Elevation Of The Village Of Senhora Aparecida, In The Municipality Of Lousada, District Of Porto, To The Category Of Village

Original Language Title: Elevação da povoação da Senhora Aparecida, no Município de Lousada, Distrito do Porto, à categoria de Vila

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Read the untranslated law here: http://app.parlamento.pt/webutils/docs/doc.pdf?path=6148523063446f764c3246795a5868774d546f334e7a67774c336470626d6c7561574e7059585270646d467a4c316776644756346447397a4c334271624455794e5331594c6d527659773d3d&fich=pjl525-X.doc&Inline=false

DRAFT law No. 525/X ELEVATION  ‡ à ƒ à € VILLAGE of PUEBLA ASSEMBLY of REPUBLIC š REPUBLIC DRAFT law ° 525/X ELEVATION ‡ is ƒ is € VILLAGE of ‡ TOWN CENTRE is the ƒ DA SENHORA DA APARECIDA I-introduction part of the Vale do Sousa, the municipality of Lousada , considered one of the youngest counties of the European Union, has about 49000 inhabitants, they are distributed by professionals ³ 95 square meters, with 25 parishes.

In this part of the County, are the parishes of lathe and Vilar do Torno and Alentà that account for more than 3200 voters. These parishes are strategically located network viable face, where is could not access is A4 (link to Porto/Vila Real) and A11 (link to Lousada/port or Lousada/Guimarà £ s) with ease. Parishes appear next few ³ ferrovià network, used daily by hundreds of people. There are still public careers of transport which provide the link between the two, is the county seat and the port.
ASSEMBLY of the REPUBLIC PUBLIC š it is a cluster contains nuo which States the need of their ria ³, their historical customs and legends, bearing in mind the new challenges of modernity.

II-historical Framework Rico ³ ï ‚ · Parish of Around Willing on the West slope of Serra da Cumeeira and stretching up to the banks of the rteis faith Shah, the parish of lathe, or Agi, as it is more commonly recognized, offers one of the most beautiful and extensive µ s view of Vale do Sousa. Until the mid-19TH century belonged to the extinct municipality of UnhÃ, having then been annexed to the municipality of Lousada. Already at the end of the same century crossed the Archbishopric of Braga, to which belonged for more than 600 years to the Diocese of Porto.

The array of Lathe is a cio's building building the very careful second best µ s pattern of architecture of its time, of princà principles of 700. On its facade, is ³ culo and a cross of the Templà are, of course, recycled from a previous construction, possibly of medieval root.

A prominent head of the town centre is the chapel of s. of Conception, rebuilt during the second half of the eighteenth century, according to the standard arquitectà ³ µ s nicos of the Baroque.
ASSEMBLY of the REPUBLIC š REPUBLIC later, already in the 19TH century, which developed the huge devoà to n. s. Aggarwal which translates annually in one of the most romantic and authentic popular pilgrimages of the North. The cult of n. s. Aggarwal originated in the miraculous appearance of a statue of our Lady in a lapa in the chapel of s. of Conception. The shrine is not ³ a devotional Center of great importance, as also is a real cultural and patrimonial ³ page it, beyond being the lookout , by excellence, the fruitful and bulià § oso Vale do Sousa. The temple is the center of the great pilgrimage is Senhora Aparecida that every year since the second decade of the 19TH century, brings thousands of people to this earth.

Of Around are some figures which greatly natural contribuà ram for the development of land and the municipality. Among them some Presidents of the Municipal Chamber of Lousada. Jose Manuel da Silva Teles, born in the House on the Hill, took over the post between 1841 and 1842. It was during his tenure that the town centre of Torrà was elevated to a town with those of Lousada. Jose Joaquim Costa Pacheco of France, was born in the parish of also Around, in Casa da Torre. He was President of the Chamber between 1845 and 1846. Already during the 20TH century, between 1923 and 1927, he held the position of President of the Chamber, Gaspar ³ nio Antônio Pereira GuimarÃ, from the House to the river. Vault lio Magalhà dogs was another one of the most influential personalities in the parish of Around. Own the newspaper new life, based and printed ASSEMBLY of REPUBLIC š REPUBLIC in the same parish, became involved in action © rrimas Poland © micas in defending the interests of their land. Promoted the installation of electric light and safety of primary schools and was one of the main responsible for the creation of Largo da Feira ï ‚ · Parish of Vilar do Torno and Alentà © m pending, also from Serra da Cumeeira until at cies superfan flatter contains rules to the Shah, this parish retains strong tradition µ s agrà colas, especially linked à production of wine.

The Earth was during several centuries divided between two counties extinct: a part of Unhà to another of Santa Cruz de Riba Tà ¢ mega. The parish of Alentà was extinct in 1834 being incorporated in Vilar de vise.

The Church of San Mamede de Alentà © m lost the status of array from which the ³ was incorporated into the parish of Vilar do Torno. It is a simple construction of the late eighteenth century, suffering some improvements already during the 19TH century. The Church is a mix of ancient and modern architecture: retains its chancel which can be considered a very late nico ¢ pomegranate, probably from the end of 13TH century.

The Medieval Tower, also known popularly by Moorish Tower, is a monument to the end of the 13TH century, numerous of the 14TH century. Adopts, yet, some solutions of Pomegranate µ ¢ nico. Not have had the ASSEMBLY PUBLIC š any strategic defense role, but neurologic manifestations of stately power. This monument is part of the route of the Pomegranate ¢ nico of Vale do Sousa, having recently been recovered.

