Elevation Of The Village Of A-Dos-Francos, In The Municipality Of Caldas Da Rainha, Leiria District, Village

Original Language Title: Elevação da povoação de A-dos-Francos, no Município de Caldas da Rainha, Distrito de Leiria, à categoria de Vila

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Read the untranslated law here: http://app.parlamento.pt/webutils/docs/doc.pdf?path=6148523063446f764c3246795a5868774d546f334e7a67774c336470626d6c7561574e7059585270646d467a4c316776644756346447397a4c334271624463774f4331594c6d527659773d3d&fich=pjl708-X.doc&Inline=false

Partido Popular Party CDS-PP Parliamentary Group Assembly of the Republic-Palace of Saint Benedict-1249-068 Lisboa-Phone: 21 391 9233-Fax: 21 391 7456 Email: gp_pp@pp.parlamento.pt DRAFT law No. 708/X/4th elevation of the village of A-Dos-Francos Vila explanatory memorandum A-dos-Francos is located 17 km from Caldas da Rainha, in the southwest of the County and is bounded on the North by the parishes of St. Gregory of the Fanadia and Vidais belonging to the municipality of Caldas da Rainha and parish A-dos-Blacks belonging to the municipality of Óbidos. The South is bounded by the parish of Petrel belonging to the municipality of Cadaval. This is limited by the parish of Landal and on the West by the parish of Carvalhal belonging to the municipality of Bombarral. The parish encompasses the double Cork agglomerates, Vila Verde de Matos, Loosestrife, St Helena couples, couples, Couples da Bica, mature pine, Couples of Aramenha, Sesmarias Couples, couples cages, Santa Susana, Broeiras and Paths. Historical summary-of-Francs has your origin in the 12th century. According to the documents, this was one of the lands given as commendation by d. Afonso Henriques to Crusaders francs around 1140 the helped in the conquest of Portugal. This is also the explanation for the name of the parish. That land was given to them would be granted as of the Franks. The French would be linked to the history of this land. So it happened, with the Napoleonic invasions led by Junot. A-dos-Francos belonged to the municipality of Óbidos, but from the hospital foundation of the baths, the Caldas da Rainha developed and annexed several territories, one of which A-dos-Francos. In the 19th century, this parish played key role in movement and communication between people. Here, on the road, the old Stagecoach Azambuja connecting Caldas da Rainha to Lisbon, where they were to transport almost all swimmers who would treat Lisbon in Caldas. With the construction of the railroad in the West, dropped the old stage. Remains of this time cattle changes House, on mala-posta in Paths, wide building of excellent construction.

2 area and number of inhabitants the parish of A-dos-Francos has a total area of 19.13 Km2 where reside about 1914. In economic terms, agriculture is the main occupation of A-dos-Francos. The terrain provided excellent, today as yesterday, the size of the land. There are, however, some shops and services. As well as, furniture industry.

The asset values of the heritage-of-Francs include the parish church of s. Silvestro. Referred to "Artistic Inventory of Portugal": Temple without any architectural feature to mention. The inside has no adornment or species worthy artistic quote. It has been estimated that would have belonged to this Chapel, the image of St. Sylvester, Gothic sculpture, wooden, who now guard the Church of Nossa Senhora do Pópulo of Caldas da Rainha.

Education, culture, health, economic activity and Social solidarity  Two kindergartens. School of Music Musical Statement of the society-of-Francs. Cultural Association of the Paths. Two health posts. Pharmacy with more than 150 years. Day care center.

 economic activities (major) the Agriculture the Construction Authorities and associations:  the society of musical education culture and recreation of the of the Franks the Associação cultural e recreativa dos Paths the Commission of parties of couples da Bica 3 sports and cultural group of the of the Franks (soccer schools for children, with games every weekend) Public infrastructure Post Office , Bank, municipal swimming pool, agricultural cooperative and several commercial establishments.

Conclusion for the foregoing is evident to the village of A-dos-Francos meets all the requirements legally required, so that the elevation to the status of Village.

In view of the above, the signatory Members understand that they are meeting the requirements of article 2, in conjunction with article 14 of law No. 11/82, of 2 June, to the village of A-dos-Francos is elevated to the category of village. In these terms, whereas the village of A-dos-Francos complies with the stipulated, the undersigned Members of the parliamentary group of the CDS-PP feature, under the constitutional provisions and regulations applicable, the following draft law: Article only the village of A-dos-Francos in the municipality of Caldas da Rainha, is elevated to the category of village.

Palácio de s. Bento, 31 March 2009 Members,