being also in many cases synonymous ³ nimo from the degradaà of 2 cities, environmental mobility of citizens, particularly of citizens with Visual references or motor deficiency. Faced with a situation whose resolution goes through a set of integrated measures, and no isolated will be solution, mind still, minimize the impacts of the aftermath of Poland references the wrong policies to the citizens that the suffering, while at the same time part to a controversial practice of cities taking into account firstly the µ s population. In conjunction with the application of measures that § fortaleà am the capacities of public transportation and encourage your utilization and Poland regional planning policies territory by ³ River to the dispersà balanced and rational population, we should advance in order to promote the quality of life of the citizen which currently is subject is urban pressure , acting also on issues µ s mobility and the means of transport, with collateral gains to a healthier environment. Directive 91/439 community/EC comes to allow Member States the possibility to equate to the legal qualification for conduction of veà automatic ³ available light sunglasses (currently classified as category B) is the legal qualification for the conduction of veà glasses of two wheels of power and engine capacity reduced. In fact, this matter has already been including the subject of discussion in the Assembly of the Republic, on the occasion of a petition, motivating including a draft resolution. The big question raised during this discussion will have been, however, the inability to be a equiparaà of the topic is cited among the qualification for the conduction of veà culos ³ light levels and automatic qualification to the driving of motorcycles. Given this and, because still in appropriate do provide in law the possibility of matching both qualification of µ, the parliamentary group of the PCP µ and purpose through this Bill, the equiparaà of the legal Qualification for the conduction of veà culos ³ light levels is automatic Qualification of legal for the conduction of veà glasses of two wheels of a cylinder capacity up to 125 centà meters code no. beaks and limited to 15 HP (11kW), through application of the holder of the qualification and subject to examination of driving in motorcycle of identical features. That is, the present Draft proposed µ and open the possibility of requiring the equiparaà of the legal qualification for the conduction of veà glasses in category B is the legal qualification for the conduction of veà glasses of category A1, under the condition of the holder to perform successfully an examination of driving for this purpose. Currently, for a citizen to be holder of a driver's driving that enable for category A1 has to resort to a driving school, where completarà is again the frequency to a course of the Road CODE ³ and a course of driving a motorcycle with less than 125 cc. this need current corresponds to a significant financial effort and

requires relevant availability time-time and money â € “ increasingly scarce resources for the overwhelming majority of the population. This current legal requirement turns out to be often in the objective impediment to obtaining the qualification for the conduction of veà glasses of two wheels and low power. The desburocratizaà of obtaining the qualification to the driving of motorcycles can be a facilitating mechanism of the reasonable and rational to the option by the motorcycle as a way to improve the quality of life of citizens and to improve significantly the individual mobility and the free flow of traffic , especially in urban areas.

3 thus, à ¢ scope of wrapping µ s regulations and applicable constitutional, the Parliamentary Group of the Portuguese Communist party presents the following draft law: Article 1 (subject matter) article 123° ³ the Road code, approved by Decree-Law No. 114/94 Â, revised and republished by Decree-Law n° 44/2005 ', February 23, redacà the following of the :  «123° (â € ¦) 1-â € ¦ 2-â € ¦ € ¦ 4 3-â-â € ¦ a) â € ¦; b) â € ¦; c) â € ¦; d) Motorcycles with a cubic capacity not exceeding 125 cm3 and of maximum power up to 11 KW. 5-â € ¦ 6 ¦ 7 €-â-â € ¦ 8 ¦ 9 € â â € “ for the purposes of in nea d) paragraph  º 4 of this article, the holders of driving licence valid for the category B can lead veà glasses of category A1, by conducting a practical test of driving. 10 € “ â [previous article ° 9] 11 â € “ [previous article ° 10] 12 â € “ [previous article  º 11] 13 â € “ [previous article ° 12]» 2nd Article (the Regulation) the regulamentarÃ, within 30 days after ³ s the publication of this law, the evidence of driving test the practical.

4 Article 3 (entry into force) this Act shall enter into force with the publication of the respective regulation.


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