In Alentà is could not observe a small mill carved in the rock, certainly associated with production glue vinÃ, Dathan not the middle ages. Also very punctuated by magnetic solar graphics family lias tradition µ s ancestors, Vilar do Torno and Alentà © m was born some of the personalities of local and national's largest for gio.

The Viscount (and later count) of AlentÃ, beyond having assumed the post of President of the Chamber by five times over the second half of the 19TH century, had a seat in the Chamber of deputies in four µ s legislative session, and peer of the realm.

From Casa de Vilar, Colonel jury lio Augusto de Castro Bean ³ presided over is edilidade between 1919 and 1922.

à lvaro Pacheco  Teixeira Rebelo de Carvalho, the Casa das Pereiras, another President of the Municipal Chamber of Lousada between 1939 and 1941.

ASSEMBLY of the REPUBLIC PUBLIC š III-collective, cultural Equipment and µ membership are numerous mere equipment public and private collective is wrapping the populace.

Thus, in the area of health, the population has at its disposal a large number of equipment such as a pharmacy, operating since 1888, a single Clan Dentà and even a single medical Clan and nursing care, for in addition to consultà ³ medical private rivers of family.

With regard to cultural equipment, there is the highlight the installation µ s own ³ own of some communities that claim the following parishes by the number of activities you carry out and the membership of the populace, so, it is necessary to highlight the Folclà ³ Rico Group of the Association of Cultural and recreational Senhora Aparecida, established own ³ for tests serving as obstacles show room. There are still other communities with annual business plan and with the next space themselves as ³ Association sports and Recreation of s. Mamede, Columbà ³ queue Senhora Aparecida Society and Association of Development â € œ Awaken Vilar do Torno and Alentà © mâ € .

In the area of sports it is noted a relevant set of communities that play a key role in the promotion of local associations. Thus, the Agi Futebol Clube, founded in 1931 REPUBLIC š REPUBLIC ASSEMBLY, especially, where it enhances the participation of several teams, from children to seniors, in leagues local, regional and national. You might want to mention the Grupo Desportivo de Vilar do Torno and AlentÃ, the Association of Cycling of Vale do Sousa, the shale Sports Group, the Sports Group of Fillies and even the Association of Cycling of Vale do Sousa and Columbà ³ society still queue Senhora Aparecida.

The seat of the Parish Councils of the lathe and Vilar do Torno were built in the last decade and are conspicuous by the quality of their spaces. Thus, both has an mini-audità ³ µ River, with capacity for 100 people, that are often used for the conducting of strong will in particular century µ s session of theatre and music. At the headquarters of the Junta de Freguesia do Torno works Internet space, opened in 2007, offering 14 posts, access is available to the entire population free of charge and free. At the headquarters of the Junta de Freguesia de Vilar do Torno and Alentà © m works a space dedicated to ATL (Atelier of spare time) for more new and still a UNIVA (integration into working life).

With regard to the service equipment is the existence of a station of CTT, working in normal time. You might want to mention the existence of a banking agency.

On education, the population there is wrapping the three cios building of pre-school and three more schools of 1. º ciclo. The school equipment ASSEMBLY of the PUBLIC š

has µ in teaching support infrastructure such as classrooms for curriculum enrichment activities or prolongation of times, canteens, school libraries and even white space for the practice of sports activities. The existing school offer the following parishes there is also a private institution, designated â € œ Carmoâ € Lady  day school that teaches from the school building to the 3 ' cycle. The quality of this institution was recently recognized with the assignment of a prize ibero-American educational excellence.

Disseminated by the parishes, is could not find with relative ease, due to excellent viable network of binding, a broad and diverse set of businesses, with bakeries, restaurants, insurance agencies, grocery stores, butchers, supermarkets houses of electrodomà users, drug stores, gas stations, among many others. The industry also notes significant presence with special incidence in the have xteis and footwear.

As is hospitality, exists in two parishes a value that fluctuates between houses of housing, with 10 rooms, and an accommodation with three stars, with 120 rooms. This part still appears a ¢ high number of restaurants and wineries recommended that, for its quality and service, are part of a package in which the plastic turà Chamber of Lousada, entitled â € œ €  Gourmetâ Routes.
ASSEMBLY of the REPUBLIC š IV-PUBLIC Appreciation of legal criteria and µ s completion Initially regulated by the provisions of law No. 11/no. 82 Â, of June 2, the creation of parishes and of those days, and the determination of the category of town centre of µ s is today deeply changed. If it is right that the creation of parishes are governed by the law n° 8/93 Â, of March 5, with the redacà afforded by law no ° 51/93, of July 9, remain in 1982 of regulatory requirements for those days, and the determination of the category of town centre of µ s. By the foregoing, easily, the town centre of Senhora Aparecida gathers all the requirements contained in article 12 of law no Â.  º 11/82, of 2 June. As follows: the town centre of Senhora Aparecida gathers all the requirements legally required to be elevated village. Thus, the Members of the parliamentary group of the Socialist Party, the undersigned, have, under the provisions of article 2. º of law No. 11/82 Â, June 2, and the wrapping µ s constitutional and regulations applicable, the following draft law: ASSEMBLY of the REPUBLIC Article š only the town centre of Senhora Aparecida, in the municipality of Lousada , Is elevated to the category of Village.

Potala are Benedict, April 30 2008.