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Elevation Of The Village Of Bensafrim, Lagos, Faro District, Village

Original Language Title: Elevação da povoação de Bensafrim, no Município de Lagos, Distrito de Faro, à categoria de Vila

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Exhibition of Motives

I-Of The Historical Reasons

Bensafrim is the largest patron in the Lagos county and occupies the extreme

northeast of the county, being limited to the North by the Bordeira and Aljezur freguesias

(from the county of Aljezur) and Marmelete (from the concelain of Monchique), to This by

freguesia of Mexilhoeira Grande (from the county of Portimão) and freguesia of Odiaxere, the

Sul skin freguesia of S. Sebastião and to the West by the Barao freguesia of S. João.

The curious and mysterious toponym Bensafrim has merited several analyses.

Americ Costa and other authors have pointed out the presence of mystical reminiscences

of Arab origin and with liturgy of the gospels. His orago is S. Bartholomew.

Under the archaeological point of view, the freguesia has several elements

worthy of prominence, namely the Necropolis of the Old Source, or Salmons of the

Mine, as it is also known and where Roman incinerations of

where they pulled out fragments of pottery, nails, weapons and some bronzes of the century

I A.C.. The estate of the pre-Roman necropolis included also ceramic vases, a ring

of copper, bronze howls, fuse fuses, cast iron tips, a

gold hoisting, colored glass beads and funerary slabs with Iberian characters,

similar to others found in the south of the country.

The Arabian occupation, in addition to having left basting archaeological vestiges,

manifests itself also in the toponymia. The main toponym took over, over the course of the

times, several of the ographies, one of which wanted Benassaharim, which, according to Frei João de

Sousa, means "sorcerers", being related to the verb "Sahara" with the sense

of "plumbing". Although there are other interpretations as to the signification of

toponym, the right is that relatively to its origin there is consensus among the major


authors: this is a toponym of Arab origin. According to the studies more

recent, the word unfolds in Well Sab'r In = Well sabbated (i) r In (scribir), ie

"Well know Inscribe", referring to the existence of a lapidry workshop of the time

proto-historical, where they carved out the "herouns" and which possibly provided the whole

region of the present barlavento algarvio.

From the Muslim presence there are also the daughters-in-law and the wells and, of

greater meaning, the silos excavated in the rock.

In the freguesia they also identified well developed and easy-going menires


Characteristic element is the presence of the red grés rock, which exists

still on the foundations of some houses.

The origins of this settlement go back to the period of human sedentarization,

where the existence of megalites (menires) testify to the presence of communities

organized, above all from the Neolithic Period.

However, the most vocal vestiges inserted in the geographical context

of the concelain of Lagos are those associated with the romanization of the Iberian Peninsula.

From the historical heritage of this freguesia, in addition to the archaeological vestiges

already mentioned, highlight the Matrix Church as well as several windmills and


II-From Geographic and Demographic Characterization

The Bensafrim freguesia is a predominantly rural area and belongs to the

concelho from Lagos. This freguesia situates itself in the far Northeast of the county and occupies

an area of approximately 78.117 km2.

The freguesia is irrigated by the Ribeira of Bensafrim, which is born in the saplings of the Espinhaço do

Dog and diswater in the Atlantic Ocean.

To the freguesia of Bensafrim, by the successive administrative restructurings

operated in the nineteenth century, it was accorded increased importance in the context of the

geographical boundaries of the Lagos concelho, encompassing the settlement of Baron of S.

John over the course of more than half a century, having this been restored more than 70 years ago

and made independent of Bensafrim.


The main population cluster, the village of Bensafrim and the headquarters of the

freguesia, has developed along the EN 120 that crosses it.

According to the results of the XVI Census of Population 2001, the

freguesia of Bensafrim accounted for 1533 inhabitants, that is, more 116 than in the

previous census. To point out that on the weekends and throughout the summer

the population increases substantially.

III-Of The Collective Equipment

-Healthcare post

-Extension of Bensafrim of the Lagos Health Centre, with service of

health care and nursing service;

-Collection of clinical analyses.

-Municipal Market

-Daily sale of vegetables;

-Daily sale of fish.


-Drug post-Moreira and Barata Pharmacy.


-Recreational and Sports Cultural Club;

-Equestrian Association;

-Association of Hunters.

- Collective Public Transport

-Bensafrim is covered by the collective transport network

performed skin EVA-transports SA;

-Bensafrim still has a taxi square.

-CTT Station


-Extension of the post of Lagos Post Office with permanent daily service;

-Public telephone post.

-Recreational and Leisure Parks

-Sports Complex;

-Radical Park;

-Children's Park;

-Park of Merendas.

- Establishments of Teaching

-Creche / Kindergarten;

-Basic School of the 1º cycle;

-Reading Polo.

-Home of Elderly with Day Centre, Resident Users and Home Support

- Banking Agency

-Agricultural Credit;

-Multibank Box.

-Insurance Agency

IV-Of Economic Activity-Commercial Establishments

The freguesia of Bensafrim is also asserted in the tourist strand.

Regarding the three sectors of economic activity stand out in the freguesia

activities linked to agriculture, panification, civil construction industry, trade and


- Commercial and hospitality establishments

-Fifth of the Bravura;

-Fifth of Scotland;


-Fifth of Perdiz.

-Office of construction projects (1)

-Car Repair workshops (2)

-Machine Repair workshops (2)

-hairdressers (2)

-Restaurants (5)

-Snack-Bar (5)

-Talho (1)

-Minimerced and grocery stores (3)

-Gas trade (5)

-Sale of domestic utilities (2)

-Sale of fishing articles (1)

-Sale of agricultural products (1)

-Sale of products for animals (1)

-Trade in construction material (1)

-Bakeries and cake factories (3)

-Drogaria (1)

-Civil construction companies (4)

-Sale of games from the Holy House of Mercy (1)

-Air conditioning company (1)

-Company of impermeabilizations (1)

-Company for cleaning and maintenance of swimming pools (1)

-Monthly Market

Annual Fair

V-Cultural Heritage and Religious

-Matrix Church;

-Public Lavadors;


-Well with Arabic columns;

-Candeer of 1875;


-Sepulcral Star.

VI-Of Ecological Heritage

In landscaping terms, it matters to relive the Bravura Barrage, main

water reserve of the Portimão and Lagos concelhos (inaugurated in the finals of the decade

of 50).

VII-From Traditions

The parties are an attractive in the freguesia, contributing to their

inhabitants and their visitors are interested more and more for the cultural life of the land,

notably the organization of the Algarve Arts Fair and Traditions in the first

Weekend of September, which aims for the social promotion of the freguesia to different

levels, as is an example of your gastronomy and giftsy, handcrafted activities and


The celebratory festivities of the Popular Saints have ornamentation of streets with flowers of

papers made by the population, parade of Popular Marches, sharing of S. Pedro (cake)

and bonfire.

The monthly Market takes place on the second Monday of the month. For your shift,

to August 25 takes place the annual fair in the freguesia.

VIII-From Conclusion

In the face of the exposed, the Parliamentary Group of the Socialist Party understands that if

they shall meet the requirements of fact and of constant law in Article 12º

conjugated to Article 14º, both of the Law No. 11/82 of June 2, for the village

of Bensafrim is raised to the category of Vila.

Terms in which, under the constitutional and regimental provisions

applicable, the deputies of the Parliamentary Group of the Socialist Party undersigned

present the following Draft Law:


Single Article

The Village of Bensafrim, in the county of Lagos, district of Faro, is elevated to

category of Vila.

Assembly of the Republic, October 11, 2007

The Deputies

Aldemira Pinho

Jovita Laster

Hugo Nunes

David Martins

Esmeralda Salero Ramires

Manuel José Rodrigues